I have just witnessed one of the most obvious and outrageous lies about to be rolled out on a nationwide level. I usually cannot bear the Mainstream drivel that passes for news, but I happened to have SkyNews on while doing something more productive.

Are The Establishment really going to now use HIV/AIDS to bring their Common Purpose Agenda into our daily lives?. It may be just me, and please correct me if I am wrong, but I remember the AIDS backlash against Gay people in the 1980’s, they were scary times! Talk about a Witch Hunt….

Even the UK Today’s Brian Gerrish, managed to spot it when he said that the heavily promoted Gay Agenda, was going to be thrust upon us before being rapidly torn apart, making Gay people the new ‘enemy’ of the people.

Is this announcement only the start of that?

Instilling fear into the population using a fatal and incurable disease, is not new, but using the same method again does show the level of their panic and desperation.

This same Common Purpose Agenda that encourages Civil Partnerships making it easier to place another group of people onto a list that makes them easier to identify, when they move the goalposts that is….

Our inglorious leader David Cameron has been busy showing his face everywhere he can, ‘urging’ people to come forward to be tested as there are 25,000 people who may carry the virus without their knowledge. Ask yourself, how can they know the numbers of an ‘unknown’ is it a guess, are they clairvoyant?

I will suggest how it seems to me, that it is an almost foolproof method of adding personal information to the Establishment’s DNA Database. A data-gathering project that has almost reached it’s ultimate target of collecting the genetic details of every man, woman and child in the country. This just seems so very obvious to me, the way these ‘ideas’ are introduced and perfectly timed for maximum impact.

“HIV was a man-made virus, designed as a trial in ‘Population Control’ but got out of control when the ‘wrong’ people started dying. Independent Scientific Testing has shown that having the Rhesus Negative Bloodtype, can mean a high level of immunity to HIV/AIDS, and there is a component in RH- blood that is commonly used in HIV treatments, also raising another Red Flag that the Virus was manufactured artificially…

It is common knowledge in some quarters that HIV/AIDS was created specifically to target Rh Positive Bloodtypes, which comprise 85% of the world’s population. Which, coincidentally is the same figure rumoured as the percentage selected for extermination”.

And it may well be that the targeting of these people, that ATOS and it’s agents of death do not manage to kill first, is a good example of…

Science Fiction becoming Science Fact.

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