‘Round and round and round she goes, where she stops?

Nobody knows’

This post will be a kind of follow-up to the previous one, albeit the last one about this particular subject, as now a fuller picture is emerging, the Outlaw is stepping off this particular roulette wheel.

I am referring of course to the mass media, and online ‘Truther’ feeding frenzy, that is currently surrounding ex-East 17 singer Brian Harvey, which, from what I have been witnessing, has reached a point where it is now meeting itself coming back.

Regular readers of this site, and those who know that ‘research’ involves a little more work than watching a few Youtube videos, and venturing no deeper than the first page of a Google search, will know exactly what the previous paragraph means; but for the new reader, and to those who have landed on this page by accident, I shall try and explain what I mean….

This is not going to be a personal attack, however it will be interpreted by the hard of thinking, it’s as far from being an attack as it’s possible to be – but what it is, should be self-evident by the time you reach the end.

I have quite a bit of ground to cover here, so I had best get on with it.

In regard to the recent ‘Threat’ that Mr Harvey received, I will say this, and it’s in no way trivialising his situation, but much like living in the city of London nowadays, where daily threats to life and limb are ‘part and parcel of living in a big city‘, airing the kind of things online which Mr Harvey has been doing, is always going to attract those members of society, who also travel regularly on nutterbuses.

Anyone who runs a website such as the Outlaw, or has a prominent Twitter or Facebook account, will confirm that threats go with the territory, and if I was to give public access to the comment moderation on the Outlaw, for instance, it would be seen that threats and personal attacks, were at one time, (not so much these days) a daily occurrence.

But rest assured, if Mr Harvey was in serious danger, and the police had received solid intelligence that a physical attack was a real possibility, they would certainly act, and a number of things would/could happen….

  • Mr Harvey’s home would be ‘Hard Targeted’
  • A ‘Firebox’, containing a fire extinguisher and fire resistant material would be fitted to the letterbox
  • Camera’s would be fitted to the front and the rear of the property
  • A ‘Ghost’ vehicle would be parked in front of, or as near as possible to the property
  • A ‘Panic’ button would be hard-wired to the telephone line
  • Both the address and the phone line would be ‘flagged’ ensuring there would be a fast response to any reports of suspicious activity

Anybody who has received credible threats, whether they came via the internet or in the real world, will confirm this.

However, if what Mr Harvey believes is in fact true, that the police are somehow complicit, then any or all of the above should be disregarded.

That aside, the next thing I should address, is altogether more worrying.

A figure like Mr Harvey is always going to attract attention. Whatever he does out of the ordinary, is going to be reported upon by the mass media, and also, he is, and has, already attracted some really interesting characters, shall we say, who have been commenting on his behalf recently.

And it’s to some of those, I will now turn.

As I said earlier, regular readers of the Outlaw, and those who have been around for a while will be only too aware of the histories of some of these characters, and I was taken aback somewhat, when Mr Harvey, along with some of his more vocal supporters, have promoted some of these characters, as ‘people who should be taken seriously!’

Now I am not going to do all the work here, I passed the stage a long time ago where I felt that information had to be spoon-fed to people …. most of you out there, already have smartphones, ergo access to the internet – so there should be no real excuse whatsoever, why people are still unaware of these things, unless of course they have made a conscious decision to ignore them.

It’s not my favourite thing in the world, and I don’t use it myself as it’s far too restricted, but utilised properly, a Google search can uncover a wealth of information, and if anyone wants to claim that they have ‘researched’ anything, they must also venture further than the first page of any internet search.

That being said, I am not going to mention any of the names that Mr Harvey, and some of those who are supporting him via Youtube are promoting, as again, with access to the internet, people should already be aware of these characters, and if they are continuing to promote then, then their judgement should be seriously questioned.

In my opinion.

It should take on average, about thirty seconds online, to discover that at least two of those names, are directly connected to the people, that Mr Harvey claims are harassing him.

What I will say though, is that the last person who got personally involved with one of them ended up serving time in prison, for threatening people with a knife outside a Hampstead church, and another one was extremely lucky that they avoided burning to death, a family they had been harassing.

The other one should become self-evident by the time you get to the end of this post.

At least two of these people are also heavily invested in promoting two of the most pernicious hoaxes ever perpetrated online, namely the Hampstead SRA claims, and the Hollie Grieg case.

And on the off-chance anyone out there still needs a crash course in recognising complete off-the-scale lunacy, masquerading as ‘Conspiracy’, then the following article, written by and published on April the 8th, 2013, by Deborah Williams of the Kent Freedom Movement, should furnish you with all you need to know ….

Like I said, by the time you reach the end of this post – certain things will become self-evident….

The Tony Farrel Report, Fact or Fiction?

Posted by Deborah Williams on April 8, 2013 at 2:30

The KFM have in the past supported Tony Farrell, Ex-Principle Intelligence Analyst for the South Yorkshire Police. He was meant to have carried out a risk assessment which would have lead people to believe that Muslims were a terror risk in the South Yorkshire area.

However, he started looking on the internet and came across material that showed that both 7/7 and 9/11 were not carried out by Muslims, but were in fact carried out by factions within our own government.

He was sacked when he submitted a farcical “Threat”  assessment when asked to submit a report. He said he could not “bear false witness against my neighbour”  as it would go against his Christian beliefs.

The Kent Freedom movement even went up to Sheffield to support him in his employment tribunal and again when he had a tribunal in London.

We cannot support Tony Farrell any longer, as a well respected member of the truth movement, Mark Windows, who is also a KFM member, presented us with some important information, which is also available on his website.

I urge all members to read Mark’s blog, as Tony Farrell’s report is now doing the rounds on the internet including Facebook, and also accuses Mark Windows of being a disinfo agent!!

Which is not the case at all, as Mark was only trying to warn Tony and the UK Column, of the dangers of supporting the character that calls herself “Charles Seven.”

The KFM have actually met the woman that calls herself Charles Seven and felt that she wasn’t that credible.

*Update regarding Charles Seven, 28th April 2015*

One of our members posted this to the KFM Facebook page….

The Big H Radio Show – Exposing Ms Charles Seven

‘In 2003, a self-proclaimed creative genius arrived for a studio open day in Feltham, Middlesex, to tour the facilities and get the opportunity to pitch her television programme ideas to Television Industry Professionals.

I hosted the event.

The person concerned called herself ‘Ms Charles Seven’ and she got short shrift. Her ideas were pants, she had not a clue about television formats and had some embarrassingly simplistic idea that because she talked about aconcept it was a television format.

The event was set up to showcase the Broadcast Playout Centre at Feltham and to bring some industry wannabe’s together with the established media types.

I left the industry in 204 [sic] and just recently learned the full extent of what this young lady had built up as a back-story, and worse still, has been making money out of it.

It is truly Bizarre:

  1. The 7/7 Bombings were an attempt to stop her from pursuing her claim for rightful television revenues.
  2. The Charlie Hebdo murders are linked to 7/7 and were to send her a warning. ‘Hebdo’ apparently means ‘Seven’.
  3. Dame Helen Alexander stole her television concepts and was awarded her ‘Damehood’ as a reward.
  4. NTL and my company were sold off to cover our tracks.
  5. Seven was the creator of ‘Celebrity Come Dancing’ and ‘Dancing on Ice’.
  6. She claims to have won a High Court Case against me and that I should be in prison.
  7. She claims that the High Court Judge who tried her case was murdered, aged 54 in 2006.
  8. She claims that an episode of the television series ‘Hustle’ (2001-2012) was written specifically to scare her because the plot resembled exactly what happened to her when she visited our open day.
  9. She claims that she visited an empty building at Feltham where her television concepts were lifted.
  10. She claims she was bugged and followed, had surveillance vans around her house all night, and took photographs of both. She teamed up with a guy called Tony Farrell to write a 250-page report and has a web site that investigates conspiracy theories. she has produced films on the internet about her unjust treatment and told anyone who will listen, that I am a murderer, and masterminded terror attacks. For 12 years I was blissfully unaware because I work in mainstream media and none of this has any currency – I stumbled across a story whilst casually checking Google Hits, and now I am mad. I am mad because a couple of hundred people actually believe that I could do such things, and believe it without doing even basic checks to see if there is any truth to the story, which falls apart because:
  • The case Ms Seven bought wasn’t lost – it was struck out. She lost her appeal, I did not even have to return from the United States to defend myself, so preposterous were her claims;
  • ‘Charles Seven’ is of course, not her real name – ‘Seven Gate’ is also fictitious, it was made up by her to create links to 7/7, and anything that happens to have the number seven in it.
  • The Dame Helen Alexander, that Seven claims to have stolen her television concepts, was not even at the meeting – it was a Helen Alexander from Scottish TV, not Dame Helen Alexander of the Ports Authority.
  • Strictly Come Dancing’ came out of ‘Come Dancing’, a show created before Ms Charles had even left school. Strictly comes under the television format of ‘Talent Show’. Ms Charles Seven is therefore claiming that she also created the concept of the television talent show. Television formats are defined and protected by ‘The Format Recognition and Protection Association (FRAPA)’, a television trade association that helps protect the intellectual property of television formats. FRAPA co-sponsors the C12 Media International Formats Awards. Ms Seven is NOT known to them.
  • The High Court Judge that turned down her appeal did tragically die, but aged 56, of a stroke and then a heart attack, but Ms Seven would not want the truth to get in the way of a good conspiracy theory, even at the risk of deeply upsetting the late Judges’ family – she still tells people he was murdered, aged 54.
  • There were at least 600 staff in the building that day – it’s a major satellite and cable television playout station.
  • NTL merged with Telewest and was then bought by Virgin. They do not make television programmes, they broadcast them only. (My company was not part of NTL, it didn’t own television formats, it was somewhere you outsource programmes and animations.) I sold it to ‘Green Gecko’, not Virgin Media.
  • I have met Charles Seven, just once in my entire life. I have never been to court concerning her , nor have I ever been arrested. I have spoken personally to a number of conspiracy website owners, who have already deduced that Charles Seven is NOT some ‘wronged warrior for truth.’

She relies on the fact that people want to believe her. Her over-inflated sense of her own talent is simply bewildering, and she tells a story so bizarre, that sympathetic people who may have been genuinely wronged, give her the benefit of the doubt.

She needs to release her evidence without redacting the bits she does not want to read, and those that she tells, should at least do a cursory check of what they are hearing.

I strongly suspect that Ms Charles Seven has a history of mental illness that she does not share, which is why I believe that there is little point in trying to seek legal redress.

She claims to have had her bank account frozen by me, whilst holding out a begging bowl to the conspiracy theory community.

Her funds are not frozen – she is broke!

The thing with ‘Seven Gate’ and conspiracy theory generally ,is that if you are debunked, you can simply claim that the de-bunker is a part of the plot against you.

You can claim that someone you once met is ‘Satanic’ and has killed 57 people, simply because your audience may not be aware of who I really am.

Any holes in your theory are put down to psychological tactics being used against you by the other side.

If you lose, just blame corrupt officials and claim a moral victory.

It boils down to this – did I, seven television companies, Richard Branson, The Queen, Dame Helen Alexander, four independent legal firms, the Courts Service, and 600 staff in the NTL building blow 57 people to bits – simply to stop Charles Seven from earning the royalties from Strictly Come Dancing?

There are conspiracies, and there is scamming – you decide for yourself!

Richard J Hannah


Eddie Boyce, one of the founders of the Kent Freedom Movement adds this: ….

‘The timing of this is so apt.

The “Truth Movement” is currently being side-tracked and made to look like absolute fools by the ongoing ‘Hampstead’ saga.

As with the Charles Seven hoax, it relies solely on the testimony of two children who were abused and drugged into making false allegations against their father, in an acrimonious custody battle.

The two stories have much in common.

Both are promoted by lots of shill ‘Alternative Media’ websites and notoriously dodgy characters, who always seem to pop up to promote absolute shite, and waste everybody’s time and energy.

As bad as the above are, there seems to be a personality type in the truth movement that are both gullible, and lazy in equal measure. They are more concerned with re-posting the latest bits of news, and being onside with what is the general consensus, than doing any fact finding themselves, before passing off obvious bollocks as ‘Fact’.

When too many do this, you will find that stories that should have been exposed almost immediately gain traction that they never deserve, as well as certain ‘personalities’ coming to the forefront, who it should be obvious are liars.

Now fair enough if people were taken in back in the day (we ourselves at the KFM backed a few wrong ‘un’s) however life-like the idea, is to learn from your mistakes, and not to keep repeating them ad infinitum.

As has been the case with the KFM on numerous occasions in the past, we will along with others, be proven correct about the Hampstead case, as were were about Charles Seven and Tony Farrell….

17 thoughts on “HERE WE GO AGAIN

  1. Why do I think that your name is going to be very popular in certain quarters Jimmy?

    1. I agree wholeheartedly with the late, great Johnny Cash who said that: ‘It’s good to be hated by the right people.’

  2. Jonathan King case thrown out of court. Thanks, in no small part, to…?

    “In 2014 Surrey Police also learnt that former detective Mark Williams-Thomas, who helped run the original inquiry and is now an investigative journalist, was allegedly offering to sell information on – and introductions to – King’s victims.

    The judge said this meant King should never have been charged on evidence taken by Mr Williams-Thomas. Detectives also failed to log their contacts with victims and witnesses and misled magistrates to get a search warrant.”


    1. A lot of MWT’s ‘Investigations’ are looking dodgy now, going on what I am seeing.

      His involvement in the Cliff Richard case for instance, should be scrutinised.

      He interacts with some really shady characters on social media too – and blocks anyone who questions him.

      So overall, things are not looking very good are they?

      1. Yet Simon Cowell especially picked MWT to host his ‘Detective’ Series, despite the fact MWT been involved with the subsequent claims against his friend JK, who Simon Cowell had allegedly put up some of the bail money for, regarding the case where he was convicted of.

        Why would he choose MWT of all people, the 1 person linked to so many failed cases against celebs? JK, Max Clifford, both friends/associates of Cowell.

        Not at all strange is it?

      2. I agree that if his involvement in the Cliff Richards allegations is dubious, then it should be scrutinised.

        If you want my view, there are certain other matters that also should be scrutinised. On the 29th November 2012, he announced on Twitter that Rolf Harris was being interviewed under caution at a police station at a time when that was not public knowledge. Given what subsequently transpired, the information that MWT had and tweeted was most likely correct.

        It is obvious that in spite of MWT having left the police years before 2012, he had access to information that he shouldn’t have had, or even if he did (and perhaps more importantly) shouldn’t have publicised the info that he access to, or was being briefed about.

        I have no comment in relation to Harris’s innocence or guilt. Harris was a bad boy and admitted in court to doing things that ethically and morally he ought not to have done. However, I’ve never been convinced that Harris is an abusive type, and in my view questions need to be asked about MWT’s role in the court case against Harris.

  3. I can confirm that Mr. DEARMAN is/was in London yesterday.

    Dresses well and smells lovely.

    My dogs and I shared a space on public transport to Sloan Square with the man. I pretended not to recognise him.

    He is better looking in the flesh. I didn’t see Satan with him. He was alone.

    1. I’m sure he appreciated being left in peace, Jennie. It can’t be easy for him lately, with his children’s “slime” business being attacked on all sides by loons who’ve been claiming all sorts about them…again.

      I personally think it was foolhardy to appear on that eBay video, given what they’d already been through, but I expect there comes a point in a harassed person’s life when they just think “f*ck it, I’m going to live a normal life”.

      I’ve never met the man, but it’s nice to know that he emits a pleasant odour, not all brimstone-y or anything.

  4. I don’t want to cause strife here, but if Brisn Harvey keeps pushing Melanie Shaw as some sort of ‘whistleblowing’ hero, or claiming that she is a ‘political prisoner’ then he is not going to gain much credibility from anyone who can genuinely help him.

    Mel Shaw = Gerrish = UK Column = Lou Collins = Bill Baloney etc etc.

    1. The Melanie Shaw belief,(especially seeing as who she has been peddled by from the start), is definitely a strange 1.

  5. Our skies were sprayed yesterday…. WHITEOUT !!!….The phycopaths are out of control…The Emperor’s new clothes….Times running out….Contrails ??? TV is their god….5G what’s not to like ?

  6. Some of this post has turned up on the Hoaxtead blog Jimmy, and I noticed in the comments that somebody calling themselves ‘Tin Ribs’taking a subtle swipe at Deborah Williams and the KFM.

    ‘On a separate point can I urge caution in using Deborah Williams – or the KFM in general – as a source. They do make some sense on some issues and are a thorn in the side of the DLV crowd, but their outlook on a lot of stuff is questionable, not to mention their links with Tom Cahill.’

    The KFM admitted that they have hosted some ‘wrong uns’ and a lot of people publish stuff online that is ‘questionable’so that does not make them bad people does it? And it was Tom Cahill who was one of the first who started to draw attention to the odious Bill Maloney and Lou Collins and Brian Garish and Chris Spivey and DLV and others. I may not agree with many of his views on things but he does not have much to do with Deborah and Eddie these days. But if people want to have a pop at people because of people they know or were once friends with, then they should also have issues with the likes of ‘Shilby Shill’ who was posting comments on the Hoaxstead blog and still could be doing it using various names. Most of us false names to stay anonymous and safe online, so who knows who is who and who they are in real life over there, or here? So that was a bit hypocritical IMO

  7. I have been doing my own research into Seven, and I found this blog. I have seen she has affiliated herself with the Brian Harvey case. Before this I had no idea who she was. Has anyone sued her for slander/defamation? You are probably aware that she has links with Sabine Mcneil too.

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