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  1. We live in a world of fiction. It’s all upside down.

    Besides the media and political set ups they believe we buy into we are gagged by the pc brigade. Well I now demand that pc language act in my favour too. A girl who was born into the right vessel for me. I agree with the biology of me.

    I would like the world and his father who identifies as his mother and has every right to do so to know – You can be whatever you want to be. Boy, girl or unicorn. Hey when I was little ven I wanted to be a cat! No one took me seriously though! Thank God for that!

    Gender issues confuse me at 53. Imagine me at 3?! Would the then Tom boy me be a trans gender child today? Aye?

    Today I ‘m am suppose to be happy to be known as cis so that trans can identify as woman. But I reject that. That tastes like an insult to me as it rolls off the tongue. Why do I not get to identify what I go by?

    I identify as chromosome XX. Not to be confused with XXX !!!! Even if behind closed doors I may be

    I too would like the right to be proudly me!

    Please, don’t minimize me to identify as you. Be you. But be honest.

    And remember, it’s not all about YOU!

    Besides there is more than just me who doesn’t want the safe spaces of chromosome XX women invaded by penis wearers who have obviously no made the full commitment yet!!!

    It’s common bloody sense why that is too. But I can hear the outcry already.

  2. A good YouTube video to watch is called mouse utopia. Recommended viewing to mums and dads stumped for answers regarding society today . My boys have viewed it and recommend it.

    I’m not anti trans and my youngest son is gay. I didn’t want a girl but…


    I’m just asking for common sense to come back into vogue!

    I was also wondering, has the number of trans men in mens prison increased like the number of trans women in female prison? Or doesn’t that happen? And if not, why not?

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