The following segment of audio (3:59) was taken from the BBC’s Jeremy Vine Radio Show, which went out to the British nation yesterday, 11 August 2021.

You have to admire the gentleman caller, who had no option but to blag his way onto the show, in order to make himself heard, and bypass the draconian measures the BBC have in place, and who Jeremy Vine himself admits, only allow the voices of people who support the Government’s Covid/Vaccine/Lockdown/Mask narrative, to be heard.

Any and all deviation from that narrative is immediately stifled by the BBC, the legacy media, Government and state-sponsored ‘scientists’, and to a large extent, the so-called ‘Alt-Media’ as well, who have put into place a wide-ranging operation, to nullify any dissent, to silence any questions that people raise, to crush any doubts, and to openly attack and mock anyone who dares to trust their own human instincts, instead of blindly swallowing the ‘official’ line.

This country is well along the road to a really, really dark place, and unless people wake up in large numbers, the world in which we all live is going to be somewhere that none of us are going to be able to recognise anymore, and are certainly not going to like.


6 thoughts on “GOTCHA

  1. Hi Jimmy. Very glad you’re back, and glad you’re safe. I don’t know if you’re familiar with Hugotalks, but he also has put up a couple of phone calls to BBC where callers have been cut off trying to confront the mainstream narrative. Take care.

    1. Aye, all good here, and cheers for asking David. I like Hugo Talks, there’s very little bullshit mixed in with his content I have found. I never really went anywhere though, I needed to concentrate on some other projects I am involved with, and were very time-consuming.

  2. Just glad you’re back and safe, mate.
    I honestly don’t know if you have the inclination or wherewithal to look into it, but I am curious to know your thoughts on the ‘Plymouth incident’.

    A different tact this time:
    Not some raging homophobe/islamaphobe/Christian extremist Brexit voter. An ‘incel ’ woman hater who happened to get his gun license back due to Police firearms checks oversights on ‘previous mental illness’. The photo of the guy even looks like an amalgamation of Michael Ryan, Raoul Moat and God knows who else. I know the establishment want to take the guns away, but this seems a very curious ‘course change’ if I can put it that way.

    1. I have to admit that this is a strange one. And one, which appears to me, at least, to be mirroring what is happening in the USA at the minute, with the deranged Far-Left Democrats and insane Liberals, labelling anyone who does not fit their narrative, as ‘Domestic Terrorists’. I have been hearing whispers this side of the pond, that the so-called online ‘Incel community’ over here are going to be targeted in a similar way, which will be coupled with a gun grab, which what may be behind this thing anyway. The comparison with Michael Ryan and the Hungerford atrocity in 1987 was always going to be discussed, as that was, without a doubt, a gun grab by the government, and the official story poses more questions than it does answers.

      I published my thoughts on that on this site back in 2015.

      “The events at Hungerford that day, following a report commissioned by the Home Secretary Douglas Hurd, from the Thames Valley Police, led to the Firearms Amendment Act 1988, which effectively banned the ownership of semi-automatic centre-fire rifles, and restricted the use of shotguns with a capacity of more than three cartridges”.

      I would guess that the unfolding events in Afghanistan are going to take priority over pretty much everything at the minute, including this, but I think we can all be assured that ‘they’ are going to introduce gun-control measures, and anti-terror legislation on the back of the incident in Plymouth. Whether or not they will tell us about it, though, is another matter.

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