“Many people are not aware of the fact that during the two years leading up to Margaret Thatcher sweeping to power in 1979, there was a nationwide purge on the streets of Britain. Literally thousands of children were taken from their homes and families, often for the slightest misdemeanour, like truanting or dropping litter, and thrown into the British Care System.”

Families were broken up and scattered throughout the country, villages in Wales and the north of England were left almost without kids of a certain age. The reasons given at the time were that the crime figures had to be reduced before the Tories came to power.

When you realise that those ‘crimes’ were along the lines of getting caught having a sly fag and playing truant (I kid you not) it becomes apparent that there was something very different going on..

Care Orders until the age of eighteen were the norm for any child who found themselves before the courts, in some cases all the children of worse-off families ended up in local authority ‘Care’.

And that is before I even mention the Miners, the Dockers, the Steelworkers and the manufacturing industries that were devastated, and crushed beneath the expensive heels of the Thatcher regime.

As the product of three generations of south Wales coal miners, I would not be human unless I feel nothing but contempt for Thatcher and her policies.

My only regret at the passing of this woman is that she never faced Justice for the inhuman and despicable acts she and some of her cabinet colleagues, committed against the children of this country.”