In response to the people who have contacted this site, in regard to the site of one Christopher Spivey being apparently unavailable at the current time – I can honestly say that I do not have a clue as to what has happened.

For the past few days, visitors to his site have been greeted with a message that the website cannot be reached, similar to the screencapture below, depending on which search engine they have used or link followed.

From what I have been able to ascertain, the domain name chrisspivey.org is still under ownership, so it has not expired causing the site to disappear, so it may be a simple case of the hosting fees not being paid for this month (claimed by him to vary between *cough* £300 and £500 per month) which will have a similar effect as the domain name expiring.

It could be a case of his simply closing down the site, which will support the rumour that he is acting upon the instruction of the ‘Social Media Manager’ he has recently employed, who has (allegedly) been advising him to sell his articles in E-Book format via the Amazon platform, due to the donations the site has relied on falling below the expected levels.

There is another explanation which has been circulating, albeit one which should be taken in the manner it’s been intended, (as a joke) that Mr Spivey’s site has been ‘Hacked’ by the Security Services (Namely CI5) to prevent him ‘Spreading The Truth’.

This version is currently being circulated on various social media platforms and blogs, including the comments section here – by somebody calling themselves ‘Dogman’, an example of which I borrowed from the excellent ‘Hoaxtead Research’ website.

Whatever is the case, the demise of Spivey’s blog will come as an immense relief to some, especially among those who have been unnecessarily targeted by his venomous and undoubtably false and purposely hurtful narrative, and that of his team of moderators (at least one of whom was kicked out of Team Spivey a few weeks ago).

So what is going on over there is anyone’s guess, and the rumour and speculation (and crackedpottery) will continue for a while yet, until that point Spivey, or one of his agents deign to inform his faithful followers as to what’s really going on, or people simply get bored and move on with their lives ….

The one thing that is certain, however, is that we have not heard the last of him.

44 thoughts on “LLE MAE SPIVEY?

  1. Jimmy.
    Spivey’s theory that a huge number of people in the public eye were actually actors playing multiple roles was correct – only on a far greater scale than even he could have guessed. Multiple actors were being played by other single actors, groups of whom were also played by fewer and fewer, ad infinitum, until, finally, THERE WAS ONLY SPIVEY!!!
    When the shocking truth hit him, he simply lost his marbles.
    He is still playing every one of us, which is why we are all still able to interact with each other, only now, he is blissfully unaware of the truth. Myself and a few other of his ‘top-tier’ characters keep the whole charade running while he sits, wimpering and drooling, over a pint of warm, flat beer and an empty packet of Woodbines.


        Only the hard of thinking can still be unaware of that by now surely.

        Have a few days off spend some time with your family or do something productive perhaps?

  2. Is it safe to assume that the moderator who was kicked out of Spivey’s inner circle is the same one that has hasn’t been screaming abuse at people over there for a while before it closed? The same one who is now attacking Jimmy and others from his vile Facebook page?

  3. Happy Christmas to Jimmy and all the readers of the Outlaw. I remember well the Spiv’s claim that he would be the ‘Last Man Standing’ ;). That statement did not turn out that well did it?

    1. That claim (among many others) he has made, does not appear to have withstood the test of time as things look now Faith, I agree.

  4. Happy Christmas everyone and especially to you jimmy . I value this site and all who contribute. I hope that spiv is able to conquer his demons and return to a real world whatever that might be for him, we are all in a struggle with our own, some are able to cope better than others.

      1. Jimmy, off topic but is there anything on a paedo ring that operated in the environs of a village close to the border between England and Wales.

        The proprietors of a certain media venture back in the 1980s were a gay couple. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that of course, in itself.)

  5. UK Column have not given this guy much attention – which is strange considering they claim to be against ALL child abuse and abusers.

    Silly me, I thought a nonse is a nonse despite what branch of the military he served in or what Chamber of Trade he was a member of 😉

    I suppose that those at the 5th Column are very selective about who they are targeting.


  6. Fair play to seeker for a very appropriate charitable seasonal comment.As one of his most persistent and annoying baiters over the last 3 or 4 years I feel very ambivalent about the way things have turned out for the Spivster. What will I do now for my entertainment whenever it’s a full moon….and…… without affirmation from he and his cohorts how can I feel better about myself? However I’ve got a horrible feeling we’ve not heard the last of the silly fecker yet.
    Happy Christmas to you and your decent followers Jimmy.I promise not to wind you up too much this coming year!!
    Best Wishes Denis Digby

  7. I found the Lee Rigby thing quite compelling (as did many as I recall).
    I don’t know quite how, where and why he lost the plot, but the facial recognition thing has turned him into a mockery, sadly.

    1. He was egged on by the moderators on his site, who I now believe were responsible for most of the cheerleading fake comments and the begging ones. They are as responsible as he is IMO

    2. Erasmus Mustang
      He was ‘off the air’ for several months during his legal problems (stemming from the Lee Rigby event) a couple of years or so ago. He backed right off current events after that, and the facial recognition thing took over. I remember thinking to myself at the time “He’s been got at”.

      Understandable, if that was the case. Given an option between a fine and jail, I think most people would choose the former.

      1. I don’t really think I can disagree with that.
        He has some journalistic skills, I honestly believe that.

        Jimmy, I even asked your opinion on that subject a while ago, and you rather noncommittally said (which I understand and which I don’t deride you for,)
        ‘I rarely think about it these days’.
        He has some skills.
        But he’s lost the plot.
        Big time.
        And how.
        Answers on a postcard, please.

        1. Anybody with a grasp of basic language and a keen observational eye, and can report on events from a totally neutral standpoint and has access to the internet, has the requisite skills to be a competent citizen ‘Journalist’ IMO.

          It’s how some people choose to report on those events is where the problem occurs.

          Blatantly lying, spreading false information and launching headlong into unwarranted personal attacks on people they believe have disagreed with them, as well as targeting their family and friends is where that line is crossed – they then cannot, and should not expect to be viewed as anything other than the lying, hypocritical and bullying thugs they really are.

          But that’s only my opinion.

          1. Jimmy, all good wishes to yourself over this, ‘holiday period’.

            I myself believe Spivey to be non-deserving of any respect, the way he wrote to his ‘fans and followers’ was in a word, disgusting, and he doesnt even deserve to take space up on your site.

            I dont comment that much these days, but continue to read your articles and admire the way you conduct yourself.

            All the best for 2018 and carry on the excellent work.

          2. Thank you for your comment and the kind words James.

            It appears that we share the view that the odious Mr Spivey is wholly undeserving of anything more than a cursory reference on the Outlaw.

            In 2018 this site intends to move forwards and upwards – not backwards and downwards.

          3. Jimmy, EM,
            “…launching headlong into unwarranted personal attacks on people they believe have disagreed with them…”
            That’s exactly what happened. A minor difference of opinion over part of a comment I made in a discussion resulted in a storm of pretty disgusting abuse. What made it worse was that two of the so-called moderators joined-in. Other visitors, particularly ‘newbies’, came and went after similar treatment.
            Spivey’s ‘I’m a geezer’ excuse, “The mod’s run the site, I don’t get involved”, doesn’t cut it. As you readily state – your site, you’re responsible. His own foul-mouthed comments don’t set much of an example for them to follow. It’s not hard to put together a robust argument without the use of incessant profanity.
            Coming here was like a breath of fresh air.

          4. Everybody has a personal bias.
            Every perception is skewed by personal opinion.
            No one is truly independent in their reporting.
            I wish you a peaceful Christmas, and a hopeful New Year, Jimmy.

    1. Just a few more Toxic fantasists and mindless bullies to go now and the www will be a healthier and safer place

  8. Hope everyone at the Outlaw had a good and peaceful holiday. Here’s to a productive 2018

  9. JJ. Not sure what this means but that screenshot “too long to respond “started appearing in Thailand and Cambodia ( where I am now working ) about three months ago. I have been starved for my daily chuckles for that long. Perhaps an IT guru can tell me possibly why.
    The Spivsters Faceplant page says he will return in the New Year. He might be having a holiday in Bermuda on his “donations “.

    1. Hey Sam, good to see you back!!

      If what I was told is correct, Spivs IT wallah had ‘country Blocked’ the whole of Thailand from viewing his site because Tom Cahill was posting video’s he didn’t like when he was working over there.

      That could explain it mate.

      He’ll be back in the New Year eh?

      Like the Terminator?

      Something to look forward to then.

      1. Thanks JJ, That would explain it. He must hate someone in Cambodia as well. I can check up on his deluded rantings when I go to Singapore. I thought his comments section was getting more insane than him anyway.


  10. Merry chrimbo and a happy new queer, i am a new poster and i must admit that i started going onto spiveys site in 2015 when i soon sussed out that the shoreham aircrash was a psyop on the day it happened, what made me suspicious was the date itself which was the22nd other such events on that date are the kennedy assassination the westminster bridge fake terror attack 22 3 2017 the bastille day lorry scam in france also there are a lot more too many to mention.Regarding the shoreham scam i was listening to radio 4 news on the hour when the announcer said that a vintage hawker hunter had crashed she said the report had only just come in and there would be further details on the next bulletin i remember thinking now i wonder if its a psyop and then i dismissed the thought thinking surely not that would be a hard scam to perpetuate,then when the next report came in she said that the plane had crash landed on theA27 and that the pilot had been thrown from the wreckage and was in hospital thats when i actually burst out laughing and punched the air triumphantly shouting psyop the thing is my father was in theRAF and i was brought up on RAF camps all through my childhood we always got free access to the open days and as my dad was usually working he introduced me to the pilots and crew of many of the planes such as hawker hunters the english electric lightning canberras and vulcan v-bombers i have been in all these aircraft obviously not flying but i sat in the pilots seats and remember clearly a hunter pilot showing me how to deploy the martin baker ejector seat which is the only way out of any military jet aircraft which is in trouble also the guidelines are that no aircraft is allowed to do aerobatics over a road andy hill is a liar and so is everybody else who maintains it was a genuine crash.Now back to spivey love him or loathe him he is a clever investigator who really blew the shoreham aircrash apart also a hell of a lot of other psyops i had to laugh when i read a post on this site when someone mentioned that venables was being relocated at a cost of £250,000 to the taxpayer i think that shows how gullible people are the whole bulger affair was another cynical psyop venables and the other so called murderer does not exist i am not going to get involved in a slanging match regarding the spivey confict on this site however i do believe the problem is with a lot of people is that the braiwashing goes so deep they just can,t shake it off have a nice day j

    1. Thanks for your comment and your insight into the aeronautic side of things.

      Very few people get into ‘slanging matches’ here Jimbo as that’s not how we do things.

      We will, however, have to agree to disagree on some of the points you have raised, and if you are anywhere around the city of Liverpool, or any Liverpudlians, I would suggest that you should not repeat aloud the claim you have just made here, that the murderers of the toddler James Bulger ‘Did not Exist’????

      Why would you even think that?

      There is no ‘conflict’ with Spivey here either, but there are some people who have found their way here, many of who have been banned from commenting over there for politely pointing out some things that Spivey has claimed simply do not add up ….

      the ‘conflict’ you refer to must be the realisation that there are people who find it difficult to believe a single word he says – and are not afraid to say so.

      There are quite a few of those too.

    2. Seriously? You sound like a Spivey wannabe. Go into town spouting that shit la see how long you last

    3. Jimbo.
      One of the more suspicious aspects of the Hunter crash was the refusal of Shoreham High Court to allow the release Air Accident Investigation Branch documents to the local Chief Constable – documents including the pilot’s statement.


      It’s not mentioned here but when the Chief Constable was told why he could not see these documents, he said that he accepted the reasons.

      Those reasons were, and remain, secret

  11. lol at Jimbo. how deluded is it possible to be? he actually thinks he is ‘ somehow in the know’ and seems to have swallowed Spiveys nonsense whole without any chewing. i am one of the many who was banned from posting there because i didnt tow ‘the party line’ i have previously listed the many many things Spivey got hopelessly , completely wrong including Lee Rigby. ( the two men who carried out the so called ‘false flag’ got a rather poor deal there didnt they ?, still in prison ) the man’s grasp exceeded his reach , he had delusions of grandeur and was nasty with it. if he ever decides to go to Glasgow he might not emerge alive. if jimbo wants a list of Spiveys ‘investigations’ that were 100 % wrong i don’t mind supplying it. just ask the 2 girls who lost legs in the Alton Towers accident what they think of his claims that , that was a ‘ false flag’ total bilge.

    1. Hey Richard, good to see that you are still around too.

      I shall leave ‘Jimbo’ to you and any others who wish to set him straight, but keep it civil please as I have no desire to have the comments section of the Outlaw resembling an Essex High Street at chucking out time.

    1. Hope everyone had a good Christmas. (I’m totally ignoring the post Christmas come-down feeling, I highly recommend it).

      It’s pretty obvious why 1 of the names mentioned on that blog started stalking, threatening and attacking CSA Survivors & anyone who was standing in the way of it doing that.

      I believe that was it’s No.1 priority and reason for being involved.

      However, it is also the case that 2 of it’s top sidekicks were also involved with the McCann debates on Social Media & forums. They were, as is the case with so many of this ‘gang,’ pretending to be foes at the beginning.

      Seems to me that with so much of this, 1 stone is being used to take down 2 or more birds.

      The whole stalking & threats of genuine CSA Survivors, CSA/McCann CSA/Brian Harvey/Phone Hacking/Tapping.

      Much better if you can discredit ‘problem people’ (those telling the truth) for more than 1 issue. The more the better in fact?

      Was there 1 media source who were particularly supportive of the McCann’s?

      Both subjects someone somewhere seems desperate to stop the public making their own minds up about.

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