The man in the attached video is NOT Mad.

The man in the attached video was NOT sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

Both of those claims are demonstrably false.

The greater majority of what has been published about him by the mass media, on various blogs and by any number of troll accounts on social media is also demonstrably false.

What is true, however, is that this man is being set up, he is being stitched up, he is being smeared by the mass media and agents of the establishment, and has being driven to the point of desperation by his persecutors.

If you are at all concerned about the levels of media corruption in this country, or are in any way concerned about the way that genuine survivors of childhood sexual abuse are being smeared, attacked, labelled as crazy and vilified by agents of the state and the corrupt media ….

Then I suggest that you not only listen to what this man has to say, but get behind him and support him in any way you can; because believe me, the evidence he has gathered, despite what he has been forced to endure, will truly shock you – and will prove beyond doubt, exactly why Brian Harvey has been hounded in the way he has and subjected to things that would have irretrievably broken a weaker person.


If you claim to be a genuine CSA ‘Campaigner’ or ‘Advocate’, or simply choose to highlight the issue on Twitter and Facebook, on websites and forums from anonymous accounts – and/or are in any way concerned about victims of historic, current and future Childhood Sexual Abuse, and still choose to remain silent over this ….

Then you are a part of the problem and beneath contempt in my opinion.

Shame on you.



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  1. i have just watched some the videos on brian’s youtube channel he has been royally fucked over by some right bastards so that tells me he is speaking the truth or they wouldn’t bother about him would they?

  2. Well said. He most certainly is being set up.

    He is smarter than they bargained on, not such an easy target as they may have presumed, he has all his ducks in a row.


  4. Sorry all. That previous post didn’t come out as I’d hoped.I ĺl see if I can find a text version.



    Russia Issues High Alert For Space Launch After US Warship Not Under Trump Command Nears Border:-




  5. This clown attacking BH is part of the same mob that has been attacking you and others Jimmy

    1. Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelu-ooo-ooojah!

      I’ve just been dished a sarky slap for reminding someone that, along with a few other things that hopefully will help Brian defend himself.

        1. Hi Brian, So good to see you here!

          You are welcome our friend.

          Everyone here knows what you are going through, at the mercy of this big linked gang, who have been stalking, attacking, threatening and harassing CSA Survivors for 5 years and getting away with it, whilst many of us are dragged to the Police station on wafer thin claims made by the same big linked gang over and over again, at their whim.

          Just like you, reporting them yields totally different results. Seems the Police will do anything but arrest them. And when they do mysterious things happen that stop it going to court or to pervert the rightful outcome.

          Exactly the same as you, I was told the Police would look at my evidence, plenty of it and totally damning, assured of it several times and just like with you, they lied. Being turned over in favour of a child abuser stalking ring that chose to stalk me for almost 5 years.

          No chance!

          So you are in good company, because we all know what’s going on and we all support each other through the nightmare.

          And with your extra dimension of the music industry and all that relates to that, it just gets uglier and uglier, but all the while it becomes more obvious to see what is going on and why. x

  6. Omg. Some fool with more money than sense has donated 10 Grand to that slaphead spivey!

    1. Someone with far more money than sense who supports the gang mate of bullies and abusers?

      You may as well take £10k and flush it straight down the loo.

  7. Sorry for lack of postings.The main thing happening across the pond is the number of prominent/famous men being outed as sexual harassers & sacked from T.V./media generally,or,in the case of politicians,being pressured to resign.
    For the last week,it seems about 2 or 3 per day.

    1. And of course the liberals and the mass media completely losing their shit over Trump’s retweeting of three of Jayda Fransen’s tweets.

      I predict a complete meltdown

      1. So funny watching the hard left blowing gaskets all over the media. Owen Jones especially and that Welsh Labour MP Paul Flynn calling for Trump to be arrested and charged with ‘Hate Crime’ was hilarious PMSL

  8. Considering what has happened to Brian Harvey & others, does anyone see this making much difference?


    Brian’s latest clip mentions his address was posted online.

    Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

    Brian’s accusers friend does that a lot too. I have screenshots of him posting addresses and phone numbers of people on Social media & I think he may have done the same to others allegedly.

    1. “Brian’s accusers friend does that a lot too.”

      Jane, can you clarify or give a hint re Brian’s accuser’s friend?

  9. Brian Harvey is tenacious and will hopefully cut out the cancerous tumours that are trying to bring him down

  10. Watching this closely to see how it develops. Dots are being joined all over the place

  11. I know there aren’t many Paul Joseph Watson fans here, but I appreciate the candour here.
    As someone quoted on GatesofVienna said, ‘If Neo Nazis said the sun rises in the East, should I disagree because Neo Nazis said it?’


    1. EM. PJW is absolutely spot-on this time. MPs should be made to watch it and explain their behavior.

      If only we could get this vid on a big screen in the Commons when the frauds are at PM’s question time…

  12. We know it was coming.

    ‘Inquiry into social media messages that identified child killer John Venables’


  13. I met Brian Harvey (accidentally) once a few years back at a John Harris RIP talk. I’m an older guy but I recognized him lol. The thing was so did quite a few younger people, and they made a big fuss of him and wanted autographs. A couple had been drinking and although completely harmless, I thought they were pestering him a bit.
    I have to say Brian Harvey didn’t mind at all, he was an absolute gentleman.

  14. Brians latest video is interesting. A few names very familiar to all of us.

    Seems certain people are now turning on each other, Ickes sidekick Ritchie Allen claiming Bill Maloney is mad.

    How the worms turn.

    1. For what it’s worth, a commenter on the Hoaxstead blog was saying that Baloney turned up at some film festival in Scotland last year and no-one took him seriously.

  15. Thank you for starting this blog Jimmy. Im glad to see that people do know what’s happening to me, and the same people who have tried to entrap me have also been putting the boot into you too. For a couple of Bi Polar midget’s we are making a lot of noise. The public ain’t stupid. They can see what’s going on mate. Anyone with a brain know’s that it should be Maloney, and co having their computers taken, and be held to account for at least the Andrew Ashworth Express interview published Jan 2014. You know that they thought I would either try to sell the footage, or name names to scapegoat me into ruining the CSA inquiry, and then make a joke out of my PHONE TAPPING EVIDENCE against The Police, and News International PLC now known as NEWS UK. The evidence I hold shows a clear cover up of the true extent of PHONE HACKING/ TAPPING etc, and this is what they DO NOT WANT COMING OUT. Well it’s OUT, and it’s staying OUT, and people have a right to know.
    Also this is NOT about the money. I will gladly waiver any money, if these people are locked up, and held to account FULLY.
    My private prosecution against these people will eventually bring them to admitting liability, and that is where the power is. Fuck the money, if I wanted money so bad why did I turn down £500,000 from Big Brother ???. FUCK MONEY, AND FUCK FAME, this is bigger than that. This is about how we are treated in this country if you have no money to defend yourselves from these rich bullies, and I WILL BE THAT VOICE, because I am the only person your gonna see out of that satanic pop world standing up for what is fucking right, no matter what anyone say’s. Ive had YEARS of ridicule, it’s old, it’s boring. Life is too short to keep ignoring the TRUTH. It’s time we went the other way. The way of Truth, Love, and Honesty, otherwise what’s been the fucking point ?
    I have faith in God, and that is what is carrying me through this, and I believe in some strange way that I didn’t die under that car for a reason, and I made a promise to God in that hospital bed. A promise that I would change my way’s, and not ever sell my soul for a pound note, and that I would ALWAY’S DO THE RIGHT THING. I knew I would be tested, and I was. So here I am trying to do the right thing in a world that hates me. It was always going to be my BIGGEST TEST, but I made a PROMISE, so here I am Lord, doing what I said I would do., and I mean it.
    God pay’s his debts, and so will they for the pain they have caused me, and others.
    NOW LET’S GET THIS EVIDENCE TOGETHER JIMMY MATE. The lawyers are watching (Finally)
    Follow me on Twitter http://@JazzyMaloney. DM me, and let’s get this going Jimmy.
    Im gonna link everything to the point of it being overwhelming. Must be the O.C.D in me, lol.

    Once again Jimmy thank you.

    Brian Harvey.

    1. You are very welcome Brian, and I have just followed you on Twitter.

      Let’s make some real noise now and get this thing done my friend.

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