This post goes out to anyone who has been unjustly attacked, vilified, maligned, falsely accused or ridiculed online …. or in the real world.

If this has ever happened to you, try and draw comfort from the widely-known fact that whenever you are being judged by others, especially those you have never actually met, then they are not defining you as a person, they are in reality, defining themselves.

Unfortunately for many people, their responses to any personal attacks on themselves (or their friends and/or family) are also going to be judged by the same people, so with that in mind ….

‘The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge or controversy’.

This of course applies to the female of the species also.

My own personal favorite, and my one and only response to all of those who appear to have massive problems with not only me and this website, but also those who freely comment here ?

I am, however, disappointed on a daily basis by the lack of quality in most of the attacks on me, but the sheer volume and the venom expressed in these attacks, means that I am continuing to be an irritating and hopefully painful thorn in the side of those people, and also reassures me that I am doing something right ….

42 thoughts on “JUDGE YE NOT

  1. Keep doing what you do Jimmy, if people have a problem with it it’s their loss. Truth always comes out in the end.

    1. It does indeed Will, the truth has a habit of doing that. The attacks on me are of little consequence, I have dealt with far bigger, much badder and a lot more seriously scary people in the real world … and I am still here (ish) 😉

  2. Keep on keeping on 🙂 That’s all you – or anyone else – can do ! Laughter is the best remedy – people hate being laughed at and have no defence against it, as it then only makes them appear even more stupid 🙂

    1. Believe you me, I have a good old-fashioned belly laugh at least twice a day.

      You should not really laugh at the terminally stupid and the hard of thinking of course, but if we were not meant to laugh at them …. why are they so darn funny?

  3. I don’t know how you stay so calm after all the shit that has been thrown your way Jimmy

  4. Hi Jimmy. Have yo seen the comments on the latest Hoaxtead blog? Someone you know is getting a right spanking. He has also admitted to being a professional troll. Which explains a lot

  5. Please help!

    I am trying to get all the truth movement (especially the great researcher Chris Spivey) to look into a new Hollywood satanic movie that has just been shown at Sundance Film Festival called THE LORDS OF CHAOS.

    It is directed by Jonas Akerlund (who was once a member of satanic black metal band Bathory!) He does videos for satanists like Prodigy U2,metallica and Paul McCartney!!

    Anyway the film is a true story about a load of satanic bands who kill each other even though all these bands are actually one band of half a dozen crisis actors who play all the bands at once.

    Facial recognition software will PROVE IT!

    Chris is not able to accept posts on his website at the moment because the internet men have blocked him and his monthly costs are being increased all the time (even though no other .org sites cost half as much!! its CI5 who is behind it i’m sure) Im begging you in the name of TRUTH to please get this info to him because once this film is released to the masses it will result in mass evil and satanic activity.

    Help stop it now!

    1. Poor old Spiv.

      Actors playing multiple characters?

      The best ‘real’ actors will tell you how difficult that is, even for just a short time. Spiv’s actors would have to be among the worlds greatest. And if they were, they would be in Hollywood making a fortune!

      What about the others – “I’m not saying they are played by the same people. But clones?”

      No mate. If they were clones, they would not just be similar – they would be identical.

      Then there would be the security and secrecy, the complex logistics and the massive costs involved. Why would ‘They’ bother with all that when the actual current sham works so well, is relatively cheap and is easy to control?

      After all, LibLabCon, for example, are just different teams owned by the same people…

      Then there’s Spiv’s ongoing ‘cliff-hangers’.

      Promised establishment destroying exposes that never quite materialize, and “I know for a fact/have proof which I can’t tell you about just yet” (lol).

      Not to mention the ‘donor’ photos altered BEFORE the comparisons…

      Ah well, I suppose it keeps him off the streets.



    Is the way we walk wrong?

    People in the medieval era walked differently (VIDEO):-


        1. OG
          Can you be a bit more specific? There’s a load of stuff by Patrick Batsinthebelfry including “THE MOST IMPORTANT BOOK IN THE WHOLE WORLD!” but I’m guessing (hoping!) that’s not what you mean…

  7. FGM – yet another failure by Sadiq Khant, Mayor of London, ex human rights lawyer (and, in fairness, his predecessors) and police forces across the UK.

    Here’s a short vid from Wild Bill for America.


    The Met’s hopeless effort was launched, with great fanfare, in June 2007. As Bill says, there has never been a single conviction anywhere in these Septic Isles

    1. I was thinking about writing a bit & catching up with research on FGM.

      It’s another ignored, campaign that’s gone on since 80s. There have not been 10s of thousands of reports, because it is under reported and only by networking with other women’s groups have some Moslem women been able to report and encourage the practice to be condemned and stopped within their communities, there have been some recent hopeful developments, but as with a lot of personal, sexual crime, especially towards children……….it’s all taking too long.

      I feel the same way about male circumcision, but a lot of males are happy about it, and it is more external…… the clitoris is as if the end of a penis is mutilated, or the most sensitive part chopped off.

      On my list of things to do, I was reminded by revisiting the very racist groups using grooming gangs as an excuse to push their agenda, was going to ask them why they hadn’t ever seemed to have supported the campaigns, but then they have been largely run by feminists…..should that be getting in the way ????

      These gender, political stances ? When somethings wrong, cruel …?

  8. I really dont know how you stay so calm Jimmy I really dont. I couldn’t. but you seem to have outlasted all the detractors, the fakes and the haters anyway so kudos to you. Great site!!

  9. Sheva
    Coincidentally, virtually every member of the grooming gangs and those abusing their victims, the vast majority of the victims of FGM, the parents of those victims, those doing the ‘cutting’, and the cultural groups they belong to/come from (in which a majority of people still condone this barbaric practice)

    ALL have one single factor in common.

    It’s not race.

    1. Phil, Thanks I havn’t been back to this blog since. I didn’t put that well. I’m overtired lately.

      Alot of flying monkeys have been coming at me from various directions.

      I’ve got alot to catch up on.

    1. That would be because I have not replied.

      There is no payment required, nor is it needed my friend.

      See them as a gift 😉

  10. Hi,
    Sure you’ve done this all before but I couldn’t find record of it on your site and I know you are not one to drop the ball on subjects like this.

    Have been increasingly overwhelmed with info on Gavin Williams, the GCHQ lad who found himself seconded into an MI6 duffle bag.

    It’s small fry, but little nets catch big fish.

    I appreciate you have many seas to cast your net into, Jimmy, but then how many fishermen spend hours on the bank waiting for a bite?

    1. That was the spooky guy from Anglesey, who discovered something online that he wasn’t supposed to see wasn’t it?

      1. I don’t think I can disagree with you on that, Jimmy.

        Could I ask you to trouble me with your acumen, or possibly point me in the direction of an independent observer that you trust could you?

          1. You weren’t so forthcoming with a response, Jimmy.
            Did I disappoint with my theory? Hence why I asked for insider information.

          2. I have just replied mate. Please accept my apologies.

            I have been extremely busy elsewhere and I have simply not had the time to be online much or to check emails.

  11. Ex-President Micheletti: The US Asked Me to Return Power to Zelaya [Honduras](A little vignette from America’s “backyard”):-


    False Messiahs in Jewish History: Bar Kokhba: When (rabbinic) leadership fails:-


    Russian Drone With Thermite Grenade Blows Up a Billion Dollars of Ukrainian Ammo:-


    This coyote was stealing newspapers, so here’s what the delivery man did:-


  12. Well, knock me down with a feather!
    EXCLUSIVE: The suspected fantasist at the centre of Scotland Yard’s disastrous VIP child sex abuse inquiry is to stand trial accused of being a paedophile himself. (Daily Fail)

    Crap reward for all the sabotage he’s done on behalf of tptb but, as the old saying goes, “make a deal with the devil and you’ll get burned”.

    1. That has been on the cards for a while.

      What I find more worrying is the Paedo-Hunting Twitterati who are now squealing that it’s a ‘set-up’ to discredit him, and are still supporting him.

      They have called for the death penalty to be reinstated for others who have been accused of similar, yet they rally round to support ‘Nick’.

      Can anyone see it yet?

      It must be obvious to anyone now what is really going on, what agenda’s are being played out, and who ultimately benefits ….

  13. People are asking Will ‘Nick’ be named by MSM if convicted or will he still be anonymous because of having made complaint of himself being CSA survivor. In any case, my advice to bloggers would be to let the MSM take the risk of it, they are the ones with the budgets to fight legal cases. (The Mail have already been fined by the regulator for a report they did on ‘Nick’.)

  14. …..and there goes any opposition. Under the guise of child fiddler, of course.
    Good job we brought back the death penalty for these nonces.

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