If you are coming here expecting rants, speculation, baseless accusations and revenge, I suggest you look elsewhere.

The only response you will find to the recent attacks on both this site and it’s owner, will be calm, measured,  balanced and fully evidenced.

The Outlaw prides itself on being free of gossip, spite, disinformation and unwarranted personal attacks on anyone.

Under what has become an overwhelming assault of online abuse,  personal attacks, outrageous and laughable accusations and downright lies, this site shall deal with any such claims in it’s usual way.

The Outlaw will continue in a respectful, thorough and factual manner, regardless of the methods employed against it, at the same time remaining amenable and empathetic to it’s readers.

Which may prove difficult when faced with what amounts to an angry troupe of online faeces-flinging, baboon-like creatures, who appear to have no moral compass whatsoever.

Just Saying….