After more than three long years, and after 17.4 million fellow patriots casting their votes, in what was the most important, and indeed historic Referendum in our nation’s history, we have left.

We have regained our independence.

We have gone.

We are no longer part of that bloated, un-democratic shit show across the channel, and for millions of Britons, it cannot have come a moment too soon.

The journey has not been an easy one, however.

The Remoaners Those on the left of the political divide [and the mass media of course], have used every dirty, under-handed, immoral, un-truthful and despicable trick and tactic they could come up with, to try and get us to stay, and in doing so, inflicted upon themselves (along with their liberal/fake Welsh and Scottish nationalist bed-fellows), the soundest electoral thrashing, witnessed in a British general election since the 1930s.

It was carnage, it was a bloodbath, the political left were crushed, and they only have themselves to blame.

Up and down this great country of ours, many, many folk of all ages, backgrounds, beliefs, sexual orientation, and indeed colours, are celebrating this event, with a number of large events scheduled to begin at 11 pm, and will, no doubt continue throughout the weekend.

We can finally celebrate, and indeed showcase to the world, all of the things that being British means to each and every one of us, and if that leads to lefty bed-wetting snowflakes, having complete psychotic meltdowns on a grand scale, then it only serves to reinforce our belief that we did the right thing – and were on the right side of the argument.

And on the correct side of history.

And what is more British than a good, old-fashioned sing-song?

All together now….


  1. It was great to see Brexit finally happen!! I am no fan of Boris Johnson and Co, but he got the job done and stuck a huge middle finger up to the Remoaners and the crazies on the hard left at the same time. What’s not to like? We will have to see if he delivers the whole thing by the end of 2020, but if he doesn’t he knows that the Great British public will not give them another term in government.

    All in all, everyone is a winner 😉

  2. I woke up on Saturday morning and all the shelves in my local supermarket were empty, I could not my prescription filled at the chemist because they ran out of drugs, and all of my family, including my 101-year-old grandfather developed super gonorrhoea!!!!! Nah, not really nothing happened as we knew it wouldn’t. All the scare-mongering put out by the mass media and the lunatics of the left was a complete crock of shit, and watching them having complete meltdowns all over the TV and the inter webs is my latest guilty pleasure. Onwards and upwards. Lets make Britain Great once more.

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