I like David Icke. I have respect for the man, and I shall tell you why that is.

When I met him, he was courteous, compassionate, knowledgeable and he listened. We spoke at length for a few hours, and there was no front, no agenda and no bullshit. He met with me alone, no entourage, no cameras, no nauseating sycophants telling me where to sit or stand or speak. He was armed only with a notebook and pen, he drinks tea, he laughs at things that are funny and he is human!

Plus: he was as good as his word, as he proved later..

In my book, that ticks all the boxes, I do not suffer fools nor scam artists easily, I do not entertain personal agenda’s, political double-speak or nodding acceptance…

That is why I like David Icke.

But as for the people who hang onto his coat tails, that is a completely different matter. The so-called ‘Eyes-Wide-Open’ Conspiracy Theorists who congregate like Jackals in and around the David Icke Forums have got to be experienced to be believed.

If you are new to the forum, you will be ridiculed, if you dare to post anything of value, it will be torn apart like a fallen Wildebeest in the Khalahari, until the skeletal remains of your opinions are left to disintegrate under a merciless sun.

I have posted on there quite a lot, and apart from some notable exceptions, have met with nothing but scorn and dismissal from self-important, territorial and rather juvenile ‘Veteran’ Forum members.

That in itself would not ordinarily be a problem, but the blinkered and dismissive attitudes serve only to enhance their arrogance.

They ridicule Social Media with terms like ‘Twatter’, and make ludicrous claims to be the font of any and all information that concerns the life of Jimmy Savile. It is staggeringly tedious trawling through the duplicated information and regurgitated photographs, that, as they arrogantly claim, is ‘The Biggest Child Abuse Forum’ on the Internet.

The thread, incidentally was started not long after the Jimmy Savile Revelations by the now *cough* deceased and very much admired (on the DI Forums anyway) Anders7777, who would doubtless have something to say about the direction the thread is heading.

(If of course he was alive that is, which many forum members insist he is not.)

The ‘Largest’ Child Abuse thread, “The Wounded Healer Journal”, has been online since 1995, and is the ‘Go To’ place for victims and Professionals worldwide if it’s a matter of ‘Numbers’ as is so often discussed on Forums and blogs.

I have watched with anger as genuine victims of CSA, have been savaged over their understandably cloudy recollections of dates, times and notable ‘names’ etc.

It takes tremendous courage and inner strength for any victim of abuse to come forward, let alone on a worldwide stage like the Internet, and being subjected to the kind of hostility they meet with on the DI Forums, is nothing short of being abused all over again..

I cannot think of anyone in the public eye during Savile’s life that has not been mentioned at one time or another… Clutching at straws is the kinder description of my preferred choice of words in regard to the whole thread.

If, as they so proudly state, that the ‘Spooks’ are regular visitors, then I assure you they are pissing themselves over the amount of blind alleys being painstakingly scrutinised.

I will not believe that the DI Forums, are, although they share his name in any way connected to the views and opinions of the man himself..

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  1. Now they have gone after Eric Sykes because of a resemblance to him in a pic with Ted Heath WTF LOL

    1. Thats because Eric Sykes and the bloke in the photo were proud wearers of a tam o’ shanter therefore it’s obvious to anybody that they’re paedophiles.

  2. Hi Outlaw,

    Like you, I too respect Icke. After all, it was Icke’s book “And The Truth Shall Set You Free” that awakened me to much conspiracies, the msm writes off as theory when those who’ve studied it know all too well it’s fact. Then again the msm is controlled and has an agenda.

    As for forums, I stopped posting on them a long time ago. As you said, there are many who will attack you simply for the sake of doing so. However it was the moderators whom I fell foul of who would abuse their power regularly, deleting articles they disagreed with and happily throwing bans all over the place willynilly.

    Best advice is to avoid them like the plague. Keep bloging, keep replying on other blogs and keep asking questions. When you look at reality, print media are losing out to blogs because people are now cottoning on to the constant lies and lack of impartiality from the msm.



  3. Well said, Jimmy.

    I really do like David Icke, even when I think he’s wrong, because I see a very bright and beautiful soul in his eyes and in his whole demeanour. But I’d never known him to post on his forum, and it is the lesser for it. I’m very sorry to hear the victims/survivors have been treated that way on that forum.

  4. I agree with you, David is a very decent, honest and courageous man. The forum is another matter entirely and not a place I intend to visit a second time.

  5. I’m a bit gutted by that analysis Jimmy . I agree with the points you make and I’m no fan of Icke personally but his forum is the only place I use to put my findings across.There are others who are putting a lot of time and effort into useful investigating if you can call it that. Sometimes its like banging your head against a brick wall but some useful info is coming out. We’re not all jackals you know. And if Icke has the balls you say he has why isn’t he more vocal cos from where I’m sitting he’s doing fuck all apart from watching the notes roll in from the forum traffic. All the best. (martyr pope)

    1. Thanks for your comment. I did mention that there are ‘Notable Exceptions’ my friend. As in life there are some genuine people on there who’s only ‘Agenda’ is to see the guilty punished and making children safe…

      1. Please don’t let them win by the divide and rule technique. We are all on the same side. Whichever piece of this Vile jigsaw that blasts tptb off their foundations can only help to put an end to organised, money making, perverted child abuse. We are only human and we often don’t get things right. We are trying to make a difference and do something positive. If one thing we achieve is a unity in this fight and a raising of awareness, we empower everyone with a voice. Collectively we can do this. We do this from love.
        Peace. WW

  6. No-one has ‘gone after’ Eric Sykes, no-one has said he was a paedo, I think one or two remarked on a resemblance, that’s all. Yes, one or two posters, out of all the posters on the forum. But of course the idiots on here like ‘Peggy’ and ‘Keith’ disregard all the work and research that has been going on and choose to focus on that as if it represents the sum of everything on there – fuck off, morons.

  7. Just for the record, Jimmy. I’ve been to Daffodilrite’s blog and I’ve read many of her posts. From my understanding, Valerie Sinason is NOT Daffodilrite’s therapist. She posted a quote from one of Sinanson’s book in her blog, but that was it. Also, as far as I know, Daffodilrite’s didn’t take part in any “recovered memory” therapy. Her memories is what she can remember.

    Daffodilrite had about two or three therapist in the last years. She lives in Scotland and I think all her therapists are from there. Valerie Sinason works in England (London), not Scotland. Actually, in her last post I understood her therapist advised her NOT to talk to the police regarding her information.

    All that mess in Icke’s forum could have been avoided if people knew this info. All they had to do is read Daffodilrite’s blog to know about it. Anyway, just to know.

    1. Hi Jimmy,

      There has been a lot of love and kind words in reply to this post from those of us at the David Icke forum. One or two people upset, but I am sure you’ll understand that after you’ve been so critical. The response has been overwhelmingly positive to you, We do get a lot of spooks and shills there, posting negative energy and thoughts, it’s been proven time after time. Unfortunately posting there you have to accept that and get to know who’s trustworthy or it can be a rough ride. The many well-meaning people there deal with a lot of shit daily, because there are so many disruptive influences trying to throw us off-course!!

      I’ve been on there since page one of the Savile thread, and having learned to spot the shills from the genuines, I don’t recognise the regular majority as anything like you have represented here.

      There are a number of factual mistakes in your blog here. It is not ‘the biggest forum on child abuse’ on the internet, of course. It is not a child abuse forum at all. Some might have accidentally said that, and I am sorry if they have. But it IS the biggest internet thread trying to expose institutionalized child abuse from top to bottom ever within British society, and to stop it from ever, ever happening again, isn’t it?

      Another huge mistake you make is saying what Anders wanted. I’m in touch (and they post on the thread) with some of his most trusted fellow seekers of truth. One of the people you criticise most strongly in this blog about pictures was just one of four or five people in the whole world he deliberately highlighted before he died as being absolutely IN SYNCH with what he was trying to achieve with the thread and his overall vision. For Anders I believe Savile was the ‘key’ to unlock the much bigger conspiracy and to bring it down once and for all, to protect all children everywhere, forever more. Savile is the crux, but unfortunately this horrendous evil spreads out so far everywhere, there’s a huge amount to deal with.

      With respect, I think you have missed this bigger picture, although I absolutely understand why you have (because you have enough directly in front of you to deal with I am certain). We understand that.

      As regards Sinason, I think you need to clear this up ASAP please. You imply in your blog that she’s the one helping Daff. That was the concern on the Icke thread (about Sinason). Sara now says that she’s not. What’s right here? Please don’t forget that we have been set up once before on the Icke thread with Messham and Mcalpine (not to mention the PM Cameron even getting involved), so people are extremely wary – this goes high up indeed, so we need to call it right. I haven’t seen anyone on Icke doubt Daff whatsoever, only concern about Sinason. Please understand why we are careful about this. Any clarity you can bring here would be much appreciated, and help us ALL to move forward together, as one, to confront and topple these evil bastards once and for all, so that this awful awful suffering of our nation’s children may never be allowed to happen again.

      Bless you Jimmy, and all power to you, and you are welcome at the Icke forum anytime, everyone says so,

      Peter xxx

      (hangthedj on the Icke forum and a coldplayfan on twitter)

      1. Thanks for your comprehensive response. With respect, I more than most see ‘The Bigger Picture’ or ‘Agenda’ with the utmost clarity. Also, if you remember, was I not very vocal about the whole Messham/McAlpine issue being part of a bigger set-up from my very first post? I am truly trying to get people working together by concentrating on the more important aspects of the whole thing. Many who know the truth are breathing a huge sigh of relief at the attention that Jimmy Savile is getting. In fact, those are the very people who are, ‘Missing The Big Picture!’ I have composed what I think is a suitable response to post to the forum when it becomes accessible again. With regard to Daff, it was she who said she was working with the Psychologist in question, not I. I very rarely assume anything, on the contrary, until I am certain enough of the facts to stand in a witness box to defend said issue, I will say nothing. I bear nobody any ill will, after all we are all just mere bit players in a massive performance being played out behind establishment closed doors. I am with you in principle, and have made myself accessible to anybody who wishes to open their eyes and ears to the truth. With regard to Anders, are you aware of his history? I am, but it is not open to discussion on such a public platform.. All I get from the forum is hearsay, some gossip, half-remembered childhood memories and yellowing pictures that are in the public domain. And yes, some of the accusations aired are quite frankly, pure fantasy? But, that said, I do applaud what you are trying to do, but the format being used is way too messy, too complicated and too many are pulling in different directions, and are too easily pulled off course..

  8. Jimmy, Daff said she was receiving help from Sinason, that’s true. But she didn’t say Sinason was her therapist. From what I could understand in her blog, she has a different therapist. Plus, Daff lives in Scotland and Sinason works in England. It would be very difficult for both to have Sinason as her therapist. Best regards!

    1. That’s fine, though some elaboration would be good, but I guess you are the kind who also throws stones and then runs away… Be Well eh?

  9. Thanks for your response Jimmy 🙂

    I remember well about the Messham / McApine business, indeed. You warned us, and thank you so much for that. Unfortunately most of us on that thread (maybe) hadn’t worked our way up to anywhere near the full levels of what was going on, so we had a whole swathe of energy flowing to nail some evil bastards. We didn’t have enough notice (just a day or so I think?). You were way ahead of us then. A day or so later it turned out we were deliberately being led the wrong way (as you said). A lesson learned, and are trying to avoid round II with the doubts over Sinason.

    Don’t forget – the PM had to get involved to discredit the thrust of the Icke thread then.

    You then went on about Messham for a good many few hundred pages of the thread when we had all already (mostly) ‘got’ it, and had moved on far very far from there. So it works both ways – don’t blame the well-meaning people at the Icke forums please. And in fact I think that’s where we (you and the forum) first got (sadly) a bit ‘disconnected’ for the first time.

    Thanks for clearing up the Sinason issue, I have no idea why Sara then posted what she did (although we have been so much under attack from fakers and shills tonight on DIF they had to close it for a while to clear up in the end). There are spooks and disinfo people all over this, and if you don’t see them on the Icke forum, well…

    Jimmy, you cannot just dip in and out of that thread, dropping a ‘bombshell’ here or there, and not expect to be scrutinised (sorry not even you). That;s the whole point of it. Stand up and prove true to your word or eff off. You say you knew Anders, but if you don’t get that, sorry I don’t think you ever did.

    You’ve slagged us ALL off as a whole forum on your blog here (some of the members are people who are devoting their lives to fighting for the very same cause you are, just from a different perspective) simply because you don’t understand the angle of truth they’re trying to come at this from, imo. How about going on the forum and engaging with some of us, before slagging us off ALL off?

    The overwhelming mood (even in response to this huge attack) by yourself has been overwhelmingly and positive, and we would love to welcome you back. That is, if I haven’t put you off, but sorry mate this blog is way off the mark, and imvho you’re attacking the wrong people.

    Those of true of heart,
    We stand here with you,
    And ALL victims,

    Much love and much respect, and all power to you,

    You have my username on there, and my twitter,

    Peter xxx

    1. I never said I knew Anders.. I have not met him, nor spoken to him but have received enough info to know enough to comment, and comment only, not accuse! I have a life outside of the Internet and I post when time allows, other things have to take priority I’m afraid. With regard to posting ‘hundreds’ of times about Messham. So be it, but still thousands of people hang on to his every word so, I agree it was an exercise in futility on my part. He played his part for the Media and he will forever be known as the face and the voice of Childhood abuse in this country. It sickens me that, that is the case. I wish I could devote my life to digging out every aspect of Savile’s life, but as somebody who has wide open eyes, my time is better spent elsewhere. Attack me in any way you wish… I just hope that you can hold your head high at the end of this, and people know that you have made a difference.. My conscience is clear. I have survived the kind of things that you can only talk about on a forum. I do apologise if you are offended but, if you cannot see what is going on I cannot and will not assist… With All Due Respect… Jimmy..

      1. So what do you ‘know enough’ to comment about Anders at all, let alone make a blog slagging his great thread off?

        I see your mad back-tracking now.

        So, tell us why what you know about the man that is different to what people he knew and loved the best say about him. And why you state as fact that he would be unhappy with the direction the thread is going in when the people closest to him say that it is going AS HE WANTED.

        Furious with you, but with very much love as always because I know you are honest and decent and true, and we just need to reconnect here, because we are fighting for the very same thing ffs.

        Much love xxx

        1. Back-Tracking? Leave it there if you would be so kind, I do not want a battle with you. Saying that you have to know someone to make a comment about them kind of makes the whole forum null and void, as almost everyone talks and comments about people they have never met and know almost nothing about except what they read in the papers and trawl from the Internet. I don’t need this and your precious forum does not need somebody with (dare I say it) a different opinion like me.. I am sure I will survive..
          Without Pejudice

    2. Thank you Peter, I mean that. An eloquent and well constructed response which I will obviously acknowledge and take on board some of your very good points. I will be back on the forum…
      With Respect


      1. I am so very, very glad to see this last post of yours Jimmy ! because if you had have decided to leave the forum all together then we would ALL have been the worst for it. Mutual support is what is important here, because as has clearly been said we are all fighting for the same outcome. I think that I can speak for many when I say that I have been on the steepest learning curve of my life, sometimes I wish that I hadn’t fallen so deeply’ down the rabbit hole’, because I cannot now go back and ‘unlearn’ what I have learnt, ‘unsee’ what I have seen But I well and truly did fall in, and I am now here for the duration, and do you know why? I am certain now that I have spent most of my life realising that there was another meaning to this world, but that feeling had no direct focus and no real answers. I just had a vague intuition that somehow my life’s calling involved helping children. Therefore what broke in the MSM last October acted purely as a catalyst. Since then I have taken on board tons of info, a lot from your blog, but I have moved on to read many others, I have just tried starting up a Twitter account but that isn’t easy (made a complete pigs ear of my username and don’t know how to change it, oh well), I post useful info as and when I can and comment on pertinent bits of info from the various blogs, whilst still trying to live a day to day ordinary life in these difficult times, and bring up two teenage boys. I count myself very blessed not to have endured any serious ‘abuse’ in my childhood and have wonderful and very supportive parents. However I cannot say the same for someone very close to me and am beginning to suspect that something very serious happened in his teenage years, to make him behave the way he has. All my experiences to date have culminated in my eyes being very wide open, and I am now wide awake. If nothing else then, what the Savile thread has become is a beacon to effect just that, to start to wake people up. We know that it can slide off into tangents every now and then and info keeps being repeated, some people have personal agenda’s and some are just plain ‘out there’, but if the whole thing acts as a first introduction to the very people we are trying to wake up, the General Public. Then who are we (the people who post there) to dictate to all, how things should be best managed? Not to mention the number of new posters we have had recently who are starting to tell us their personal stories of abuse. They are not ignored or sidelined but heard and encouraged further.

        Please then let us all work in harmony for a common and very worthy cause.

        Best wishes,

        aka Rabbit@rainbowsophie42 on Twitter and Nowdowntherabbithole on David Icke

        1. I was your second follower (I think) Twitter is a good place, safe if you make some friends which, in me you already have. Support like you have given me on my blog makes it more worthwhile. It really Makes me think I am not just shouting at the sky.
          With Gratitude

          Jimmy xx

    3. Peter, I have no secret agenda whatsover I was only trying to clear things up. Sinason could be Daffodilrite’s therapist, but I think it would be difficult for both since they both live in different parts of UK. Sinason is helping her according to her Daffodilrite’s twitter, but that doesn’t mean she is he therapists.

      Best regards to all!

      1. Thanks for that Sara. Therapists will travel though if they have a steady client ‘base’ elsewhere in the country (obviously London is the favourite). At £100 (at least) an hour it works quite well for them. NOT saying that is what is happening here (I know nothing about the situation at hand) but that CAN be the way they work xxx

  10. Jimmy, I have just seen your comment of 12am and I thank for that very much for that. Let’s both sleep on it eh? Just know that the people that Anders mobilised and got together as a team are fully behind you. All we dream about (and are working so for) is an end to this evil, and a brighter future for all children from now onwards. I know we share the same goals, let’s accomplish it. Speak soon xxx

  11. Don’t underestimate the effect the thread is having I know for a fact there are Labour mp’s losing sleep as a direct result of that one thread. Despite the speculation going in unlikely directions it’s the sustained duration and sheer numbers that are doing the damage. The more it rumbles on the more likely the Dam will break and victims such as you will see Justice.

    1. I am fully aware of the threat that 1970’s Knitting Patterns hold to the establishment. And Tam O’ Shanters may also be the key.. Sorry.

      1. Please dont twist and shout. Do the hoky poky coky instead..

        Left leg in, left leg out, I love David Icke it’s what my life is all about…

        Good Innit?

        PS: Fancy doing a Conga with me? Love You..

        1. I have more important things to do than ‘Diss’ the DI forum TBH. I am getting weary of all the armchair detective Miss Marple and Phillip Marloe’s trying to ‘Crack the Case’… I have a life, I had a life before this and will have a life after. Man Up? That needs no response whatsoever, ‘Real Stuff’ where? Just re-heated gossip which further bloats the already overly pompous and sluggish, game of ‘Spot the Paedophile.’ I already said it was not my choice to be here, I do not want anyone hanging on my every word, what I want is for people to wake up and make their own minds up. You really do have a high opinion of the ‘Power’ of that thread don’t you. How many MSM Journo’s do you know personally who read it. The one’s I know only breeze through to pick up on the latest crazy idea that is being discussed. Maybe you lot should ‘Man Up’ and stop hanging on David Icke’s name and reputation and stand on your own two feet. I do, and to be frank, I see no threat, nor challenge from anybody on the DI Forum.

  12. by the way I know journos are readin it coz I read the Sun and i am very very clever that way!!

    1. And we all know what lovers of the truth the MSM are eh? Proves my point, like attracting like on a bad news day…

  13. no there are the odd good ones especially independant onesi mean sometimes they wanna expose the truth but are leaned on by editors and tptb and why have u removed my other comment truth hurts? why cant we unite to fight the bastards??

    1. Fight! What do any of you truly know about the scale of the enemy you face, you can tap away until you are blue in the face at a million keyboards. It’ll get you nowhere, taking to the streets will just get you arrested, locked up or probably shot if things go to plan. The Truth Hurts, it does, I deal with it every day of my life. I do not live in a fantasy word where all predators look like Jimmy Savile or BBC Entertainers. This whole bloody thing has turned my life upside down, I was doing fine, then the lying Messham entered my life again. Again I say Fight? I was fighting off predatory Paedophiles from the age of six years old. I have Fought them ever since, I have the physical scars to prove it. The MSM are too frightened to go near the story, the TV are terrified of the truth getting out. And Yes I do stand on my own two feet, and alone. I get fifty, maybe more e-mails daily from people who were brutalised as children asking for my help. So yes I fight, I scream, I rant and yes, I cry with the pain of it all. I hold them together when all I want to do is run away and hide in a corner. But I can’t do that can I, I have to help them and to try and educate my own children about the dangers. I fight in every way I can about what is still happening. I help adults who are still too damaged to even cuddle their children because they are terrified that people will accuse them of something awful. People who have sat on open fires to make themselves as unattractive as possible, people who have gouged lumps out of themselves with broken bottles because when they bleed they know they still alive. Some are drinking themselves to death. Fifty year old men who rock themselves to sleep, and cannot bear to turn the lights off. People who have such self-loathing that they have cut off parts of their anatomy because it reminds them of their stolen childhood. Scared people, damaged people, adults who do not even know how to even cry anymore… So don’t tell me how obsessed with your Forum I am. You want To reveal the Truth? Are you sure, some of the people say they feel sick when they hear rumours, what would happen when they smell real blood and broken bodies? They want to fight? Then they had better be prepared for the reality of it. I live with it every day my friend. I offered you an insight and I was pulled up as I got the year wrong. Well I’m so sorry, I was too busy trying to survive to look at the Calender. You want me to name names? Then what? They will survive, probably not even get to stand trial, and me? You and the rest of the voyeurs will have your suspicions satisfied and can pat yourselves on your collective backs. But me, I will be dead my friend. My children would not have a father and may well be taken into the same system that I fight to dismantle every day. So if you want names, find them the same way that I did…

      1. Well that last comment of yours says it all really, impassioned and from the heart. I personally have no reposte, no response, apart from to say that I do get it (saw that clearly from the post above last night). Your health, your welfare and above all your family come first in all of this.

        From a personal point of view my heart goes out collectively to all the people that contact you daily and I truly wish that I had the in depth knowledge and skills to be able to assist in helping them, maybe I need to revise my intention to study as a counsellor towards that of victim support and assistance.

        I still think that a lot of this whole misunderstanding regarding the Icke thread came about because of simply that, people not understanding one-another, their words or their motives. But to a certain extent that is human nature, and we cannot change that, nor should we, as it is part of what makes each and every one of us truly unique. We all have our place in this world, tho’ sometimes it takes time and effort to see what that may be and why individually we are what we are. If this all sounds very conciliatory that’s because I am a peace maker, I have known that for a while as well. I see the right in all and the best in all.

        I will carry on posting on the Icke thread as I still have info to impart and points to make, and, (other readers take note), it is most certainly NOT all about knitting patterns and Tam-o-Shanters. It can more pertinently be a discussion about the History of certain Satanic individuals and how they relate to past and current events, and the people they connect to! or the connections between various companies that were complicit in Multi-national arms deals! But I will definitely also still read everything you write Jimmy and comment where comment is due. I will still read and comment on other blogs as well, everything from The Needle to Bag Lady, and Spivey to Aangirfan and beyond. As far as I am concerned Information is a weapon and I want to be well armed in that respect, as I am unlikely to be armed in any other!

        I wish you very well in everything you do.
        In Love and Light


      2. That’s a mighty fine comment Jimmy.
        Even though you describe me as an armchair Miss Marple.
        That probably has something to do with the smell of stale piss.
        Anyway,you’re right.This is big.
        Bigger than I definitely thought.

  14. number 1) I am not a voyer. I have been abused myself from the age of 6. By amny men some i knew and some i didnt. I still have scars all over my body from self abuse and others abuse,cutting,scalds burns fingers in doors the lot.my hair has half fallen out with stress and i dont like goin outside I was pulled outta school early which is whymy writin is so bad problems with drugs also yes
    number 2) This is not a competition and getting arsy and hostile is not gonna help things.
    3)i said fight because i realsie that now that is what they are afraid of the most now which is why we must unite together and at least try yes i have been through the disbelief and the bullying before and the people not believing me but i feel now is the time to push once once more it is in the public consiousness and has to be done to help younger generations coming through yeah its scary i have kids too but do i sit back and let them carry on when i see it still goin on?no that doesnt measn you have to but it does mean u shouldnt try stop other people doin it or laugh at them and ridicule them either.
    you are bitter coz of one post on that forum but it runs deeper u dony want revisit wounds they are reopening i get that. but before that u likd it and was a good contributore for FS why when i believe these people are well meaning yes they may not know the half of it but we should grasp whatever help we can get
    i understand u have an agenda coz u dont want to revisit this place and it was inflicted on u but some of us do finally want to put this on the map and make people listen am i deluded maybe but if we give up the long hard fight the bastartds will win and win and win evry single time and i dnt want my kids or their kids to go through what i have been through.this thing is massive and people like u and me are coming out and want to be counted this is their greatest fear
    so dont judge others like u say i am doing and that forrum is doing they are helping me i dont post but i watch and listen and they mean well

    1. Sorry ‘Jenny’ you can spell ‘Competition’ but not ‘Forum’ that is not somebody with little education, that is something else. (any decent spellcheck would have corrected those deliberate mis-spellings).
      But as you rightly say this is not a Competition and I do not wish to compare 50 shades of Abuse with you. I will deal with things in my own way, I have developed my own coping strategies and do not need to be told how I deal with my own issues.

  15. oh my god u are saying i was not abused u really are a sicko u are not what u say u are i can promise u i was yes i read whjich is helping my spelling is that a crime? I want nothing to do with u u have shown people what u are like u ridicuule and bully i am so angry at u how dare u goodbye
    ps the forrum was a typo does that pass ur abuse test or would u like to come and visit me and see the damage?

    1. Could you please point out where I said you were not Abused? I am slightly confused by your response. All I said was it’s not a competition and did not wish to compare abuse stories. If that was denying you were abused, it appears that the problem lies elsewhere.

  16. u are sluring me saying i am not ‘jenny’ in those commas and that my ID is in qestion that is why and so u suggest i am not who i say i am therefore CASTING DOUBT on my story THAT IS WHY. I am angry and also getting to upset by this now……..u have an anger and no trust which i understand i really do but u are aiming it at the wrong poeple please stop picking on me and let us support eachother

  17. Jenny, no one is saying that they don’t believe you were abused. Please don’t suggest they did as it is quite clear that wasn’t said. To be fair you joined this thread immediately accusing the author of the blog of being a bully. I know him personally and i can assure you that this is not the case, he is truly putting himself out there to try and help others and being honest and upfront. We all have different opinions and i can assure you that if you approach Jimmy with a reasoned and calm disagreement he will give you all the time in the world to discuss rationally. Blessings x

  18. thank u willowearth /////that means a lot\\\\
    there is nothing worse than not being beleived honesly.ive had it all my life. i did feel like he meant that tho coz he put my name in commas. i just have seen him going on and on on twitter and on this blog and everything about a place were i can see poeple who care at least and gettin some of the message out therefor poeple to here (some of it is shit yes) it gets a bit much for me coz i need to take help werever i can get it i have noone else except my kids and its hard for me. ive lived alone and have no support nobody has ever helpd me my life is exploading with a mix of angry and upset feelings. maybe ive been to pashonut but i dont want poeple to feel sorry for me i just want to be heard, for to long i have been qiet…….i just feel like when i try to explain he has always a clever anser like nitpicing and im not clever as he is. I just want peace and respect i promise that is all……

    1. Jenny, maybe you should actually post on the Forum, I can understand that you are feeling very alone and isolated, but even a first post just to have your voice heard and understood may help you. You are justifiably angry at your situation and that is good as expressing anger is cathartic. Either that or join O.C.E.A.N. which is on Twitter, set up by @angleseydrift and others. Anywhere to get your voice and story heard, and to stand up and be counted as you asked.

      Much love and metaphorical hugs xx

  19. thank you ranebowsophie, im crying coz u have been so kind. not many poeple are . im to scared to post the poeple on there are kind but i am not clever like them and cant even spell (which some poeple think is a trick). i like to just watch and sometimes i see names i know which makes it hard and i have to take a brake. i do feel so alone it is night that is the worse and i have a nice – ish house which i keep clean and tidy but nobody here with me when kids are in bed. i am a good mum tho nobody can say im not. that is what keeps me going. every now and then i get angry and want to fight but tomoro i will probably change my mind coz it gets u like that. i know wot u mean about anger being good in a way i used to hide feelings and cut to check i could feel but at least with anger you know u are alive and dealing with the pain later is small price to pay its good in fact. when u do something it is really you and u feel it. I am so sorry i just want to go it hurts so bad i wish i was never born sometimes. but thank you for ur kindest words and hugsxxxxxxxxxxx

  20. thank you thank you thank you everybody im sorry if im not making much sense and i sound crazy my head is batted all i know is i was upset at him always being mean to some poeple but i didnt mean to cause trouble please forgive me god i know im anoying everyone i wont bother anyone anymore thank you for kind words and email i am touchedxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Speak to Willowearth Jenny, she is a good and beautiful soul and I am sure she will help and comfort you!

      You are amongst friends

      I wish you a Good Night, and a better dawn tomorrow XXX

  21. I do believe that David is genuine in what he does but he is spreading himself far too thinly and appears to be abandoning the British scene . Most of his articles are now aimed at the American market. When you take on such a huge market maybe you have to leave things that you really shouldn’t to other people . The DI brand is now like a huge corporation and those at the top are becoming more and more alienated from the core supporters at ground level. It’s understandable that Icke would want his family members working with / for him in the ‘family firm’ but isn’t this just the sort of nepotism the posh boys get up to?

  22. Hahahaha Ickey the Pikey has a lot to answer for. His followers are demented

  23. Icke has been showing his true colours for a while and is losing support all over the shop

  24. I love it when these idiots get shown for the liars and manipulators they are.

  25. Hit the nail firmly on the head here. I stopped posting on the Icke forum boards after getting bullied and shouted down for weeks just for having an opinion. I used to enjoy seeing your posts there and always admired the way up you went against the consensus. Respect to you for standing up to them x

  26. What is needed is a press and social media blackout..I know freedom of yada yada… But freedom of all survivors and those poor youngsters still being sab can only happen when the celebrity paedophille pantomime stops so the real truth can emerge

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