This site, and those who contribute to it via the comments, have been aware for many months now, that there has been an organised online campaign to discredit, and attack survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse.

We have known since the setting up of the initial CSA inquiry, that there has been a concerted effort to ensure that no genuine and/or credible survivor would be allowed to participate, nor be allowed to present any evidence that may be damaging to the establishment.

“People who falsely claim to represent those who suffered sexual abuse in their childhood, and the aggressive and abusive tactics of the lone-wolf campaigners, together with questionable motives of some lawyers and others who claim to represent the interests of survivors.” – Graham Wilmer

I would however, go further as it is my belief, and is one that is shared by others, especially among those who have been subjected to these online attacks – that there is also a certain demographic which connects each and every one of the perpetrators.

And the common thread that links these people, is one that leads directly to the establishment itself.




  1. Wholeheartedly support every word 100% having randomly come across this situation myself and seen it happening with my own eyes for so long 🙁

    The type of people we have encountered leaves absolutely no doubt in my mind whatsoever that this has been an orchestrated move by government linked bods who want to keep certain people silent, efforts have actually been made to try to goad some survivors into taking their own lives, preferably by hanging, which is how many others the last time around met their fate. Seriously makes you wonder.

    I really feel, more than ever, various people are pretty worried that the entire truth of all this will come out and the shit storm that will ensue if it ever does. And it needs to.

    The underhand tactics are pretty sickening, as is the fact that our establishment would much rather keep lying to the public to protect their paedo mates, to concoct duff inquiries that just cover up more, rather than to have this all properly dealt with for once and for all.

    Look what lengths they went to, to protect Peter Morrison, you just know they will do whatever it takes and currently are.

    And people keep voting for this decade after decade, despite knowing the result will always be the same???

  2. Exaro now seem to be backtracking on what they have published before Jimmy. A case of getting caught out do you think?

  3. I think they show how desperate people are for a decent media source in this country. They certainly pushed all the right buttons to make a lot of people think ‘at last, a media source that wants the truth’. Wonder if they gained Labour any Brownie Points in the Electioneering mud slinging competition.

    A great example of how winning Journalism awards means absolutely nothing, certainly isn’t the measure of a good Journalist.

    A great example of how to all these glory seeking attention seekers the survivors are the very last consideration on their minds.

    Everyone wants to be famous. Especially almost has been political hacks.

    1 last hoorah for the hero Hencke Panky.

    The great Exaro back peddling now are they? Are they finally paying the price for trusting the word of a very bent ex Lib Dem Councillor and his shady mates and not minding that he was in fact 1 of the main abusers of survivors in this whole game and his mates were abusers, ex wives of paedophiles, sisters of evil drug rapist, liars making up stories for compo?

    Did their wondrous journalism skills let them down, or was it a case of them not giving a toss and not caring if the FAILED Lib Dem ponce was bent.

    They certainly didn’t seem to care when they were told more than once what he was up to. FAILED bent Lib Dem Councillor trumps abuse survivor is that it, or is it just another part of the panto?

    I wonder if they are proud of themselves that they have in fact helped make things even worse for survivors. Maybe that was also in the plan, because it’s pretty obvious someone doesn’t want this story told and a lot of effort has been put in to try to confuse and detract.

    I also wonder if the pop up especially for Savile news service aka Exaro will still be around when this is finally all over, or will they dissolve as quickly as they appeared?

    When your owner is a playboy, it’s all just throwaway toys. Still intrigued over Mrs whatsherface the 80 odd year old with her 44,000 Directorships of registered companies and her links to The Hand and the paedo.

    She seems to have her fingers in some of the same pies as the Exaro playboy pies too. All very, very iffy.

    1. That would be Barbara Kahan would it not?

      The same Ms Kahan who is named as a director of almost fifty thousand companies, operating out of one address in the smoke.

      1. No idea who Barbara Kahan is, or what she does, but just had a quick search and will offer my opinion (based on about 5-minutes research!):

        – There is more than one BK.
        – A now-dead BK wrote a report on the ‘pindown’ scandal, about which I know nothing, but I think may have lead a few too many dots to be joined.
        – When someone appears to have hundreds or thousands of directorships/whatever, it is almost always simply because their job is to do the paperwork for new company formations, and their name automatically appears in Companies House records. Usually they will later ‘resign’ and the company will change its name/disappear. It looks suspicious if you don’t know how company formations take place, but is just “the way things are”. Example (and a further 2-minutes of googling!):

        A1 Company Services Limited
        Description: As the UK’s largest company formation agent, we offer you support and guidance in forming your own company, every step of the way. With over 3,000 regular professional users and 25 years of experience, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. Whether you are an intermediary representing a group of clients or an entrepreneur setting up for the first time, you can expect an unrivalled quality of service.

        Tags: company-formation, company-formations, company-registrations, company-formations-uk, business-name, business-name-registration, business-registration-uk, company-formation-service, company-formation-services, limited-company, limited-company-incorporation, ltd-company-incorporation, company-incorporation, company-incorporation-agent, company-registration-agent, start-a-business, starting-a-business, start-a-company, starting-a-company, starting-a-limited-company

        Company Name: A1 Company Services Limited

        Contact Name: Barbara Kahan

        Anyone whose name gets attached to thousands of off-the-shelf companies will inevitably have a ‘link’ to companies that go belly-up/scam companies/fly-by-nights. Equally, there will be normal, decent companies. The last time I was in London such a company could be yours for £75… I doubt there is anything to be seen here, but I can’t be bothered checking anyway when there are far more interesting and proven unscrupulous characters up to mischief… such as:

        Maria Darrer

        – met and vouched for a character currently waiting to be tried on charges of perverting course of justice.
        – worked closely with Needleblog (when they were working with Fay) to promote and spread as far as possible the ‘Mary Moss documents’.
        – champion of “brave whistleblower” who is convicted arsonist. Concern apparently does not extend to the young children who had to be evacuated in middle of night from their home as some nutter-with-a-grudge decided to play with fire.
        – champion of “whistleblower” Shrimpton, convicted of possesion of child-abuse images and convicted of mad “bomb hoax” relating to Olympic Games/the bloody Queen!
        – champion of “whistleblower” Fay, convicted money-launderer in Olympic boiler-room fraud.
        – busy-body who seeks to confuse, direct, re-direct, manipulate people’s investigations relating to inquiry, etc.
        – went all-out to stupidly get Brittan’s name trending, despite sensible voices pointing out how this would almost inevitably be used by the Defence, should any charges ever have been brought against him. Happy to propagate “accidental” and “mistaken” bullshit from the posh plumber, Puddick.
        – champion of posh plumber Puddick, member of same ‘plumbing club’ as Fiona Woolf, one time head of disasterous inquiry.
        – working with the silly little groups springing out of Needleblog Towers with their fake spats, slowly drip feeding their ‘evidence’ into the blogosphere as if they were suddenly stumbling across it, when they had it all along (Clive Godden’s bullshit collection of cease and desist notices!).
        – lied about respectable QC being involved with a Bill Maloney “inquiry” (Jesus, what a thought!) when the Maloney/Fay double-act were actively trying to attract victims into their grasp.
        – simultaneously cheerleading for ‘The People’s Tribunal’, whilst all the time pretending to support the ORIGINAL inquiry but doing everything in her power to undermine it.
        – managed to inveigle her way into and onto the PT’s “steering commitee” despite all of the above and despite proven track-record of disgraceful behaviour.
        – I could go on… and on. As could we all, the monsterous fraud that sometimes goes by the name of ‘Sweetcheeks’ but is anything but sweet…

        In short, not someone I would leave in charge of a pan of boiling water, let alone let anywhere near sensitive information. And I mention all this as in a recent Hencke piece he wraps up with this jaw-dropper (I had previously commented on his site urging Exaro to speak-up against the legally powerless “inquiries” springing up, peopled by lunatics and frauds, which were undermining and delaying the real one. I was disappointed that they did not do so, and having read the following I’m wondering what the real aim of ANYONE was):

        “But survivors will be able to speak to the inquiry and also to the new People’s Tribunal now in the process of being set which has survivors on its steering committee.”


        So there you go: Icke-forumite confessionals.
        ‘David Hencke – Exposing the dreamworld we believe to be real’?

        1. Thanks Bandini, yes I get all the company formation stuff. It was more the thing I had seen where some bloke had paid over money for diamonds and then could not get hold of Babs for love nor money. And I’m pretty sure it was the same old biddy who had a hand in the Hand so to speak. the details of both Babs was the same and she’s 84 or something. I saw her mentioned again in connection with the place, it either was up for sale or had gone belly up. Still would be interesting to know how matey got his hands on £725k cash to buy it though. That’s BIG money to have nestled away. Of course it could be some kind of inheritance.

          Arsecheeks is real special isn’t she? And people wonder why I am so reticent about steering committees, because I’m sure you will agree, that idiot should be nowhere near the controls of a shopping trolley, let alone a child abuse inquiry. How the hell did she get on it anyway, whose bright idea was it for that drama queen fantasy land living nasty piece of nothing to be anywhere near it? And if she is still on it, why? That’ll look good for the hero of the hour, Michael big time Barrister with obviously not much going on if he can drop his cases for this. Con artists on his team or is that the idea, seeing as there seems to be plenty of them about trying to pass off fanciful claptrap as truth – Ex MI5 hag Bellender McKenzie being 1 of many, though I hear she’s bereft of her creepy sidekick The Sabine who is now on the run allegedly. (There will have to be something super weird to out trump that and make laugh as much as I did when I heard that this morning).

          I can just imagine those creepy snake eyes peering from behind lampposts and trees (and hanging upside down in caves) dodging from the Police. It reminded me that Adey once made her a Wanted poster with her face on it. Might save the tax payer some money if they just reworded those and printed them off in their attempts to track the weirdo down 😀

  4. That’s the one! Business Babe of the century is Babs with all those directorships. 44,000 might not be the whole tally I forgot what the Solicitor said about it, when he was warning someone who had been stung on a diamond deal from 1 of Babs 44,000 companies to get in touch with the Police. 😉

    44,000 Directorships including The Hand Hotel, the same hotel brought by a notorious paedophile who was previously a relatively low paid Council Worker, but who upon his release from prison, brought the Hand Hotel for £725,000 in cash. £725k – back then, imagine how even more massive that amount would have been.

    Something stinks to high heaven about the whole thing & if the truth came out, I think it’s pretty obvious how that would effect the biggest corrupt con trick of all known as politics in this country & all the people on the make from it, don’t want that to ever happen.

    Hey, but nothing to see here right? 🙂

  5. There are some stunningly hypocritical tweets from @Gojam_I_am tonight. Talking about ‘Puppets’ and ‘Puppet Masters keeping their hands clean’.
    Could be seen as an admission IMHO.
    In that conversation are two well known Trolls and one of which has been convicted not long ago for his online harrassment of a family in north wales. They just cannot help themselves can they?

    1. I imagine little Ms G is like the proverbial hot potato right now, all his little friends in higher places not taking his calls, being blanked by the journo ‘friends’ who he was previously feeding info to.

      He thought he was special, I think he’s probably finding that he was just another little patsy having his ego stroked to keeping him a willing participant.

      The fact that he is so in with the dodgiest of people in this farce should be enough to show people what he truly is. Ex filthy bints of paedophiles with drug rapist brothers, & 1 of the biggest compo seeking liars of the whole sorry story.

      The bloke is a smarmy little user, only he can’t see he in turn was being used, or maybe he could, but the thrill of being stroked like a dyed pink fluffy poodle was too much for him to turn down. All that attention how could he not?

      I hope he lands on his sorry rump, I seriously do, because that slimy little toe rag deserves it for the big part he has played in all this.

      It is however, another great example of the type of corrupt sad little conniving snipe we have in our political system & local public offices. And such examples, of which there are way too many, show just what in reality your vote is worth. Absolutely nothing. Arse kissing 2 faced insincere career snakes like Gojam are 10 a penny & they always will be.


















    Bank Hackers Steal Millions via Malware:-




  8. Up to you what you do with this,but right now,over on aanirfan, that Sabine McNeill woman is being interwiewed by some English-speaking Belgian guy.

    She’s giving chapter and verse on what went down in the case so far.

    Seems she was a McKenzie friend to the mother in the court.

    She’s now had to flee to Germany.

    She doesn’t seem to be a kook, but that’s just my opinion based on the vid.

    1. Had to flee to Germany eh?

      That would make it difficult for her to continue her work and maintaining her dozens of websites may prove problematic I should think too.

      They do appear to be pulling out all the stops on this one OG, but going on Sabby’s previous history, and those she is involved with and speaks for, I remain unconvinced about anything she says.

      That will not change anytime soon.

      1. Oh God, another ubiquitous nutter seeking to “help” people! No doubt a friend of Daller…

        A McKenzie friend “does not need to be legally qualified”. Call me old fashioned, but if I ever have to go into battle against the forces of the State, I think I’ll do my best to have someone a bit more useful on my side (as opposed to, at best, a well intentioned idiot with a ‘donate’ button).

        1. Ho ho ho! Would you want this woman on your side in court?

          “Since 1996 I wrote and withdrew five patent applications, produced four pieces of prototype software and participated in many scientific seminars and conferences. I constantly need to compare why, although my thinking is ‘outside the box’, it makes sense: if and only if, it is expressed via software.”

          In her own words, she only makes sense when “expressed via software”! That’d go down well before his learned judge!

          “In 1973 I was sent to Lawrence Radiation Lab in Berkeley, but a physicist friend of mine fell asleep while driving and we fell for 25 feet. Even though the doctor of the insurance company said I will not suffer in later life, I have not been without pain ever since. But I am realigning my skeleton most successfully with Bikram Yoga.”

          Phew! Good luck with that!

          “In 1981 I came to London with the vision of a ‘peace network’ of people and computers protecting our planet. I created “Turning Points @ St. James’s” and ran it until 1988.”

          Great, Vic 20s & ZX81s forming an invisible shield to keep us all out of harm’s way!

          It’s too much. Please, would somebody turn the internet OFF!!!

          1. It’s much more difficult than you may think to find a lawyer who will genuinely fight your case against the “establishment”.

            Doing so can seriously harm their career prospects in many subtle and not-so-subtle ways. Spivey claims that he’s been told that lawyers are being warned away from him and I fully believe that. Remember I’ve been around a bit longer than you Bandini, and I’ve mixed in what was called the “counter-culture” of the late 50’s,the 60’s and the 70’s, and Ive known lawyers who’ve told me and others that direct. This was the reason for the McKenzie friends being started in the early 70’s , and believe me, the PTB fought that tooth and nail.

            For anyone in this mother’s position, it’s a McKenzie friend or nothing.

          2. With all due respect OG, Chris Spivey has alleged that both myself and my wife are working for the National Security Agency and were being paid specifically to sabotage his website.

            He is also convinced that I am any other number of people, using any number of fake identities in order to attack him!!

            I think that anything that pops into his addled brain now, and subsequently spews all over his website, should be viewed with extreme caution – or completely disregarded as the rubbish it is.

            You also need to research as to whom are now advertising themselves as ‘McKenzie Friends’ OG, it makes interesting reading.

          3. Hahahahahahaha your dryness floors me Bandini ! So much so I had to read that again. 😀 I’ve laughed so much my skeleton must have realigned and my ribs are hurting! .
            I think I’ll give the Bikram Yoga Sessions with The Sabine a miss though thanks. 🙂 ♫Sanguis bibimus♫ chanting away in the background isn’t really my thing.

            No offence OG, but Ex MI5 Bellender McKenzie is as wrong as it gets. The only thing she is after is money although she allegedly did very nicely pilfering charity donations from Iran aid and for that reason alone, her being anything to do with the rights or protection of children is akin to putting a paedo in charge of a creche to my mind. I’m sure Iran Aid sounded like a caring good thing to do as well …… to the ammo merchants who ended up getting the publicly conned donations.

            NOTHING that woman does is with good intentions. She is rotten!

          4. “Please would someone turn the internet OFF” hahaha, that made me chuckle. Fcuking he’ll I’ve had a right gutsful of it too. Wall to wall beggars and conmen wherever you look. All shouting out loud to be heard above all the other nut jobs in the market. All calling each other government shills and like here NSA agents lol.

        2. Nutter is right I’m afraid OG. She touts the Borg as a good person for abuse survivors to seek out and talk to on her own blog, she is friends with the freaks that have plagued J. She is an out an out fruit loop and lap dog of Ex MI5 hag McKenzie. 1 to steer well clear of ESPECIALLY as Bandini says if you are going into battle with the state. From what I hear, if you want your case to totally blow up in your face and to lose any chance, that is the only time to call a McKenzie friend.

          How that rat McKenzie is allowed anywhere near family courts is beyond me, having been a king pin of 1 of the biggest charity frauds ever – quite literally stealing money from the mouths of babes and giving it to dodgy arms dealers and filtering the rest through hooky accounts.

          How these 2 scabby old witches haven’t been hauled in before now for their scamming is also a mystery, unless of course TPTB are really buying the cheap seats and re-employing their unfit for FA ex staff like BellEnder.

          Someone should be cornering that iffy drip Lib Dem John Hemming, as HE has been championing Mckenzie and being paid out of tax payers money to do so. And he loves an iffy charity set up he has them himself.

    2. Could it also be that the reason this, (and other fake ‘victim’ stories like the Hollie Grieg saga for example) have gone viral within the ‘Alternative Media’ is to detract from and undermine the genuine victims – and also serve to waste the time and energy of genuine seekers of the truth.

      Another reason may be to hasten the ultimate objective of total internet censorship….

      As these groundless and ever-more unbelievable stories such as the Hollie Greig Hoax etc, keep hitting the Internet, via the AM, ‘Truth’ Blogs, and maniacal ‘YouTubers’ etc – they have resulted, in some cases, of totally innocent people (including establishment figures) being openly accused of being abusers, Paedophile’s and even child murderers etc…

      What better reason do the ruling elite need to bring in controls which would effectively curb the spreading of such inaccurate and damaging information?

  9. Ive just had a skim through Spivey’s latest article…WOW utter madness! That man see’s Hoax in everything.

    Im in shock that he is trawling through young teenagers Facebook accounts and accusing them of being in on whatever shite he’s waffling about. EVERYONE according to him is someone else. Being a father himself can he not see the damage he could be doing to these kids by putting their pictures all over his blog? I’m disgusted.

    Over the course of about a year he seem’s to have gone absolutely bat shit crazy.

    1. Minime: Have space aliens come into it yet? Cos’ everyone knows that the Roswell incident was all about space aliens trying to steal the dustbins of Earth people to find out more about us.

      And very obviously their next effort would involve a Glasgow bin lorry, I’m blocked from Spiveyland because I suggested some things that possibly upset he-who-is-perfect-in-all-ways-and-can-never-be-criticised and some of his loyal followers/and/or/moderators – HI DOGMAN!! WOLFIE!!

      Yes, I know you come here!! How did I know that?

      I must be psychiatric – or something.

      Now Minime – Please understand, I’m not asking for myself – I’m asking for a “friend”. Help me here. Thanks!!.

    2. He’s not getting too cosy with those needles is he? The way he’s being described lately, sounds like a smack head. Lots of tattoo artists end up on the boot and quite often dead.

    3. I agree. I honestly believe the man has lost touch with reality. He has now firmly established himself as a member of the internet lunatic fringe. How he can say all those people are the same person is beyond me. Some look slightly similar, but most are nowhere near, and it isn’t just that aspect of his analysis that is skewed. He is a typical paranoid, delusional internet conspiracy nut, with a donate button. This is not personal, as I have no axe to grind with the fella, it’s just my observation. He must be living in an episode of the Twilight Zone, or The Avengers. Very strange indeed.

      1. There is definitely something very wrong. I didnt read the whole article, but I did look through the pictures to see whos pictures he was stealing and accusing of being somebody else. You’re right, Mike, Most of them look nothing like each other! and he likes to throw Adele in there too for good measure!

        It seems that his research is limited to stalking peoples Facebook profiles. He used to come up with some good research, Its all just mumbo Jumbo now which is a shame.

        His ego has landed and I think its sending him nuts.

        OldGit, Not seen anything on aliens yet but it honestly wouldn’t surprise me with the way he’s going. You’re not really missing out on much by not being able to access his site.

        Its just a bunch on long winded nonsense. Nanu nanu!

        1. There may be a reason for what you have just mentioned Minime….

          There was a time that some decent researchers and trustworthy people sent Spivey the majority of the info he was putting on his site.

          From what I have been hearing, however, he has now become pretty toxic because of his erratic behaviour and paranoid accusations, and infantile name-calling etc, and is viewed as nothing more than a crackpot now.

          So the credible researchers tend to avoid him.

          It is my guess that what you are seeing now is the result of this.

          1. Good point. That makes sense. I dont suppose his over inflated ego did him any favours either.

  10. “I’ve recently stumbled across a list of top bankers that have been killed in cold blood, died in “accidents” or have allegedly committed suicide. In some of the cases, their deaths are so suspicious that the ‘suicide’ verdict is simply ridiculous, as you will see.:-

    “Before proceeding to the list, I suggest you reading the following piece: ‘Suiciding’ the Bankers and Billionaires – Do You Know Why?’

    – See more at:




    ‘Democracy RIP’? Occupy protesters arrested in London:-


    Ultra-rich Green groups attack climate scientists who question “manmade climate chaos” claims



    “The point behind idling the ports, is being made by the private global-corporations, not the unions, in order to empty the shelves in supermarkets nationwide for three or four weeks ­ to force the public to approve the blackmail contained in TPP: This is part of what lies beneath the latest move to allow international corporations to become nation-states worldwide… “


  11. O.K.Outlaw.I understand your dislike/hatred of Spivey,and you don’t need to keep repeating it,and yes,I appreciate that you haven’t put up a video of you prancing around in a woman’s dress,but I can only repeat that I go a long way back in terms of years,long before probably any other poster on here & I wrote what I wrote based on things I learned a long time before the “internets”,back when it was all word of mouth from people you had learned to trust the hard way,possibly before you and Bandini were born, – & no,I’m not trying to be “funny” or “clever” here – & I gave Spivey as an EXAMPLE of what I was talking about – I.E,If you’re up against TPTB for whatever reason,then don’t expect any lawyer who’s spent big money to get his qualification to come riding on a white charger to your rescue.
    How the McKenzie friends situation has changed since the 70’s does not come onto my radar,so to speak.Has their noble cause – & it WAS noble – been corrupted?.Well I wouldn’t know.It’s a long long time since I’ve been in the dock of a British court,& I wasn’t then fighting the establishment.But I’ve known those who were.And they were BLOODY grateful for the help.If it’s all changed since then,then perhaps it’s since been “infiltrated”?.Anyway,I’ve said what I’ve said,&,if you’re interested,Tap has a new vid up of a woman called Deborah Malmoudieh just speaking about the kid vid & stuff,under the title of :save the children:.

    1. Why do you assume I feel any hatred towards Spivey OG?

      I feel absolutely nothing in regard to him, and when he finally slips into obscurity, I will feel considerably less.

      Why do you also assume that I am an adolescent with little or no life experience, or is mentally incapable of constructing a valid argument to challenge an opinion you or anyone else has?

      I have dealt with enough dodgy people in my fifty-plus years on this planet, to be able to form an opinion based on my own experiences, or is that the sole territory of only those who are of advanced years?

      It’s entirely your decision whether to give Spivey or his ilk the benefit of the doubt OG, but you cannot expect others to share that opinion, when their own experiences are so very different.

      I am also aware of Deborah Malmoudieh as she has been pimping that same story all over the KFM’s Facebook page, I commented over there that I believed it was misguided and dangerous to promote something with very little evidence to back it up too.

  12. hi
    can someone please comment on the video on the tapblog of the 2 kids talking about sexual abuse. they mention a school and the names of teachers. why hasn’t this received more publicity?

    now either what they are saying is true or someone has coached them, either way someone needs to be arrested. does the school mentioned actually exist?

    i have just read the latest Spivey effort.. it seems that lorries and trucks crashing over a period of years are all part of a ‘grand plan’. they are not individual incidents at all, they are all mysteriously linked. the fact that millions of such journeys take place every year and accidents are bound to happen has nothing to do with it at all.

    he also talks about many other recent events. nothing it appears simply happens anymore everything is co-ordinated by ‘them’. of course anyone who doesnt buy it needs ‘to get with the plan’.

    btw OG i am also persona non grata over there. lol

    1. Hi Richard,

      From what I have seen and have heard from genuine survivors of abuse, some of whom have been discussing it privately, everything about that video seems wrong.

      If what those children say is true, without a doubt something should be done I agree.

      I would, however’ have to question why anyone would allow their children to be interviewed in such an unprofessional manner, and in such a public way, making what are some pretty fantastic claims – about the most heinous activities anyone could imagine?

      I also agree, that somebody should be arrested, and quickly.

      1. To Richard1 and Outlaw – as I’ve said here before,either there will be massive lawsuits from the NAMED people or massive silence. I’m sure you will both agree this is not something that those named can just brush off with a laugh. And now, I will leave replying to this matter for the time being and watch to see how it all “pans out”, as the saying goes.

        1. Wise decision OG, as after all, peoples lives are being plastered all over the Internet without a thought for the possible implications of that.




    2. Hi Richard, I have just watched a video of those kids, this has got to be looked into. I am wary of it because I don’t know anything about this case. I would like to know more about the mother and the interviewers, as well as the father and the family situation obviously. I will say that not just names were mentioned, but also tattoos and warts in the genital areas of the teachers bodies. Devil and monster tatoos the boy said. Obviously if these tatoos are on these people and in their genetal areas, how would the kids know this? They could have been coached of course, but if they are telling the truth well those teachers are going to have to be examined somehow. How do we get there from here, we will have to wait and see.

      1. The father put out a statement to say it is going through the family courts and is positive that the outcome will show him and the others mentioned to be totally innocent.

        The mother sounds like she has mental health problems – which would tally – as these are the only people McKenzie and McNeil jump on for their money making scams, then drop them like bricks when they’ve sponged all the donations they can out of the public – then they move on to the next mentally unwell victim. Their 2 other big cases should show this already. Both fanciful nonsense.

        No matter what, to put those kids on camera on Youtube for all the world to see – that shows a distinct lack of care and consideration for a couple of little kids too young to understand the consequences of what doing this might mean. Totally selfish in fact. Not the actions of people who care about the welfare of the kids, but Scabs and Bellender only care about themselves, that should be as clear as day to anyone.

        Imagine if they are lying for Mummy and what having a video like that on the www could do to them in the future. Even if it were true, and I don’t for 1 minute think it is, to have those kids broadcast it on Youtube interviewed by a dodgy blogger/ Cheap Jewelry flogger – that gives me the creeps all on it’s own.

        McKenzies part in the missing millions from Iran Aid should also be making people question how the hell the woman has the brass neck to be pretending to care about childrens welfare. But of course it doesn’t, all people see is another fanciful tale and instantly spring to supporting a couple of old con artist hags who have found another willing mentally unwell person to use in their lifelong attempts to scam people.

        McKenzie Friends is not registered on the Charities Commission or Companies House – doubt Bellender would be allowed after her most famous fraud, or at least she shouldn’t be. Which basically means if she wants to make off with the coffers AGAIN, it’s as easy as it was with Iran Aid, easier in fact, because no registration = no paper trail or person to pin down as accountable.

        Seems to me its high time someone put a stop to those 2 old crones scamming, aided and abetted by John Hemming Lib Dem MP. Wonder how his Jersey child abuse charity scam set up’s are fairing – I can see why he would be wasting tax payers money championing the cause for a like minded money grabbing rodent 😉

        1. Don’t really have time at the moment, and doubt it needs saying here anyway, but just in case:

          A ‘McKenzie friend’ is not the same as a ‘(Belinda) McKenzie Friend’.

          The original is a decades-old idea, and may well have a place to play in certain cases:


          But personally when I get on a ‘plane I don’t want a ‘McKenzie Pilot’ to be at the controls, the same as when I’m ankle-deep in water I don’t want a ‘McKenzie Plumber’ turning up at the door!

          And part of the reason why I wouldn’t want an untrained & unregulated entity ‘helping’ me in court is that ANYONE can claim to be one (a ‘McKenzie friend’, that is). This is where the likes of Belinda McKenzie’s “McKenzie Friends” comes in:

          Her site leads to confusion:


          “… Belinda McKenzie, co-founder of the Association of McKenzie Friends…”

          This is misleading. But let’s follow her and see where it leads:


          This is where they ask for money, for the ‘victim’s fund’ which takes us here:


          There is a PayPal donate button to the right which doesn’t make it exactly clear who will be receiving the donation (and a change of heart and click on the ‘return to ‘The Victim’s Fund’ button leads us somewhere else entirely, an ‘expired’ domain):


          Never mind, as as well as the PayPal button there is ANOTHER link for donating:


          “As an extension of the website Victims Unite, I aim at a charity Victims Anonymous.”

          Yet another PayBal button, beneath a ‘FEED the victims fund’ banner.

          At this point it seems pointless going any further, but we’ve come this far so let’s throw a couple more of the linked-to ‘charities’ into the ring… when someone leaves a comment asking how to donate (why?!?) a helpful reply is received from – who else? – but Sabine:

          MANY THANKS, Kelly! “We are The Knight Foundation”:


          Maybe ‘Kelly’ would also like to donate to the ‘Help4LIPS’ campaign too?



          To recap, ‘Belinda McKenzie’ leads to the following virtual begging-bowls:

          McKenzie Friends
          Victim Unite
          Go- knows-who
          Public Protection Network
          The Advocacy Fund
          Victims Anonymous
          Feed the victims fund
          Help 4 LIPS
          The Knight Foundation

          That last-named will start the whole cycle/circus over again, a quick click and we’re onto
          – links that go nowhere

          – ‘Service Unavailable’
          – the inevitable begging-bowl:


          The latter leads us to an intriguing choice of destinations for our hard-earned cash, which we can add to the list up above:

          – The Knight Foundation and Association of McKenzie Friends (they must have had a merger!)
          – Children Screaming To Be Heard
          – The Haigh Project

          And that’s about as much as I can take!

          1. ‘Children Screaming to be heard’ is the bastard offspring of Maggie Tuttle.

            Old Ma Mags used to run a charity that ‘surprise surprise’ once begged for donations for victims of ‘HRT’!!!

            The same Maggie Tuttle who lost a cool £250,000 to a conman.

            The same Maggie Tuttle, who dresses up in widows weeds and floats around cemeteries asking politicians ‘where are all the children?’

            The same Maggie Tuttle that gets a prominent place on Chris Spivey’s website (which has yet another donate button) and gets interviewed on TPV.

            The same Maggie Tuttle who (allegedly) has been denied access to her own grandchildren???

            The same Maggie Tuttle who has links to every dodgy character associated with child abuse and fleecing money out of unsuspecting and good intentioned people.

            Charlatans and crooks, the whole lot of them.

          2. I love this: “… who dresses up in widows weeds and floats around cemeteries asking politicians ‘where are all the children?’”!

            I usually like to double-check when I read something on t’internet, but I’ve seen enough to believe it already!

          3. I lied… a bit more!

            The ‘Knight Foundation’ have managed to open a bank account to accept YOUR donations:


            A bit piqued at having to, you know, fill a few forms in, they play the conspiraloon’s trump card – paranoia:

            “Well, just as I was beginning to suspect that certain shadowy forces might not wish The Knight Foundation and our endeavours to prosper!”

            Aye, you’ve got ’em running scared with whatever-the-hell-it-is-that-you-do!

            More misleading rubbish follows… actually, let’s call a spade a spade, more LIES:

            “Once turnover in a charity reaches £5000 it is possible and usual to register the charity with the Charities Commission. Please help us reach this target quickly!”

            It is POSSIBLE to register with £zero turnover, you appalling frauds! We only have to look to one of your own, the aforementioned ‘Children Screaming To Be Heard’:


            Income zero, turnover zero, accounts 203 days overdue!

            For an outfit that claims to “HELP UNDERPRIVILEGED CHILDREN IN THE UK” “THROUGHOUT ENGLAND AND WALES”, can we guess at the number who have, actually, been helped? It’ll start with a ‘z’, I guess…

            I’m really starting to despise these so-called do-gooders.

          4. Bloddy hell, that video is hilarious! When the song finishes you realize that it’s pissing down with rain & she must be getting soaked to the skin, only a big daft hat to protect her!

            Stumbling around, knocking flowers off graves, she looks like she’s mistaken a pot of mushroom tea for the usual Earl Grey that morning. Hopefully the rain kept any grieving relatives away that day, or else they might have been a bit put out by her screaming madness…

            At 5-minutes she tries to get a statue to ‘hold’ a rose that she’s obviously pilfered off another grave, but the statue is having none of it. Later on there is a ‘laying on of hands’ – on the bloody church itself!

            Almost feel like writing a cheque now, in payment for the mirth!

          5. This is also interesting. Early Day Motion 11th February 2015 saying exactly the same thing i.e. a McFlucnkie friend is a very poor substitute for a Solicitor and a very nice example of how a McFlunkie “acted for a number of vulnerable women, who was subsequently found to have a substantial criminal record; and calls on the Government to create a suitable framework for the oversight and regulation of McKenzie Friends.”

            So that pretty much says that McKenzie Friends are not only unfit for purpose, but also that they are unregulated, therefore Bel is virtually untouchable. Crafty old scammer.

            Could this knock back be a reason why Sabine has had to resort to Plan B – riding off the back of yet another mentally ill person to bring the funds in?

            I have seen comments from people who say they have paid for the services of a McKenzie friend and no services have been forthcoming. No surprise when you consider who is fronting this. Well actually, in all their ventures, Sabine seems to be fronting them on paper, but if you have a history of massive fraud ……… & so much better to get a patsy to front such things, then if it goes belly up in a bad way, you can leave your little lap dog to take the rap.

            A little while ago, 1 of the TV stations was asking for people to contact them who had experience of using a McKenzie Friend to make a program about it I believe – hopefully someone reminded them of BellEnders criminal past and Charity fund fraud.

            1 of the people sponsoring the motion is an Ian Lavery, Labour – any relationship to Andy of the same surname I wonder. That would also explain a few things 😉

          6. Excellent summing up as usual there Bandini. It should be obvious to everyone what McKenzie represents – her own bank balance, and how to keep it buffed up by conning people out of donations for dodgy causes – nothing more, nothing less. A CON ARTIST pure and simple. Very simple if she thinks people don’t know what her game is.

            Children Screaming to be Heard is of course the brainchild of The Spivs dodgy mate Maggie Tuttle who likes mooching around graveyards like something freshly dug up ‘screaming too be heard’ for all the kids allegedly covertly buried by the establishment under her feet. Another creepy old crone on the make. Another proper weirdo!

            She has a history of charity donations blagging too. She says she’s been in Child Protection causes for 30 odd years or something. Not true. 1 of her previous charity blagging ventures was an HRT charity for women, run from an address in Spain. It is only in recent years she’s hopped aboard childrens causes.

            She allegedly got swindled by a Financial Adviser. Originally she said in an article that the amount he allegedly pilfered from her was £200k, less than a year later the figure she quoted in yet another media interview was £300k – now there’s inflation for you! She then gave an interview because she then tried to set up another scam charity ….. guess what for, ‘ people who had been swindled by their financial advisers’. she was trying to get funding from local businesses. I think it fell at the 1st hurdle …. no one was stupid enough to give her any money basically.

            Her daughter in law banned her from seeing her own grandchildren and had to get the police involved. Obviously whatever had happened was bad enough for the woman to feel she needed the Polices help to keep Tuttle at bay. She even set up a charity thing in their school, I forget what it was for, but she was in the paper touting that and some Dame Nobody You’ve Ever Heard of, who was of course a very close friend of hers (according to her anyway) and no doubt useful for name dropping purposes to blag more donations from mugs, she is relentless!

            Funnily enough a year or so ago I read an article which basically said that deception & fraud crimes committed by the older generation, particularly women, was on the rise – and having encountered a few of these, McKenzie, McNeil, Tuttle, Spiv (pseudo woman of sorts), Bill Baloney (another pseudo woman of sorts) , Wiggy and all the rest, they are living proof that it seems to be true.

  13. Now,as to the trucks crashing. Since – I believe – 2005 – ALL road-going vehicles have had electronically controlled functions built into them. If it’s electronic, it can be affected by radio waves, and there’s enough of them around.


    Of course,the selling point has been that this control will “optimise fuel consumption” and other such BS. In fact it enables the “STATE” and it’s agents to take control of your car and cause you to have an “accident”.

    JIMSTONE has an excellent explanation of this. Out of respect for Outlaw I can’t and won’t link direct, but if you try a search engine and try “hacking the electronics on a modern car/auto” I feel sure you’ll start to come up with some interesting stuff.

    This, by the way,was the REAL reason for America’s “Cash for Clunkers” programme,whereby old cars were destroyed for a small financial compensation,thus forcing the owners to buy a new hackable car.

  14. “Putin is letting the European governments know that if they enable Washington’s aggression against Russia, then they are at risk. In other words, Putin will not allow Europe to enable Washington to bring war to Russia with no consequences to Europe”:-




    Christian Idaho Woman Converts Jewish Neighbor — by Attacking Her:-




  15. Another reminder of what false accusations can lead to:


    “The prosecutor said the attack may have started because Raisbeck allegedly lied about Mr Blythe. He said: ‘Gavin Deluen said Raisbeck took him and his brother to one side and told them she had looked up Mr Blythe on the internet and discovered he was a sex offender. ‘In fact that was not true, there is nothing about him being a sex offender online and he is not a sex offender.”




        1. “Police believe that the widely circulated videos that many careless bloggers and social media users took at face value as evidence of a widespread satanic cult, may fall within the context of the abuse itself rather than being a truthful account of what happened.”


      2. Sabine is now trying to pass herself off as a Lawyer. Someone needs to drag that rancid old beast in pretty soon because she’s still busy spreading her nonsense around the www like wildfire, on her whacko blog, on AM radio shows and to any nugget who is daft enough to listen.

      3. That’s a pretty well written piece, and hard to disagree with much of it, although I’m still not convinced that, as the article states, “Savile was a monster”.

        I have no problem with this, though: “However with our new found power to have our voices heard also comes great responsibility.”

        And also the notion that these crazy claims quite often obscure a REAL story beneath a mountain of madness. (Maybe that would be the case with Savile too, who knows? But after seeing so many layers of the Savile Onion being peeled away to reveal… nothing… it starts to seem unlikely).

        For example with the ‘McKenzie friends’ (the real ones, that is) we can see how changes in entitlement to legal counsel are leaving people often with no choice but to place their faith in untrained could-be-anyones. Unwittingly, the likes of Belinda McKenzie – and her attempt to co-opt the label ‘McKenzie Friend’ – may even be doing everyone a favour by bringing the system into such disrepute that an overhaul becomes inevitable. [See link from Jane]

  16. Even in the original McKenzie Friend case, the McKenzie friend was a qualified Solicitor, but he qualified in Australia so not legally entitled to practice Law here. And he didn’t bother showing up at court the 2nd day of the case, because he felt it was pointless as he felt his hands were tied because he could not do his job and defend the client properly. The client kicked up and got a retrial. So the idea was a non idea in reality anyway. The McKenzie Friend didn’t help at all and it was pointless him being there – bit like Belindas version, but with untrained unknowns, who could actually cause more harm than good and some have already been deemed downright dodgy.

    Really, they just need to bring legal aid back with some tweaks, like making people up in court whose assets have been frozen pay back the legal aid they have had to use. they could easily deduct it out of the frozen assets before they are unfrozen. Previously they had no obligation to pay back the Legal aid fees and they were some of the most expensive cases of course. As usual, just as with the tax dodgers, the rich people always do well out of these things, and it’s no accident that it is set up this way. David Cameron has helped create another monster by depriving people of the ability to be defended by a trained solicitor via Legal Aid. Getting a decent solicitor is luck of the draw I know, but not so risky as a McKenzie friend is.

    I bet McKenzie is hopping mad at the thought of being properly regulated. I am hoping that someone properly investigates her, her scam charity set up’s and her past surrounding Iran aid and decides as it should be, she should have absolutely nothing to do with anything like it.

    Meanwhile, Sabine is spilling her guts to any AM radio show that is daft enough to have her on – she even sounds like a complete flake, but that still doesn’t stop people being sucked in. But hopefully, this time she might come a cropper,as the family courts are now supposedly involved, trying to get the videos removed. All a bit of a farce really, because by the time the red tape kicks in & they stop fannying around, Sabine will have done a dozen more interviews, caused 10 times more harm & her flunkies may have incited some real damage to innocent people.

    1. I hope that with these interviews they are feeding her voice through some software, Jane, so that the folks at home can understand what she is blabbing on about!

      1. And lo and behold…. The Knight Foundation are begging on Facebook for ‘urgent’ donations for ‘expenses’ for Sabine in her time of need.

        The required ‘target’ is set at a cool £1,000,000.

        The total earlier today?



        A limited company too’ with Sabine and Belinda as Directors….


      2. She is hard work to listen to for more than a minute Bandini, torturous in fact! I can’t even listen to 20 seconds of her warbling, let alone an hour of her slightly hysterical up and down tones. 😀 The clip I watched about 20 seconds of this morning where she was introduced as a ‘Lawyer’ (which fools people into thinking Solicitor – totally different things – bit like Raccoon uses to be honest), she nearly burst my ear drums with her random shrieks.

        Oh and by the way, another couple of companies to add to Bels ever growing list.

        COGNOSCENCE LIMITED (CogNONSENSE more like) (Other research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering)
        Cash £124
        Net Worth £-88,279
        Liabilities £105,179
        Assets £1,368

        M4 ENTERPRISES LIMITED (Real Estate service for a fee)
        Cash £451,950
        Net Worth £-2,620
        Liabilities £454,570
        Assets £451,950

        FORTY-TWO SHEPHERDS HILL Residents property management NON TRADING
        A MR F A MCKENZIE LEFT THE BOARD IN 2012 Bel resigned in 2000

        Director of The Knight Foundation from June 2014 No accounts filed
        3 Directors, McKenzie, McNeil and a Mary Rooney


        Looks like she is desperate for that £1 million in donations from mugs to come flooding into the Knight Foundation – perhaps she thought she could apply for some kind of grant or lottery funding and it didn’t transpire.

        I expect she was desperately hoping the McKenzie Friends thing would catch on and that would have made her a mint. She’d then be able to get in with a few solicitors, free advertising and touting her wares. But if they force her McKenzie Friend bandits to be regulated, that will reign her in more than she would like I suspect.

        Her disclaimer already states that if your case is muffed up due to a McKenzie friend, tough luck in a round about way. And that is the point where I imagine she blanks people and stops answering their calls.

        Mr Hemming seems rather keen for people not to be aware of his involvement with the updated version of the Witches of Eastwick and his great efforts to get their charity scam off the ground and into Family Courts and definitely not his special McKenzie Friend Sabines latest outrageous shenanigans.

  17. Hellfire! Just realised I misspelt a name up above… should be DARRER, not Daller.

    Wouldn’t want any poor innocent being accused of being a… a… a… ‘campaigner’?

    She’s now gone all ex-directory, too: “Hidden at director’s request”?!?

    Bit late for that! Next time must try putting the ‘covering my dubious tracks’-horse before the ‘deliberately spreading false information’-cart!

  18. Maggie Tuttle’s real name is: Margaret Carver.

    Is anything she says true?

    She says that ten thousand children go missing in the UK each month. This is lies, but the same lies as:
    Brian Gerrish;
    Maria Baloney’s husband—pro paedophile activist and friend of Peter Tatchell—Bill Baloney; who works for,
    Ian Puddick; alongside,
    Michael Doherty (made up story about his daughter being groomed and a Masonic conspiracy with multiple faked court actions);
    Dave Knight of the Duckshoot;
    Chris—I tattooed “Daddy’s Girl” on my daughter, and it’s normal—Spivey; and,
    Danielle—mega benefit cheat—George.

  19. Sonya Poulton allegedly supports ‘childrenscreamingtobeheard’ which is the website for the “charity” which Margaret Carver (fraudulently known as Maggie Tuttle) runs, which is obviously another scam, just like Baloney’s two limited companies which he calls a charity with no accounts filed and Michael Doherty’s limited company which is dissolved with no accounts filed, following him boasting of getting a GBP 4M donation.

    He pretends that that’s a charity as well.

    Lying parasitic scum.

    See my Scribd account for all of them:


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