There are not many people, who by now, are not aware of the image published on the Mirror website, which pictured a four-year-old child, with suspected pneumonia, lying on top of a pile of coats, upon the floor of a side room in Leeds General Infirmary.

The Mirror, then switches to the real purpose of its article:

“Jack shows the human cost of the harshest ever financial squeeze on the NHS, a damning indictment of the Tories’ criminal neglect.

No wonder Jack’s mother is switching from the Tories to Labour on Thursday.”

This article is then picked up with what appears to be indecent haste, and within hours, is being paraded around the mass media by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, and a small – but disturbingly fanatical – army of online activists and cheerleaders.

The article continues:

“The staff are blameless, performing miracles despite the cuts. As are hard-pressed managers, coping best they can with the bad hands dealt them by successive Conservative regimes.”

I am not going into the obvious issues with the NHS here, nor why it has reached what seems to be critical mass, there is plenty of source material available online, which explains in finite detail the real reasons behind that, and who is ultimately responsible.

What I am going to do is focus on is the image, and how it has been shamelessly weaponised by the Labour Party.

The image in question, has itself become the focus of claims as to its authenticity, and its context, inasmuch as a viral post on Facebook, which claims that the image was staged, has been gaining traction in the mass media.

The response to this online, is that the Facebook post, is of course, complete fiction, and is being circulated by, wait for it, ‘Right Wing Bots’.

One source of that claim, is a blogger calling himself ‘Tom Pride’, who has, for the last few years, been pumping hard-left propaganda focussing on the UK, and attacking anyone who does not support Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party, from his base in Poland.

[Which of course does not mean that there is any suspicion whatsoever, of any ‘foreign interference’ in the electoral process, a claim that politicians and the mass media, on both sides of the Atlantic love to talk about.]

The truth of this, I am sure will emerge in the fullness of time, but the fact remains that using a distressed child as a political tool with which to attack political enemies, is a despicable thing to do.

It’s beneath contempt.

Neither side of the political divide are blameless in this, and it was not so long ago,  that the Grenfell fire tragedy was being utilised by both sides, in their attempts to point the finger of blame at each other.

Is it worth mentioning, that one of the reasons why many people believe that picture was ‘staged’ for the media, is because it’s not the first time that the Labour Party have posted faked and/or staged images for political gain?

Remember this one?

That doctored image, led to the party being investigated for spreading fake news, and were slammed by the NHS itself, as they had not sought permission to use its logo.

This image may be familiar too.

A blatant example of the use of a staged photograph of Jeremy Corbyn, sitting with a despondent look on his face, on the floor of a train, in a crass attempt to highlight the overcrowding on that particular railway network.

He was accused of ‘Hypocrisy’ and ‘spin’ by the Telegraph, after CCTV revealed that he did in fact have a seat, despite claiming that the train was so ‘ram packed’ he had to sit on the floor!

This post is not ‘Pro’ or ‘Anti’ anybody, I am on the whole, pretty much disgusted by the behaviour of all the political parties, who are scrabbling in the gutter, and clawing and biting and spitting bile at each other in their attempts to reach the moral high ground first.

They have all failed miserably on that score in my opinion.

There are, however, many positives to take from this, as it must now appear glaringly obvious to anyone, that politicians and political parties, of all colours; lie, cheat, mislead, spread fake news, stage photo opportunities, and above all of that, have shown utter contempt for the very people they claim to represent.

It’s little wonder that this country has become a laughing stock in the eyes of the rest of the world, and going on what is currently happening, and shows no sign of going away any time soon, the political class do not actually give a damn.


2 thoughts on “IT’S THE BOTS

  1. We live in a world of fiction. It’s all upside down.

    Besides the media and political set ups they believe we buy into we are gagged by the pc brigade. Well I now demand that pc language act in my favour too. A girl who was born into the right vessel for me. I agree with the biology of me.

    I would like the world and his father who identifies as his mother and has every right to do so to know – You can be whatever you want to be. Boy, girl or unicorn. Hey when I was little ven I wanted to be a cat! No one took me seriously though! Thank God for that!

    Gender issues confuse me at 53. Imagine me at 3?! Would the then Tom boy me be a trans gender child today? Aye?

    Today I ‘m am suppose to be happy to be known as cis so that trans can identify as woman. But I reject that. That tastes like an insult to me as it rolls off the tongue. Why do I not get to identify what I go by?

    I identify as chromosome XX. Not to be confused with XXX !!!! Even if behind closed doors I may be

    I too would like the right to be proudly me!

    Please, don’t minimize me to identify as you. Be you. But be honest.

    And remember, it’s not all about YOU!

    Besides there is more than just me who doesn’t want the safe spaces of chromosome XX women invaded by penis wearers who have obviously no made the full commitment yet!!!

    It’s common bloody sense why that is too. But I can hear the outcry already.

  2. A good YouTube video to watch is called mouse utopia. Recommended viewing to mums and dads stumped for answers regarding society today . My boys have viewed it and recommend it.

    I’m not anti trans and my youngest son is gay. I didn’t want a girl but…


    I’m just asking for common sense to come back into vogue!

    I was also wondering, has the number of trans men in mens prison increased like the number of trans women in female prison? Or doesn’t that happen? And if not, why not?

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