If this does not make you angry, if this does not make you incandescent with rage, then I really am at a loss to know what will….

Because I for one am most certainly not going to stick my fingers in my ears and say that I’m ‘Alright with this Jack’.




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      1. Careful, OldGit, you may be committing a ‘hate crime’ there as the entity known as ‘Jack Monroe’ prefers – nay, demands – the ‘gender neutral title’ of Mx.

        “Mx, usually pronounced /ˈmɪks/ or /ˈmʌks/ (miks or muks, similar to Ms), is a British English-language honorific for use alongside Mr, Ms, etc. that does not indicate gender. It is often the only option for nonbinary people, as well as those who do not wish to reveal their gender. It is a gender-neutral title that is now widely accepted by the British government and many businesses in the United Kingdom.”

        Wonderful. The enlightenment is spreading, too:

        “In 2015, recognition spread more broadly across UK institutions, including the Royal Mail, government agencies responsible for documents such as passports and driving licences, most major banks, several other companies, and UK charity Battersea Dogs & Cats home.”

        Huzzah – pooches ‘n’ pussies free to express their gender identity at last! Can’t be long before Tiddles wins best of breed at Crufts.

        1. The entity who became famous as ‘A Girl Called Jack’ now asks that we, er, don’t mention it:


          What a world!

          Er, I mean “What a WONDERFUL world!”… don’t want the thought-police kicking the door down.

          1. No offence intended to anyone, but I do get the impression that some people will do anything for their 15 minutes of fame.

            And where does Mx Jack think she will succeed fighting this thing where dozens upon dozens of seasoned anti Disability/Poverty campaigners have failed for over 6 years?

            The opposing parties have collated hundreds of horror stories & have highlighted them with the tory party (I collected hundreds myself and sent them off asking questions to the EU Human Rights Dept, my own MP (who then voted for more cuts) – the EU Human rights wasters told me “they didn’t deal with Human Rights, it was a UN issue”.)

            I have no problem with anyone doing what they can for this cause, and at least some people are doing everything they can, but unless she starts kicking off saying it’s discriminating her non gender, as if anyone will take a blind bit of notice?

            Because that seems to be all anyone sits up and takes notice of now.

            Buy a gay cake decorated with dead disabled people on it – that might do the trick : /

            And people shouldn’t forget that it was dear old Labour who kicked this misery off, as they did the sly slow murder of the NHS.

        2. Aye Bandini, I must admit I do at times struggle with the terms ‘Gender-Neutrality’ and ‘Metrosexuality’ etc etc ….

          Do they actually mean anything?

          Do they serve any practical purpose at all? ….

          Except to appease the libtards and the leftie snowflakes out there that is.

          It has always been my view that a bloke’s a bloke, and a woman is a woman, and there is very little in between!

          So when did that become so difficult to understand?

          1. There are a fair few people born between sexes, and I wish them all the best in trying to work out where they fit in in the world. Pollution certainly seems to play a role when the same thing happens in fish, for example, so I find it a bit weird that more isn’t made of what lies behind the increase (if an increase there is).

            It’s as though a spate of three-eyed babies started to appear & their parents decided to launch a campaign to have them accepted as normal rather than wonder what on earth was going on – others join in & before you know it confused individuals are demanding an extra-eye transplant on the NHS so they can express their true three-eyed identity: “I’d always felt there was a eyeball missing from the centre of my forehead,”

            After a while they’d be moaning about ‘under representation in the media’ and an episode of The Simpsons would be banned forever.

            Blinking nuts.

            I couldn’t give a toss what people do with their own lives so long as they cause no harm to others, but I’m not about to start calling a spade a hoe or a rake.

          2. ‘Bandwagon Jumping’ has appeared to have found a safe haven among many of the current crop of trendy ‘isms’ too.

            I wonder if there is an App for that?

          3. Totally agree Bandini. And as something like 20% of people who have gender change ops, really regret it and even more end up more confused by it, despite going through the counselling, being 100% sure it’s what they wanted, only for it to be the worst decision they ever made.

            As you say, the same happening to fish, is possibly the biggest clue that someone should surely be following?

            Although some accounts I have read from people who have regretted having the op have said that they were merely suffering with complete mental confusion, brought on by major stresses going on in their lives at the time & after that had been resolved, or resolved itself, they felt completely different.

            People should sometimes be careful what they wish for.

        3. Bandini
          I just searched for ‘current gender list’ and there are 58! A further list came-up with 72 and a footnote saying it was a work in progress…

          (shakes head sadly and wanders off)

  1. I’ve watched a few interviews with Ken Loach about his award winning film ‘I, Daniel Blake’, which depicts the lives of 2 people at the mercy of the inhumane reality that is The British Benefits System & it does make me wonder if that had any bearing on Theresa May backing down on some of the ridiculous callous hoop jumping people have been forced to go through.
    The film winning the The Palme d’Or at Cannes this year, can’t have been the best international PR for the Tory party or British Politics. Especially when we are oh so fond of laying down the law to other genocidal maniacs across the world. In Cameron, we had our very own home grown 1, picking off the weakest and most vulnerable in droves.

    Apart from the system being totally rigged against the people who need it most & who it was designed to help, the money this farce has cost must be crippling. It actually costs more to administer than it does to pay people their ‘entitlement’ – because YES people it is an ‘entitlement’ – that’s partly why you have paid your NI – it’s an Insurance Policy THEY force YOU to pay, but keep changing the goalposts to suit themselves & when you try to claim on it – even if you’ve never claimed it before and are virtually at Retirement age, they pull out every stop to disallow your claim – if you took 1 out an Insurance Policy with a Private company & it ripped you off, would they get away with it?

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Looking back to the bad old days of the DWP (as was) in the Thatcher era, (because working there is virtually hell on earth, especially during Tory reigns of misery), it is now obvious what she was up to with all her sneeky changes and forcing the ‘claimants’ to be called ‘customers’ – it wasn’t out of respect for them, that’s for sure! And Cameron was just trying to finish off what she started & at a rapid rate.

    There is so much wrong with the system, but common sense could fix much of it. Only sadly, the types of people we have calling the shots, seldom possess any, even less if they get into No.10.
    It is a shocking state of affairs & if people went through year by year looking at the many stories of what has happened to people, they would be horrified at many of the stories.

    Unfortunately, seems there are more people who can turn a blind eye to it than can’t. Quite sad that there are a lot of people who can’t relate to how they would feel if it were happening to them or their family/friends. And it so easily could.

    1. Shockingly ignorant article about the film and the very real injustices of the ESA ‘system’ in the Daily Fascist, sorry, Mail yesterday.

      Toby Young is beyond ignorant.


      1. @Phil Atterley – I doubt very much ‘Toby’ at the Daily Fascist has ever worked in a Benefits Office or probably even had the need to claim Benefits,especially under this seriously inhumane system. His opinion is meaningless to anyone who has.

        1 of the people I was in contact with a few years ago, a lovely lady who had a rare kidney disease – genetic told me that she was actually weeing blood in the DWP waiting room waiting for her pointless assessment and they tried to tell her that if she left the office, it would be deemed that she had failed to attend. They also refused to call her an ambulance.

        So Toby and his “The remaining 135 minutes are unremittingly depressing” are totally missing the vital point that as depressing as he found it to watch, the depression that comes with the reality of having no choice but to be at the mercy of an unfit for purpose system is even more unbearable. Just as unbearable is it to know all these things are pure evil, but to be powerless to do anything about it, especially when you have worked in the system as I have. Benefit scroungers aren’t my favourite people either, but that is NOT who the Government have targeted, despite the bull they come out with.

        I have spoken to that many people with the most horrendous stories to tell, maybe people should send their stories straight to Toby, because he clearly hasn’t got a clue or the weakest of grip on reality of what an utter callous system this truly is.

        I’d love to see the Tobes of this world being forced to do penance and go work in a benefits office – sadly, I doubt Tobes would have what it takes to stick it out. He works for the Mail for a start – the dregs of journalism.

        1. Jane.
          Just looking at the background of Toby Young – never had a proper job in his life, just media schmoozing, and latterly, raking in the cash fronting ‘academy’ schools.
          His Dad must be turning in his grave. Michael Young, later Baron Young of Dartington was the polar opposite of dear Tobes, Just one of his early feats was “as director of research for the Labour Party where he wrote the manifesto for the 1945 general election and the vast speakers’ handbook.”! (Wikipedia) He worked with Clement Atlee. He spent much of his life trying to improve opportunities for the working class and the poor
          Quite a character – well worth a browse. Shame we don’t have a few more like him in Parliament now.

          1. Phil, thanks, I will have a look at Tobes ‘daddy’ in more detail. Strangely enough, I sensed that dear Tobes would be a silver spoon wielding ingrate before you even check him out. 😀
            He obviously didn’t take much notice of his Dad or absorb much of his ethos. Maybe Daddy spent too much time on those pesky poor people & Tobes resents them for it? 😀

  2. Hi Outlaw Jimmy.
    Thanks for your email.

    I could really need some help to spread this for the good of all.

    Please help me shine some light on this so that the truth will be known, read and spread. So that the perpetrators can´t hide or get away.

    Al Jazeera World, BBC, Europol, writer David Icke, Jimmie Åkesson (Swedish democrats), the embassies of Sweden and others have received police report protocol Lawrapists. Help these instances by sharing this so that they dare to demand to open up the police protocol Lawrapists because the perpetrators investigate their own crimes as they are reported to the police for.

    The Lawrapists in police report protocol Lawrapists do not want the truth to come out.

    Sincerely David Crime Sweden
    Read all of this in English to understand the whole picture.


    Please help the whistleblower,

    In English

    Gothenburg courthouse case B 5433-16 has a hidden agenda to clear away my friend Louise Lindell without her to get any justice. Everything is rigged and planned from bribed prosecutors, judges, police officers, lawyers and doctors / psychiatrists. All bribed Lawrapists are named in the addition to Protocol Lawrapists on 2016-09-30.

  3. I don’t usually pay the “look at me, I’m a special little bumble bee” spokes people much mind, but the blogged mail is a great come back.

    And may I just say to some fools commenting else where about me, You Make Your Own Monsters.

    JennieJenJen is/was a real girl until she became an Adeybob “construct.” Just thought I would remind you of that. Just ask JS the old hag. She wanted to meet me in London while legally packing a concealled weapon, she claimed. She knows I’m real. She knows I’m not Jimmy and so do all of her Twitterati mates,including MWT

    Gordon Angelseys conviction proves that Coppers aren’t all straight, not so MWT?

    They coaxed survivors out using Messham, now I see they are trying to use him again since the latest conviction?

    Just a reminder of something else for those with short memories. It was Driftwood who tried to get Messham to suicide on twitter that night, while coppers like MWT and the Media WATCHED.

    I jumped in and the rest is history.

    I’m a construct because they NEED me to be.

    1. As far as I am aware, Messham had nothing to do with the conviction of Gordon Anglesea.

      I last saw him attacking Operation Pallial, NWP and the NCA on Twitter, which could be the result of his non-inclusion in any inquiries.

      But I could be wrong

        1. So is this an admission/allegation by Messham that he was abused by a certain Tory Lord’s ‘Cousin’, or have I read that wrong?

          Messham McAlpine

          1. Looks like a confession.

            Why was he even shipped in to make false claims about Lord McAlpine?

            It was established in the Waterhouse Inquiry that he was talking about the cousin of Lord McAlpine too wasn’t it?

            Why did he do it if he knew he was whipping up a storm about the wrong McAlpine?

  4. I only happen to notice Messham commenting again since the conviction, which is why I mentioned GA.

    Beside, MWT also played a huge role in subterfuge back then.

    And I don’t believe he is on the level. He’s not trustworthy simply ’cause he used to be a cop, like most people simply assume cops are. GA now being a perfect example of that.

    I know Messham was abused,but since the McAlpine fiasco I understand why he no longer is a reliable witness.

    I’m just perplexed at his and the man who tried to get him to suicide’s relationship. Last I saw Messham around twitter they where retweeting each other like that never happened.

    This time round one account is locked so I don’t know.

    I saw Messham tweeting looking for legal assistance. The irony is, I arrived on Twitter with the intention that the money saved on my own case would be donated to his.

    But through all that he never acknowleged me, other than on the account of KevGreen53, when he got me to convince people his twitter account was legit

    But when I become suspicious it wasn’t, the infamous blog was spawned and shared by hacks and so called “campaigners” and crack pots alike.

    1. I think everybody is aware of who/what is responsible for the KevinGreen50 piece of crap.

      The evidence is in her own badly-spelt words and is indisputable.

      And as for the Messham/Lav ‘relationship’ it’s important to remember that they were/are ‘all in it together’.

      It’s been like that since the whole thing was ‘hatched’ at the Venture Youth Centre in Caia Park, Wrexham …. way back when.

      1. That would explain all the people who ignored the suicide goading and abuse but jumped in the minute I used the word Mangina to the bully.

        It was all an act we were supposed to WITNESS.

        A production of their own making.

        They didn’t want audience participation, but I didn’t know that then.

  5. If it is indeed him. It did seem to have drastic changes of grammar and spelling over the months.

  6. Hi Jane,

    I mean, someone claiming to be Steven Messham convinced me and used me to verify as much on twitter that the KevGreen53 account was Steven Messham’s “under-cover” account shared with a journo known to to the hag. Behind the Mask Blog came about once I was blocked when I suspected I was being fed BS by whoever it was because it wasn’t Steven Messham.

    1. It was the same person who invented the ‘Kevin Green’ sock persona, it was the mis-spelling of place names in North Wales which should have been very familiar to Messham, which gave it away initially.

      The rest was easy.

    2. Hi Jennie,

      Seems each side in this have a journo attached. Each bunch I look at has a Journo attached behind the scenes or in full view.

      As Jimmy says and as you know too, this lot are one big team “all in it together”. And it was cooked up way before any of you were unwittingly caught in their traps.

      1. And of course the Huffy Post is only marginally right of Stalin; which is another identifier that points to the whole #paedobritain, #paedogeddon thing being an attack by the Labour left.

        The question should be, who is it they are really trying to deflect from?

        They obviously cannot be against Party Political Paedophiles or the grooming of children can they, as they would have at least acknowledged the activities in Rochdale and Rotherham, which are Labour strongholds?

        So that leaves what?

  7. I believe you are right Jimmy,which begs the question, why did/do certain hacks and campaigners link to the spin-off blog from that account as if it were gospel written by one of the deciples? I’ve even seen a certain lawyer link to it.

    1. I don’t believe for a minute they are stupid or were hoodwinked, so that leaves that they were aware of it and are therefore complicit in the attacks on innocent people and are helping to cover up the activities of alleged paedophiles.

  8. If someone as dopey as that Dumbass who publisheS ‘TROLLEXPOSURE’ has sussed out Labour Party activists are trying to get a Party member onto the IICSA panel as a ‘Survivor’ -/- then it must be obvious to others. Is it to discredit witnesses and bury evidence??

    1. The strange thing about that particular dumb ass DIFR, is that he has the partner/wife of a Labour MP who likes his blogs. She too has links with a playgroup/pre-school – another common occurrence with many of these.

      And that particular ‘dumb ass’ is hand in glove with Hag and co too of course & comes with a history of harassing Hillsborough Disaster victims families.
      Strange affiliations these Politicos have. Grubby.

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