In the United States, this would be known as “gettin’ a real good asswhipping”, and here in the UK, it could be described as “getting a good spanking” or even “getting your arse handed to you on a plate” …. but regardless of what country you happen to reside in, or what definition you would choose to describe what happens in the following video, it makes very interesting, (if indeed uncomfortable for some) viewing.

The latest crazy person ‘researcher’ to emerge, and who has now apparently, taken up the baton of trying to promote the totally debunked Hampstead Satanic Ritual Abuse claims, is the Ohio-based cultist oddball evangelist Thomas Dunn, the owner/creator/producer/promoter of the Through The Black Youtube Channel.

In some respects, you have to feel a bit sorry for Thomas, inasmuch as despite getting soundly out-witted and clearly out-gunned, on every single front by Hellbound Heathen, Thomas also has a shedload of Hampstead related merchandise to flog, and that sure aint going to be an easy task after today.

So without further commentary from me, please pull up a comfortable chair, pour yourself a drink and enjoy the show ….


9 thoughts on “LIKE A KIPPER

  1. What worries me more, is that Tommy Robinson appears to be sidling his way into the trust of Abuse Survivor Groups.
    I believe that it is possible that he has even offered to meet families of abuse survivors involved in the Muslim paedo ring travesty.

    As most people should already be aware already, he is in with the bunch promoting the Melanie Shaw thing… & we know some of those link to abusers or promoters of paedophiles.

    Now that really is lamb to the slaughter stuff.

    I keep hearing people warning about”due diligence,” yet some people can’t even tap a few buttons on a keyboard & work out what Robinson is really all about & what he’s really up to etc?

    Offering their own loved ones up to this scam artist who is purely using them. I find that even more petrifying.

    1. Strange how the majority seem to have the same ancestral origins/paymasters. The same ancestry as the ones promoting & funding ‘Illegal Immigrant’ Tommy Robinson.



      One of his partners in crime in mortgage frauds’ surname may be familiar too. Same ancestral origins.. What an amazing coincidence eh?


    1. Thank You Jane, I hope its easier for visitors to navigate too. It’s certainly more secure and much easier to maintain from this end now 😉

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