Great Britain as a country has just passed the grim landmark of a million emergency food parcels being handed out, and anti-poverty campaigners are now claiming David Cameron’s administration is breaking international law on the right to food.

They have also revealed that the prime minister’s constituency office called the police when one of the country’s most senior bishops visited last week to deliver a letter about food poverty.

“We are calling on David Cameron to demonstrate the Christian values that he proclaims through actions and not just words when it comes to the problem of growing food poverty in the UK,” said Reverend Keith Hebden, an Anglican priest and spokesman for the main campaign against food poverty in the UK, End Hunger Fast.

Police were called when Hebden accompanied the Bishop of Oxford, the Right Reverend John Pritchard – one of the UK’s most senior religious figures – to Cameron’s constituency office in Witney, Oxfordshire, to hand in a letter about food poverty signed by scores of church figures.

“Summoning the police like that illustrates the sense of panic in this government about rising food poverty levels because they are in such denial about this problem,” Hebden said, pointing out the police soon left when they realised they were not required.

Campaigners blame radical reforms to Britain’s welfare system under the ruling Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition and say ministers refuse to meet them to discuss the issue.


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  1. From another angle, one thing which drives me nuts is a certain charity-come-company who collect overproduced food from manufacturers and then distribute it to charities who feed those in need. What this company/ charity doesn’t really spell out to manufacturers or Joe Public who give them donations is that they actually charge the charities they supply for this food that they are getting for free.
    Some small charities cannot afford the monthly fees and so really struggle to help people. I challenged one of the bosses of this company/charity on facebook once and he wanted me to drop the conversation asap on the major supermarket site he was singing the praises of this company/charity on so I went onto their actual website and asked and it was confirmed with a “but we only charge for the amount they have” err I don’t want any charity to be charged for food and I was really disgusted.

    The name of this company/ charity thing is Fare Share.

  2. No surprise really is it? Cameron is a compulsive liar & pretty much every word that he says is a lie. But after his little speech about being a christian & continuing the work of God, this is yet another example that shows him up for what he really is. What he is doing to the sick and disabled couldn’t be any less ‘Christian’. Any minute now I keep expecting him to proclaim himself the son of God, he clearly thinks he is that special..
    As for food banks, think the Trussell Trust does very nicely out of food banks too doesn’t it? Aren’t they a bunch of hooray Henry mates of government who have seen a charity profit making venture & have taken full advantage of it? They even charge churches for helping to set up food banks.

    Like so many other things ‘charity’ ain’t quite what it used to be, but it’s a fine business to be in for making lots of money & ripping people off. Much like the tax laws for billionaires. There are apparently 16 mansions out of 66 in Millionaires Row being left to rot. The owners pay MUCH less tax if the houses are unoccupied & it makes them even more money if they leave the mansions to become so derelict that they have them flattened & redeveloped, which means they skip tax altogether.

    It really is a rich mans world, which is partly why it’s so greedy & ugly.


    Two links to an Alec Jones site – yes,I know he’s strongly suspected of being a disinfo guy,but these are an good indication of the onward march of the US police state.



    There are now, and in the past,many many articles of this following nature posted on US websites.The Yanks know somethings going to happen & it won’t be good.Of course,this kind of thing gets no mention in the Brit MSM.Will something bad happen over here?.Well,at least the Yanks are armed,& so have a thin chance:-

    Why is Obama decimating the military while arming federal agencies?


    And an attempt to clampdown on free speech.


    And from the US Dept. of “you cannot make this stuff up” comes…
    “PETA wants Iowa to ok 10-foot-tall memorial to turkeys”



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