‘I dare say you haven’t had much practice,’ said the Queen. ‘When I was younger, I always did it for a half hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.’

LEWIS CARROLL – Through the Looking Glass

The following account was written in 1974 by Brinsley Le Poer Trench, a UFOlogist, seen by some as ‘the’ UFOlogist, and since this account was written, almost forty-one years ago, many of the events that were outlined by him then, are similar in nature to some recent ‘unexplained’ events – that many of you will undoubtably be familiar with now.

“There are many indications that most of the ‘Flying Saucers’ come from inside the earth, and that a large, well-planned operation is being carried out by these ‘ufonauts’.

I stated earlier that the UFO’s during the last 25 years have been dropping earthly substances into our soil. That is, Aluminium, Silicon, Magnesium, Calcium and other chemicals. Why they should drop all this material is not at all clear but like everything else in this jigsaw puzzle, there is probably a good reason for this.

Maybe they regard the surface of our planet as a suitable place to drop their garbage!

Seriously though, the fact that they are leaving behind earthly substances, is another pointer that their origin is not outer space.

Then, an account has been given of the mysterious ‘humming’ sounds that have been heard for long periods – in some instances lasting several years – coming from underground, and these noises may well have something to do with the activities of inner earth people.

Let us now summarise the strange undercover operations of the ufonauts.

Firstly, there are the ‘foreign-looking’ men who dress like us, and always turn up at a UFO landing site, often before eye-witnesses have had the time to even report the incident.

You may recall when I discussed earlier the launching of the first satellites, that personnel would be waiting at the calculated spot worked out by the technicians, to pick up the discarded nose cones.

It is highly likely that most UFO landings are planned beforehand. Therefore, it would be quite conceivable for the inner earth people to have representatives here on the surface; some of these would be at the landing spot at a prearranged time. A number of subsurface people have probably been living in the surface for years.

Indeed they may have spies among us for thousands of years.

Harold T. Wilkins, in ‘Flying Saucers Uncensored’ wrote: “My query is: HAVE THE SAUCERS TERRESTRIAL SPIES AND CONTACTS? I conclude that they may have… Fantastic as it sounds, one might speculate whether there may have been, and still be, something in the nature of a secret society which in the last five or six centuries, may have established such contacts, and maintained them to this day….”

The fact that these representatives turn up at many landing sites is indicative of a well-planned, big operation.

It is true that these strange men have not always been seen on such occasions, but perhaps ufonauts are allowed sometimes to make a spot landing for some other motive.

Secondly, consider the ‘Men in Black’ who frightened Albert K. Bender enough, to make him close down the ‘International Flying Saucer Bureau’, back in 1953. They have silenced, harassed and threatened many other UFO researchers throughout the world.

‘Men in Black’

Who are these mysterious ‘Men in Black’? The answer to that one is that they are the equivalent of intelligence operatives from the inner world. Every so often, they call on some UFO researcher who has got too close to the truth.

It is interesting that they always dress in black, which is the colour of the dark, or negative forces. Incidentally, clergymen wear black clothes too. I wonder what is the reason for that?

Anyway, the ‘Men in Black’ are another part of the undercover operation.

Thirdly, there is the landing of Pumas, and other big cats and assorted creatures in various countries. These Pumas have been landed at night, and it is a well-attested fact that sightings of them have coincided with UFO ‘spikes’ in the same areas.

Pumas are not indigenous to some of the countries in which they have been seen. For example, England and Ireland are not their natural habitats. There are however indigenous to our planet, and not necessarily to another world.

Therefore, the earth being hollow, with very likely a sub-tropical temperature, it is reasonable to assume that this is where those ‘out of place’ Pumas originated.

Another fantastic, but perfectly feasible, idea has just made its way through my ‘little grey cells’. Earlier, I discussed the possibility of surface people being brainwashed, so perhaps the inner earth people with the aid of some apparatus, could programme Pumas, or other animals to carry out some task on the surface.

Now that really is an idea! And not such a crazy one when you think about it. Possibly, the first thing to do would be to establish a considerable rapport with the animal. Well, we have made a fair amount of progress in communicating with the dolphin.

Then, with the aid of their apparatus, the animals could be programmed for whatever task is required. In short, the animal would be landed from a UFO under the cover of darkness; go about it’s programmed business, and at a pre-arranged time, the UFO would return at night to pick up the waiting animal.

Some readers may consider the ideas of animals being programmed for special tasks as being too fanciful. However, as the Daily Telegraph reported in February 1st, 1974, at a symposium organised by the British Small Animals’ Veterinary Association, this very idea was highlighted by Dr. Boris Levinson, Professor of Psychology at Touro College, New York, a specialist in relations between human beings and animals.

Later, at his London hotel Dr. Levinson told the newspaper’s reporter that it is only a question of time before small electrodes can be put into every part of animals’ brains to make them carry out any task.

Fourthly, the idea was broached that people from the inner Earth might be infiltrating and taking over responsible posts in some of our governmental and military departments. In particular, It has been mentioned in Dr. James McDonald’s view that alien visitors are actually doing this.

Apparently, Dr. McDonald considered that people from outer space were infiltrating into these responsible posts, but it now seems more likely that inner Earth people, who already know everything about us and resemble surface people, would be more suitable candidates than anything with an extra-terrestrial origin.

This could of course have been going on for a very long time. In fact, it would even make it a whole lot easier for them to take us over when the time is right.

All part of the bigger picture.

Fifthly, the idea of a ‘Fifth Column’ operating in the surface of our planet was discussed. In support of this suggestion, there is the case of F.M., who was rescued from drowning by the ufonauts. You may recall that F.M. was wanted by them because of his superior intelligence and knowledge of radio techniques. Now he is working for them.

Then, linking up with this last example, there are the vast number of people’s who disappear off the surface of our planet every year. Some disappear for obvious reasons, but a very large number just vanish for no apparent reason, and leave no visible trace. It is my belief that, many of these missing people have been abducted.

These people are taking away large numbers of the world’s population, brainwashing and reprogramming them to work for them; either on the surface or below. This is also a very big part of the overall picture.

The clandestine UFO activity and landings at night show that these craft are coming for some secret purpose. Surely if these beings inside the UFO’s were from some invisible, distant and psychic realm, then there would not be any need for any type of craft, from outer space or otherwise; especially when all this activity takes place at night, which also indicates a strong desire to avoid being seen.

It would seem that all these bizarre and deeply sinister actions are leading up to some future and huge ‘event’.

The manner in which they are being carried out is reminiscent of a military operation”



Brinsley Le Poer Trench

Brinsley Le Poer Trench was the fifth son of the William Frederick Le Poer Trench, 5th Earl of Clancarty and Mary Gwatkin Ellis. He was educated at the Pangbourne Nautical College.

From 1956 to 1959 Clancarty edited the Flying Saucer Review and founded the International Unidentified Object Observer Corps. He also found employment selling advertising space for a gardening magazine housed opposite Waterloo Station in London.

In 1967, he founded Contact International and served as its first president. He also served as vice-president of the British UFO Research Association (BUFORA).

Clancarty was an honorary life member of the now defunct Ancient Astronauts Society which supported the ideas put forward by Erich von Daniken in his 1968 book, ‘Chariots of the Gods’.

In 1975 he succeeded to the earldom on the death of his half-brother, giving him a seat in the UK Parliament? He used his new position to found a UFO Study Group at the House of Lords, introducing Flying Saucer Review to its library and pushing for the declassification of UFO data.

Four years later he organised a celebrated debate in the House of Lords on UFOs which attracted many speeches on both sides of the question.

In one debate, Lord Stralolgi, for the Government, declared that there was nothing to convince him that any alien spacecraft had ever visited the Earth.


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  1. I really think you should take some time off Jimmy. Give the rest of us a chance to catch up 🙂

    Seriously though, I came here from the Icke Forums as I wanted to see for myself why many over there had such a problem with you, I think I have worked it out now. From an obscure 40 year old article you have almost made me believe that the impossible is quite possible and that worries me.

    A lot.

    The Revolutionary Gun Clubs Patrolling the Black Neighborhoods of Dallas:-


    Bill Clinton identified in lawsuit against his former friend and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein:-


    “So what do we have to look forward to in 2015? The question should really be, “What should we prepare for in 2015?” Many things are approaching, including the sound of the drums of war against Russia, and other nations.War will become the developing story as public opinion in the West is swayed to accept it, … and desire it!

    But in order for the general population to accept it, they must first be brainwashed by the New World Order Brigade into believing that Russia is the enemy of the USA and NATO. This will require OPERATION PROPAGANDA, which will entail a campaign of opinion engineering, brainwashing media presentations through – movies, video games, news reports, etc., cognitive political shaping, and false flag events. The initial false flags will be small, but eventually, when the incubation period of public opinion is ripe, “The-Powers-That-Be” will execute the big one!”




  3. I recall reading a book in the 70’s that gave a convincing account of UFO’s emerging from the sea, speculated on the existence of undersea bases. Also the late Bill Cooper related how, when he was in U.S. submarines in the 60’s his sub was in collision with “something” that came up from under it. He and his crewmates were subsequently warned by higher ups that “this never happened, got it?”.

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