As news reports are coming in thick and fast from around the world, and do seem to be supported by mainstream sources, it now appears that an important worldwide event has occurred.

A rather odd creature, the once numerous ‘Thickus Shittus’, or the ‘Common Fruit Loop’, which many of you may already be aware of, could be viewed in almost every corner of the world, and was especially prevalent in it’s natural habitat, the world wide web – has now been officially placed on the Endangered Species list.

This news is far too important for anyone to ignore, so with that in mind, the Outlaw is now adding it’s voice and support to that of the Fruitloop Protection League, who have selflessly launched an immediate worldwide campaign to raise funds to try and save these hapless creatures, the details of which can be found at the end of this article.

Please donate as much as you possibly can, or we may lose this weird species forever and it will join the ranks of the Dodo and the Passenger Pigeon.


23 thoughts on “LOOPING THE LOOPS

  1. Are you referring to A and G?
    I didn’t know they were supposed to be dead.

    1. According to the Fruit loops, they were missing and presumed dead at the hands of a Satanic cult that their father was the head of.

      Total bullshit of course, and when they appeared online recently, very much alive and obviously thriving in the care of their father, there were, and still are some complete loonballs out there who really did not like it.

  2. Didn’t the Tattooed Twat corner the Donations for Fruitloops market years ago?

  3. Please, don’t forget those unsung heroes who inspired so many to ‘take-up the torch of truth’ globally.


    (I fear you’ve started a snowball rolling here Jimmy!)

  4. On the subject of asking for funds.

    Does anybody here have any idea about who Sonia Poulton’s source is for her latest video project ‘Paedophiles in Parliament’?


    1. I really have no idea, and it appears that you are not alone in asking that question.

      The screenshot below was pointed out to me earlier, and one of those who has retweeted Ms Poulton’s post may answer your question.


    2. Andrea Davidson?

      UK Column?

      Lou Collins?

      Bill Baloney?

      David Icke?

      Jon Wedger?

      Take your pick they are all reputation killers.

      1. what no screaming kids in the background, running away from Sonias mate Moonbat Tuttle?

        Will their dodgy Lawyer Mate, con artist and scammer ‘Sir’ John Walsh of Brannagh be featured, to give ‘credence’ to the gang of con artists, liars and shysters?

        Or how about their other intrepid rhubarb reporter, Christine Hart?
        think that 1 might be a bit busy doing other things.

        Prison time if there’s any justice.


        Strange that she’s now laying into Hugh Grant and Hacked Off, when the high profile CSA claimant mate Tomlins daughter is such great mates with him & Christine links back to her troll protector mob.

        Still, if they lock their keys in the car after the ‘Premiere’ Sonia knows a bloke good at picking car locks, allegedly.

        Think he doubles up as 20 year drought buster for the truly desperado.

        1. This does not look good does it?

          “Rebekah Brooks, the paper’s former editor and serving Chief Executive of its parent company News UK, personally approved some of the secret payments to a private detective working for Rupert Murdoch’s flagship British tabloid, the High Court in London heard.

          Brooks, 49, relied on The Sun’s former Head of News Chris Pharo, 48, and serving Chief Foreign Correspondent Nick Parker, 56, to ‘run’ the day-to-day illegal services provided by professional medical records ‘blagger’ Christine Hart”.

          1. Well according to the accused it’s pretty much everybody elses fault, apparently.
            Not sure a Judge & Jury would see it that way though?

            She’s been doing an interview with Ickes footsoldier, Richie Allen.

            She’s also a fan of Ex MI5 David Shayler, (Puddicks very good friend & ex lodger of Belinda McKenzie) & Icke too of course, which makes a certain has-been boy band member’s support of her rather dubious looking.

            She also shares the same Ghost writer and Publisher as Jenny Tomlin (Esthers very good friend & business partner. Tomlins daughter is Martine McCutcheon, who is very good friend with Hacked Off’s Director Hugh Grant.

            So again, very strange that Christine Harts latest interview with Richie Allen is claiming that Hugh Grants Hacked Off is a fraud.

            Rocking the boat with Hugh Grant, when Esthers mates daughter is such a good friend of his? Why would someone do that? Or try to make it look that way?

            It’s supposed to be confusing though isn’t it? Helps with the putting people off really looking into it with a fine tooth comb?

  5. Lower than snakes bellies, 1 and all, Phil.

    Talking of reptiles, I was wondering why The Lancashire Post had being doing interviews with David Icke recently.

    They’d also done a piece on Christine Hart previously too.

    The Lancashire Post is owned by the Johnston Press, (Scottish Origin), who appear to have had a downturn in fortunes in recent years, causing them to have to sell off lots of their regional newspapers, but still being in hock with some huge bonds, the debt which is due to be repaid next year.

    The Johnston Press instructed the services of ROTHSCHILD last year, to help them try to turn the company around.

    This year they are doing interviews with the old reptilian slayer himself, Icke.

    It wasn’t one of Rothschild’s bright ideas to turn the fortunes of The Johnston Press around was it? 😀

    Alex Jones has just done a terrible interview with Rothschild – as always with him, it was so obviously phoney and staged.

    The Directors of the Lancashire Post appear to have been involved in BBC related companies previously too.

    One of Spivey’s regular fans was also the wife of a sports Reporter for BBC Radio Manchester.

    Icke being ex-BBC to of course.

    The newspaper industry is suffering a downturn in fortunes, as we know. So much so, that the Guardian were considering contracting out printing of the paper to Murdoch(!)

    That’s desperate.


    The Johnston Press finances still continue to head downwards, according to recent reports.

    1. Printed News Media is taking a hammering all across the board I believe. A number of newsgroups are now stopping the publication of the local ‘Free’ versions of their papers to throw all their resources behind paid versions, which are almost entirely dependent on sponsors and advertising.

      I can certainly confirm that is happening in most areas of North Wales ….

      1. Jimmy
        “Printed News Media is taking a hammering all across the board…” which can only lead to greater efforts to control (censor) the internet as the MSM moves ever more of it’s, and governments’, propaganda to the net.

        A nasty piece of legislation known as ‘Article 13’ was temporarily defeated by MEPs last Thursday. The JURI committee of the EU Parliament had tried to sneak this through ‘under the radar’. Fortunately, it was spotted and publicised by campaigners who targetted MEPs,- who, like the vast majority of people, were completely unaware of it.


        318 MEPs voted against it. There are 751 MEPs in total so the battle is far from over. Who voted what (or not) hasn’t been published yet so please spread the word and chase-up your MEP.

  6. Statement from John Hemming today

    “It was recently reported that the police were not investigating the allegations of Perverting the Course of Justice that I had made. This came as a surprise to me as I had been told for some time that my allegations were to be considered once the VRR had been rejected. I have now had a very constructive meeting with Staffordshire police on Friday 29th June 2018 and the misunderstandings have been resolved.

    At that meeting the evidence relating to the perversion of the course of justice and the harassment campaign against my family were discussed. The police have decided to investigate both the perversion of the course of justice and also the harassment campaign. I would like to thank them for changing their decision and I accept their apology for the way in which they did that.

    I am also in possession of written confirmation a police force would be investigating allegations that a vulnerable witness has been harassed for trying to expose the campaign against me. I hope that the authorities will take action to protect those witnesses committed to truth in the near future.”


    1. “I am also in possession of written confirmation a police force would be investigating allegations that a vulnerable witness has been harassed for trying to expose the campaign against me. I hope that the authorities will take action to protect those witnesses committed to truth in the near future.”

      The proverbial is about to hit the fan if any of what Mr Hemming has written is allowed to happen.

  7. Oh dear, I hope Britains vilest troll is ready to face the music, instead of running off and hiding behind skirts, leaving his RIP troll idiots adrift.

    Although allegedly, when he was busted for RIP trolling before, all his little subservient sycophants left him hanging and went into hiding.

    All mouth, no trousers and a very effeminate squeaky voice, much like his mate Guido.

    And I can vouch for their threats, because I’ve had them too.

    Someone didn’t much like people knowing Esther’s troll defender was Britains vilest troll.

    Seemed to get a bit of a worry on, then thought threatening me was a wise move.

    So if someone has been getting threats for standing up for Hemming, then it’s par for the course with these idiots, although after he was busted, gutless hid behind his demented RIP trolls, to do his dirty work for him, so he didn’t get in trouble with the police again.

    Hardly the actions of a real man is it?

    Fortunately, I don’t think he’s in any danger of being accused of being 1 of those.

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