There seems to be a fair amount of Internet chatter doing the rounds lately, questioning the integrity of the ongoing ‘Operation Fernbridge’ investigation.

More than a few CSA-obsessed Journalists, Bloggers and Tweeters have been shuffling around, muttering about whitewashes, cover-ups and it being a ‘Dud Enquiry‘ and suchlike, which of course has just added yet another baseless rumour to those which are already in circulation.

So what is really happening?

‘Are the police, who are already under the closest scrutiny they have known since the advent of the Internet, and are also very aware of the ever watchful eyes of thousands of opinionated, yet basically clueless, although well-meaning, keyboard detectives, really attempting to carry out a blatant cover-up as has been alleged ?

Or, has their job been made even harder by what is now clearly appearing to be an organised online campaign, seemingly designed to undermine, spread false rumour and generally muddy the waters, in an attempt to permanently corrupt the police investigation and prevent the truth from ever emerging?’

It is certainly starting to look that way.

Evidence has also emerged that Operation Pallial has also been targeted by certain online groups, (for reasons that are becoming worryingly obvious) who have been attempting to discredit witnesses and undermine that investigation in a similar manner.

Fernbridge and Pallial were set up partly to address the rumours that have persisted for years, that the original enquiries in the 1990’s, like The North Wales Abuse Enquiry (Waterhouse) for example, were a whitewash and a blatant cover-up to protect establishment Paedophile rings, consisting of Freemasons, Police Officers, Council Workers, Social Care Workers and suchlike, operating out of children’s homes.

I also believe, however, that Waterhouse was basically flawed, but for reasons that are not immediately obvious to the casual observer, as it now appears that an uncomfortably large number of the most serious among the original allegations were clearly false.

The volatile political climate of the time, coupled with the unrelenting pressure of mainstream Journalists, led to a hastily constructed police investigation which appears to have depended more on visible convictions, than actual, verifiable proof and evidence.

An investigation, that was effectively ‘steered’ by the very first statement given to the North Wales Police, alleging that the Bryn Estyn Children’s Home was in fact, a veritable den of iniquity, entirely staffed by sadistic Paedophiles.

Allegations obtained by police trawling exercises were therefore seen to be the main focus of the investigation, and convictions were hastily sought and indeed found, based on what could only be described as being among the most unbelievable accusations you could possibly imagine.

And there were certain ex-residents who were complicit in compiling many of the more serious allegations, even after making earlier statements which clearly affirmed, that “no abuse ever took place at Bryn Estyn during their time there.”

Many of the lesser allegations, were of course genuine, as a number of the convictions have proved that to be the case, but the most damning allegations, the most brutal and heinous of those that were presented, to both the police and the later Enquiry, were later shown to be simply untrue!

As an example, this has been taken from ‘The Secret of Bryn Estyn’ by Richard Webster, which has been transcribed and put online.


That should give the reader an insight into the type of allegation that was related to both the North Wales Police and the subsequent Waterhouse enquiry, and also formed the basis of a number of compensation claims against Clwyd Council.

It should also be noted, that at least one of those mentioned in the above link, is now very active online and is a prominent, extremely abrasive and somewhat vicious character, central among those involved in the current campaign to discredit genuine witnesses and undermine the ongoing investigations.

I am not saying that anything written here should be seen as a definitive version of events, as I believe that in time, more and more evidence will be uncovered, which I believe may even reveal an entirely different picture than what has been presented to the viewing public thus far.

It is merely my opinion, but an opinion, however, based on evidence-based research and a close observation of a series of events, that I was unwillingly dragged into by a number of people, who have since shown a completely different side to the character they try to present online.

A group of underhanded, thoroughly nasty and consummate liars, entirely untrustworthy, and who will, without a single doubt in my mind, only benefit from the truth never emerging in it’s entirety.

“Too many people, got too much to hide”

But it’s not for me to speculate on their motives for doing so, that is entirely up to the reader to work out for themselves.

I shall end this with another opinion, not mine, I must add, but one also based on careful observation of what has been happening online recently in regard to the current police investigations.

It was posted to a Forum I used to subscribe to and I copied it (with permission) as it echoed many of my own observations regarding this whole issue.


“The entire Elm Guest House story was hijacked by Chris Fay & his accomplices, and very effectively so. It got the whole nation to sit up and take notice however. But it was simply, a muddying of the waters, for whatever reason….

Personally, I’d advise anyone getting involved with ‘campaigning’ politicians to use them as they use each other – ruthlessly & calculatingly. They chew each other up & spit each other out as they grapple for the next rung on the ladder. We should do the same with them – use them for our own ends & discard them without a second thought the second they cease to be useful to us. It sounds harsh, and I wouldn’t do it in the real world with real people, but they are Politicans after all, barely even human!

The Elm Guest House thing was – from the beginning – David Hencke, Tom Watson MP and Exaro News. An experienced political journalist, an ambitious politician, and a new investigative media group trying to make names for themselves. With a few desperate bloggers being tossed initially tasty, yet deliberately misleading tidbits every now and then (C.H.E/C.G.H.E) to make them feel they were a part of some great, yet ever so secret media/government conspiracy.

Gojam/Needleblog and the Icke Forums are the obvious choices here.

I don’t really care if Exaro News is a left-leaning site/group, I don’t even care that Tom Watson is a Labour MP. All I can see is three reputations that are going to rest entirely on the outcome of what they themselves brought to the attention of the nation.

They can look forward to a lifetime of explaining themselves if it all ends in nothing. They’ve made mistakes along the way… and I’m not sure they still aren’t doing so.

But bearing in mind that they are somewhat limited in the language they can use (being ‘professionals’, not foul-mouthed internet hot-heads like us!) they have, between them, very efficiently discredited Ben Fellows, Chris Fay & Bill Maloney among others.

When Tom Watson stated that the photograph talked about by Chris Fay (with Bill Maloney incidentally) does not, in his opinion, exist, I take that as a pretty clear message. When Exaro talked about a vulnerable witness being manipulated & having ludicrous words put in his mouth (again, by Fay & Maloney) I take that as a pretty clear message too!

But it’s a real shame that they didn’t see it earlier.

I tried explaining in a post on the David Icke Forum what I thought might have happened, and how a floundering investigation maybe had no choice but to accept the ‘help’ of legions of online bullshitters who may have had useful information, but purposely mixed it up with utter garbage to confound anyone searching for the truth….(inadvertently, possibly… although I personally doubt this).

Who knows?

I doubt very much we’ll ever really learn what really went on.

I would dearly love to see some prosecutions come out of this for attempting to pervert the course of justice (if what I suspect is correct), but when the ‘perverting’ is being done for the benefit of the Establishment, that looks like a real long-shot.

Turkeys voting for Christmas, and all that…

Meanwhile, I also note that neither Edwina Curry nor Norman Tebbit (for example) have been called to account for their actions.

The internet nutters would have probably had more success focusing their attention and combined amateur investigating skills on something like that: eminently provable, tangible & totally unforgivable behaviour by people who – at the very least – deserve to be unmasked for the whole world to see.

But it appears that they would prefer to continually post shite like child-pornography being smuggled into/out of Turkey inside pork-products (’cause it’s a Muslim-country & the customs inspectors wouldn’t want to touch it!)…

Yet another masterpiece from the brain of Sweetcheeks (who is closely linked to Tajasfire, Discovery77 & others who slither around the Icke Forum, all the way down the line to where Chris Fay & his cohorts await).

It’s becoming increasingly harder to believe that any of these ‘people’ have a genuine interest in seeing justice being done…

After all, what other reason would they have to spend so much time online if the truth came out ?

P.S. I Forgot to mention that Sabine McNeill woman… I’m not even going there!

I remember watching some sort of video of a mad PowerPoint presentation that she gave inside (I think) the Houses of Parliament.

Utterly bizarre.

Maybe she is a total genius & is functioning on a higher-level than myself, or indeed anyone else, but it just looked like meaningless rubbish!

My bullshit-alert was activated however… But that’s another story entirely.”





    “The truth is that the list does not exactly fit the Post’s description of it. Not a single humanist is listed; instead we find a catalogue of Jewish war criminals, financiers, gambling tycoons, ethnic cleanser advocates, a Holocaust fraudster, a few Rabbis with minimal importance even within the Jewish world and one Ethiopian entertainer.”





    “SWITZERLAND, Zurich — Similar to the Terrorgate Scandal of September 2013 which resulted in the arrest of 3 top U.S. Navy officials and the murder of 18 U.S. and NATO Special Forces (i.e., professional terrorists), the latest wave of foiled Obama sanctioned terror attacks has resulted in the murder of 14 U.S. and NATO Special Forces.

    In both cases, multiple state-sponsored terror plots were exposed by, resulting in the brutal assassination of 14 Special Forces who were double-crossed by their handlers. In other words, dead men tell no tales and these Special Forces had first-hand knowledge about false-flag terror plots and had to be neutralized, most likely by CIA hit men.”



    “Trouble is likely headed our way with the discovery of a patent that has been put out with the technological capabilities to monitor and control human thoughts without the use of speech. This technology is highly controversial—to say the least—but it draws an awful slippery slope between human control and free will.”




  2. Cheers for this Jimmy I was in the big house in ’82 I think. I remember Birchy, Liz Evans, Dave Cheeseboro and that guy with the train set I remember some of the lads more like Tony Wallace, Mikey Owen and Brendan and a few others I was living in Bangor then but live in Manc land now. if you will allow me to say that I never made a statement or went to the tribunal as the staff there were ok.

    There were some who used to get a bit lairy and give you a clip round the ear but that was it mainly. I thought the lads there were far worse with the bullying and the little gangs. the place was full of skally gluesniffers as I remember and some right dirty bastards who used to make the younger ones wank them and give them blow jobs and stuff. robbing little bastards too always pinching something or other and the police being called or bringing lads back after shoplifting in town. I must admit I did that a few times too 🙂 the bullies and the pretending gangsters were far worse than any of the staff as I remember. Have bookmarked this site and look forward to any updates keep it up bud

    1. Thanks for your comment Wyn. It would be good to pick your brains sometime as very few people want to talk about the truth of what really went on in Bryn Estyn and other places in Wales during that time.

  3. It’s no wonder that plod do not want to keep people informed of developments. I am no lover of the police but in this case they have my sympathy havin to deal with all those no-fuck-all fakes which hang around Rabid Icke and that fucker in the Secret of Bryn Estyn Book. Can you imagine being in a care home with that evil twat…. no wonder that lad tryed to cut his lying swede off

  4. I have following this website and this story ever since November 2012 when Bryn Estyn and Stephen Messham came on the news again and all the fuss that happened afterwards.

    I bought the Webster book a few years ago as I wanted to know more about the place as both of my brothers were there in the late 1970s and 1980s and I can confirm from what they experienced and told me that most of what is written in that book is true.

    I am only commenting now because I have watched the way that you and your family have been targetted and I have also been watching the way that the bloke who is behind it has been trying to convince people that he has been telling the truth.

    I feel sickened to watch him now on Twitter try and play the victim and the way that his so called followers are believing every word and offering him support

    I can assure you that he is not a victim he is nothing of the sort. anybody who has read Webster’s book will see that many of the stories of sex abuse were just fantasy that was cooked up by a few greedy bastards. Both my brothers were bullied and harassed and people tried to even blackmail them into making a false allegation against staff members. The people who did this to them were not the police, or Clwyd council or even the staff but other boys/men who were at the home with them.

    I have hundreds of news clippings and some pictures of my brothers as well as others, and staff members including one of D***** ******Y standing with Peter Howarth in the rec room where the boys played pool. The interesting thing about it is that the dark haired boy in the picture was described as Peter Howarth’s favourite and was also the biggest bully in the whole place.

    Both of my brothers are alive fortunately although they have had some problems with drink and drugs and will never go on the TV or talk to the newspapers. They still live near Wrexham and I live in Marchwiel now, so if you would consider meeting up in town for a coffee I could fill you in a few things that you may not be aware of yet and show you the photographs.

    I hope that this all works out OK for you Jimmy as out of the ones who are speaking about it, you seem to be the only one who is willing to write the truth and not be after compensation and to be in the papers all the time.

    I have sent my email so you can get in touch if you want to.

    Take Care


  5. Jimmy it seems that this article has woke your stalker up again.he is Tweeting like mad now about BE and how he is the only one allowed to comment as if he was the only fucking one who was ever there. That twat has so so many skeletons in his dressing up closet and I can tell you that there are many people who are planning a party when the truth comes out and he gets done over what he did. He does make a dick of himself with his rants and foot stamping on Twitter and that shitrag of a blog he scribbles whenever he is caught out lying again and again. Not long to wait now I think we all will have to meet up and have a drink when it happens Looks like he is making excuses even tho he has not been accused of anything. Sounds like a guilty conscience to me

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  7. It’s always interesting to note that Outlaw’s blog has dozens, sometimes over fifty, comments, on his blogs about these subjects. Compared to the zero that the nutjob gets on his blog.

  8. Really nice to read your comment Tracy although obviously not good to know that your brothers were subjected to the biggest bully in that place and were caused much misery because of it.

    Small consolation I know, but the bully in question wont ever get away with being the biggest victim jockey of the lot and won’t ever get to make money out of riding off the backs of genuine people ever again. No one should ever feel bad for what this creep inflicted on them. I hope things are much better for them nowadays.

    Steve Hashim, SP and a self confession. Hmmm are they really all liars?? Or is the proven liar lying as per usual?

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