I originally published the following post on the 29th October 2015, and for reasons that are not relevant, nor is there a pressing need to divulge here, I opted to use the ‘Protected‘ feature, which required a password available only from myself to read the post in its entirety.

At the time of publication, a number of readers contacted me to obtain the password, on the strict understanding that nothing would be copied and shared publicly, which appears to have been the case as nothing has emerged on social media or certain blogs since its original publication, which almost certainly would have happened had it been published on an open platform.

I am only publishing it openly now, to challenge some of the many lies and deliberate fabrications that have been published about me online, by a small, but irritatingly persistent number of keyboard warriors on Twitter, and by the always charming Gojam, who publishes the ‘Needle’ blog, and the equally personable conspiracy blogger Christopher Spivey, who appears to have of late, fallen hook, line and sinker for any fiction that passes his way or, as in this particular instance, his complete failure to seek out evidence (or lack of) to reinforce any of his allegations about me, or to perform even the most basic checks on the history of his source(s).

One of the most disseminated untruths that has been inserted into the Twittersphere and the aforementioned websites about me, is the allegation that I was ‘Never in care’ so therefore I have no experience of any events that took place within the care system, to me or to anyone else, and as such have ‘No right’ to comment.

I have allowed these idiotic, and laughable claims to permeate social media, without challenging them until now, for three reasons;

  • The first being that I simply did not possess enough physical IE:DOCUMENTED evidence at the time, which I could present here to back up what after all, would simply be words on a website.
  • Secondly, to allow myself and others, time to identify those who have purposely spread those lies, and to collect the evidence of their participation in the spreading of those lies.
  • And thirdly, I am only too aware that the greater majority of people who use the Internet and use social media/blogs/forums etc, have grown ever more weary of the seemingly constant personal battles and endless bitching which is evident everyday, and therefore, have very little interest in reading about something which is of little interest to anyone not personally involved, especially as there are far more important issues that the Outlaw and other websites of its type could be addressing.

The small group behind disseminating these lies, and have been observed purposely attacking, and attempting to discredit anybody who speaks out online, about not only their own experiences of childhood brutality and abuse, but of events they have witnessed which appear to back up the claims of others, who have also spoken out.

It is the task of the legal machinery of this country to investigate, and hopefully prosecute and punish crimes against the person such as those involving the physical and sexual abuse of children, and although the said system is not perfect by any means, it’s all that victims of crime have available to them at the present time.

It is not the job of mostly anonymous and ill-equipped and mostly uninformed people on the Internet to stand as judge, jury and executioner in issues of this nature, nor have they any right to undermine, threaten and participate in the vicious attempts to discredit witnesses of what are after all, very serious criminal acts which deserve the maximum punishment that the law, as it is, permits – and knowingly interfering with that process is not only immoral, dispicable and illegal, it can also allow the guilty to go unpunished, which to the people who have been observing, appears now to be the ultimate aim.

To protect the perpetrators of appalling crimes against children, both of a historic and a current nature.

So with that in mind, what follows is the original, previously protected  post, with an addendum containing another item of documented evidence which was not available to me when the original post was published.


Like any number of people who have spent any time languishing in the UK establishment care system, I have attempted to locate my records a number of times, albeit unsuccessfully.

Many records have been destroyed or ‘mislaid‘ due to various reasons, and one event that immediately springs to mind was the unexplained fire in 1996, at a Pickfords warehouse in Lightfoot Street, Chester, where a number of care records relating to former residents of Bryn Alyn Holdings, were in long-term storage.

I myself witnessed, (from behind the relative safety of a chain-link security fence) the contents of various filing cabinets being thrown onto a large bonfire during the demolition of Glamorgan Farm School, during the mid-1990’s, which could have contained personal records, log books, accident logs etc – of any or all of the thousands of residents who had spent part of their childhoods there.

So it did happen, there is no doubt about that, and many ex-residents have spoken publicly about hitting a virtual brick wall when attempting to locate any written documentary evidence about what, after all, was an important part of their own lives – which then makes it difficult to not only ‘back up‘ their claims of any abuse or maltreatment suffered whilst in care, but also, to prove they were actually there.

An increasing number of ex-care residents, especially those who spent a greater part of their childhoods in ‘Approved or Community Schools’ and ‘Assessment Centres’ run by local authorities, and those in private hands, have related in great detail how they have been effectively silenced from speaking out, because their own experiences were not supported by official documentation.

On a personal level, up until two weeks ago, (September 2015) there was no actual physical (written) evidence of the time I spent in care apart from a number of fading photographs and a handwritten Duke of Edinburgh’s Award achievement book which are, at this time, thirty-seven years old.


Duke of Edinburgh Award Log Book and photographs.

There were four photographs initially, but one was stolen from my house in 2013, and I was unable to recover it, but nonetheless, it existed as do the others in the above image.

But again, that image is not ‘proof‘ or ‘evidence‘.

Neither are the following images, as many teenage lads, and girls, did the D of E Awards, while they were at regular High Schools and Colleges.

Glamorgan Farm School


West Glamorgan Fire Service 25/4/1980


However, the dates recorded on the images above are significant, as during the last couple of weeks, I have had a legitimate reason to apply for and receive a number of disclosures from the PNC (Police National Computer) in regard to what records the UK police hold on me.

One of the disclosures relates to an event, which has become the subject of an obsessive smear campaign on Twitter and a number of ‘Alternative Media‘ websites and forums, one of which is owned by a fairly prominent and self-styled ‘Investigative Journalist’ who has claimed to have seen evidence that ‘Jimmy Jones, was never in care and so must also be lying about anything he has experienced‘.

He has of course, never once published any ‘evidence‘ of his claims, which appears to be the common theme amongst a number of social media commentators and Alt Media bloggers, who rely entirely on their own words and personal opinions, and resort to launching personal attacks and starting smear campaigns against those who question them.

Porth Juvenile Court 11/9/1978

The disclosure above shows that I attended Porth Juvenile Court on the 11th September 1978, from where I was remanded into the care of the local authority, until 20th December, where I appeared at Cardiff Crown Court.

From September until December, I was resident at a number of Assessment Centre’s and Residential Homes in both South and North Wales, and from December 1978 until May 1979 I was at the prison at Knox Road, Cardiff, from where I was sent to Glamorgan Farm (Approved) School, where I remained for the remaining thirty months of my original sentence.

Glamorgan Farm School was of course, a local authority residential ‘Approved School’, and part of the establishment care system of this country.




Date Printed: 17-Feb-2016 @ 12:46 Page 3 of 9.


As some people may already be aware, I recently appeared in court in Mold, and was subsequently convicted of: ‘Improper use of a public telecommunication system’. I have since obtained copies of a report that was compiled, some of which I must assume was drawn from my care records, and was duly accepted by the court and was not challenged by the prosecution.

(A number of lies have also been spread online in regard to the actual events of that trial, and after seeking legal advice, I will also, in time, be addressing those untruths, and will only refer to the actual trial transcripts, as opposed to the rumour, hearsay and complete fiction that has currently been made available online.)

This report not only gives a background of the events which have taken place over the last three years, against both me and my family, and which ultimately led to my subsequent appearance in court – but also offers an outline of my ‘offending history’, which states clearly: ‘Mr Jones has an offending history, but this took place over thirty years ago. An offence of criminal damage led him to spend many years in the “care” system, spending time at various secure or semi-secure units in both Wrexham and Neath” – which corresponds and supports the above documentation of the original article.

38 thoughts on “DISCLOSURES

  1. I don’t expect an answer about the “glorious truther blogger”, but I can’t help but wonder if we’re talking here of Daring Lavatory or the the Great Lord of Rochfordistan:

    (P.S. For possible legal reasons I DO NOT EXPECT AN ANSWER!.)

  2. Well that makes a lot of sense and dot joining I think OG has hit the nail on the proverbial head. love light and peace. (Milligan)

    1. Would that be the late great Spike Milligan?. Quote – ” I forgive my enemies but I remember the bastards names”.

  3. Pretty much shows the lies and Twitter bollocks is just that JJ, lies and bollocks. Stay strong Brother

  4. Oh no. Evidence. PROVING that you were in care.

    There SHOULD be a few embarrassed individuals on twitter now, thinking “Were we lied to? When …, … & … said Jimmy was never in care?

    That, unlike what we were told, it IS possible he could have witnessed what he has alleged”

    I wouldn’t “expect apologies”, Jimmy.

    I would however encourage anyone reading this, that also believes their bullshit to maybe consider doubting anything they present as ‘fact’ in future until THEY can present evidence, like you just did, in their articles, blogs and other online outpourings.

    Since this was all on the public record, before spewing their venomous theories about you, they could have acquired the above evidence and ascertained that you were in care.

    If they’re so willing to lie, and disseminate ‘facts’ about you without any evidence, what else are they lying about?

    And why?

    That’s for them to answer. Their credibility is at stake now, not yours.

    1. But Spivey’ s a REAL journalist, his credibility is unquestionable and he never lies. (Heavy sarcasm alert)

  5. I recognise Pete ‘one ball’ Fleming, Mr Williams the English Teacher, Mr Chesterfield the Gardener and Dyffryn House Secure Unit in those pics. Only a complete mong would make up stupid lies about something that is easy to prove like you have done Jimmy? I was in Carmarthen House with ‘Dixey’ Dean Rees and AJ and others in 1980-82 and Bob Small was my Housemaster. Sammy from Sandfields

  6. What a pathetic thing to lie about. They are mugs Jimmy. Fucking loonballs with nothing else in their miserable little lives

  7. I read about the court thing on the Breibart website Jimmy. How much truth was in it?

    1. The Breitbart tosh was about as accurate as the shite they published in the Daily Post in north Wales.

      I spoke to the journalist who put her name to it and she admitted: “She had not attended the court, had not seen the transcripts, and did not even check the validity of the source freelance who had reported on it and passed it along the line’

      Whoever it was that reported on it, was not in the same courtroom as I was, because what I read in those articles, certainly did not reflect what actually happened.

      Unsubstantiated claptrap in other words, which is par for the course with the MSM.

      I was a bit disappointed with the Breitbart London coverage though, as I did think at one point they were slightly more honest than the usual mass media spin and misreporting of the truth, but sadly, and after being the subject of one of their ‘articles’ myself, I must now assume that they are as skewed as the rest of the MSM rags.

      So if anyone is thinking of posting links to Breitbart on this site, I would advise them not to bother as they will be put straight into the trash where they belong.

  8. Where is Steven Messham?

    I ask because the same lot on twitter who supported his abuser the night @Angleseydrift attempted to get him to suicide on twitter ride the anti Outlaw bandwagon too.

    They’re the same journos and ex policeman turned investigators or supposed whistle blowers whistling Dixey who are out for no one but themselves in the form of compensation and/or status.

    Their MO is the same with all whom they have attacked and those currently in their firing line as it was way back them.

    They’re covering.

    The very same group who were waiting on Twitter after that Newsnight feature with Steven Messham were involved in the McAlpine Machiavellian fiasco and are still covering up now.

    Some have even made it into the employ of NAPAC since.

    That in itself screams WARNING.

    But to many it will go amiss..

    The same protagonists even have the cheek to blame it on the New News media on the block (Exaro) when in fact Huffington Post’s very own Will Black has some questions to answer himself, along with MWT writing for the Mirror and the Sun and his attack Dog Ron the Dog.

    Not to mention @JS2. She still has to explain herself, and her gun carrying threats. If that’s not fear mongering god knows what the monger calls it.

    Possibly a cancer, which she certainly is.

    Apparently it’s been proved that Jane Russell is you.

    I’m still not you. Nor am I a construct like they like to promote in their realtrollexposure blog of malicious communications.

    It is because of their own actions and their own abuses of me that I am convinced that they are nothing more than dirty money grabbing cover uppers and protectors.

    Experiencing them and their actions is to blame for that.

    Everyone should be aware by now that Newspapers and Charities are out to make money, first and foremost, to them, everything else is secondary. That’s what I’ve learned since the Messham revelations and the shit with Kids Company.

    It’s all about the money honey.

    Hence the bully bragging about what he’s doing, all on his dole money. Bought and paid for, is what it sounds like.

    Jimmy, you are and have been fixed up and stitched up, just like Steven Messham was.

    Only difference is, your mental health issues were not as severe as Steve’s. You and he should both be dribbling wrecks marked off to history by now. Of that I am certain.

    The best they have managed is “vile troll” on your part.

    But when it is bandied about by the first person in the country to be arrested and charged under newly introduced stalking laws, the farce is laid bare for all to see it for what it really is.

    Bullshit to sell papers while papers get desperate because the WWW renders them Not Needed.

    Not even for cat litter lining or bog roll.

    1. Hi Jen. I have had to change some names in your comment to their Twitter handles, as it’s become a matter of concern, that a number of people have recently been contacted by various police forces, and three of them have been arrested and formally questioned – for simply mentioning them by name.

      There is enough evidence available now to support their disgusting, intimidatory and threatening behaviour using those Twitter aliases for them to deny it, although of course, they still maintain that they are not the people who are operating those accounts.

      Nonetheless, your comment eloquently and comprehensively sums up what has been going on, and is still going on, but fortunately, those who are in the position to do something are aware of what/who are responsible at last.

    2. Jennie,

      They have no ‘proof’ or ‘evidence’ regarding Jane Russell’s identity.

      It’s yet another continuum of the “Jimmy was never in care” rumours. One of them alleges it, the rest of them promote it.

      They don’t want evidence, or proof, they just want it to be true.

      Much like conspiracy theorists, one says it, the others believe it, so it spreads.

      1. That reminds me of the complete insanity that exists within the cess-pit that is the David Icke Forum, which is probably where most of these loons hang out.

  9. I have a question. Since advertising income streams are no longer a major income source, what are newspapers selling instead to make up the short fall?

    Are they all the New Max Clifford?


    NY Times Bombshell Scoop: Fox News Colluded with Rubio to Give Amnesty to Illegal Aliens:-




    1. OG, let’s hope Breitbart at least make an attempt to correct the utter rubbish they published about me, after they see the evidence I have to hand.

  11. as someone on the outside looking in all these child sexual abuse allegations what is the truth regarding Lord MCalpine? all the MSM seem to take it as read that he is the victim of a stitch-up. is that true? or has he got away with it?. do the MSM actually know what the truth is but for whatever reason are not telling us?

    1. You are about to start paddling in shark-infested waters with questions like that Richard, and I can only comment on my own dealings with the MSM – which is that they know a hell of a lot more than they will ever publish, and what they do publish, is highly sanitised and specifically designed to protect absolutely the people who hold the reins of power.

      And to trash those who are close to revealing the truth, or are speaking out directly.

      Not only here but abroad.

    2. There were TWO Lord McAlpines. One who was the Tory party treasurer & one who answered Messham’s description of having “classic cars”. The Messham one was Lord Jimmy McAlpine who died IIRC in the ’90’s. Willing to be corrected if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure I’ve got it right.

      1. You are correct in part OG that there were two McAlpine brothers.

        Steve Messham never actually named anyone called McAlpine or otherwise on the BBC Newsnight programme, he merely gave a description, which fuelled by the Internet CSA rumour machine that also began around that time, made the selected suspect conveniently fit the allegation.

        There was never any evidence presented to prove the allegation at the time, and to my knowledge nothing has emerged since.

        You are right in saying that Jimmy McAlpine had a stable of classic cars, lived at Marchwiel House, near Wrexham and died in the 1990’s, and lads were regularly taken to Marchwiel House on work parties from Bryn Estyn and other establishments (that happened elsewhere too, not just Wrexham) – and was a keen golfer.

  12. Heads up Jimmy. Posts from your Facebook page are now being published on a hate site attacking CSA survivors called ‘Real Troll Exposure’ you need to keep it locked down.

    1. So I understand Faith. But not to worry as the Outlaw FB page is purposely left open.

      My personal FB page and Twitter account are locked down, because I have a number of creepy stalkers who used to obsessively read every word in order to report me to the police and other agencies.

      They are pretty much starved of attention now, they can only see what I write on this site of course and the open FB page and nothing else, which as you can see – drives them round the bend.

      As for the ‘RTE’ site, after speaking to a number of people who know the author very well, I was made aware that he allegedly suffers from a number of personality disorders, and sadly also has (allegedly) profound learning difficulties, which impel him to stay online 24/7 trawling through social media accounts to attack random people.

      I am only one of an increasing number of people he has decided to focus on.

      Best ignored I think as most people are intelligent enough to see these people for what they are.

      Social misfits with a non-existent social life, zero social skills although they do display worrying fits of jealousy which clearly manifests itself in the behaviour they display online.

      You should feel sorry for his family, who are at this moment, undoubtably bearing the brunt of his impotent rage against the world, especially as Liverpool were thrashed by Man City in the Carling Cup Final earlier today.

  13. Our offer still stands Jimmy if you and your family want to relocate to the US with some real good folks you will always have a place here. Stand with you 100% brother stay strong

  14. Proving the points raised above by El Gringo, Mr S Just – the “alleged” mentally unstable individual running a blog that distresses alleged victims into contemplating suicide – is now claiming Jennie is your wife. Or as he put it, “Mrs Jones”.

    He doesn’t state it’s “allegedly” your wife, he says it IS Mrs Jones.

    Evidence please, Mr Just. Or is everything you report bluff, speculation, and online rumour?

    Your credibility is at stake now too, Mr Just.

    “I love it when a plan comes together!”

    1. In my experience, ‘proof’ or physical ‘evidence’ is the thing that is always conspicuous by its absence when these supposedly anonymous cowards churn out their selective drivel, which they tack onto the end of what they steal from people’s social media accounts.

      They must do nothing else with their lives but watch other people …. Pretty Creepy behaviour.

      The ‘Peeping Toms’ of the digital age.

      Let’s #just hope that he knows a competent defence lawyer specialising in libel, as the person who he is now alleging is someone else entirely, certainly has the wherewithal to drag him through any court in the land and leave him without even a pot to piss in.

      1. Jennie is your wife? Not according to the user ___js2 who last year wrote Jennie was an educated lady with 2 children. South African? Or Australian? Monkey’s shouldn’t perform before they ask their master’s permission, it always ends this way : With them looking like fools. Poor Simpleton.

  15. They know I’m not Jimmy’s wife. They do it to get a rise out of us, hoping to glean a little more info into who, where and how they can smear Jane or myself or anyone else they have not or cannot dox.

    If they could just find out that little bit more detail.

    You see, the name of their game is to find a CSA survivor who dares voice an eloquent opinion and to gag them. They don’t like anyone to be anon without their approval and full body search first.

    Who the fuck they think they are I haven’t a clue.

    They are nothing, until they intrude.

    To them it’s only folk like Rantzen – or those who have video proof they have met her – or the charity poster child, like that artist collecting victims stories to exhibit in the name of one or the other give-me-all-your-money charity who may be heard.

    Pffft….That man is as deluded as that addled AdeyBob. I believe they have serious mental health issues. They both need a good professional or a confessional to sort their head out.

    Having said that, I have no pity for them..

    I get the gist of Mr Just’s miserable life. Negativity begets negativity. It’s his just deserts.

    Just like with the other one.

    1. You would think they would have more important things to worry about, and at least try to do something productive with their lives – rather than obsessively trawl social media and blogs, in order to attack and attempt to undermine genuine CSA survivors like Cheryl Corless and others.

      Obviously, they haven’t or they are under instruction to do Just that.

      It may be that they are Just getting paid to do so, in which case, I would be most annoyed to have wasted cash on such bumbling and clueless morons – If I was the type of sicko that would even consider paying anyone to act in such a psychopathic manner towards good people, day in, day out that is.

      1. I am confused. If this mush runs to the police again wouldn’t he have to admit being the publisher of the ‘Real Troll Exposure’ blog which I hear the police are only not acting on because they couldn’t link it to an address yet? I do know that a few people, including some vulnerable CSA survivors have already reported that hateful blog to their police areas. wasn’t that mush arrested for harassment of the Liverpool JFT96 families whe he ran the ‘Honourables’ Twitter account. he has already been warned by the Merseyside police to stop wasting their time reporting every little thing that offends him? Or have I got that wrong?

      2. When PIE was disbanded the pervs where not rounded up. They had their feet nicely under official desks with the added bonus of a like minded network to continue off the records with.That Liberty lot are still trotting about Westminster with no qualms.

        Don’t forget that and you start to understand why so many who profess to be helping actually aren’t.

        Never trust an adult who submerges themselves in with the youth. It’s not that they can relate and simply love other folks kids. Just look at Michael Jackson and other National Treasures “doing it for the children and/or charity”.

        That farce is over.

        They prey on the vulnerable.

        Most adults have a hard time raising their own never mind taking on a strangers child, never mind the troubled ones. Look for the motive.

        That’s what I learned from my childhood, which is where I come from.

        I do not believe as many people are as altruistic as the number of children’s charities will have you believe. One only needs to look at the high Social Services Officers turn-over to get the gist of how the genuine soon get burned and give up.

        I know a few! They will tell you this is true.

        To much box ticking when the boss is only interested in the funding per child per week, which is rediculously expensive. Very few who work in charities don’t do it for the money, to earn a living along with their need to give back.

        The rest are wrong ‘ens, in my opinion.

        Those at the top of charities are not working for free, it’s the bottom rung who get to volunteer. Because the educated ones at the top aren’t stupid!

        Check out the millionaires calling the shots.

  16. Hello i have been able to become more vocal of late and i put myself into the den of vipers, and hey ho, eventually unable to ignore me, cos people might see the evidence of the real effective early , etc, which really did allow free speech and were creative and wild, free and spontaneous and terrifying for me, i still had control issues, bless me…. 🙂 anyway., hello jimmy, and thank you for all you have done to help keep it real, and hello other me, and goodness how between being you and therefore jimmy’s wife, as well as RD, and a bla de bla, Jimmy you have put it really clearly, and there are quite a few victims, coming forward to various safe admins, i am in touch with, the world over, and as i have tried to put as clearly as possible, the links and trends, tactics. and signposts, i am seeing real signs as far as i can tell, that there are some shifts amongst some pretty awake people that see the spotlight and are showing us support,

    I too have let and ignored rumours and carried on, doing what i do, and there are quite alot of signs of activity in some groups with newer inexperienced admins, where i am just seeing what’s it all about……

    I also had personal problems, was near suicided, sectioned and more, i now realise how i missed the triggers and treatment, that led me there, and fell easily, and then blamed myself, and any witnessing their treatment of me, which has been my evidence, proving what i knew and others have recieved and also blamed themselves, although i am aware that there are people in danger, right now, some who are not able to be publically named, but who have fallen, and having done so myself, and become the worst wreckage ever……..

    So, i have been opening, more so as i said i would, warned them i would be so doing, and so they began ……… I have chuckled so much along the way as they played into my hands, or they just behaved as they do, and i happened to catch them out, often flukely, as if guided,…. 🙂
    I have been cautious as not wanting to bring more harm to any, hence tend to follow people’s lead in terms of outing information, i had to though back off, when they were using me to attack you jimmy, i couldn’t defend myself enough, nor risk my son, but as they have combined us in their attack towards either of us, at times, then i am happy at last to be able to throw in the odd penny or two, if that’s ok with you 🙂

    Ahh, there is tho, one big but for me, Theresa Cooper, who has been helped by Gojam, which for her means a loyalty, of course, but she herself, has worked for decades, and helped about 30 odd survivors cases go through, and who has struggled to get the church of englands’ involvement with drugs and pindown, included and addressed, invesigated etc…..alot on her own back, off her own back, i mean, and a strong fighter, imho…. and a few others that i think you may have misjudged, they may have got entangled on the twitter warfare, which i just couldn’t manage to be on, sometime, because it was so hard not to mis step or upset someone , and really it is disheartening and in truth quite small numbers of people who act as though they run the CSA survivors’ movement, it is huge, and in flux constantly……but there are some really good examples of long term work…..

    1. Hi Sheva, it’s good to hear that you are feeling stronger, and as I’m sure you already know, you will always have a safe platform to vent here – if needed.

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