Has it ever struck you as odd, how every “terrorist” event in the past ten or fifteen years has been advantageous to the sovereign governments of Britain, Israel, Australia and the United States?

“If you control the events and control the story then you control the people.”

I have used only a few examples of the methods that have been used against us. There are many, many more, some so subtle that they scarcely caused a ripple, but some are so blatantly arrogant in their execution, only the most deeply asleep people could fail to spot them.

These planned operations help cement power, by spreading terror throughout the victim nation. By reinforcing the effects of terror with pictures of the damage and film interviews of mass hysteria and confusion, the mainstream media of the traumatised country serve as an unquestioning, ultra-effective propaganda vehicle. The mainstream media acts as a brilliant, second phase of any false flag operation, by further spreading the fear while muddying the waters to any conflicting evidence or subsequent investigation/enquiry.

Oklahoma City
This was designed to look like an act of terrorism but a closer inspection reveals numerous suspicious indicators of a false flag operation. Multiple bombs were reported that day. Multiple persons involved. Experts like USAF General Partin, who saw the site, dismissed the notion that a home-made fertilizer bomb could have demolished a concrete reinforced building. Fortunately, for those who created the false flag terror operation, the US media kept a tight lid on any doubters after the critical first day, and it has remained this way ever since, any dissenters from the ‘official’ story being labelled ‘Conspiracy theorists.’

The American militia groups were the targets here, millions of law-abiding patriots and Constitutionalists that had grown significantly after the Waco Massacre by the Clinton/ Reno crime gang. Predictably, a pre-programmed ‘bomber’, Timothy McVeigh, was tied to a militia group and blamed for the entire massacre.

The most successful false flag attack in American history, but I assure you, it will not be the last. It had to be engineered by more than one country for the benefit of more than one country. At a guess, I would suggest that it was a testing ground for several, new types of demolition-type weaponry. It’s purpose was to terrorise and confuse Americans, at the same time as directing the American population’s anger toward the Middle East.

It was designed to target an ever-widening group to be attacked in the years to come. To contain or control all conflicting evidence, to contain or control all conflicting witnesses, to marginalise, or demonise, all skeptics and whistleblowers. And to allow the corporate-owned, complicit American media free rein to keep a lid on any doubts. After the critical first day, the media acted as a government department by spreading and perfecting the official story.

The whole purpose of 9/11 was to spread fear. To distract the public about suspicious missing Pentagon trillions, and to place as much power in as few hands as possible. To create a wider range of powerful new “enemies,” shadowy groups with a reason, and the ability to attack America. To then create a powerful pretence to attack them and gain possession of their resources; and to destroy as much of the US Constitution as possible and thus gain even more power.

The Bali Bombing
This was also meant to look like an Islamic attack. Also designed to create fear and reinforce hatred of Muslims by frightened Australians and get them on board the pre-planned, joint attack on Middle East countries. Also, though I am dangerous ground here, to test new weaponry, perhaps an innovative micro-nuke and to measure their effects for use against future invented enemies, either foreign or domestic, in future false flag events.

The Port Arthur Massacre
This was Intended to look like the work of a lone gunman in a tiny village but it was vastly too successful. Far too much expertise for the perpetrator, far too many suspicious anomalies to ring true. Designed to create fear among peaceful, law-abiding but individualistic Australian gun owners and thus force restrictive laws allowing nationwide gun confiscation.

The Port Arthur Massacre worked perfectly. The clueless Aussie media, headed by Rupert Murdoch, was as successful as any propaganda ministry could be for the brand new John Howard administration, and brushed all doubts and all conflicting evidence away.

Access to the Port Arthur case is forbidden to investigators for the next 30 years. Aussies, meanwhile, remain virtually weaponless under the kindly and watchful eye of Big Brother and John Howard.

London Bombing 7/7
Yet another attempt to demonise Islamic people, of course. It served to terrorise Londoners and allow draconian, new laws while bolstering lagging support of the war in Iraq. It may have even served as a warning, to punish Londoners for their lack of support for the Blair/Bush war machine.

Lebanon/Israel Attack
The wily Israelis, to their everlasting shame, borrowed a method directly from Hitler and the Nazis. By staging a false flag incident at the border and retaliate in the confusion. The Nazis started a war with the weaker country of Poland in 1939 by doing exactly this, the Israelis attempted to do the same. By accusing the neighbouring Lebanon of capturing two IDF soldiers, Israel claimed a pretext for war. They attacked and invaded Lebanon, but the war went very badly for the Israelis. Thousands of deaths and dismemberments on both sides and the plan backfired.

All False Flag events, allow unpopular, and often inept leaders to stand in front of the public and pretend to be strong before the cowering population. Allegedly under attack, and equally bullied by their own mainstream media organisations, the people seek out the protection of their suddenly fearless leaders and their government, and embrace them both willingly. Assisted all the while by continual doses of hysterical propaganda from the media.

It is all a lie however, scripted from the very beginning, from the first explosion to the close up on the fearless leader by the TV news camera, focusing on the resolute expression with the flags or the national seal in the background.

Whatever weakness the bumbling leader displayed in the weeks, months or years beforehand, can be brushed aside with a few, well-prepared, and scripted speeches. Weakness and incompetence can be overlooked, bettered even, by the ordering of restrictive new measures.

*See V for Vendetta, as an excellent film example of this false leadership.*

False flag events, most importantly of all, serve as a fake, hostile action by some sinister and shadowy enemy, requiring some bold, reaction by the benevolent government, ably headed by it’s leader. Usually the actions, whether laws, restrictions, warnings or declarations of war, have already been pre-written.

I am inclined to include the recent shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School as a possible false flag operation. A similar type of Manchurian Candidate, a lone gunman like the one at Port Arthur. The same super skilled, remorseless gunman possessing killing power that baffles combat-trained specialists.

Sandy Hook, much like Port Arthur, appears to be a black operation for similar reasons, though the target in this instance, seems to be the ‘Preppers’ and ‘Survivalists’. Oddly enough, on both occasions, the emergency services either could not or would not intervene.

But sometimes, what is intended to take basic freedoms away, in this case the Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms, can backfire if enough people see through it. If the American government hopes to use Adam Lanza as the sole reason for gun restrictions, and believe me they do, they had better restrict the Internet first.

I nearly forgot, they are already trying to do that aren’t they? There is without any doubt in my mind, another false flag event being prepared as I write this. Maybe this time there will be a nuclear blast to terrify us, since it is going to be quite difficult to surpass the slaughter of 20 children and six of their teachers as a method of making people give up their guns, leaving the path clear to take their freedom…….isn’t it?