In all conscience, I would not be able to settle if I sat back and said nothing about what may well be, one of the most misleading and wholly disingenuous mainstream media articles that I have read for many a year.

I am of course, referring to something that was published earlier today, in the online version of the Daily Mirror, in regard to a recent YouTube video that was published by ex-East17 band member Brian Harvey.

Now anybody reading that headline, would almost certainly assume that Mr Harvey has totally lost the plot, and by drawing the readers attention to Mr Harvey’s claims that, he ‘has not been outside for five years’, and ‘has clones‘, leaves very little doubt as to the Mirror’s real intent.

To both totally discredit him and negate anything what Mr Harvey says (or presents evidence of wrongdoing) from now on perhaps?

If one was to read the article at face value, and accept what it says, it will of course have served it’s purpose, but if one was to look at what is not being said in the article, then things may appear a little clearer.

Now, I owe Mr Harvey nothing, as I believe that he has not done himself any favour’s lately, inasmuch as he has been taking advice from people on Social Media who are directly linked to the ‘Shadowy People’ he genuinely believes are trying to kill him, and he has made a grave error in stating that he has ‘not been outside for five years’ – when only recently he was protesting outside Downing Street, accompanied by a cameraman.However, the Mirrors’ claim that Mr Harvey has said that he ‘has clones’ is almost certainly a conscious attempt to make Mr Harvey appear delusional, as if they had done even the most basic research, they would have known that Mr Harvey, in a number of YouTube uploads and on his Twitter account – makes it perfectly clear that the ‘Clones’ he refers to, are in fact, ‘cloned images’ of the data stored on a hard disk drive, in the computer that was seized by the Metropolitan Police during his earlier arrest.

‘Disk cloning is the process of copying the contents of one computer hard disk to another disk or to an “image” file. This may be done straight from one disk to another, but more often, the contents of the first disk are written to an image file as an intermediate step, then the second disk is loaded with the contents of the image. Typically, this is done for archiving purposes, to restore lost or damaged data, or to move wanted data into a new disk, though other reasons also exist.

Unlike standard copying functions, disk cloning involves copying hidden and in-use files, and thus presents special challenges, as those types of files are typically not available for copying. Additional complications arise when the process is used for networked computers, as the network must be able to distinguish between different computers. Post-cloning operations may be necessary to address these and other issues’. – WIKIPEDIA

As for the rest of the article? ….

It’s simply attempting to bring to the readers attention, a number of old negative news articles about Mr Harvey, that are already in the public domain, to flesh out what is in fact, a really lazy, and sloppy attempt to once again smear the man, possibly in response to the fact that Mr Harvey’s video has now gone viral …. is attracting a lot of attention, and the evidence he has to hand regarding phone hacking, by journalists (amongst others), may be starting to make somebody, very, very nervous indeed.

52 thoughts on “CLONES – SERIOUSLY?

  1. Owner of the Mirror, Reach Plc, Net Worth: £-234,400,000 = big debts.

    Desperate click bait stuff.

    I know someone said previously that attempts are being made to silence the MSM, but is it any wonder, when they churn out such rubbish, day in, day out?

    Would anyone miss it?

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    1. Seriously? Wedgie is not in it for the money then is he? Is he going to bring out a new range of fridge magnets and coasters too? O I forgot that bald-headed gob on a stick Spivey has already done that HAHAHAHAHAHA Wedger, Maloney, Cat Scot, UK Column, Fresh Start Foundation, Icke, Gerrish, Half of Twitter, Brian Clare, Mainstream Media, Bent Lawyers and Insurance Claims investigators!!!! I wouldnt trust any of them as far as I can throw them, join the dots for fucksakes people they are all connected to each other and are nothing more than low-rent grifters with a free wifi connection

  3. Brian Harvey is bang on with his evidence and is making people nervous. That is why he has attracted the likes of Baloney and Wedgie and anyone else who has a vested interest in discrediting him. Just sayin’

  4. Serious question. what happened between you and BH? I can see that this post you have put up is supportive of him and BH has definitely seen it as he has put one of the pics you have used here on his Twitter and has referred to his use of the term ‘Clones’ in the same way you have done, so it don’t take a genius to work out he reads your stuff. I will understand if you don’t want to say, but a few of us are curious as to what went on, and I trust your word as you are one of the straightest shooters 😉 that is left out there. Thanks in advance Jimmy

    1. Do you mean this Rebecca?


      Myself and BH were in contact via Skype following the above comment he posted here, and we found a lot of common ground, inasmuch as the same group of people were attacking us online, and doing everything they could to try make us look like complete basket cases.

      However, some time later, I was contacted via text message by a high-profile CSA survivor, (who was granted legal anonymity) who asked me to pass on a text message to BH as they believed that BH’s life was in danger.

      This I did, but I also respected the CSA survivors’ wish that their anonymity was not compromised, and that their mobile phone number was withheld, for the same reason.

      I told BH that the message came from an anon source, and that I ‘did not know’ the source, and as been witnessed, he posted the whole message thread on Twitter. Understandably, in my view, he thought that I was in some way, ‘Not being straight with him’ …. He was right in thinking that, as I was not being straight with him, but only over the identity of the message sender [for the reasons outlined above].

      That’s it basically, I have nothing against BH, I still support him, as I believe his evidence is compelling and he certainly has legitimate gripes with the way he has been treated, and is righteously angry at the people who are targeting and harassing him at every turn.

      The door is always open to him, and I do hope that he does not view me as an ‘enemy’…. but as I stated in my post, and reiterate here, he really needs to be more aware of the people he is taking advice from on Twitter and elsewhere as they link directly to those who are harassing him.

      I think in his heart he knows I mean him no harm, but unfortunately the situation he has been unwittingly dragged into, has made him extremely distrustful and paranoid of people, which is entirely understandable considering the level of the attacks upon his character, and not just by the mainstream media.

      He knows how to contact me and he will find no enemies on the Outlaw.

      I wish him well.

      1. & he also seems to have fallen hook line and sinker for the Melanie Shaw scam lately, which is strange, as her main promoters include those he says have been targetting him.

        Plus the Tommy Robinson garbage, when most people are aware of what Tommy Robinson really is.


      2. Thank you for that Jimmy, that makes sense now and I hope that Brian sees it for what it actually is, not what other people are telling him it is. x

      3. Jimmy, with all due respect – and this is not a personal attack – why would you pass on such a message to a person you had reason to believe was already paranoid (possibly for legitimate reasons)? Would you not have foreseen that it would run the risk of making him more so?

        1. A fair question TDF.

          Brian did not appear to be at all paranoid at that point. He was very level-headed, pretty chilled and coherent.

          It was the people who were giving him ‘advice’ on social media, after I passed him that message who triggered him from what I saw.

          I could be wrong, but only BH can answer that.

  5. Best of luck to Brian Harvey. I hope he doesn’t get ‘silenced’.
    Paul Golding just had a brush with ‘silencing’


    Whatever you may think of him or his political beliefs this is part of a sustained attack, by the state, on free-speech. Why else would there be a carload of SO15 counter-terrorist agents involved ALL DAY in what a local PC/court officer could sort out in minutes/

  6. My problem with the likes of Paul Golding & his ‘Tribe’ is that he seems to be on the same track as Zionist Tommy Robinson, who he supports.

    They appear to be doing what they do for their Zionist puppet masters and using non Jewish British people to help their Zionist cause.

    People don’t realise their Jewish heritage/connections, so it all gets falsely tagged as being ‘White Supremacist’ when it would seem to be more of a case of them being Jewish/Zionist supremacists hiding behind the skirt of being British white people.

    A well worn, age old trick.


    I can’t vouch for the above website, but Haaretz seem to be of the same opinion, as do others.


    1. Must admit I find it hard to figure out what Golding & Fransen are up to. They don’t strike me as stupid people, but the way they have behaved – the UK being what it is these days – was almost guaranteed to end up with them experiencing a spell in chokey, as indeed has happened. If they are MI5 assets, then I would have assumed they would have been saved from prison at the last minute, or something along those lines. On the other hand, maybe I am wrong in my assumption, and they are just not very bright.

  7. The 4CHAN RIP Troll Blackman (Joe Public) has given his unanimous support to Billy Baloney and Jon Wedger which says it all really Calls them ‘Good Guys’ lolololololol

    1. Threats? Who from, the invisible man?

      The only people who take any notice of him are his shyster mates.

      Oh well, at least he’ll have that nice Police Pension to fall back on.

        1. Talking of that dodgy lot, guess whose evil, greedy brother was jailed on appeal?

          Not long enough for the amount he made out of the wicked scam and the suffering of the dogs and owners who were conned by this mob, but better than a fine and community services, which was the original punishment.

          Let’s hope he gets to meet lots of animal lovers in prison, to make that sentence really worthwhile.

          (Fingers crossed!) 😀

          Yay! Well done to the RSPCA!

          Vet who helped west London puppy farm gang con dog lovers into buying sick pets is jailed.


          1. Ahh but how do you know they are really in prison?

            If they are state assets – him being in prison could all be part of the lets pretend?

            Like the fake Terrorist attacks. Cock and bull stories that cost us all a lot of money for a warped agenda.

            It’s certainly got a lot of attention for weeks & weeks on end.

            I don’t think British people need a Tory funded Jewish Zionist shill mob to speak for us do we? Especially when their agenda isn’t really about Muslim paedophile gangs in reality, or paedos at all, if it was, they’d be calling out some pretty grim stuff from the Talmud etc.

            Notice how they never do?

            The muslim paedo rings are just a convenient skirt to hide behind to amp up the public for what they are really trying to achieve in my opinion. More war as always.

          2. And just in case BH is thinking of getting behind the Hollie Grieg and Hampstead SRA pushers, this will make him aware of what they actually think of him.

            A vile bunch.

            LINK TO TWEET

    1. That’s what happens when you make false allegations against people continually.

      It could have been taken down under the Trades Description Act though, – there was no evidence of Truth nor Music on their channel as far as I am aware

      1. Unfortunately, Wedger has vowed to carry on ‘the fight’ & is still singing the praises of Bill Baloney & the TSMM have another Youtube channel up and ready.


  8. Brian Harveys latest Youtube clip is very revealing.

    Have to say, it’s much better when he does his own clips & doesn’t get side tracked by others giving him dodgy advice. Especially when those others link to his main accuser.

    The bit about a certain tattoo & how that was purposely attached to Leon Brittan, even though they knew it wasn’t him, should really be enough to nail the lot of them all by itself.

    ‘Mary Moss’ claimed that Andrew Ash was a (CSA) case, but he’d been nobbled by SunbOx (The Truth Seeking Music Makers) and Bill Maloney and had been manipulated by them to do the interviews etc.

    (Talking of the TSMM, they posted one of their dull clips with a screen grab from MWT, which appears to show him Claiming Cliff Richard wasn’t innocent.)

    I digress . . .

    As we know, Gojams old ‘crush’ Timmy Tate (assisted by Gojam, his co writer of the Needlegblog, Fraud Chris Fay and the gang), was spreading around the allegations about those tapes supposedly seized by Customs, that they implied were linked to Leon Brittan.

    Who can forget the threats Gojam made to us about outing his good mate, and then co-writer of Gojam’s Needleblog, as a fraud and Gojam’s denial that it was the same Chris Fay?

    Then his rush job to delete articles from the Needleblog because of that.

    DCI Settle also gets a mention in the Youtube piece below – another of Gojam’s pedestalled ‘crushes’.

    The interviews they did with Brian, so very much like the scam act they did to you, with member of the gang Sean Maguire interview.

    All to attempt to discredit. One of their many failures.

    So many coppers/ex coppers involved throughout the whole CSA survivor take down gang. Pretty obvious what it is and why.

    I think they’ve seen an opportunity to do their standard ‘2 birds with 1 stone’ tactic.

    Using Brian as a patsy in the CSA saga and at the same time, using it to discredit him regarding the News of The World hacking scandal, he has found himself involved in.

    Will be interesting to see what the Police come up with after the investigation into him. I imagine there’s lots of head scratching going on, trying to work out how certain people are going to slime out of it, as they have thus far.

    With the people involved and what they are known to have done, it shouldn’t be too difficult to work out. Unfortunately, we know these people have some interesting links. Links that seem to give them a Teflon coating.

    Seems like a very intricate scam which has resulted in Ex MP’s being given big (what seem like)‘Thank you for your help’ compo payments. And as Brian says, how many CSA survivors have got Justice or indeed a great big fat compo payment like all the Ex MP’s?

    Or even Justice for what has been done to them at the hands of this big gang of linked players.

    We all know which gang spread those MP allegations from the start and tried to run us off Twitter and the www for calling them out for their lies.

    Strange that they should be hand in glove with the friend of at least one of those MP’s.

    I think a few people must be twitchy. It’s ertainly been giving me that impression.

    Uglier and uglier it gets.


    1. @Jane, are you trying to suggest a certain blonde haired former MP was involved in a scam from day one in order to subsequently claim compo? Sorry, I think that’s a bit farfetched.

      As for the former NAPAC person, interestingly it seems she was a donator to one of a certain Welsh blogger’s appeals for funding. I must say in my dealings with her on social media, I found her to be genuine, but I’ve been wrong before.

      1. We have been wrong about people TDF, spectacularly so in some cases, but we live and learn from the experience hopefully.

        I have learned to believe nothing without scrutiny, to question everything – and trust NOBODY online until they have proven themselves.

        That’s the only advice I can offer.

        1. Jimmy, all fair points.

          The photofit of the alleged kidnapper of missing Martin Allen does bear a passing resemblance to Proctor.

          But it seems that ‘Nick’ never accused Proctor of involvement in Martin Allen’s abduction. He accused Proctor of being involved in child murders, but he was unable to provide the names of those boys he claimed Proctor murdered to the police.

          I have a hard time believing Proctor would have been so reckless as to go around London abducting young boys on trains. I think a much more likely suspect in the Martin Allen case is the late Leslie Goddard, father of the Adam and the Ants lead singer.


          1. @tdf I do remember when it was claimed that the blonde-haired bloke in that image, was none other than Jimmy Savile!!!

            That particular piece of nonsense was circulated for months around the David Icke forums as I recall 😉

            And your suspect is as good as any, but Martin Allens case, is going to be one of those that will never be solved I fear.

            A desperately sad case

          2. Jimmy, there were some rather strange theories advanced on that forum. I could never quite decide if some of the posters were actually mad, or were deliberately blowing smoke.

            As for the Martin Allen case I sadly agree that it may well never be solved.

      2. @tdf A certain gang were the ones to start the claims about all the MP’s who ended up getting big compo payouts, hammering anyone who got in their way, stalking, harassing and threatening them and trying to get them falsely arrested.

        They were also having regular conversations with the high profile accusers.

        Then it turns out they had a very interesting ‘Boss’.

        Anna Raccoon was promoting a certain member of that gang in 2013. Then strangely deleted that particular blog and denied promoting him.

        Unfortunately the evidence had already been saved. I think everyone knows who she was well in with.

        Then suddenly she (or whoever was pretending to be her,on Twitter), claimed to have been stitched up by members of the gang, including their ‘Boss’ too.

        Just saying what I’ve witnessed for the last 5 years.

        And thinking of that book McAlpine wrote in which he wrote about spreading false claims about yourself (as an MP), waiting for those claims to get back to you,then feigning victimhood.

        1. “Anna Raccoon was promoting a certain member of that gang in 2013. Then strangely deleted that particular blog and denied promoting him. ”

          Jane, can you give us a hint re that person? I wasn’t paying much attention to Anna Raccoon’s blog in 2013. I only started reading it in 2014/15.

  9. Where’s Baloney nowadays? Has he gone to ground again in his caravan in Kent? What is he plotting? And where is Nick? His trial was due to start two days ago and he’s missing too. Why is Jon Wedger on walkabout? To give himself an alibi maybe? It’s all getting very murky innit?

    1. ‘Innit’ just?

      Someone else I was thinking about who seems very quiet these days.

      A certain staff member of NAPAC, who was very good friends with Gojam and his attack gang, whose husband/partner worked for Murdochs Sky News & now works for ITN I believe.

      I was looking at some old screen shots of the false claims and attacks that person was involved in with ‘CSA Survivor attack gang’ & how that person seemed to have disappeared too.

      Maybe it’s some kind of Mary Celeste syndrome?

    2. Smee, Baloney seemed to have gone to ground for around two years, but returned to the fray recently with a new ‘documentary’.

      Jane- “A certain staff member of NAPAC, who was very good friends with Gojam and his attack gang, whose husband/partner worked for Murdochs Sky News & now works for ITN I believe.”

      Wonder if this is the same person who was among those who provided a donation to a certain Welsh blogger. To be fair, when I interacted with her on social media, I found her to be quite genuine, but I’ve been wrong before.

      1. @tdf would you expect anything else than ‘professional & genuine’ from someone with a business background and a partner in that line of work, if they were up to no good?

        After all, it is the well-heeled backgrounds of some of these people that have tempted people to trust them.

        I wonder why certain people went out of their way to discredit Jimmy, (hand in glove with that blogger you mentioned them donating to & gang), with lies that he’d hounded them, when in fact he’d had nothing to do with them.

        Why would someone with such a background do that?

        Especially someone working for an anti child abuse ‘charity,’ going out of their way to attack a genuine abuse survivor.

        Could it be because they thought they would be believed with the help of their background and links and ‘professional front’ he would be discredited?

        It would be no good if they were just your average Joe or Jane would it?

        No point them even trying if they didn’t have some gravitas attached, they could just be easily passed off as a troll, no one would believe them if they were a faceless nobody with no credibility.

        When proof of those lies were produced in tweet form, that person seemed to disappear.

        Certainly wasn’t the only case of that sort of thing being done to him throughout this ugly mammoth ordeal.

        1. Jane,

          All the points you make are fair and reasonable.

          I should mention however that one of the reasons I was relatively supportive of that NAPAC employee you refer to is that apparently a person who viewed herself as a leading anti-CSA campaigner (let’s call this person Mrs Permanently Discosted), allegedly was demanding that NAPAC sack the other lady simply because of a disagreement on Twitter, which I thought was ridiculous behaviour on the part of Mrs Permanently Discosted.

  10. Have you seen Sonia Poulton’s Documentary ‘Paedophiles in Parliament’ yet Jimmy? It’s like a who’s who of internet conspiracy theorists, nutterbus passengers and hard-core grifters.

    It’s toe-curling

    1. This documentary is I think professionally made and to my non-expert eyes I would guess the people behind it have a decent level of media production experience. Ms Poulton presents well. As to the veracity or otherwise of allegations made in the docu I will reserve judgement. I was interested to see the footage of the statement the late Greville Janner made to the House of Commons back in 1991, I had not seen that before. I do not know his name but the MP sitting beside him is folding his arms and glancing dubiously at Janner. The body language is obvious. He doesn’t trust or believe Janner, or at least that is my interpretation.

      1. Just one further comment on Sonia Poulton’s docu. I think that it would have benefited from editing to a shorter length, say to around one hour, and leaving out the stuff from discredited sources such as Andrea Davison and the jailed barrister Michael Shrimpton (and he is a real actual qualified barrister, seemingly, nutty as some of his beliefs were/are). But overall, I don’t think it’s a bad job.

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