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  1. I have seen a lot of hate for Brian Harvey on Youtube & in the media. These videos do show that there has been an orchestrated campaign against him. It is good to see an different viewpoint backed by evidence.

  2. BH has gone off grid for a few days now, I hope he has taken the advice given to him in those videos. He should not publish that Ben Fellows nonsense as he is from the Bill Baloney stable of bullshitters.

  3. Mad Matt Taylor has yet another identity he uses ‘Dan Spearman – Commercial Journalist and Children’s Author.’

    Have a look HVY.COM

    What is HVY?

    HVY, launched March 16th, 2019, is a news and media platform made by and for journalists. We want to promote journalists rather than news publications. We want the journalist to be in control of his or her story. We want readers to follow their favorite journalists instead of following different news sites. Journalists on HVY are proud to be in full control.

    Just in: Journalists on HVY.com have now made more than $1000 combined in less than 30 days. This is quite a feat for a new site.

    So he is another one making cash off the tripe he produces.

    • Looking at their application requirements, it appears that Mr. Taylor must have a journalism degree, as I have not seen his name attached to any notable online publication.

      ‘In order for us to approve your account on HVY, please describe your experience to us. And tell us why you want an account. You must have a degree in journalism or write for a notable online publication.

      Important: Please add links to your prior work.’

  4. Well done David.

    How did you discover my secret?

    And a question for you Jim; why do you hold soooooo much contempt towards me?

    • ‘Contempt’ implies a depth of feeling Matthew, whereas towards yourself, I hold no feelings either way.

      The only time I think of you is when you comment on this site seeking attention.

    • Hello Matthew, I have an app on my mobile called “StalkerWatch” which alerts me whenever internet weirdos post shit online as you asked. If you also really want to know how I discovered another one of your numerous online pseudonyms, that’s easy to answer too. You put your photograph on the bottom of the “about me” page where you publish your churnalism. DOH!! Stay lucky

        • I think the banal writing style, the delusional worldview, and the complete omission of anything factual would have revealed the identity of the author anyway Matt. Just Sayin’

  5. Arhhhhh, so predictable of you Jimmy.

    Won’t you please pass on my message to David? I just want to congratulate him on uncovering my pseudonym; and wanted to ask how he found out?

    “So he is another one making cash off the tripe he produces,” and why do you hate me so much? We both live in a world in which we need money to put food on our plates and a roof over our heads; why do you begrudge me the opportunity of making money?

    • We all need to put food on the table and keep a roof over our families heads Matt, and I would never begrudge anyone making money to ensure that – however, those of us with scruples and morals and a healthy respect and desire for the truth to be told, would never prostitute ourselves by disseminating half-truths, unsubstantiated rumour or obvious bullshit in order to rake in a few quid.

      It’s called having self-respect and a functioning moral compass.

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