A newly uploaded video by Brian Harvey, which very cleverly, and clearly illustrates the way in which vulnerable people can be, and often are ‘Coached’ to make allegations of sexual abuse and even murder by some very unscrupulous, immoral and utterly despicable characters.

Characters who have, over the last decade or so, exhibited what is now widely believed to be a clear agenda to not only try to discredit genuine witnesses and survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse by any means, but also to protect the more prominent abusers by muddying the waters and laying false trails which lead absolutely nowhere.

Enjoy the video and please subscribe to Brian’s YouTube Channel ….

EDIT: The video has now been removed from Youtube

25 thoughts on “DEEP HOLES

  1. Brilliantly and succinctly put, Jimmy. They really did not want us to connect nor stay connected, nor connect dots.
    I am ever grateful for those like you who have been able to collect and collate evidence and share it.

  2. Do you think that Brian’s YouTube channel is being restricted in some way? Only a few hundred views seems low considering the bloke has sold millions of records

    1. Going on Brian’s active fan base around the world, it is safe to assume that his YouTube channels are being ‘throttled back’ or ‘strangled’ in some way.

      Therefore, I would have to say yes Faith,

  3. Another good thing about this JJ is that now you are openly supporting Brian Harvey on this site, then none of the CSA weirdos and fakers will be trying to latch onto him. In the same way that a certain abusive Welsh nutter ‘dropped’ his fake support for Danny and Shatterboys after you published his open and honest response to the attacks by UK Column’s Scottish attack dogs. An excellent result all round I think.

  4. Would I be right in thinking that the picture of bulletholes you have used in this post was a subtle reference to the bogus claim made by the very odd Chris Fay to Bill Baloney about being shot at?

    Or was it a completely random pic of deep holes?

        1. I will of course, have to politely decline your request as I don’t know if you have noticed, but I own the gaff!!!

          However, I can recommend a few agencies who will be more than helpful, should you ever decide to seek help with working on your abysmal people skills.

          Enjoy your day

        2. Someone having a little sweat in their socks?

          Never mind Esther McVey might help you. To an early grave like she did so many others the last time, Theresa May got a roasting from the UN about it, yet has decided Esther McVey is a goer for a 2nd time around.


  5. Yornemeis… sound like a nice boy… albeit bit needy and repressed I’ve been told on good authority that my arse is like A male version of J LO and Beyonce combined. Hopefully you comment again so Jimmy can help us meet….ooooo…..we could have fun!!!

    1. ‘The Truth Seeking Music Makers’– who hid like cowards saying nothing while I was being trashed and lied about all over the interwebz by Fabooka and his ilk …. who claimed (and still do) that Shilby Shill was me.

      A right bunch of charmers, the pride of Essex.

      1. In the days when the TSMM used to clone Google and Youtube accounts to pretend to be the people who were showing them up for what they were.

        It all links back to Trump himself in a way & ties Brian Harvey into it as well. .

        Baloney is in with Gerrish, Icke etc,

        Icke is a mate of Alex Jones, (Alex Jones makes a point of saying they are good friends in a few of his Youtube vids),
        Alex Jones = well known go to disinfo ‘shill’ mate of Trump,
        Trump is mates with Murdoch.


        Epsteins paedo island seems to be the only reason I can think of for why.

  6. One must have a heart of stone to read of the death of Little Nell without laughing……. Oscar Wilde at his best. I urge readers here to check out today’s episode of DOCTORS…..BBC 1…..on every day about 2 o clock.

    I watch it on record most nights with my wife and usually enjoy. Is well acted and covers topical issues usually. But when they use my money to tug at heartstrings to promote illegal immigration I get VERY VERY angry – BBC propoganda at its best.

    Btw only writing this cos after my predictable RANT wife sent me to bed in disgrace…..ah well..

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