“Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster…. 

For when you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.” 

– Freidrich W. Nietzsche

I have been asked by a number of readers, to write an account of what I believe really happened, in regard to the very recent demise of the blogger Christopher D. Spivey.

Although, I would find it somewhat difficult to write about that man from anything other than a very personal viewpoint, on account of his year-long and worryingly obsessive vendetta against this site, it’s owner and it’s readership – I will in the very near future, attempt to put something together, if only to address the conflicting theories and rumours that have already started to emerge on the Internet.

It does appear that the self-styled Most famous Conspiracy Theorist on the Internet’ has rather ironically, and almost certainly due to his parting shot to his readership, become a ‘Conspiracy Theory’ himself.

‘That’s All Folks’

It may not be common knowledge as yet, that this self-styled, and supposedly fearless Internet vigilante and monster hunter, had instructed his moderators to dismantle his website as early as 7PM that day, and his final words were nothing less than SCATHING, even towards those who had supported his vile behaviour, his bonkers allegations, and ably assisted and even encouraged his loutish behaviour, his numerous attacks and incidences of harrassment towards those he decided to target.

It would be hypocritical for this writer to mourn his fall from grace, but I am not celebrating to any great degree either, mainly because I know what he has done, has without any doubt in my mind, caused a myriad of future problems for anyone who writes on the Internet in any capacity.

His selfish actions have metaphorically, not only cut the throats of the very people he claimed to represent, but has provided all the evidence needed for the establishment to implement what could amount to be, a draconian level of Internet restrictions, especially geared towards the further suppression of free speech as it currently exists.

His conviction for the needless and relentless harrassment of the family of Lee Rigby, which is what he was actually arrested for and later charged with, was not what the Conspiraloons are claiming, that he has ‘proved beyond doubt’ that the murder of the soldier at Woolwich was a False Flag Attack –  and is the reason why he finds himself in the position where he is now facing prison, leaving the very people he has continually claimed to be fighting to protect, his daughter and grandson, to fend for themselves.

Let’s not forget that Christopher Spivey was arrested, and legally so, for a sustained campaign of harrassment, which included publishing the personal details and photographs of members of the Rigby family, their addresses, details about the children of the family, and has made some pretty outrageous claims, some of which even contradict themselves.

His claim that Lee Rigbynever existed‘ for example, would have given him a valid argument if he had not also claimed at a later date, that he had ‘proof’ that Lee Rigby was also a rapist…. A claim which even to the most gullible of his readers, surely must have raised some eyebrows, (when that nugget finally filtered through that is) that if a man had never existed – how could evidence possibly exist that he had been a rapist?

There were many anomalies in Spiveys’s Woolwich narrative that were never fully explained by him, and of those who dared to ask questions, his moderators were on hand to verbally attack, threaten and ridicule them, while Spivey wrote one of his many untruthful and derogatory articles which also attacked them on a personal level.

I am going to share the reason here why I believe that Chris Spivey and his team, began to attack this site and it’s owner, as it is strikingly similar to the reason I have been attacked by another group of net trolls, a campaign which began in 2012 and continues to this day.

That particular group began attacking this site, following my refusal to pass on the personal details of somebody I happened to know on Twitter, and Chris Spivey began his personal attacks on both myself and this site, the very next day following my refusal to pass on, ‘any dirt I had on Tom Cahill’ to somebody called Danielle La Verité, who was acting on behalf of Chris Spivey.

It was their intention ‘to destroy him’ and they were prepared to use anything they could obtain in order to do this. I was only too aware that they were prepared to go to any lengths to cause as much grief to people as they possibly can, as I had witnessed many incidences of their activities, some of which had directly affected myself and my family.

I was also aware, that Danielle La Verité was directly responsible for getting a lady dismissed from her place of employment only a few days before Christmas, which she even boasted about on her Facebook page.

That is the type of thing this group do to people, and who are beyond doubt, connected to each other in some capacity, and all of whom are connected to Christopher D Spivey and his group of internet thugs.

There are literally hundreds of websites online, and social media accounts galore that have published their belief that the Woolwich incident of May 2013 was a False Flag Attack, and to my knowledge none of those have been arrested, illegally or otherwise, and of course, many FFA’s almost always have genuine casualties, and people are genuinely murdered, regardless of the reasons behind the attacks and whether they are indeed staged.

That, unfortunately is what many people in the Alternative Media and Truth Movement appear to forget.

Not everybody is a ‘Crisis Actor’ or a strategically placed mannequin.

So I will, at some point, and when the information I have to hand can be checked for clarity, and have accompanying evidence to support it – be publishing the real reasons why the wheels have finally come off the Spivey Bandwagon.

126 thoughts on “HERE THERE BE MONSTERS

  1. Having just watched Chris Spivey’s video, which his little tools helped organise the recording of on his judgement day…all I can say is…OH, POOR CHRIS. WERE WE THINKING WE WERE UNTOUCHABLE, DUE TO THE SHIT WE ASSOCIATE WITH?

    Sorry dickhead, no amount of over-weight, scummy multiple-divorcees, madmen from up north, professed gang attackers, or any other toss you associate with can help you.

    Did the lardo promise you she would pull a favour with the ‘telegenic southerner’ if you helped her out? By trolling people that dared question her, that dared mention what she really is?

    Well, I say she, I mean ‘IT’ since lets face it…thats barely a woman.

    OOOPS, seems you got conned Chrissy boy.

    On the day, they merely arrived, recorded you looking like the absolute weirdo you are…then claimed all had gone ‘well’ on social media/in emails to others.

    Do you think it went well, Chris? Do you think your years of help was justly rewarded?

    Or are you smarter than many take you for, and deep down you actually realise now; Those using you let you down. They managed to achieve fuckall. That Their “support network” and belief they have people in positions to get things done is as fictitious as their claims to care for survivors.

    Have you realised, Chris, that they’re pawns too? Powerless nothings that do the dirty work so someone else lives it up.

    Hopefully this will be a turning point for you. You have a child for fucks sake, at least pretend to care for her by removing your utterly embarrassing behaviour from her life.

    Be a man, not a clueless twat for a change. Maybe people will respect you then, and even consider listening to what you have to say for the first time in years.

  2. For a short article, that was very good. It’s very good that you managed to keep it short and say so much. Remember, it was the benefit fraud videos about the two of them which went down without YT even pretending to follow their own protocols, which is what I have always suspected as being the hold which whoever’s controlling both of them was using against them.

    These two are small fry. I’m learning that those who control them also are, but they’re linked to altogether more serious people, but the idiots who’re discussed here won’t know who they are. Both of them have been analyzed for their low morals, shady past, greed, and need to become famous.

    If we look at it objectively, telling people that they want to destroy people, when they can’t explain why or for what, is going to be a red flag and a half to anyone with any brains, let alone morals. This is the lack of self-awareness that they were picked out for. Their behavior is neither stable or cohesive so they can be manipulated to do anything.

  3. Here are the videos that YouTube took down without any semblance of their protocols being followed:

    Chris Spivey Past the U-bend: who’s next? Hacked & sabotaged by the pro-paedophile cointelpro network

    Danielle La Verite’s DWP Investigation DWP # 1KO5DLO

    Teacher Stern employ & cover for fraudster Navinder Grover

    (This one’s unrelated to this, but is interesting, as they never even told me they’d made it illegal to play in the UK.)

    1. Sorry Tom. Got the 2nd video on screen but it was so “bitty” that it took 5 minutes to do the first 30 seconds. Your voice is heard for perhaps a second at most, then a long pause then again,& so on.

      I’ve never reckoned Vimeo. Too many of their vids are just as bad. Still, if that’s what you have to use, so be it.

    2. *Comment Deleted By Admin*

      OUTLAW’S NOTE: You keep posting your rubbish here Carl, I will continue to prevent you from getting a platform on this site.

      Is that simple enough for you to understand?

    3. Hello Tom, I have taken it upon myself to write to the DWP addressing the recent appearances by Danielle in front of dozens, if not hundreds, of people.

      By every definition, she cannot be agoraphobic. Nobody Agoraphobic would be able to address that many people publicly without a great deal of distress/panicking.

      Even those who have been treated, gone through NLP are rarely able to recover to the degree she seemingly has since December.

      Danielle, if you’re reading, lets face it you will be…you are a disgusting woman. You have made it so easy for the government to clamp down on anyone with mental health problems claiming money.

      You might not be that bright, but think about it; You have shown how easy it is to ‘play the system’ using a mental, not physical, condition.

      There is no blood test, there is no scan, or any other diagnostics tool apart from written reports to confirm mental health issues.

      What is there to stop the government now presuming everyone claiming money for Agoraphobia is like you; A lying, benefit cheat?

      The answer is nothing.

      You have done the government you enjoy criticising a favour.

      Congratulations, when the report is published detailing how many with genuine illnesses went on to kill themselves after ATOS/Other private companies lied and stated they were fit, try not to be too indifferent; After all, its only people like you that enable them to kill those with GENUINE health complaints that debilitate them, making them unemployable…you disgusting parasite.

      1. It would be an idea if we pooled this reporting so that everyone knows what the authorities have been told and then follow it up so they have to prosecute her.

        1. Hello Tom, I’ll sum up my report, to contribute to that effort;

          I sent them a report detailing Danielle’s miraculous recovery. How from December when she was reported to recently she has seemingly undergone an amazing transformation from unemployable Agoraphobic to Public Speaker.

          I pointed out the behaviour she didn’t display on her recent appearance; “Fearless, Free And Politically Incorrect!!! [Danielle La Verite – New Horizons]”

          How she was so able to speak freely, despite claiming to have been a long term sufferer of Agoraphobia. How, if she really was agoraphobic addressing such a crowd would have been extremely distressing for her, and she would’ve most likely had a panic attack.

          I also linked them to the video on youtube;

          Rather than fill in the typical personal details, I used the reference number, alongside her name/other names she goes by online.

          I think pointing out her online behaviour is the key to getting her claim withdrawn. It clearly demonstrates she hasn’t got Agoraphobia, everything from the personal details she goes into, to the ease at which she communicates with complete strangers, both online and in person after they invite her to speak.

          If she is no longer claiming, that might not matter neither. The fact is she was claiming while making those videos, revealing what she does/doesn’t do in life. ie; going out, driving, etc.

          She wouldn’t be the first to get ‘done’ for previous benefit fraud.

          It may also be worth contacting the DVLA in case she never notified them that she is/was Agoraphobic. While they wont ban her, it could lead to a bit of scrutiny over her true circumstances.

          The DWP will automatically become aware then too that she never informed them that she had a medical condition, if she originally didn’t inform them, as the DVLA cross check everything using the DWPs system.

  4. “I’ve never seen any curvature of the earth when flying at 30,000′ the horizon is always coming up to my eyes not dropping away”.





    1. There is a link to the Flat Earth Society website on the Outlaw OG.

      From everything I have read and discussed with other people, the ‘Flat Earthers’ have a very persuasive argument, when put against the Stonewall, fingers in their ears attitude of NASA or other Space Agencies for example, who simply roll out and rely solely on their ‘Crackpot’ argument when asked pertinent questions.

      Why is every photograph of the earth from space courtesy of NASA or one of it’s subsidiaries?

      Too many questions, and very few satisfactory answers.

  5. Hopefully Spivey and team will see the many,”errors” of their ways.The way they talked to certain people was disgusting. They could have got themselves into more trouble than they could handle. Spiveys done a lot of damage to the truth movement (Whatever we all want truth) He’s silly shilly man,just saying.

    1. “Hopefully Spivey and team will see the many, ”errors” of their ways.”



  6. People keep making a big deal about the Rigby witnesses not being cross examined, but I think perhaps it could be a simple case of them being afforded ‘Special Measures’, according to the Stalking and Harassment laws. Being armed forces related they would be given extra protections no doubt.

    And as the charge was harassment, that’s ALL the court would have been dealing with, they would not deal with his loony tunes claims & photoshopped ‘evidence’, JUST the harassment charge. And we all know how full on the intimidation of us has been, so no doubt they would have got the same.

    As you say, he could have written his theory on it and that would have been that, but the fact he then went and harassed them relentlessly, was the thing that sunk him. All his own work, with a little help from his motley crew.

    Section 36 of the YJCEA permits the court to make an order prohibiting the cross-examination in person by a defendant of a witness where the prohibitions in sections 34 and 35 do not apply (such as for certain categories of intimidated witnesses)


  7. I have said from the word go, listen to the accusations and insults they throw out. They are telling us all about THEMSELVES!

  8. Just tried to watch that first vid, but it doesn’t work for me. But it did remind me of all the other Chris Spiveys that come up when you google his name.

    Bet Chris Spivey of State Farm Insurance is really chuffed!.


    A Massive ISIS/CIA Backed Paramilitary Invasion of the American Southwest Is Ready to Commence.

    “The government of El Salvador is undergoing a coup. However, it is a coup like none other. The coup is being led by a group called Barrio 18. Barrio 18 was formed in Los Angeles in the 1960’s and is thought to have about 35,000 members in the US, Canada and Central America. Interestingly, Barrio 18 has now joined forces with MS-13. Both gangs have links with some of the biggest drug cartels in Mexico, such as Los Zetas and the Sinaloas. Yesterday, I received the following email from a lady which motivated to begin to connect the dots based upon what I already knew.”


  10. Jimmy the spivey faithful are now posting over at the aangirifan site. quelle surprise because it’s another spooky hangout lol. I left a comment that I thought the video of him on his way to court made him come across as a bit simple with his bits of paper with split faces on and his claim that there were no prosecution witnesses because they did not exist FFS. I think he has been closed down because he is a liability and to distract people away from his other court case which may show he is a nonce and is now compromised and become useless to the ones who set him up. his ego and his sub-normal intelligence was his undoing

      1. As expected OG, because after all it was Henry Curteis who promoted the Hampstead Satanic Abuse Hoax from the start, and even when it was shown to be a complete crock, the Tap continued to highlight it.

        The Tap is finished now as a decent news source in my opinion.

        It’s unwavering support of Spiv and Co, even after his very public and disgusting behaviour towards anyone and everyone was at it’s most venomous, saw to that.

  11. As a long time critic and baiter of Spivey and Co….indeed recently mentioned in dispatches as a member of your inner circle by a paranoid maniac called Fabooka….I would like to share just SOME of my thoughts on the whole sorry Truther Fantasy Cult that was Spivey and Spivland

    I believe that Spivland was partly a social engineering experiment to prove that you can fool some of the people ALL OF THE TIME but also something much more sinister.

    Over time his articles became increasingly outrageous. This supports my theory of gullible fools but I also believe to detract from some nuggets of truth in his Rigby theory.

    I was first drawn to Spivland by his Rigby article. I still believe that of the 89000 plus words he wrote and the countless Photoshop pics he produced there are still some nuggets of truth in there…..the theory still has some mileage.

    Did he get too close to the truth and then blew it on purpose under duress? Who knows but his subsequent bizarre behaviour makes you wonder.

    I believe that Spiv and Spivland were chosen by the PTB to be a vehicle to discredit the genuine quest for truth on the net and that they were outrageously manipulated.

    Many of the commentators on that site were planted to massage his bloated Ego and to drive him to even more hysterical ramblings. I’ve got my own thoughts on who some of these fictitious people are but the mantra of …I’d love to support you in court BUT….was hilarious but with a certain pathos at the end.

    6 supporters says it all.

    Spivey is definitely not as intelligent or as articulate as he thinks he is.

    In person/in interviews/and on video he totally failed to prove that he is the well organized, groundbreaking, original thinker he professes to be.

    He is a definite case of outside manipulation and control.

    Visit the Truth seeker site to read the informative and brave article written by Kevin Boyle on this very subject. I have recommended this before.

    Anyway the abuse that Kevin received for his troubles was literally off the scale….even worse than some of yours Outlaw if that’s possible.

    Spiv fulfilled his role right to the bitter end.

    The cleverly worded question by the Judge…reported in the Mail..asked him if he believed that 9/11 7/7 and a number of other conspiracy theories were real.

    The Spivsters full approval was not helpful.

    There are many people out there who are on the verge of accepting the truth of such incidents as the general awakening takes its course.

    Now some of these people seeing the support of a total crackpot like the Spiv may be inclined to throw the baby out with the bathwater as they say.

    He has set the Truth movement Back BIG TIME ..but that was always the intention of the Spivland Cult.

    Believe it or not I will miss him. He and his supporters provided me with endless entertainment. Sadly I’m a self confessed fan of car crash type television…..but not bin lorries!!

    I don’t need to tell you Outlaw of the risk of fifth columnists re inventing themselves and infiltrating this site.

    I know that you will take care of that!!

    I’ve said my piece on a very unsavory subject. Let’s all move onwards and upwards with some great discussions to help us get nearer the Truth.

    1. I always wondered why he never gets arrested for his article on the queen!!!

      1. Many people have wondered why his continual harassment, his many lies and his deeply personal and mainly untrue allegations have not got him his collar felt, long before his harassment of the Rigby’s got him nicked too….

  12. I am angry at Spivey and his parting shot! I was not an avid follower or anything but from time to time I would visit his site and have a browse.

    At first I was impressed and left one or two comments stating so. Then one day I visited and it was like an epiphany!

    I realised he wasn’t the full shilling, a paranoid crackpot. They didn’t print my comment where I gave my reasons but they printed their response to me, making themselves look big and clever (only in their brainless heads)!

    Can we all ask for a refund for all the times he pled poverty and felt obliged to help him out? Yeah when hell freezes over!

  13. Well, I googled the lovely & fragrant La Verite &, yes it appears that she too is VERY highly suspect. Paid shill for TPTB?. Don’t know, but SUSPECT. (Bear in mind I’d only vaguely read of her before, so I don’t have the experience that others here have on this specialist subject “101-Government troll/shills I have known & then found out about”), but just the two articles I read have convinced me.

    P.S. I’d love to know the story of how she got a woman sacked just before Christmas. I hope it will be revealed in a forthcoming post.

      1. I was referring to the judges summing-up in the Jeffrey Archer prostitution case when he asked of Mary Archer “does she have fragrance”?. Sorry you didn’t get the obscure reference.

        By the way,have you been under some kind of attack or overload today?. I ask because when I tried to post my last comment I got “Error establishing a database connection”.

        Also I tried several times to post the same comment but each time – nothing happened.Now I come back & find it posted after all.

        Just curious.

        1. Experiencing some abnormally heavy traffic to the site over the last couple of days OG, nothing to worry about…. Quite Yet!

          1. That bimbo is seeking fame and she will hang onto the hem of any coat of anyone she sees to be going in the same direction ahead of her.

            She’s another nut job who keeps questionable company and defends the likes of Jo Madjelics…..however you say that evil woman’s name!

            I have seen that video of that woman bragging about incest, the very video not seen by a jury, hence them finding her innocent.
            That’s Danielle’s mate. Along with Lou Collins, another prostitute, though I believe now retired. Lie with dogs?

            Why does anyone pay her any mind? She’s a Barbara Streisand lookie likie. A woman who was seen as slightly manly back in the day and played the part of Yentl.

            Every closet gays man’s wet dream.

            Danielle is looking for a gig or a man to support her in a lifestyle she dreams of but can’t afford. I’d suggest she get back onto Adult work, if she hasn’t already done that.

            Anyone know how the crowd funding for her million pound house is going?

            Dream on you demented witch. And do a little research next time you want to accuse people of being socks. I’m not!

            You’ve got a big mouth. Stop bothering us with it. Go earn a crust.

    1. Not much of a story.
      Ian Puddick, her boss, either went to the employer, New Star, and either bribed him or persuaded him as a fellow Mason.

      I don’t think Spivey worked for Puddick or at least not to begin with, but Puddick’s pro-paedophile agents, such as Bill and Maria Maloney all have one agenda, and that’s total subversion of the nation, which is a Jewish agenda which features an all Jew cast.

      She’s a Jew, Spivey’s one, Puddick’s one, his other employees all are; allegedly so is Baloney, who I think is another homosexual in a cover marriage. I’m told that he may be an active paedophile, but have nothing but compelling circumstantial evidence.

      This will all come out when Brian Harvey’s court case starts back up again in October. I wouldn’t be surprised if Puddick gets suicided before then by the way. He’s linked to too many powerful Jews and he compromises all of them with his indiscreet bragging and seems unable to keep his mouth shut.

      1. *Comment Deleted By Admin*

        OUTLAW’S NOTE: Highly personalised, unwarranted attacks and making demonstrably untrue allegations about other commentators on this site – will not be tolerated here ‘Kylie’. If you wish to speak to your family and friends in that manner, and using such foul language, you are free to do so. I cannot of course, stop you from saying such things, but I can, and will prevent you from getting a platform to do so here.

  14. off-topic – as usual:-


    “The reality of the overreach MS has written into the Win10 EULA is far more extensive than the diary indicated – and this time, the myriad back-doors to your information are NOT accidental. Microsoft isn’t giving Win10 away free for nothing – it’s designed to get their revenue stream from data-mining and marketing your information to their “trusted” partners, which increases the chances of it falling into the hands of untrusted un-partners.”:-


  15. lol i dare you to let this go through Jimmy without editing! I have a few questions/points
    point 1
    Who are the readers that asked you to write this account and why do you feel that there should be another one.
    Point 2
    You are calling Spivey obsessive and yet the site is closed now and you are still going on, kettle/pot?
    Point 3
    where did you get the info from that it was 7pm site close down, i couldnt even get hold of other mods at that point and it was a chat between me and Stacey, I find that point very interesting indeed, maybe you are privvy to info, i mean hey its not unlike people in the msm to tap phones is it?
    point 4,
    Regarding harrasment you do more on a daily basis than chris ever did to the fictitious family they call the rigbys.
    Oh yes and point 5.
    He was not legally arrested.
    final point our wheels arent off baby, they are just lacking a little bit of air and we will fill them with sheets and towels if we have too.
    you or any of your selfish ilk have no idea how good we are 😉 x

    1. I shall leave that comment for the users of the Outlaw to take to pieces Lisa, I cannot stop laughing to be honest.

      EDIT: It was kind of you to finally admit that you were one of Spiv’s Moderators though, I was not 100% sure, so thanks for the confirmation.

    2. Lisa peabrain. Spivey is a delusional egotistical idiot. All he’s managed to do is harm the truth movement. He’s a stooge for more draconian laws to be brought into place, Nuff said.

    3. Give it up lisa you are just another gullible member of another idiotic and throwaway cult that has been found to be as abusive & corrupt & immoral & duplicitous as any other idiotic and throwaway cult RIP

  16. p.s i dont care what you do with my ip address or email, come to my door if you want publish it who cares

    1. Your IP is a VPN anyway,much like your assumed name and your whole internet presence.You are of no consequence to this site nor its readers Ms Holloway, stick to flogging your Tacky Spivey Tat, there are still plenty of gullible people out there for you to take advantage of.

      1. Lisa; Is your surname really Holloway?.

        Any relation to the late comedy actor Stanley Holloway?

        Or the Holloway brothers who used to photograph so much of the black and white porn of the 1950’s?

        Do tell.

        (By the way,they were all Jewish. Are you?. If so, SHALOM,)

    2. @ Lisa Pea: “p.s i dont care what you do with my ip address or email, come to my door if you want publish it who cares”

      Lisa, I’m sure Jimmy appreciates the invitation to come round to see you and meet you in person, but do you any idea how difficult it is for normal people to gain a security pass to visit Broadmoor these days?

    3. Nice to see you’re still keeping it classy over at the Spivey blog, Lisa:

      Lisa Pea
      August 21, 2015 @ 9:59 pm
      “Hi QE, nahh I never get twisty knickers, I rarely have any on, Did i say that out loud? heehee”

    1. Why would you even need to be scared of me Lisa?

      Are you an abuser?

      A paedophile or a gatekeeper?

      A liar?

      A Con artist or a Charlatan?

      A gang stalker or a bully perhaps?

      Because ordinary, decent and altogether ‘normal’ people have nothing to fear from anything this site or it’s readers publish as comments – as you know only too well.

      1. She ain’t, but you are!!! And you and I both know it!!! Don’t we…lol..

        Dilemma of the day for Midget..Post this knowing it’s from me; bin it, knowing it’s from me; or doctor it and put it on another e.mail addy!!!!


        How you going to fuck yourself up today, then Shillbs?

        You are so right, in that people have nothing to fear from you – especially people like me, hey!!! You on the other hand, are oozing shit like an elephant on laxatives.

        OUTLAW’S EDIT:

        Fake Email:
        Fake Proxy VPN Address:

        1. Enjoy it FTS, it’s the only time that any of your subnormal gibberish will be given a platform here.

          I have only allowed this comment through, to show people how truly obsessed, demented and entirely delusional you are.

          You continually accuse me and others of being other people, yet you keep posting all over the Internet using laughingly fake credentials in order to continue your infantile campaign of muckspreading, lies and blind hatred of not only me, but anyone who has seen through the abrasive, abusive and lying crackpot that was Christopher D. Spivey.

          Pretty transparent all in all, and considering that it’s you and your team of degenerate and equally sexually obsessed freaks, who follow me around to rant and spew your nonsensical tripe at anyone who I am in contact with, kind of makes your allegation that I am an ‘Abusive Troll’ ring somewhat hollow…. Would you agree?

          You really have got to deal with the simple FACT, that your fallen idol has been flushed out now, his criminal activities and degenerate and disgusting behaviour have been dealt with, using the only method legally available to ordinary people – and not before time.

        2. The state she’s in. have you got your knickers in a twist again? Its funny, Where’s dogbiscuit to back up your inane ramblings? You and yours are finished, get over it, go and join the girl guides or something.

        3. @ FTS, I know you were pretty ‘beat up’ about Spivey’s site closing and it left with you with only the one toy left to play with, but why oh why did you have to take out your frustrations about your masculine inadequacies on that poor, cute little Hitchbot?

          DAILY MAIL

      2. Wow jimmy lisa asked 5 questions as points…you answered zero…just defamed her. Shhhiiiillllll haha

        1. Defamed her by showing how she admitted she was one of Spivey’s Moderators?

          WOW!! I did not realise that it was defamation for her to be known as such.

          As for her five ‘points’ – they did not need a response from me as they were pointless and I would not waste a second of my time by replying to them.

          Insanity awaits those who are foolish enough to venture along that particular road.

          However, the accusation of phone hacking did show the calibré of the type of simpleton he surrounds himself with, but again, I would not respond as it would be unkind of me if I were to encourarage and feed levels of delusion and paranoia on that scale.

    2. Dear Lisa Pea; Unlike others here I would like to pay tribute to Spivey.

      In his ignorance & stupidity he was truly MAGNIFICENT!!.

      I lost count of the number of times I read his stuff and thought to myself “you really know sod all about this topic, do you?.”



  17. We are still talking about Chris because we are drunk on the euphoria of justice being seen to be done after more than 2 years of his rubbish and abuse of all and sundry.

    He believed he was untouchable. He wasn’t.

    Pity I don’t drink or I would be drunk!!!!

    1. Jenniejenjen. Drunk on euphoria, LOVE IT!…. Lisa Pea, what’s the matter?? Are you missing the dark and Paranoid place? stick your head in a dustbin, you may get the same ambience.

      1. I’ve just got myself 3 1/2 litre cans of 10% booze. I won’t get drunk, but I will enter a state of blissfulness.

  18. PS That phantom “heart appearing in your bedroom” is the wizard of Oz. He’s telling you you don’t have one. Watch, it will be an brain next!


      But why no pink plastic dresses and false tits for the gentlemen?. They’d be a HUGE seller.

      NOTE to OUTLAW; before you start selling OUTLAW masks, get some professional marketing advice.

      Just Sayin’.

  19. Paul, what’s Spivey doing with the money he makes from his tat?? If I was him I’d get some new wallpaper, just sayin.

    1. I would say he was sharing it out among his crew of cretins, the only thing is I do not see the Spiv as a team player at all. He’s too self obsessed, manipulative and controlling. Perhaps he throws them the odd scraps now and again.

  20. Ewww Super Sweaty peas all in a mush 🙁

    After what your team of total beasts have put Jimmy, Helen,(especially) & me & many others through little Miss Acid PH, I think Jimmy has every right to elaborate – especially as many people who have been Spiv readers, have also had similar experiences, simply for asking questions or expressing a different view & have witnessed the attacks from ‘Team Spiv’ in real time. They have chosen to come here and share their experiences, their free choice, which Spiv never afforded them anyway.

    I’m sure others are interested in hearing his deeper analysis on a relentless full on attack mutt team that has busted a gut to do their best to make his, Helen’s & other peoples lives a misery.

    Fake fear acting doesn’t suit you Lise. Think everyone knows that it’s NOT J who has been dishing out the threats to harm/murder/rape people some of Spivs now redundant moderators on the other hand however……..with plenty of evidence of course.

    Your damage limitation bartering skills are as dud as the credibility of your whole set up Lise – rubbish. Coming here with your sharp edged comments……… a woman sent to do her masters bidding.


    Trying to accuse J of stuff he hasn’t done, only makes you look more desperate Lise. J has harassed no one – we do out liars though, which is why you have the major hump, mainly because they/you leave us with no choice but to, because you continued to plague, harass, threaten & stalk us & clearly got a sick kick out of it.

    J, me (& I presume by MSM you are alluding to Sonia?) DO NOT employ any illegal or underhand ways or means to catch people out for lying. Spivs & co have a reputation for dropping yourselves in it & when proof is posted up in front of your eyes to prove your lies, you are still dumb enough to deny it. Not sure why you even bother bringing your bolshy self here – PANIC!! I suspect.

    I think you are mistaking us for idiots who actually give 2 hoots about the Spiv or what happens to him or any of you. As far as we are concerned, he got what he deserved on the basis of his harassment, which is what he was charged with after all & with indisputable evidence, he even crowed about it.

    Whatever the background stuff – Mr Arrogance was taken down by them pulling the ‘Special Measures’ rule on him, which protects intimidated witnesses from being cross examined in special circumstances & as it was a harassment charge, the harassment is all the court would have been dealing with & would be able to deal with – the proof of the harassment ONLY, which he handed to them on a plate.

    The harassment is what sees him looking at the real possibility of jail time – NOT his actual theories on Lee Rigby. And because quite a few of us have personal experience of EXACTLY how fierce, relentless and threatening ‘Team Spiv’ harassment is, why would you imagine we give a fishes about what you, he or any of you think?

    Especially as at no point did any of you apply the same decency or restraints on yourselves & carried on ripping into Jimmy, Helen and other people & trying to destroy them in your little gangrenous gang (i.e. Maliciously & callously getting a woman sacked just before Christmas with lies, Tom Cahill info beg from Wiggy so they could try and destroy him). You really have got some neck!

    I think it’s quite natural for people to be glad to see the back of him and if it takes more than 1 article to explain – TOUGH!

    It’s not a gloating exercise, it’s an explanation – we are glad he is gone, we make no bones about that, but not because it’s some kind of stupid competition, as so much seems to be with you fools – NO, we are glad because he was a nasty, lying, conning, vicious little egotistical snake.

  21. Jimmy, Danny the big fanny is up in arms because the person who validated her as the next best thing for the AM has been taken down to the nick!

    What’s that say about her credentials?


    Bye Danny

    Adult Work dot com is the link you want.

  22. I am going to miss the Spivey expose on old Cliff bumping off Cilla because she was about to reveal all, and the “FACT” that NASA also knew she was about to reveal all about the moon landings. It would be obvious to the Spiv that NASA were using Cliff as their hitman because they were blackmailing him. They had the photo comparison evidence to reveal that he was really Ronnie Corbett.

    1. Mike; I never knew this. When are you starting your site up?.

      You could call it “”.

      “Revealing the conspiracies even Chris Spivey was afraid to reveal”.

      (Don’t forget the merchandising angle. Does your face look good on a T-shirt?)

      1. Haha OG, knowing my luck I would do a fake Lord Lucan and Elvis story and the buggers would actually turn up and sue me. Sadly my face has had a hard life and I don’t think it would look too good on a T-shirt LOL. Used to do a bit of boxing years ago, I once even almost won a bout, this huge Scottish guy with six arms ( well it seemed like it) slipped in the ring on MY BLOOD and twisted his knee, I thought thank fcuk for that, but the big sod was able to continue and, well you can guess the rest. ( True story).

  23. Regarding innocent until proven guilty, here is a thought for Chris and his supporters. As much as Chris believes he is innocent, so too are those whom he accuses. He hasn’t given anyone definitive proof of any of his theories but he want’s them in court to prove their innocence, simply because he claims so.

    So, by his standing, everyone should have a minimum of £25 000 (the cost of a trial) set aside in the event a madman makes unsubstantiated accusations, because proof of the contrary would be the instigation of a libel suit against him instead? In fact that’s what he believes of all the accusations he makes. If he’s not right why don’t they take him to court?

    Well, someone just did. Thank fuck. And he lost on that count.

    Now about those claims I have heard about Chris being a paedophile. Why hasn’t he taken anyone to court if he’s not?

    That’s Chris Spivey logic for ya!

  24. Just to clarify, I’m not saying Chris is a paedophile, I’m saying I’m going to enjoy watching him clear his name of the claim, as much as he has enjoyed the torment he has created for others.


    Obama Nationalizes All Food and This Will Force Millions of Americans Into FEMA Camps:-



    “There is still a lot of controversy about Alaska’s cession to the United States by Russian Emperor Alexander II; some experts call the treaty in question, suggesting that Alaska may hypothetically be returned to Russia.””

    Read more:


    “The neocon-flagship Washington Post fired a propaganda broadside at President Putin for shutting down the Russian activities of the National Endowment for Democracy, but left out key facts like NED’s U.S. government funding, its quasi-CIA role, and its plans for regime change in Moscow, writes Robert Parry.”


  26. Does anyone actually know why his site shut down? A lot of speculation not many facts. Here are a few theories:

    1.he was very dissapointed with the number who turned up in support and just thought ‘fuck it’

    2. he was simply ordered to shut it down ( not even sure if that is legal )

    3. he could have kept going but was ordered to remove all the Woolwich and Rigby stuff and wasn’t prepared to do that.

    4. he’s been tipped off that he faces jail so is just accepting the inevitable.

    5. and this in my view is a long shot, he has served his purpose for TBTB.
    any other suggestions?

    1. He instructed his site moderators to close the site down at 7pm on the day he was found Guilty Richard.

      His choice entirely, as the court instructed him to remove all mentions of Lee Rigby and the incidences of Harrassment towards the Rigby family – which would have undoubtably included the many related comments.

      It may have been easier to close the site down rather than trawl through every comment and reference, or like you say, he may have just spat his dummy out when his constant claim that he had ‘thousands’ of supporters, was shown to be exactly what it was – a complete fantasy.

      The evidence bears this out, so there is no need to speculate on that.

      His claim that he was ‘Everything in the AM’ while others, including myself and this site among many others, were ‘nothing and would ever amount to anything’ showed his supreme levels of arrogance, and his rapidly diminishing number of readers, coupled with the pitiful amount of donations that were offered as a result – finally showed him that he could not sustain his mock bravado and bullshit any longer.

      Since when did TPTB start to develop a moral conscience when they decide to remove an embarrassing liability like Spivey had become Richard?

      They would not seek, nor need legal approval to remove anything that was seen to be a threat to ‘National Security’ or even an ‘affront to common decency’ I shouldn’t think.

      Spivey may have been an affront, but he certainly wasn’t a threat to anyone on a national level.

      His massive ego would not have allowed him to apologise, nor to show even a sliver of humility for his actions, so he may just have picked up his ball and ran home to sulk.

      There is another theory, and one that revolves around his claim that certain images were discovered in a ‘hidden folder’ on his computer, which despite his claim of the police ‘planting them’, the transcripts of his statement, (which he himself published) showed that the police were aware that the images were there, long before he was arrested and his computer was seized.

      The ‘Time Machine’ reference in that same statement may prove helpful there.

      That is where the real answer may lie.

      Spiv closes his site down, and people being as fickle as they are, forget about him soon afterwards, and if they do not read his local paper, or he does not appear on the national news, he can quietly slip under the radar, and whatever charges or sentence comes as a result of his alleged arrest over said images, do not become public knowledge.

      Take your pick….

    2. I think he was seriously let down by them thousands of Muslims he claimed to have as friends, but you can’t really blame them I suppose, it must be hell trying to get out of Calais at the moment.

  27. Am I the only one to think that Spivey will be back online sometime in the next year or so? I could be wrong obviously, but it’s just a feeling I’ve got.

    He would have to drop the Rigby stuff of course, but is what we’ve seen just him throwing a temper tantrum?

    I’m not even sure he will be jailed tbh, even if he is I don’t think he would get more than 12 months, which would really mean 6 months wouldn’t it? Does anyone know the max for his offence?

    I just find it hard to believe that such an egomaniac would just go out with such a pathetic whimper, and giving up on those donations. He must have another source of income, it could be the “security services” as some believe maybe, I don’t know myself.

    1. Well Richard, on the previous thread I did try to answer your questions based on what I’ve learned on-line about Intel operations over the last 9 years or so, added to what I already knew.

      I tended to go for “a useful, usable, easily manipulated dickhead whose own narcissistic arrogance was noted & used by Intel”.

      Unfortunately I suspect he’ll be back.

      How many GENUINE mugs he gets to support him next time is anybody’s guess. As I said on my first post on the previous post, he found an audience that WANTED to believe in him.

      Are they still out there or have any of them come to Jimmy to apologise & repent?. Only JJ knows & I am certain he’d have the decency not to rant back & expose them – unless of course they were the trolls attacking him & others.

      So we will all have to wait & see.

      1. Strange that you should say that OG, because I have attempted to get that very thing several times, to be met with refusal.

        And whilst no apology could actually absolve them of what they have done to people, for kicks & whatever else, or be acceptable to me, I know that Jimmy is a man of humility & good manners & whether he accepted it or not, I think the very least he is owed is an apology & as would be the case according to my upbringing too, an actual man would offer one.

        This is one of the less psychotic responses.

        Subsequent responses over a couple of days met with the same attacks & psychotic rants calling him and me liars, abusers blah,blah,blah. after everything & still they persist in trying to spread lies.

        Jane Russell Shared publicly – Jul 27, 2015
        If you were a big man you would apologise to Jimmy J for being an absolute shit to him. And when I say big man I’m not talking about your height .

        But alas, you won’t because you can’t be that big man. That’s not pretty.

        Fabooka De Stait Jul 27, 2015
        Noooo!!! Me no apologizey to sneaky, deviant, abusive people who tell lies!!! Least of all, when they try to do it by way of involving me in their shit-slinging.

    2. In the voice of, Alec Guinness, “They’ll be back, and in more numbers”. Shiver.

    3. Hasn’t he got a puffa jacket he could float to Calais on Mike? I’m sure I’ve seen him wearing one that could give him a good shot with the right wind behind him.

      It doubles up as a bouncy castle, so he’d have a ready made business when he got there too. Sorted! 😀

  28. That hidden folder? Has anyone thought that Spivey just might not be the link to the government? What about Woof woof the tech guy? Isn’t he directly responsible for site security? Why didn’t he detect that hidden file? After all he is supposed to be the dogs bo!!#cks when it comes to computers.

    He would be perfectly placed to plant it, and using Spiveys logic here, he claims to be ex forces, I wonder if he was ever in the Army Cadets?

    Is he still missing?


    Only a bit of mischievous pure speculation, but you never know.



    I twist the truth, I rule the world, my crown is called deceit
    I am the emperor of lies, you grovel at my feet
    I rob you and slaughter you, your downfall is my gain
    And still you play the sycophant and revel in your pain
    And all my promises are lies, all my love is hate
    I am the politician and I decide your fate



    Is volcanic sulpher to blame for the deaths of one third of Icelandic sheep? A micro insight as to what will happen when the big one goes bang!:-


  30. *Comment Deleted By Admin*

    OUTLAW’S NOTE: Posting announcements here that Chris Spivey has ‘Committed Suicide’, is reaching a new level of low, even for his team.

    If it’s an attempt to discredit this site, it’s yet another fail and only shows the levels of desperation that his supporters have now reached.

    Give it up now and you may, in time, restore a little dignity and self-respect.

    1. Hi Outlaw, I’ve only posted once before, but I thought some may be interested to know that I saw two posts on the lunatic outpost a couple of days ago, from a Danielle George, and she was having a good laugh at Chris Spiveys predicament. I thought they were good mates ??

      Suspicious to say the least, maybe he has been used by his nearest and dearest so called friends/mods. No matter what people think I found the video of him outside court quite embarrassing tbh, I was quite annoyed at the so called farewell message to his readers I was all for thinking fuck off then after all the support he got with social services.

      But when I watched that video I actually felt differently, call me stupid if you want, I felt sorry for him, I mean the people who did turn up they weren’t standing shoulder to shoulder with him on camera, they didn’t want to be filmed or say anything did they, and yet on site they were well mouthy behind the keyboard!

      I think if I was him I wouldn’t just be blaming people who couldn’t afford to get there, I would also have some questions for the inner sanctum. Why didn’t they stand up on camera??

      1. Hi Clare, much of what you are saying has been discussed on various platforms online and in private, and the majority are in full agreement with what you are saying.

        His so called ‘inner sanctum’ have hung him out to dry in more ways than one and have distanced themselves from him since.

        Danielle La Verité, The UK Column, Lou Collins etc are inherently selfish types who will cut him adrift without a second thought, as we are already seeing.

        With friends like that eh?

        I also agree that in that court video, he came over as something of a bemused simpleton, who was desperately clinging on to his delusionary belief that that dog-eared scraps of paper he was clutching, were somehow going to exonerate him.

        It’s all very grubby and sad, and he certainly did not present himself in person, the way that he did online, which has now confirmed what many people thought anyway, that he did not write the majority of what was published on his site.

        He was screwed over in many ways, and it must be particularly painful to be turned over by those who also claimed to be closest to him, and had his back.

        1. I think that Lunatic outpost site is mostly spoof stuff, or a trolls hang out.

          How long before it’ll be Chris Spivey who? Out of half million devoted supporters 1 of the rags claimed he’d said he had, 6 turned up – mostly his mods and mates. No one else could be bothered to turn up at court for him – let’s hope they are better correspondents when he’s inside.

          1. Thanks Jane, for the info about that site, I’d never been there before went by a link. It just seemed strange that it was her name, when they claim to be mates. As I said no matter who turned up no one wanted to be seen or speak on camera? That speaks volumes.

    2. Oddly enough, I bet Chris would still be up for donations though, Danielle. I suppose one option he’s got left is to do a Reggie Perrin, fake his own death and take on a new identity. Sorry if that comes across a bit *scavin*…just sayin’;)

    1. Please give it up ‘Carl’ 🙂 you are just cluttering the place up !

    2. Is there a doctor in the house? Or at least some burly individuals in white coats…? I mean, seriously Carl – you are one obsessed individual!

  31. Jimmy, I notice the person who perpetuated the suicide rumour took the opportunity to validate his/her lunatic post as confirmed by you because you retweeted the link.

    That to me is the arse about face Spivey Logic we have come to recognise from that mad bunch.

    Madame La Verite is desperate for her turn as the “go to trooofer” of all things bollocks bullshit.

    Someone should give her a crown of skat and sash of piss to go with that chemically straighened pubic hair on her head.

    1. Aye, I saw that and I also noticed that they omitted the ‘?’ that I included with the Tweet which was meant to present it as a question, not a statement of fact….

      Some very strange games are being played out I think Jen.

  32. Good article Jimmy. Spivey did indeed cut a forlorn figure outside court. He also came across as a bumbling idiot. If his solicitor had any brains he would have advised Spivey to plead guilty on grounds of diminished responsibility, also known as insanity. They could have cited any number of his articles over the last year or so as evidence.

    As for his motley crew, if you seen them coming towards you during the evening, you’d promptly cross the road. They look a right sorry mess, every last one of them.

    I also can’t fathom out why Spivey didn’t turn round and tell the judge to go fuck himself? I personally know someone who was fined for not having a TV licence and he told the court to just jail him because as a matter of principle he wasn’t going to pay the fine. Surely if Spivey believed in everything he has written, then he would have told them he was refusing to remove the material and they would have to jail him? It’s not like he has any dependants now, as his daughter is grown up and will be well looked after thanks to my and other peoples taxes.

    The way I see it, he fucking bottled it when he was leaned on, and he has lost all integrity and credibilty. If he ever pops up again he deserves to be laughed back in to obscurity.


  33. And right on queue the Lavertery is blocked with shit about Jimmy mentioning Spivey and Suicide.

    Their setting you up has been exposed, once again.

    They do try, don’t they.

    Anyway, I’m back online. In a box to the left is where you’ll find me at.


    “…We are talking about a group of young Jews which has adopted an ideological, anti-Zionist, fanatic and anarchistic common denominator, seeking to destroy the “state of the Zionists” (that’s their terminology) and establish a holy kingdom [Jewish theocracy] instead of it.…”




  35. A new Internet Archive – or is it a re-vamp of the “Wayback Machine”?.

    Might be of use to you if you haven’t already got it. Watch & listen first to the introduction video:-




    1. Perhaps he has plans to turn it into Tales From The Spiv Prisoner Cell Block H. Postcards from prison posted up every week.

      Dear Mum,
      Foods crap, haven’t been out much, but the ‘night life’ gets pretty hot.
      See you in …….

      Lots of Love,

      Cwis xxx

    2. No matter. People have seen in glorious technicolor how ineffectual him and his team of Internet bullies are in real life now, the only threat that he presents, is to himself.

  36. not sure if thats genuine or not but all the woolwich/ lee rigby stuff has been removed. i did comment earlier that he might have shut the site down as he wasnt prepared to do that and that merited some respect. now i dont’ know what to think. probably best to keep quite atm until what exactly has happened becomes clearer.

    1. I do not understand why people are so bothered TBH Richard. He has proven himself to be a bully, a liar, and a fraud on numerous occasions. The only reasoning that I can see behind the interest, is that it’s a type of ‘Car Crash’ TV that some people with nothing else going on in their lives, seem to have a macabre interest in.

      Most normal people lost interest in the continual personal dramas Months ago.

  37. SPIVEYS ALIVE!!! LOL, me and OG did say he’d be back. Someone, NJG? Has posted over there that the site will be gone again by 22.00 hours.

    He/she seemed very very confident in the prediction, which I thought quite strange, because if the site does go down today, then that poster knew it would.

    If it doesn’t happen he/she is going to look stupid though.

    1. There appears to have been an epidemic of stupid in some corners of the www lately Mike.

      Let’s hope it can be contained eh?

      1. Jimmy I smell what I call a false flag comment. If I ran a site and was a devious SOB, I would make sure it was filled with bogus comments. Such an easily debunked commenter as that guy saying that site would be gone by sundown ffs.

        It’s hard for me to believe someone could be so fcuking dumb, but commenters like that (if genuine) would be a moderators dream wouldn’t they?

        1. They would indeed Mike. As you are already aware, very little of what people read on that site is as it is being presented.

          The embarrassingly unimpressive and underwhelming, ‘Moderator Team’ have already been identified, via their own photographic evidence…. The non-existent support ditto….

          Your own eyes should tell people all they need to know.

  38. strange you should use that car crash analogy. in one of the last emails i sent him ( i stopped when he requested me to ) i addressed his puzzlement as to why people who thought his site was rubbish, kept visiting it.

    i likened it to people slowing down on a motorway to look at a hideous crash on the opposite carriageway, you know you shouldnt but you can’t resist.

    i’ve just remembered another of his ‘investigations’. the car showroom in MILTON KEYNES where the roof caved in. didn’t fool him.

  39. For a long time I thought spiv was a good un, but after reading his comment after his trial to his followers and those that have supported him all through this so called stitch up to get his grandson I now realise he is a cunt, what grandad would put their kid and grandchild on the line to further their agenda. He needs to be put in prison asap.

  40. I’m reading some of the Spiv disciples suggesting Chris should seek refuge in the EquadorIan Embassy for some Assange like protection.

    Now no matter what people think of Assange, he at least had an impact on world news, with global support (not just a rag group of strange men looking for a hero covered in war paint tats).

    Chris Spivey changed the world??

    He couldn’t even change his hard drive to stop the police accessing his hidden folders.

    Some think they’ll be writing hymns about beloved Spiv in a few years. Na they’ll be writing letters to him in Rampton.

    1. Aye, the war cry ‘Lets Go To War’ has now become a rather muted and ineffective ‘Lets send a letter to the Judge and get people to multi-sign a dodgy petition’.

      It’s all a bit sad for his supporters really, as the more intelligent people out there saw how this would play out many months ago.

      1. Why don’t you reply to my comments? I know I am a newbie here. I hope this isn’t another site where only certain people are favoured?!

        1. I didn’t think that your previous comments required a response Brian.

          I can assure you that the Outlaw is certainly not ‘another site where only certain people are favoured’.

          Personally speaking, time is sometimes an issue for me, as is a problem this site has, where hundreds of spam and abusive comments have to be gone through before being deleted and the source blocked.

          Which of course takes up more time than I can comfortably spare sometimes.

  41. How much so far has the court case cost US the tax payers? Oh poor cwiss he will need to up the sympathy now for donations.

    1. I know he now has to find a few grand to cover his Court costs, so undoubtably those collection tins will be rattling louder than ever Brian.

      1. oh dear he has got to find nearly 3 grand now boo hoo to pay fines, maybe he should quit smoking, you know, show his fans that their hard found donations to him are not going up in smoke!!! He takes the piss!!!

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