I have learned through experience – often bitter – especially when it comes to the evil deeds that have been visited on humankind throughout history, and still are if the truth is told, and often in plain sight; that far too many people will totally fail to acknowledge the truth, or will screech loudly about ‘conspiracy theories’ and suchlike, whenever any deviation from the ‘official’ narrative is presented.

I am also only too aware, that it is inordinately difficult to get through to anyone who believes, without the slightest hesitation, that the people they elect to govern them, and are paid to serve the public, actually give a shit about them.

So with that in mind, and despite feeling that I am talking to myself half the time, take a little time out from your busy schedules and watch the following video, in the rare event that you are in any way curious – or indeed concerned -about what the future holds, for you, your children, and your children’s children.


9 thoughts on “IS THIS HOW IT ENDS?

  1. April 12th the big amazing day when we can have a drink OUTSIDE in the cold and rain and say Thankyou Boris your a hero for allowing us this freedom.
    That day…..WILL BE CANCELLED.

  2. Agent Provocateurs out in force in Bristol to justify government plans to clamp down on protests

  3. Where have you gone, Jimmy?
    You and hugotalks are the last voices I hear saying anything!

  4. I hope you’re working on something new, Jimmy.
    It’s all very quiet on your part

  5. Yep.
    Been wondering also where he has gone.
    All very quiet indeed.
    Seems old Spivey is not so well (Although it must be a hoax cos all illnesses are hoaxes according to him..) check the comments on his last dumb rant.
    Todays Hancock affair headline is the best news in ages. Although personally i wish he would have bee caught in a public toilet with a 17yo boy.
    One rule for them one for us.

    1. Nope, not at all, although I would imagine that scenario would make a few folk ecstatic David. But as it happens ….

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