While doing some background work on the second part of a JACK THE RIPPER examination I am currently working on, I have been spending some time trawling through some of the contemporary newspaper reports and periodicals from 1888 which reported on the case.

As is often the case when researching articles for possible inclusion on this site, I find something which takes me off in a completely different direction altogether, which is what has happened here, inasmuch as although the main subject of this article has a link to the Whitechapel murders, albeit a tenuous one – it will, at some point, tie in with my telling of the Ripper story.

‘Jack the Ripper’ was not the first serial killer, although he may well have been the first one to ‘ply his trade’ entirely within the confines of a major metropolis; and he almost certainly was the first to operate when the general population had become literate, and the mass media had began to influence not only what people were reading every day, but also what they were supposed to ‘believe‘.

Now that last bit is important, as throughout history, and even more so over the last one hundred and fifty years, certain events that have become embedded in the psyché of so many people, and believed to be true – have been planted there by the mass media and the entertainment industry.

I am not talking about ‘False Flag’ attacks here, a number of which have been catalysts for starting wars and forcing regime changes throughout the world via invasions, as many of those events have since been shown to be entirely manufactured and State-Sponsored, and there is more than enough evidence available to support that.

What I am referring to is something that has been widely-studied by psychologists and is known as ‘Belief Perseverance’, and is something that anyone can fall prey to, although some people are more prone to it than others.

Belief perseverance, is exactly as it sounds, it’s an unshakeable and continuing belief in something or someone, that has been shown to be false, regardless of any evidence that is presented to show just that.

It’s the reason why so many people year upon year fall for hoaxes, and the reason that so many become victims of liars, fraudsters, con artists and professional grifters, as normal, everyday folk tend to see the best in others and simply do not believe that people can be so callous and would do anything that devious.

The mass media are no different, they know only too well how to sell lies as truth, they do it on a daily basis, and they know exactly how to influence and steer people towards supporting what have turned out to have been some very unpopular political ideas – a good example of this is how the British media have covertly managed to demonise the disabled, the unemployed and the working poor by way of some very biased news coverage and television programming.

Over a few short months, the mass media have purposely and very successfully divided the country down the middle, and very few people have noticed what has actually happened.

Another similar example happened in 1973, when the UK entered the Common Market, as it was known as then, following what could be viewed as an exercise in propaganda, as by 1971 it was blatantly obvious that most British newspapers were totally committed to Britain becoming a member of the EEC, the only exceptions being those under the Express umbrella of publications.

A large proportion of the population were totally unaware of the fact that the results of an opinion poll in 1973, showed that the British people were against entering the EEC by an astounding ratio of three to one – the mass media of course failed to publish anything like those figures.

Even though public feeling was against it, and even suggesting the idea of entering the union was seen as being political suicide, the Government of Edward Heath still pushed ahead and spent £10M of taxpayers money on printing and distributing literature praising the virtues of becoming an EEC member, and produced a ‘White Paper’ which was full of totally unsubstantiated claims to support their claims.

The mass media deliberately left out any mention of the annual costs of membership, or the fact that joining the EEC was the first step along the road towards creating a Federal States of Europe.

Heath and the Tories only managed to get away with what was viewed as a ‘Betrayal of the British People’, because the mass media had also decided that entry was a ‘good thing’ (for them and their owners), and did not publicaly question a single claim made by Heath or the Conservative administration.

Pro-EEC rhetoric appeared on most news and feature pages, and was reinforced by massive numbers of full page advertisements paid for by the Pro-European Movement.

Anybody who has peeled back a few layers of what really went on back then, would have established that if the mass media had done their job properly, investigated like real journalists and fully analysed the real purpose and true cost of the Common Market, Britain would have almost certainly never have joined, and would now be an eminently wealthier and more powerful nation.

Conservative Prime Minister Edward Heath took Britain into the EEC without giving the electorate the opportunity to say whether or not their country should become part of this ‘project‘, and the mass media was the tool the Tory Government utilised to achieve it.

But that was forty-three years ago, and you would think that the British population would have learned something by now wouldn’t you?

But I shall assume that it’s a pretty safe bet, that despite the depth of feeling among the electorate, the numbers at the Grassroots level who want to leave, and all the signs that are pointing to Britain’s continued membership of the EU meaning the total loss of what remains of our identity – and the end of everything it’s people hold dear ….. Britain, and it’s people will be seen by the world as voting to stay within the union.

Whether that will be true or not is apparently of no consequence, because that is what history will record as being the outcome of the June referendum.

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  1. What a traitor Cameron is and all the other ‘remain’ crew. Corbyn is unbelievable. He spouts on about how it’s better for the ‘working man’ to be in the EU . How does he work that one out when unfettered immigration has lowered wages with labour supply outstripping demand ? Where were the Unions whilst all this was going on? They certainly weren’t looking after the British working man.
    What a perilous state Britain is in when both sides of Parliament agree on selling out our country. Au Revoir A mon Pays indeed!

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    The Parasite That Owns This Country Hates The NHS:-

    “British citizens should remember that ‘British Rail was systematically run down, a standard privatisation strategy, for some years before it was sold off. This makes the policy easier to sell to the public because the transfer of public assets into private hands can be represented as an improvement in the service.”



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    1. Have you heard the latest nugget of truth? Ronnie Corbett is really Warwick Davis and all the females in the royal family are actually men ROTFL

  5. How much has Cameron spent on that crappy leaflet to persuade people to stay in the EU? £10 M or something wasn’t it? Same old lying Tories/Labour/Liberal/Politicians … nothing will ever change because of apathetic voters opting for the same old shite again and again

  6. I find it quite funny that 100% of the comments on this site say how deluded chris spivey site is yet 100% of his articles get commented on here surely if its that deluded and off the mark stay away its quite obvious many of the commenters from this site check daily and read all his new articles. When to me that is the definition of deluded to keep going back

    1. “100% of the comments here say how deluded the Chris Spivey site is”

      And you also claim that 100% of his articles get commented upon on this site …. Is that what you are saying?

      Working out even vaguely accurate percentages is obviously not your strong point is it ‘SillyBilly’?

      I have no control over what sites the commenters here visit as they are free to read and comment upon whatever they want, but what I can say with 100% accuracy – is that it’s not somewhere I ever feel the need to visit.

      A good username BTW, also 100% accurate.

    2. Someone has been getting maths lessons off Professor Spivey I think. I well remember his Woolwich talk in London when he ballsed up the times on the CCTV because he could not count the minutes in an hour lol it’s on YouTube I think dead funny

      100% of comments on here are about Spivey? He wishes PMSL

    3. A brilliant result yesterday for the Hillsborough families and the whole city of Liverpool, would you agree Jimmy? #JFT96

      1. Absolutely.

        A historic day for not only Liverpool, but for the whole country and if there is such a thing as ‘Justice’ in this country, the establishment, it’s agents and it’s Media Lackeys will no longer be allowed to cover up and protect those who are guilty of criminal acts against decent people.

    4. We do NOT go to Spiveyland to learn important “stuff”.. We go there to read the latest insanity & be prepared to mind-boggle at the fact that there are still posters over there saying “You’ve nailed it Spiv – I now realise that the Queen is really Jimmy Savile. You’re facial comparison software PROVES IT!. & as soon as my SS check comes in I’m gonna send you a donation “cos you’re the most important troofer site on the whole internet”

      THAT’S why we go there. GOT IT.?

    5. personally i continue to visit the Spivey site simply for its amusement value. what utter cobblers is he going to come up with next? the comments of his demented followers are also good for a laugh.

    6. Hi. Does anyone know what happened with Spiveys trial? It was supposed to start last week and nobody on his site has mentioned it. thanks




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  8. Corbyn does what it’s told.Life is a stage,its all Theatre for the herd.Left and right?..Westmonster bunch of clowns…..on with the show….

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