I get sent a lot of information, some good, some bad and some quite unbelievable…. All of it though is of interest to me, and so far has been a great help with any research I happen to be doing.

The following, for example, in particular, caught my eye.

I have already been doing some digging around in the murky world of mind-programming and it’s pretty blatant use in the mainstream, so it was fortunate.

In one form or another Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) has found it’s way into all walks of life, in particular into European and American politics. No longer the sole property of the Secret Services, and I have been seeing it’s slimy tentacles slowly wrapping themselves around our public services.

So if you have ever wondered why the political system of this country is the way it is? Why even under the closest scrutiny, the latest batch of Politicians adhere to and continue to promote some of the most inhuman pogroms ever launched against the British population..?

This may answer some of your questions….

I have not changed any of the following statement, as it tells it’s own story.

“Many years ago I ran into a character who was selling himself as a new age guru, who on the face of it was able to do fantastical things. Being a skeptic, I did not initially believe in the remarkable powers he claimed to have. Those under his influence tried to convince me otherwise, and I was nearly there until he made me the same offer he’d made them: magical secrets for sex. Based on the fact that none of his inner circle were able to do what he could do, even after years of training, I suspected a con and I vowed to unmask this charismatic as a charlatan.”

I broke away from the group and set myself on a path of discovery that was to shape the next twenty years of my life, deliberating reading all of the material that was forbidden, especially concerning the occult and the most evil man in the world, Aleister Crowley. Fast forward and the strange chap was almost forgotten, I now knew far more than he ever did, although I still didn’t quite get how he’d been able to manipulate his followers.

About 10 years ago, just after Derren Brown came on the scene, I saw a chap interviewed after one of his live shows, in which he stated ‘that was the finest example of NLP I’ve ever witnessed’.

Bang. New rabbit hole to investigate. And this was how I met Paul McKenna, Michael Neill and Richard Bandler.

It was 2005 when I attended a week long course with over 500 people present. I always had a phobia of crowds, which was why I specifically chose this event. Phobia is now gone. Jon Ronson attended the same event a few months later:


Paul was chatty enough. I’ve seen his stage show live a couple of times, so knew what to expect. He demonstrated many NLP techniques admirably. Michael Neill was the surprise of the bunch. He was a bit American, but really good with a no-nonsense approach. The dark horse in the pack was Richard Bandler, the co-creator of NLP.

The moment Bandler took to the stage, I knew I’d met him before. Well, not him, but the type. Everything about him reminded me of the so called guru who inadvertently set me on the path to discovery. The difference was, Bandler did his stuff and then explained how he did it. Bang! The veil was lifted. Although as I was to discover later, not all of it.

Having been fooled once, there was no way I was going to let someone I didn’t know, who was displaying narcissistic tendencies, get inside my head and reprogram me. That was the essence of the course – I’m the world’s best hypnotist, I know what you need, let me in and I’ll fix you. Enticing, yes. But I have trust issues! And I knew nothing about this man, except that he was Jewish, he’d studied Kabbalah and his first book was called ‘The Structure of Magic’. Jon Ronson paints McKenna’s bunch pretty well. Bandler’s inner circle, in comparison, are much more sinister. Over the course of the week I found myself persuaded.

Post course, I researched Bandler and found he was involved with training the CIA, and, of course, there was the now buried yet still infamous murder:


As I went over Bandler’s performance, post course, I realised that I’d been in a trance for the whole time. That’s how he manages to cram so much in. The issue with trance, is that I don’t know what else he put there – could be anything. I also realised that doing NLP made me feel really good and that’s the sales hook for the next course and the one after that. Six months later I went back for more. This time, Bandler lifted the lid fully on New Age techniques. Bang! Every secret that my original guru possessed, I now had too. I knew then, that he didn’t have a clue as to how he was able to speak in tongues, etc – that was why he didn’t teach others.

After the second course, I met a guy called Al, who used to work for McKenna.

He was scathing of the entire operation, saying it was one vast money making enterprise. It was McKenna who rescued Bandler from obscurity. He’s just a performer, not an inventor or a creator, although he’s desperate to be both, which is why he hangs out with Bandler. Al also told me that Bandler is a magician, in the Crowley mold, who uses magic(k) on stage. Not only are his courses conducted under hypnosis, he also uses the framework of a magical ritual.. Bang! Without a doubt, I knew this revelation to be true. I’d even go as far as to say that Bandler models Crowley, both on stage and off.

Al was an occultist too. I verified his credentials; he knew his stuff.

NLP isn’t an invention, it’s a framework of techniques which have been known about for thousands of years. All Bandler and his followers have done is classify these techniques, package them and sell them on. Most of the new discoveries have come from modelling other people. Find someone who’s really good at something, break the technique down into smaller chunks, then practice repetitively until you can do it yourself.

The main tool of the NLPer, that which underpins the entire system is hypnotism. This is the means by which stuff is learnt or unlearnt really quickly.

One of my conversations with Al was around the murder. During the second course, Bandler told the audience how he got away with it. Not in those words, but I heard it loud and clear. How to erase a bad deed from your timeline. How to replace it with something else. How to persuade a crowd that the new memory is real. Al had come to the same conclusion, going a step further and claiming that the CIA covered for Bandler.

That was when I first heard of MK Ultra and the Tavistock Institute.

On the final course, I met a girl who was ¬£20,000 in debt, due to her obsession with being trained by the right NLP deities. She was addicted to courses and couldn’t see it. The Church of NLP has no interest in fixing that particular addiction. McKenna shut his training company in 2007 (I think). Michael Neill no longer has anything to do with Bandler in public. McKenna and Bandler still train, but they operate under someone else’s banner.

I have no idea what to make of the occult angle, suffice to say there are a lot of people out there who believe in this stuff. We’re not talking Satanism, but a branch of religious study that predates Christianity, which focuses on the old gods. The occultists, for the most part, stick to their four golden rules: to know, to will, to dare, TO KEEP SILENCE”.

There is a guy called Chris Morris. He’s gay and Jewish, though he changed his name years ago, to lose the bullies.

He was befriended by Peter Mandelson and taught Mandy the basics of NLP:


I found him to be an objectionable little oik and a liar, don’t like the bloke one bit, not since he did me out of a grand. He’s another wannabe who isn’t a creator, just a follower. I discovered the hard way that just because someone is peddling help, it doesn’t mean they can be trusted”.

Just done a quick search on Chris Morris, to catch up. Looks like he’s gone off the rails somewhat. His early career is interesting, being groomed by Peter Mandleson in order to run the campaign to get the age of consent for gay men dropped to 16 -then ran with it all the way to Europe.

He must have decided he’d been used, and disillusioned with gay rights and NLP

He got into chaos magic instead.

You couldn’t make this stuff up!