Seven leading health groups in the UK have announced a “definitive statement” that reverses decades of ignorant opposition to sunlight exposure.

This statement admits what many have known for years:

That sunlight exposure is good for you and that people should seek to expose themselves to the sun, without sunscreen in order to produce more vitamin D.

This definitive statement was issued by the following non-profit groups:

  • Cancer Research UK
  • National Osteoporosis Society
  • Multiple Sclerosis Society
  • British Association of Dermatologists
  • Diabetes UK
  • National Heart Forum
  • Primary Care Dermatology Society

The fact that these seven non-profits are now admitting that sunshine is good for you represents a monumental change in the longstanding position of most conventional health non-profits who have long insisted that sunlight is bad for you.

“Watch out or sunlight might kill you.”

That is still the position of the American Cancer Society, the American Medical Association, conventional dermatologists and virtually the entire western medical system, that sunlight is dangerous to your health and the only “safe” way to go outside is after you’re plastered with sunblock.

It is, of course, a philosophy of ignorance and dark agendas, but it has been the very foundation of the conventional medicine system for so long that most health experts never even bother to question it.

Western medicine, depends on the continuation of widespread vitamin D deficiency.

In fact, you may have even noticed the attempts to further block the sunlight via Chemtrails etc…

The age-old adage ‘less is more’ is very applicable here, because less Vitamin D means massive profits for the big pharmaceutical companies.

A Vitamin D deficiency promotes cancer, schizophrenia, bone disorders, kidney problems, diabetes, obesity and many other ‘lucrative’ ailments upon which the industrial medical complex depends.

For decades, the American medical system has heavily relied on vitamin D deficiency as a cornerstone of its repeat business (and profits).

That is why this announcement from these UK non-profits is so dangerous to the medical system in the United States.

If people begin to allow a little sunshine into their lives, vitamin D deficiency will plummet, and take the steadily increasing cancer rates along with it.

Vitamin D prevents 77% of all cancers.

Boosting vitamin D intake through both sunshine and nutritional supplements is arguably the single most important thing that needs to be done right now to improve health, reduce health care costs and prevent degenerative disease.

But because of these remarkable properties of vitamin D, it represents a grave threat to the continuation of the Medicare system.

That’s why U.S. non-profits will undoubtedly continue to resist making any kind of announcements that support vitamin D.

You will never witness the American Cancer Society recommend it; and you will not hear President Obama recommending it as a health solution for the nation.

Instead, in the United States they get deliberately scary and misleading warnings about vitamin D from the Institute of Medicine, which actually went out of its way to declare that people shouldn’t take too much vitamin D because it may ‘harm’ them.

Even the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) won’t allow vitamin D supplement manufacturers to tell the truth about vitamin D and how it can help prevent disease.

Such claims are illegal in the United States of America, where pharmaceuticals are considered “healthy” but nutrients are considered ‘contraband’.

No nation can survive continued and widespread vitamin D deficiency.

Eventually, however, even the US government will be forced to come to the same conclusion that the UK government has already reached:

That the people need vitamin D to maintain their health, and ongoing vitamin D deficiency population will bankrupt the country with sick-care costs.

Even though this announcement from UK non-profits is a huge step in the right direction, it’s still rife with huge information gaps.

For example, these groups are advocating 10 minutes a day of sunshine but still warn that anything over 10 minutes is ‘dangerous’ for your health.

This is a lie, especially if you happen to have a darker skin color.

Those of African descent who live in the UK actually need more like three hours of sunlight a day to generate sufficient levels of vitamin D.

So even though this new statement may help reduce vitamin D deficiency in whites, it will do virtually nothing to solve this nutrient deficiency for blacks.

And that makes the policy somewhat racist because it discriminates against people based on their skin colour.

It seems that even though these UK non-profits are beginning to nudge their message in the right direction, they haven’t yet found the depth of honesty required to admit the full truth about links between vitamin D deficiency, breast cancer and women of African descent.

Perhaps in another decade, they’ll somehow discover the scientific integrity to admit the full story on sunshine and vitamin D.

Until then, they will surely insist that you limit your time in the sun to 10 minutes a day.

Because, after all, they wouldn’t want vitamin D deficiency to be eradicated too quickly now, would they?

6 thoughts on “BRING ME SUNSHINE

  1. @outlaw this is weird as a friend of mine is addicted to sunshine as it were..and she has a VIT D.problem too, the problem for me is affects her judgement severely making her think that negative situations are she was in turkey a while back and got involved in a horrible mess. that affected her..but to her as it happned in a sunny country it was ‘positive..this old idea that because its sunny it dont make it great.after all people starve and are robbed and drought and famine reside in hot climates…whats ‘good for you’ in all that?

    1. Vitamin D is known as ‘The Sunshine Victim’ as one of the symptoms of deficiency is a form of depression… S.A.D…..

      1. yes i know that..she also hates the cold and snow..and has under active thyroid problem..and to me her judgement is well messed up..

  2. My mum has had osteoporosis for ten years. It was only recently they decided to check her Vit D level. It was so bad she needed immediate medication. I believe this could be a big problem for our older folk who don’t get out so much. Luckily mum does or I dread to think what state she would have been in.
    I hate that our the health service reach for medication rather than give good advice. No profit in advice!!!

  3. This is a great article Outlaw, it has been my belief for a long time that sunshine is good for you, have never worn sunblock except from when my mum used to cover me in factor 50.
    Thing is in the uk today we only have about one day of blotted out sun a week, the sun is not have that reddish glow anymore and just seems to be white when the clouds are not there.
    I also think there is a cancer link, i have been fortunate and not had any form of cancer but i am only 37 years young but i do get SAD when the weather is so shit for such a long time.

  4. Under active thyroid (200mgs of thyroxine a day is still not enough as I appear to have dipped even further) and S.A.D. sufferer here, have there been any scientific studies on the links between the two I wonder. It has been such a bad winter I just recently bought some Vit D tablets (£5.99 for 3 month supply) and after taking them for a week am already starting to see a bit of an improvement (thank goodness), so I would really recommend them to people. I crave the sun – sadly living in North Wales, we don’t see much of it at the best of times 🙂 My Doctor said that a lot of people in North Wales are starting to present at their GP’s with symptoms of Vit D deficiency ! Reasonably easy to remedy and a lot cheaper for the NHS than costly drugs to ‘cure’ the eventual problems caused.

    I recently read that a possible 100,000 people in the UK are currently undiagnosed with an under active thyroid, and instead present at their GP’s with the main associated symptoms, which are then treated individually, without looking at the whole picture. I would think that the same goes for Vitamin deficiencies.

    This to my mind is the biggest argument for ‘Holistic Therapists’ as they do look at the bigger picture, and treat the whole person and not the symptom. When I worked for a Health Authority in the Public Health Dept. the biggest files were on the ‘Alternative/Holistic’ Therapies and the Head of the Dept. never lost any opportunity to attack said Therapies and write never ending articles for learned tomes nay-saying them. That’s why the (large) Area I was in was woefully behind in any integration of Alternative and Mainstream Healthcare, it was in the grip of outdated thinking & big pharma and true health isn’t profitable !

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