Now that the mainstream media appear to be running with the story of how VIP Paedophile Accuser ‘Nick,’ was charged some eight months ago, with what are being referred to as ‘Paedophile Offences’ – I have decided to publish a short article only, for readers to post their own thoughts about what is going on.

I have no intention of being dragged into any aspect of CSA Advocacy again, any more than I would volunteer to be blinded with a red-hot poker – which is no reflection on genuine survivors in any way, but those who know me will know exactly what I mean, and will be able to understand why.

What I can say, however, is that I am in daily contact (privately) with a number of genuine CSA survivors, all of whom are understandably appalled, (but not at all surprised) by this latest revelation, and like myself, have never subscribed to the #ibelievenick mantra that has been circulating on social media since it began.

I will continue to support genuine survivors to the best of my ability, as they do me, that will never change, but I will never again add my voice to any public displays of ‘Paedo Hunting,’ nor will the Outlaw lend it’s support to any of the more fantastical claims that have emerged.

I have already walked along that road, and have along the way, met with many of those who claim to be CSA Survivor ‘advocates’ and ‘supporters’, and among their disparate ranks – I have encountered some of the most wicked, duplicitous, cruel, disgusting, stomach-churningly disturbing, inherently evil and downright dangerous people a person could ever have the misfortune to meet.

Which should, I hope, tell you everything you need to know.

I have already offered my opinions on ‘Nick’ and his ilk, and despite the Daily Mail’s claim to have been the first to voice suspicions about ‘Nick’s’ credibility, back in 2015, regular readers of the Outlaw may recall that an article,  ‘Survivor or Storyteller’ was published here around that time, as well as ‘Nick Nick’ in 2016, both of which, asked salient questions about the whole Operation Midland/Nick saga.

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    1. The mail have published a story about Nick’s buddy Esther today. And the Twitterers are going mental as usual

      1. The Mail like the rest of the media know exactly whats going on. They have their story and that’s how it’s going to be remembered. The truth is just another casualty of this whole fucking mess.

      2. As expected. They love the attention and will tag anybody into their fantasies to prop up their pile of shit. Twitter needs to renamed Desperation Avenue

    1. I saw that earlier. I think that people are really starting to see the wood for the trees now and the truth is emerging at last

  1. Max Clifford died in jail.

    “Nick” has been charged with CSA images possession.

    Leon Brittan is dead.

    Peter Morrison is long dead.

    Greville Janner is dead.

    Sidney Cooke is still alive.

    As I understand it, these are facts.

    Do they tell us anything important?

  2. Hi Jimmy. I haven’t commented for a while. What I want to say is that it’s very telling that no mainstream media outlets have gone after the ones who named Peter Morrisson or Max Clifford or some others who have been shown to have been real wrong ‘uns. Is that because the allegations have real substance you think? In Morrisons case especially as the alleged had the backing of an ex-Welsh Office minister who saw the evidence in paperwork relating to North Wales. The media and the establishment’s silence on that speaks volumes to me.

  3. As a CSA survivor can I say that no genuine victim of child abuse would be online talking about it 24/7. It takes years for a genuinely abused person to speak out, and most would never do so in such a public way. They are obsessed with talking about the most intimate things, things which trigger genuine survivors and make them even more reluctant to come forward. They are a disgrace and are frankly an insult to real survivors. They disgust me

    1. Hi Jen, from another Jen. As you pointed out, the daily off load of physical abuse that genuine csa victims experienced is too much for any survivor to have to or want to re-live daily.

      Even as a campaigner.

      We re-visit as we are triggered.

      Those advocating on a daily basis, as per the Scotsman who vomited out the minute detail of the abuse are only there for their fellow pervs who get off on the details of the abuse.

      They are re-abusing the abused.

      Who in their right minds would trust them?

      The details of my abuse remain private lest they become wank foddmner for those of that ilk.

      We all know that, don’t we.

      1. Excuse my typing. It’s the Mardi Gras. My son’s believe I have collected all these beads from show in off my old lady tits! And I am doing nothing to dispell that myth!

  4. charging Nick with anything like Fraud or PTCJ is far too risky IMO, doing him for Paedo images is the easier option for the police and the media are sitting on the truth. I’d like to know what happened to the 50k tho

  5. Hi Jimmy. I have sent you an email with my thoughts on this. I think it’s a stitch-up but not for the reasons that people think.

    He is still a dangerous fantasist without a doubt.

    Has anybody worked out why his ‘Wall of Silence’ was pulled from being displayed in Parliament yet?

  6. Ah but a certain child abuser was backing Nick all the way and claiming people had a defence for “kicking Janners head in”.

    Same 1 who with it’s gang, was pivotal in spreading the claims about all these alleged ‘paedo MP’s’ around in the 1st place. Encouraging all they could to believe them and join in.

    And didn’t those ex MP’s do well, in compo pay outs? McAlpine staging his own compo blag, reciting how he used to set up traps by spreading false allegations about himself so he could claim ‘victim status’ from his very own book no less.

    Although I believe 1 is still plying on the pressure – demanding compo for it’s friends gang spreading the claims around about it. Buttering up ‘Nick’ and claiming “he (Nick)had them now.”

    I hope it gets not a penny.

    This 100 million pound mess, at the hands of grossly overpaid people who are supposed to be intelligent, running our country.

    Scary. Just another scam to add to the rest.

    1. Jane, as Bandini, who used to comment on here pointed out, the Dame Smith inquiry into allegations of Savile and Stuart Hall abuse at the BBC cost £6.5m – which works out at a cost of £6k PER PAGE of the inquiry’s report.

      Nice work if you can get it!

      1. Yes unbelievable isn’t it? and those 3 hand picked Jewish chairs that all got paid for doing exactly nothing did very nicely too didn’t they? Handy having mates in the ht seat siphoning off the money to their mates.

        Does anyone know why Jewish chairs were particularly hand picked by Theresa May for a BRITISH CSA INQUIRY? Pretty obvious really.

        If you spun her around would her nose act like a compass and rest pointing in the direction of Israel?

        1. P.S. Wonder what Bandini would have made of Anna Raccoons last blogs and tweets about the harassment she received before her death, by the same ones pivotal in attacking the owner of this site and his friends and family for the last 5 years – complete with snivelling sidekicks?

          I rarely look at Twitter now, since they were humiliated for their lies, but I bet they are still at it.

          1. I don’t know Jane, but I do recall that a certain person with a Dutch surname left a comment on one of Anna Raccoon’s last blog posts. Bandini was astonished IIRC.

        2. Sorry Jane, but I don’t think that’s correct. As far as I’m aware none of the previous chairs were Jewish. Neither is the current one, Alexis Jay.

          1. I was talking about the one who lied about affiliations with Leon Brittan – Fiona Woolf = Jewish, Butler-Sloss whose Brothers affiliations made it the obvious reason why choosing her in the 1st place was a very odd decision by treasonous May = Jewish and the New Zealand one was also Jewish, only in NZ they don’t allow any old madam or suffocating oppression from Jews as they are clearly trying here.

            The latest bunch I have no interest in. I think we all know that this is a humongous organised shambles and the money only ever goes to Government linked grubs.

            I think when the supposed heir to the throne hand picks what is technically a paedophile to be it’s no1 sons Godfather, it doesn’t really get any more creepy & more obvious than that.

            And I can’t help but wonder whether this whole disgraceful farce & the fake plants involved are all part of the smokescreen to hide such things from the British public. Either way they are still traitors by virtue of them being complicit in all the fake terrorist attacks.

            Shame the public are unaware or we might get that public hanging we so desperately need.

            On another note, I thought I’d be a rare voice bigging up Amazon for a change – the book reviews are a great way to catch out compulsive liars on the make sometimes. 😀

  7. Just a note:
    Now that James Bulger is back in the news I do hope that the family and friends of the Bulgers and as many others as possible get to see what Spivey has said regarding that tragic case.

    If any of you use Twitter can you please alert anyone concerned like Denise Fergus of course to Spivey’s ramblings.

    I am hoping that his recent repulsive outbursts finally ruin him… and I do mean ruin.

    1. Thanks for the heads up FD. I have emailed the Merseyside Force with my complaints as well

    2. OMG!!!! Seriously? As if that Jamie’s poor family haven’t suffered enough already. There are some really evil bastards in the world

  8. He seemed to have got nastier after his conviction. That was when he started to openly mock children with cancer then ofcourse he has tried to say the murders of Sarah Payne,April Jones and others are also some sort of hoax. It makes it more annoying that the fools who comment on his page are actually swallowing his rubbish. By the way can someone tell me who those are on Spiveys Facebook banner? Im guessing its Dogman and Thea56 or maybe they are just photoshoped in to make it look like he had supporters at his trial? Maybe i need to get myself one of those Facial Recognition Machines that Chris has…but I guess they would hike my internet bill up by £400 a month 😉

    1. Makes me wonder if he got a special ‘Goggins’ like deal with the Police. Would be interesting to know exactly how much The Police are wasting from the tax payers pot employing paedophile snouts.

      Great isn’t it? Work yourself to death, when gutless paedophiles are being paid to be a nuisance on the internet by the actual Police.

  9. Here’s what I remember…
    ADMIN (of this blog) in comments: “No, Carl! I told you before, you can’t spew your nonsense here!” or something similar.

    Which I thought was highly comical, at the time 🙂

      1. Nope 🙂

        You understood far more about him than I did, then, so there was meaning in your comment that I didn’t comprehend. I just thought it was very funny.

        1. Comes with years of experience of dealing with these idiots mate.

          ‘Carl’ is/was without a doubt, one of Spivey’s mob, using a different email address and IP address each time they posted.

          It is known that Spiv’s moderators (and Spivey himself) post most of the comments on his site themselves, and have used each other’s moderator privileges to post some really nasty stuff as ‘Fabooka/FTS’ for example – who I hear is not happy about some of the comments posted over there (and here) using his name, and is adamant they were not posted by him.

          I always view anyone connected with Spivey’s site as highly suspicious, in the same way that I do not trust anyone who claims to be a CSA advocate, but spend all their time attacking CSA survivors.

          I am fortunate in the respect that I have control here, and I can just make them (and their comments) disappear with a simple press of a button.

          Others who have been targeted by them do not have that luxury unfortunately.

          1. Have never had a blog of my own, but I must admit, if I did I would set it up so that I had to pre-approve each and every comment, similar to this one.

          2. All blog software has the inbuilt capability for the owners and/or the moderators, to approve or delete or even edit every comment that is posted onto them TDF.

            It’s the responsibility of the blog owner to watch over what appears.

            So obviously an unscrupulous blogger can make the comments section appear any way they choose.

            Deleting or favorably editing any comments that disagree with published articles for instance.

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