Now that David Icke has appeared (on the surface at least) to have finally acknowledged the Flat Earth question – is it a good or a bad thing?

To my knowledge, this is the first time that Mr Icke has openly discussed FE, which for me, offers two possibilities.

Firstly, has Mr Icke, as he states ‘studied the evidence’ and, like millions of others, arrived at the only obvious conclusion?

David Icke and Friend

Or, has he been ‘Dropped’(as many people have suggested) feet first into the debate, in order to convince the masses that FE Belief is as bonkers as some of his other theories, which of course have been a constant source of ridicule for the mainstream media and a large section of the population?

His hardcore fanbase, for example, will no doubt have baulked at Icke’s recent foray into the debate, as many of them have rabidly attacked anyone who has even hinted at the possibility of the Earth not being a ball;

Which then leads me onto my next question.

Will those most ardent of his supporters desert him …. or will they now eagerly embrace the possibility – simply because Mr Icke has ?

Only time will tell on that one.

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  1. No. We will always love him.He is the daddy of you all and no amount of jealous sniping will ever change that.

  2. I’ve always respected this site and the opinions shared. I havent always agreed with everything, but everyone is allowed their own view. I also have not felt comfortable joining in with many of the discussions as I always felt that most contributors new far more than me on the subject under discussion, and I had little to contribute.
    Joining in the promotion of flat earth theory though, is descending to the level of too many other alternative sites. It has been mentioned with increasing frequency on the Outlaw site over the las few months. Is it for shock value to bring in more readers? I don’t know. Personally, I feel that once the support of flat earth has been introduced by a site, the credibility has gone. In the case of the Outlaw, I think that is a shame.

    1. I don’t believe that asking questions about anything is wrong, nor does it affect anyones ‘credibility’.

      What I do think affects a person’s or a website’s credibility, is their failure to ask questions, their blind obedience and compliance, and their acceptance of things that really do not add up – and of course their silence on certain matters …. that they really should be the most vocal about.

      That to me, speaks volumes about their credibility (or lack of).

      And where/with who their loyalties really lie.

      Anything and everything is open to question, and the Outlaw will continue asking those questions.

      Or should this site, like so many others seem to have done, avoid the topics which make people uncomfortable, and which take them out of their comfort zones?

      I am prepared to take that risk 😉

    2. Isn’t that exactly what happened at the BBC and in care homes and with paedos hiding in the establishment for decades? People were too scared to ask questions or to speak out about what they witnessed or felt uncomfortable about because they were told and believed that their reputations and credibility would be destroyed if they asked questions or rocked the boat? That is how whistle blowers are silenced.

  3. Sorry, off topic but there’s a riot going on here:


    Heads-up to you, Jimmy. Go through the comments – you might want to “Sue” someone.

    As for ‘Who’s Barth?” He is well and truly doxxed!

    (Bloody rabbit holes. Now I want to know who is “TT”…)

    1. ‘Convicted Stalker?’ and ‘Phoned Stephen Messham the night before his suicide attempt’?

      Oh Dear, how desperate these people must be to lie so blatantly eh?

      Does Bartholomew not realise he is responsible for all the comments posted on his site? The buck stops with him as it’s his name above the door so to speak.

      And why these people still try and drag me into their continual harassment campaigns and imbecilic jabber is simply beyond me.

      1. You must really be a major threat to them JJ going on the time and effort they have all put in to try and discredit or destroy you

        1. Whereas I have no reason whatsoever to give any of them a second thought …. unless of course their Babboonerism escapes from their bed sitting rooms and finds it way over here.

          Like it has now

          1. Jimmy. The many comments referring to you as a “convicted stalker” have been removed, along with others that were posted between yesterday afternoon and about ten this morning. Comments are now closed.
            I tried to do a screengrab of the slanderous stuff but cocked it up. Maybe one of the other ‘Outlaws’ was able to get it in time?

          2. They have all been safely archived Phil.

            Thank you for your vigilance.

            Let’s hope that Mr Bartholomew has finally twigged that he is now swimming with Piranahs and has made adequate provision to remove himself.

            He was warned what would happen if he offered a platform to such toxic entities.

        1. The best part of them ran down their father’s legs, is the one thing they all have in common.

          Why is it they all look like they are part of a special inbreeding programme into it’s 6th generation, is my question. Yikes!

          1. I agree Jen. With a Relentless stalking weirdness gene.

            I did catch some of the conversation from last night and saved it to Wayback. A few from ‘Sue of the Needleblog’ – that place was always full of fiction, much like ‘Sue’ appears to be,


            It would be interesting to hear the excuses of why these people always seem to be allowed to stalk, harass and threaten anyone they like, yet manage to have had so many people falsely arrested on wafer thin charges.

            But then when I went for my little multiple stalker with links to child abusers imposed visit to the Police Station, both the police and poor excuse for a Solicitor both said “someone wants this shit down”, or words to that effect.

            The rest I’ll leave for another day, apart from saying it appears to be absolutely fine for them to continue to harass me and others, 3 at least I’ve been falsely claimed to be in a week, who have been threatened and or harassed. Fake suicides with full evidence, you name it, my Police Force have condoned it, by accepting the words of well known multiple false accusers. At least other forces have had the noodle not to.

            So obviously, now I want to know why my force is so pro stalker, harasser threat merchant, linked to child abusers, who like being run rings around by such notorious time wasters.

            Make of that what you will.

          1. A perfect description there Faith, and one which should make it easier for people to understand what is the underlying issue with these people 😉

    2. Why do the likes of @minordrip2017 and his gangstalking mates never get convicted despite years of evidenced stalking and harassment?

      Not difficult to work out is it

  4. “The Police had to fit panic alarms at my parents house because (redacted) published their address then invited people to go and attack them”.

    How many people is that now that the Police have had to fit with extra security because of this ‘gang’?

  5. No new comments at spivland for 3 days – the ‘add comment’ box has gone.
    Could this be…. The End?

      1. Don’t get your hopes up. & where will all his posters go to make some poor site owners life a misery with all their “facial comparison” crap.?

        1. There have been too many flounces off already OG, and miraculous returns – so I very much doubt that they will shut up shop for good.

  6. I’ll have to give the Icke video another go later.

    I don’t know if ‘sonorous’ is the right word for his presentation but I was sparko less than 20 minutes in!

    I did have a couple of thoughts though, before falling into the arms of Morpheus. Mr Icke’s computer game analogy. I guess an advanced society could have computers that would allow me, as a character, to have the ‘conciousness’ to be sat here with MY computer, watching a video, hearing and seeing traffic going by, plucking a stray hair from my left nostril, stroking the cat while thinking of my next shift at work and feeling the need to fart…

    The other thing was as I slipped into a fine dream.

    Imagine we ARE part of said cosmic video game. Will the folk in the Sims, GTA, etc soon be having the same thoughts as our(?} computers become ever more powerful.

    Are they already playing their own reality games when they are, to us, turned-off?

    Is everything everywhere an infinite chain of simulations, by machines, for machines… Whoa!!!

    That was interesting.

  7. Jane, I’m not surprised to hear what they said down your local. Wasn’t the force originally formed by the mafia during the prohibition?

    Still is.

    And no, PIE never disbanded.

    They went underground. They’re still around. Some in positions of authority and power. That’s why there is this Media Circus with journos validating relatives of sick abusers as campaigners and experts.

    The mob put on a uniform a recruited the school yard bullies. Hey, they even get to look like Robocop if they’re really good boys!

    Tis not only the poor who are scum. There’s more of it in the top ancheleons. Wait for the next recession to hit to see more of it.

    1. Don’t doubt that at all Jen. My memories of the 80’s and early 90’s know that to be true too.

      And could this be the reason why so many Lib Dems are involved in the stalking gang targeting CSA Survivors/witnesses for 5 years?

      The Lib Dems having almost obliterated due to the national turncoat Nick Clegg, so having to own up to covering for Cyril Smith would seal the deal on their extinction maybe?


  8. PS If PIE was disbanded their would have been a whole lot of arrest.

    Instead, here we are wondering what happened to the membership lists?

    What names were members?

  9. Hey Jimmy off-topic but relevant to some of the comments here. A 130,000 Name petition is going to be taken to Downing Street to demand that a Register is set up which lists all serial stalkers of women. About time too I think


  10. “Harvey is not the only one having trouble this week.” (“himmmm” is a hollywood insider; rumoured to be the actor Robert Downey Jr., whose father was also an insider.):-


    Wikileaks Julian Assange Just Revealed What Really Happened In Las Vegas and It Is BAD For The FBI:-


  11. Given your views on Welsh nationalism We (and yes that’s the Royal We) would be interested to know your thoughts on the current situation in Spain/Catalonia.

    1. I should think that the regular readers of the Outlaw would know that without needing to ask.

      Do you truly think I would do anything but support any country (or race) that would fight for the right to govern itself?

      I hope that the Basques in the north now follow suit.

      1. “Do you truly think I would do anything but support any country (or race) that would fight for the right to govern itself?”


        1. A totally independent Catalonia, like any nation which rids itself of the parasitic EU, could set it’s own immigration limits …. or even impose a total ban I should think.

          And maybe even decide who remains in the country too.

    1. OG. The ‘Noble Savage’ eh?
      The native american utopia nonsense always brings out the cynic in me. Especially when it’s people parting with cash and falling for the ‘spirituality’ stuff.

      This one isn’t asking for money – it’s just to get the gist of it – but some are aye-wateringly expensive.

      Want more ‘Noble Savages’?

      “Native American gaming comprises casinos,

      bingo halls, and other gambling operations on Indian reservations or other tribal land in the United States. Because these areas have tribal sovereignty, states have limited ability to forbid gambling there, as codified by the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988. As of 2011, there were 460 gambling operations run by 240 tribes, with a total annual revenue of $27 billion.”

      (Thanks Wikipedia)

  12. I was right, I was right, I was bloody well right. They were hanging round on Twitter watching the goading and doing nothing, because they were hiding the fact they their connections went back years, over 20 in fact, as just exposed in a tweet by that lady who was recently done for stalking who also has a historic guilty verdict of child kidnap.

    Penny Mellor‏ @pennymellor
    Replying to @majorleak2017

    You will note reference to the Ewloe Inquiry and me in that speech, clue, maybe I have known *REDACTED* for over 20 yrs … fuckwits.
    2:15 pm – 8 Sep 2017

    1. I have the original Tweets from 2013 where that was disclosed by them both Jen.

      As usual, as it has with so many of them linked to [redacted], they start off playing foes, then all of a sudden they are the best of friends. Andrea Davidson gets a mention in the same tweets.

      I also have Tweets of Shy Keenan being harassed by the friends of [redacted], after Mellor was convicted of harassing Shy Keenan & the Judge told her if she carried on, she could face an immediate prison sentence, so her friends harassed Shy Keenan instead.

  13. Why does it take victims of sexual abuse so long to come forward, if they ever do?

    Answer: They need to heal first. Or at least feel that they have. For the truth is, none of us ever truly ‘Get Over It’. It’s there. Always. Like a big invisible scar scratched through the story of our lives.

    Today people call that scar Triggers. We learn how to manage them but they don’t go away. They’re always there. If we didn’t learn to manage the triggers, what would become of the rage planted and grown and nursed instead of purged?

    There would be a world of petrified men wondering when those kids they fucked, now grown up, are coming to take that rage out on them. That’s what would happen.

    I loved that movie Hard Candy. I wished I had the guts and smarts that 14 year old had when I was her age, or at least a very close friend who did to come to my rescue.

    That is why I have never agreed with those lawyers and barristers who campaigned for a time limit on sexual abuse claims.

    Those lawyers and barristers should also take care as most of society is aware that the law is there to see that both the Rich man and the Poor man do not have the right to sleep under a bridge.

    Tis only a thin veneer of civility that stops the masses from becoming that mob. I learned that in Africa.

  14. Hello jimmy my name is Tiffany,I am o th Neg blue eyes readhair big hipped empathic psychic but also I am plagued with prophecy, especially in the last couple yrs and I’m also so happy I found your site because also in recent years I have overwhelming urge to find other beings of the royal blood line like myself who have abilities like myself I have never had any one to talk to about what I experience because they think I’m crazy. But also I travel to other dimensions always why I’m asleep I guess I want to know if there are others like me ?

    1. Hi Tiffany, welcome to the Outlaw.

      The answer to your question is yes there are others like yourself, many of who regularly read and contribute to this site with their comments.

  15. Hi Jimmy, if anyone is interested in the ‘unusual properties’ of the recent spate of fires in California, this certainly gives a person something to think about.


    1. Now you mention it; That would go some way towards explaining how it is that buildings do appear to be getting pulverised, and cars are being twisted out of shape, some even bent in half …. while nearby trees, children’s toys and plastic Wheelie Bins remain almost untouched.

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