• Peidiwch byth â meddwl gogon, there’s always 2022 ….


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15 Responses to IT IS NOW

  1. Jocky McCocky says:

    Same thing here Jimmy


  2. Fireman Sam says:

    JJ. I see that the Spivster has had yet another nomination on the ISAC blog site. Some of the comments leave no doubt that the more rational can see right through him.

    • ADMIN says:

      Which goes some way to proving the old saying that you cannot ‘fool all of the people all of the time’ – thanks Sam I shall have a look

    • Faith says:

      For anyone who has not seen it, it’s also the 6th ‘Cunting’ that Spiv has had on that site, only Bono has more than that 😉


      • Ivor says:

        I can’t believe what I have just read! ‘Dogman’ threatens to visit people and hospitalise them if they criticise any of the garbage that Spivey produces?

        That’s seriously fucked up!!!!

      • Jane says:

        My, my, what a popular little midget C*** he is.

        But even he’ll have to lower his game, if he wants to compete with Theresa May.


  3. Damo says:

    Funny but it happened first in Ireland when they stopped wales qualifying…

    • ADMIN says:

      It would have been harder for tears to bypass the Irish Sea and then cause flood warnings to be issued of course, but I get ya!

      Being more of a rugby man myself, I find it amusing (and puzzling) how so many adults get so utterly distraught over losing a game – and destroy emergency vehicles and bus stops when they win …. Bizarre!

  4. Baz says:

    What do the England Football Team, Jeremy Corbyn, Israels treatment of Palestinians, the Holocaust, the Labour Party, Antifa and Islam have in common?

    They are all sacred cows and you will be violently attacked for asking questions or criticising any of them.

    • Phil Atterley says:

      Oops! I thought it was because they’re all full of s**t…
      On the subject of which, it seems that nice Transylvanian Caitlyn Jenner has a new bestie some 46 years junior who is also a Transylvanian. How lucky to meet someone who shares the same history – they’ll have so much to talk about! And they make such an adorable sight together.

  5. Jane says:

    Some of the people supporting this obvious little Tory Jewish Shill, whose Legal fees are being funded by Israel allegedly, are also promoting the Melanie Shaw scam. Despite their alleged foes being the main gang behind her and her claims.

    Yet they are begging to be taken seriously. Another Equity card fail I think.


  6. Phil Atterley says:

    Oh dear. It seems Sherlock ‘you can’t fool me’ Spivey has been erm, fooled!

    “…I have today [26 June] had to withdraw my permission for Gary Heath to stop selling my novel, ‘Never Mind The Sex Pistols’ and my eBooks on Amazon, because despite repeated requests for the vast sum of money that he owes me…”

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