I read a few blogs whenever I get time, on all manner of subjects, from the uncannily accurate to the downright ridiculous.

One in particular caught my eye recently, although the comments on the blog were of more interest than the actual article.

The blogger responded to a posted comment by announcing that he was sitting on a story that was potentially ‘Bigger Than Watergate,’ a grand statement indeed, and which got me thinking about the original events, which I have long believed to be a cover-up of something more nefarious than the hugely publicised Watergate ‘Scandal.’

With me so far? I shall try and explain my thoughts.

Founded in 1951 by public health professor Alexander Langmuir, the Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) was designed to act as an elite biological-warfare countermeasures unit of the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

In 1976 the EIS network was put on full alert to search for any disease that may resemble Influenza. It was controlled from a ‘War Room’ in Auditorium A at the CDC Headquarters and the ‘hunt’ began in earnest.

With a matter of weeks, the War Room was hearing of a cluster of pneumonia- like illnesses among men returning home from the Philadelphia convention of the American Legion.

As soon as the outbreak was detected, Lawrence Altman, an EIS ‘graduate’ was rapidly despatched to cover the story for the New York Times.

The media, with the full support of the CDC, allowed the rumour to circulate that the outbreak was the beginning of the Swine Flu, bringing swift action from Congress with the Vaccine Bill being passed within days.

More than 50 million Americans received the vaccine, leading to more than a thousand cases of nerve damage and paralysis, coupled with dozens of deaths and almost $100 million in damages.

Oddly, no Swine Flu epidemic materialised, the only illness that occurred was the direct result of the vaccine administered by the CDC.

The ‘Legionnaires’ disease was later blamed on a common soil bacteria, and one that had failed Koch’s postulates for causing the disease and is actually harmless.

The actual ‘Legionnaires’ deaths though, are somewhat easier to understand.

They were all elderly men, many of whom had undergone kidney transplants, and had been particularly drunk during the celebration, all of which combined into the classic risks for pneumonia.

So was Legionnaires Disease just a new name for a pre-existing disease that had been hyped to cause fear among the public and push through a suspect Vaccine Bill?

What bothers me though is that any Legionnaires ‘outbreak’ seems to be always linked to air-conditioning systems as the main source of infection.

You see where this is going now?

The same entry method via the Air Conditioning ducts was used by the now infamous Cuban burglars who broke into the Watergate Complex (who were given a $200,000 payoff by the CIA incidentally).

Was this large payment used to silence the accidental discovery of a plan to covertly introduce deadly germs into the Democratic National Committee headquarters, which were located on the sixth floor of the Watergate complex, through the Air Conditioning system?

The germs were definitely available, and Legionnaires disease has the exact symptoms of a disease that was in the experimental stage at Fort Detrick, Maryland.

Weapons control was introduced to include the chemical & germ warfare agents that are sold alongside the guns, tanks and planes, and it does make one think that it’s not impossible that another agenda was being played out.

Especially when you discover that Richard Nixon ordered Richard Helms (Director of Central Intelligence 1966-1973) to destroy the germs at Fort Detrick, and Helms never did.

Nixon will forever be remembered as a bad man, eternally isolated and a figure of fun, and Helms went on to become ambassador to Iran and immune to perjury charges…..

But maybe it is just me that looks at other possibilities eh?