“ They that plow iniquity, and sow wickedness, reap the same”

(Job 4:8)

Ordinarily, I would never use the main body of any mainstream media article on the Outlaw, but I have decided to make an exception in this case, due to the conflicting and misleading accounts that are emerging online in regard to the recent outcome of an appeal launched by one Christopher Spivey against his conviction for the harrassment of the family of Lee Rigby.

Chris Spey outside court

I have since I first heard, been of the opinion that it was an act of complete lunacy to appeal against the courts decision, as it was a commonly-held belief that he was treated extremely leniently when he was given a six-month sentence only, that being suspended for two years after the actions that had led to his subsequent conviction.

Daily Mail 21st January 2017

He should have taken it on the chin and walked away, showed some dignity and then kept his head down, like any normal person would have done – but that was not to be the case and he has continued to publish harmful, untruthful and exceptionally damaging articles about anyone who he deems worthy of his attention, his latest targets being the family of a four-year old girl who recently died of Cancer.

And that is all I am going to say on the matter.

‘Spivey was originally convicted in July 2015 of two charges of harassing Lyn Rigby and Sara McClure. He was also found guilty of two offences of sending grossly offensive or menacing messages by public communication between May 2013 and November 2014.

Spivey received a six month prison sentence, suspended for two years and a lifetime restraining order banning him from any future contact with those involved.

He was also banned from publishing any material about them on the internet and ordered to pay £2,000 costs and his computer equipment was forfeited.

Judge Morgan left that sentence in place and ordered Spivey,unemployed and on benefits, to pay a further £2,000 costs’





81 thoughts on “AS YE SOW

  1. The deluded fool has stated many times that he does not receive any benefits.

    Funny how the court thinks differently.

  2. The girl was only 4. Of course this does not matter in the world of Spivey as she was according to him another “crisis actor” as were her family, friends and others who have also had this terrible disease .

    But at least today one cancer has been hopefully cut out of whatever you want to call this whole “movement” and that is Mr Spivey himself.

    If he still continues to post utter filth on his daft blog he will only dig himself a deeper hole.

    Expect of course a long final angry rant (like his previous FINAL rant a good while ago) where he will not only attack the establishment and the paedo-trolls and the “fackin system innit!” and of course the local drama school for churning out yet more crisis actors….

    But he spat his biggest anger at his loyal humble followers for of course not donating enough money and not bailing him out of this situation which he only has himself to blame for in the first place.

    No doubt it will be something like this :

    “look you lot!! do you fuckin thing a few meezly quid will help! you useless cunts! your just as badas the rest of em!!! i do all this fuckin work for you fuckin cunts and now im left homeless and destitute and i got fuckin vet bills and i have no water and wel…just fuck the lot of ya!!!!! your all fucked now!!!”

    He wrote something similar after his first conviction but was soon back up and running with his newly found “facial recognition software” LOL…. dear me, this one really has been amusing. I never realised David Cameron and Piers Morgan were the same bloke.

    And the best of course that Sonia Poulton and Katie Hopkins were also the same actress playing both women…. Brilliant expose!!!

    The best yet!

    This whole movement has been infested with people like Spivey. They do more damage than good with their outbursts and utterly outrageous theories that hold no water at all.

    Narcisistic fools like Danielle La Verite pop up with an urge to just run their mouth swearing with every other word and then make out they are going to “bring you fuckers down!” and it is just far too embarressing to watch….. They deserve all the trolling they get…. Is it any wonder?

    And there is a HUGE difference between trolling and just being plain nasty…..

    Trolling is an art! .:-) ….

    Anyone can be vile.

    Spivey and La Verite (PLEASE be next to get arrested! 🙂 are the kind of folk that everyone avoids when they workin the local pub. I can just imagine it… Spivey shows up and everyone just goes “oh for fuck sake!”… then he will most likely be babbling in his daft lispy camp voice about how the local paper shop is closed cos of fweemaythonz! …

    I expect he is a proper Billy No-Mates and the bloke who everyone avoids.

    La Verite would be even worse. Hearing a woman swear like an irate rugby player is just revolting. Imagine trying to have a meal out someplace and that moron is on the next table going “yeah right fackin cants! that fackin tosser Trump! fackin wanka!!” etc etc … then of course her offering to read everyones palm and doing her tarot cards …. cos now I see in recent months she has reinvented herself as the Mystic Meg of the whole truth movement! LOL!….. Dear God!!…

    £30/45 quid she is charging as well according to her Facebook (is hand relief included?) 😉

    Toodaloo Spivey…. it has not been nice knowing you,

    1. Strange how Mr Spivey claimed not 2 months ago, that the Donations from his site were his only income.

      Terror Tarot. Never ending isn’t it? Did the ‘Fighting the ‘Shite with Light’ & ‘Powers of Attraction’ ventures flop spectacularly too then? £30-£45 to be scammed. ‘Nice’.

    2. The verity person apparently suffers from agoraphobia! well, she seems to be able to get about a bit for someone who suffers from that!

      1. Apparently Lyn was forced to go to court and testify or faced arrest herself. To put her through that again is just plain sick.

  3. I see that the so called “unpaid moderators” gone all potty mouthed over in Spiveyworld. Could it be because they fear their non taxed stipends are in danger of ending?

    Wouldn’t be great if he decided on a further appeal to a higher court? He couldn’t be that stupid could he? We can only hope!

    How long will it be before the begging bowl comes out this time I wonder.

  4. Todays headlines have only fueled him.

    And he has also included a nonsense explanation about why his dot org site costs £300 a month LOL!

    This part is even more bizarre than all his daft theories put together!
    So as long as Charity Case, Dogman, Fuck The State etc keep handing him their cash he will be continuing.

    One thing I noticed. Dogman claims Matt Taylor (the daddy of the intranetz!) is also going to be up in court.

    Is this true?

    What has he done?….

    Apart from troll himself.

    Oh well….this should be fun

    1. Its not to do with the Whelan story. Its Rigby. No? Btw i have been a victim of satanic ritual abuse in one of the establishments you claim is a hoax. Why do you persist in denying it happens? I can only conclude you are in their pay.

      1. If that is your claim, please can you point me in the direction of these mysterious payments I am receiving because I have never actually been able to locate them?

        Some extra cash would be handy though, so I would really appreciate your help in tracking down the so far elusive payments you have alleged I am receiving from Lord knows who.

        ‘Satan’ perhaps??

        Thanks for your comment though, it does reassure me to know that there are still some clearly crazy people around.

        And just to clarify the other point you made, I have not been able to find evidence of ‘Satanic Abuse’ as it has been claimed to exist – that is not to say it doesn’t exist, and if evidence does emerge at some point and can be substantiated, then I will of course happily publish that evidence here.

        So that is also an invitation to you to set the story straight on this very site.

        Does that sound fair?

    2. There, there don’t cry too much about losing your appeal, Chris – to 99.9 per cent of the population you never had any in the first place anyway;)

    3. Won’t say his real name, but by coincidence I heard from a fella who used to know the guy with the ‘hard man’ persona posting on there as Dogman when he was a kid. Apparently, Dogman’s nickname at school back in those days was Dorothy.

      1. What is wrong with that Dogman bloke?

        He’s now ranting and raving and a-triple-postin’ on the Spivey blog, adamant that I posted something on there under a host of pseudonyms that really, really upset him.

        Apparently, he’s barking mad (boom boom;). That’s news to me as like most people I wouldn’t touch that never-been joke of a ‘blog’ with a 20 foot bargepole anymore.

        Are things now so bad at Spiveyville and web traffic so low that they have to invent trolls to fool themselves into thinking that they matter anymore?

        To that end, he’s even gone to the trouble of writing a piece that he’s attributed to me, then complained to himself that he’s stifled his own freedom of speech because he hasn’t published the whole piece that he wrote and then berated himself back insisting that he doesn’t deserve to have the whole piece published anyway.

        For the record, there was no piece submitted by me.

        For the benefit of the hard of thinking who populate Spivey’s online fan club:


        That’s why you haven’t published it, Doggedman or whatever your name is. In fact, you couldn’t even be arsed to write the whole post that you wanted to attribute to me so you took the intellectual lightweight way out and just quoted a paragraph of this non-existent post.

        Now to prove me otherwise he’ll need to waste even more time writing a whole long-winded post so that he can beat himself up even further but pretend it’s me.

        Do calm down, dear.

        Honestly Doggerz (or is it Dorothy?), talking and answering yourself is a clear sign of madness, poppet and those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad. Jeez, I hope the poor little mutt doesn’t have rabies…

        1. Hello, Mr Herriott, could you come down to Romford, Essex as soon as possible, please? We think Spivey’s bitch might have rabies and he’s barking mad because he thinks we want to put him down;)

        2. From what you have said it sounds like the lunatics have pretty much taken over that particular asylum ….

          And they call me the mad one 😉

        3. I think keeping their little fantasies going is their only way of drawing attention to themselves

          Every time one of their alleged trolls posts over there & is falsely claimed to be any of us (I’m sure most people will realise are not any of us and never would be either), it makes people come here to see what he’s dribbling on about, then they are intrigued to see what he or his moderators snipe back.

          Dogman sounds like he is rapidly coming undone and again, his ongoing obsession with the Owner of this site is extremely creepy,

        4. Dogman is more fitting to the name Dorothy, he certainly is spivey’s BITCH! 🙂

    4. In regard to Taylor, there are indeed rumours circulating that he is due to appear at court. It could be for any of what he has claimed on his ‘About Matt Taylor’ page, including that he is the self-proclaimed ‘most controversial political writer in the UK’ or even that he is the ‘UK’s answer to Donald Trump’.

      Bonkers ….

      It’s a check up from the neck up he needs, not clogging up the court system.


  5. He needs locking up in a secure unit.

    A mother loses a son in a brutal public murder but chris, and I quote, is the victim here?

    He is the new poster boy for “conspiracy nutters’. The modern day Turquoise Track-Suit crank, reliant on public generosity in exchange for twisted lies as truth a la Icke stylie. I suspect instead of extra strength Tennents it’s a case of columbian marching powder for Chris.

    Don’t do drugs kids!

    He’s a journalist?

    Pull the other one!

  6. Oh and are you really playing both side? You are team mates? You mates of Darren’s too? What about Adeybob? Gojam and MWT too?

    Could have fooled me but then again, that’s easy to do. I was initially fooled by someones claims that they were a genuine CSA campaigner. But then again that was helped along by their appearance on the Huffington Post’s panel of campaigners. Which begs the question, why were they chosen to appear on it?

    1. You have seen the latest round of crackpot allegations I see Jen

      The one which alleges I am part of some nefarious ‘Team’ who claim to despise each other but in reality are best buddies??

      You have met me, what do you think is the truth?

      1. Morning Jimmy,

        Yes, I still read Twitter though I no longer have any social media accounts.

        I was being facetious. That lot taught me not to trust them through their very own actions (and inactions even where some charities are concerned)

      2. I see Adeybob is sucking up to Chris.

        Good. Maybe Chris can set Adeybob right with the fact that I’m not a construct. I’m a real girl. As others know too.

        Chris and I had a telephone conversation a long while back when he asked for help in getting someone into court.

        I explained I didnt believe I had enough for a case against them, however, as a victim of hers I can bear witness to her Twitter process of reeling people in for info leading to abuse and attempting to discredit them, even if it means making up accounts she claims to be them, like she did to me.

        Like Panorama did to Steven Messham.

        1. Did Kev Green really work for reporter without borders as claimed on the man behind the mask blog on the page dedicated to me,in the comments?

          I always assumed it was Will Black, possibly because he promoted the blog so much.

          Those security cameras I sent you I actually bought for myself after someone strutted about my fear of being stalked by DL, laughing and sharing with DL my reveal of such to her all over twitter.

          She is like an abusive husband who uses his spouses weekiness against her. I’m sure she was abused as a child, but sadly, she too grew up to be that monster, going by my own personal experience of the her.

          I bet the rags that used her to begin with have major regret over the part they have played in verifying her as a true CSA Campaigner.

          Not to mention the dodgy TV cop trying to go legit. What a fuck up!

          1. It is my understanding, that ‘Kevin Green‘ is as much a ‘Reporter Without Borders‘ as Cyril Smith was Slimmer of the Year ten years running.

            His name is ‘Carl‘ apparently and lives close enough to someone’s residence for them to be able to drive to his house and meet up with him in person.

            You may have noticed that the KG site was updated yesterday with more bogus information evidently supplied by the RIP Trolls that are spitting at everybody on Twitter using names like ‘Spastic‘ and ‘MongBlogger‘ and other equally charming fake online persona’s.

        2. PS Of course Chris is behaving erratically and blaming all and sundry. The man is grieving and seeking answers for his loss, resulting in knee-jerk reaction and assumption.

          I too would be a mess. He hasn’t even buried his partner yet. His situation is a long and complicated family affair I never had the energy for after someone’s game of rat and cat.

          1. I would save your sympathy for those who truly deserve it Jen.

            I will email you the details about some of the things the man you refer to has done, not only to me, but to a number of others that are downright despicable and cowardly.

            I am done with him and his endless dramas.

    2. Just the usual crafty games by 2 people in an endless sibling war, using others to score points off each other Jen. Completely false accusations.

      1. I am not qualified to make any judgement when it comes to digging through the dirt and the dross of such an extended conflict.

        But, I do understand the conflict of siblings when raised up with abuse. It’s difficult enough in retrospect trying to prove the truth from the lie when you are the victim, I learned, even though throughout the abuse I told everyone. So, I don’t want to be the one making the wrong judgement here, so I stay out of Chris and Ronnie’s fight.

        Like I said, that’s for someone more qualified than I.

        I was the liar according to my abusive family, until my sister reached 40 when she finally decided to speak out.

        Why then?

        Why didn’t she back me up when everyone called me a liar and blamed me for the abuse perpetrated against me/us?

        I don’t know why but it is the reason I don’t want her in my life.

        I haven’t learned how to forgive that.

        This one is not my shout.

        I’m out.

        1. Another PS:

          Someone and her Twitter Twat Team – and yes there is a team – have cured me of my survivors guilt!

          I wanted to help Steven Messham. What a mess.

          I still stand by you because I saw how they loved you when you were off your meds and their gas-lighting and manipulating you the way that they did after Messham’s infamous TV appearance.

          Then you twigged.

          If I hadn’t been around for all that God know who I would believe now!

          So I stay uninvolved, other than what pertains to someone’s lies and threats.

          She’s my bug bear. My worry wart. I want to see her face to face in an unthreatening place.

        2. I stayed out of it too Jen, as it’s way too complicated & has been going on a long time & I’m not Judge Rinder, so have no wish to get involved with endless battles.

          1. Meh…I’ve just read Behind the Masks latest blog.

            Nice confession written there. At war is she? I mean he/she/it! Smacks of bribery from THEM now in the shit.

            It’s not true, it’s a last ditch effort in their perception of mediation but it is all skew-wiff!

            Seems that someone didn’t lose that password after all, did she?!

            Already have her confession regarding it being shared between her and Paul Rogers and trolls.

            I’m biding my time.

            Here’s a one-finger-salute for you, bitch! See you in court, if you don’t die from imaginary cancer first!

          2. Jen, Jen, Jen, what can I say? Nothing that you don’t already know yourself 😀

            But may I just say, whilst regarding said post on said blog, I noticed there was another false accusation lower down, falsely implicating us and others, which I feel needs to be addressed?

            For the record – the claims that I have ever contacted any abuse survivor from Langton House & attacked them are completely false. (Took my breath away that 1!).

            I have had no dealings with anyone from Langton House. However, if these false claims are from who I think they may be,(but obviously could have been made by someone else just to look that way, so am casting no accusation or blame), then I can prove that this person has been manipulated & used by the ‘gang’ (proof available of course – in the false accusers own words).

            I am also confident that a certain CSA Campaigner, who I am often falsely accused of being by these people, (among many others), will be able to back up the facts.

            As those claims are dated 2014 (I think) ………… I need say no more.

            Beyond that, who cares? We all know it’s drivel. 😉

            Attention seeking in the worst kinds of ways.

  7. HAHAHAHA! That above photo of Spivey above made me ROFL:) I’m really pleased that he lost his appeal. He’s been treated with kid gloves for too long, imho. One thing: if he doesn’t have to pay court costs because he’s unemployed, then what does he do with all that money he gets all those stupid fools to donate to him? If they’d given money to him with the understanding that it would be used for his legal costs yet he instead squirrels it away to blow on cigarettes, luxury holidays and goods etc. because his legal costs are paid by us the British taxpayer anyway, doesn’t that technically make him guilty of fraud? Just sayin’;)

    1. Admin 3 generations of SRA and 4 relatives dead because of it. There are thousands of us everyday dealing with its consequences.

      Im not sure about Chris Spivey overall but he is so right about the tentacles of the establishment and their never ending murder and torture of innocent children.

      Your MO from the selection of posts i have read in the last few years is solely calling out SRA as hoaxs.

      I found your site as i am Rhes Neg. You just dont add up im afraid. To write about the elite and deny their addiction to pain and evil ….its extremely suspicious.

      I visit friends your way every few months. Im will tell you my experience face to face and maybe then you can judge properly if i stack up or not.

      Please understand you are swallowing their crap and clearly you think you have a free mind. Well not until you realise the full extent of their power!

      1. I am more than aware of the reach and the power of the ‘Elite’ Anita ….

        My issue at the moment is that as the Outlaw has not published articles about Satanic Ritual Abuse cases, simply because I have not met a single survivor nor have I seen any convincing evidence of it’s existence – you have claimed that I am ‘on their payroll’….

        On what do you base that claim exactly? that I knew nothing of your existence until you commented on this site earlier, so could not possibly be aware of any story you have in regard to the existence of SRA?

        Your allegation is not only catagorically untrue, it’s a somewhat dangerous assumption to throw around, as there are those out there who like nothing more than forming mobs and seeking out those that they believe are ‘evil’ and murderous agents of the state.

        History is littered with examples of such.

        I shall reiterate, however, that if I was to be furnished with evidence of SRA, and which will stand up to investigation, then I would be more than willing to publish said evidence.

        Can I get any fairer or be more accommodating than that?

        Or do you still believe that I am in ‘Denial’ and repeat your claim that I am somehow acting as an agent or extension of the state.

        A claim, which incidentally, is very similar to the garbage that a certain Mr Spivey has been vomiting about me all over his blog, and like most of what he produces …. is unadulterated shite.

        It is spurious and wholly innacurate claims such as the one you have levelled against me, is one of the many reasons why the purveyors of SRA stories are not believed by the majority of people.

        1. You are a curious person. It happens and the survivors ARE the evidence. What other evidence do you expect? My experiences were closest to the Hampstead children. I finally sought real help when i watched those tiny souls. The triggers nearly finished me. They tell the truth as awful as it is. My evidence is akin to theirs. I just do not understand why you are so abusively adamant no evidence exists when clearly you are an AM researcher. You also know the Rhes Neg vulnerabilities. You know how we can be targeted. Not a giant leap to realise many SRA survivors are Rhes Neg. They get more power from us.

          1. Of course I support an ‘Agenda’ – it’s known in these parts as the TRUTH, and which is usually accompanied by provable evidence to support it.

            Otherwise it’s just hearsay

          2. When somebody is assaulted there is usually evidence or witness testimony to support it for example.

            If one was laid on an altar and had various symbols carved into their bodies, for example …. that would be evidence.

            Anybody could say anything, IRL or on the internet and if it’s unsourced or there is little to corroborate it, should it be believed without question ?

          3. The Hampstead case has already been proved a hoax. The people who abused the children were the mother & her boyfriend, hence them going on the run abroad.

          4. Agreed.

            As the asked for ‘evidence’ was related to the Hampstead/Hoax SRA case, it should be assumed that it is/was a complete crock.

            And dismissed immediately.

  8. Hello Jimmy. I cannot for the life of me believe anything that comes out of the mouth /site of Spivey, honestly, he goes on about the dangers we are all facing in the future etc, if we don’t read his rantings, but he never EVER asks people to act on it/meet up to do something about it! All he does is go on about how much it costs to keep his site going! Which obviously means for him to keep living without working! I am surprised his site hasn’t folded long ago, as how disgustingly he talks to his ‘loyal’ readers, they must be fools to keep donating, he is seriously deranged and should get a real job. That F T S isn’t fooling me either, he is definitely Chris! as Chris is doing what he accuses you of and commenting under different names! Most of the regulars who have seen him to be a con man have left ! Take care and keep writing the truth.

    1. Hi James, thanks for your comment.

      One small thing I must point out for clarity is that ‘FTS’ aka ‘Fabooka Da Stait’ aka ‘Charity Case’ are the same person and it’s certainly not Spivey.

      Spivey is solely Essex based, and the multi-personality FTS is in Wigan, Greater Manchester, is a 50+ single man living with his mother and shares a surname with the current Member of Parliament for the city of Chester.

      Just Saying ….

      1. Bloody hell , and they accuse you of what they are doing themselves! they definitely need locking up and given depot’s! Multiple personality disorder can be dangerous…………..

        1. P S I often thought that spivey was ‘dogman’ as I noticed on there that when spiv is writing a new piece, dogman is not on the site. He has a job apparently!

  9. People who come out with “I was a victim of SATANIC abuse” etc are a real insult to genuine victims of child abuse.

    Really….. you can bullshit all day long about how you were abducted by aliens and you have filmed a balloon after your “contact” etc…but… when folk start coming out with made up horse shit about being involved in satanic child abuse…. you may as well go to a care home and kick every victim in the face.

    It is the absolute WORST thing you can lie about and what is even sicker.. is trying to make a name for yourself out of it.

  10. Also I might add… in EVERY Child pornography raid to this day that has ever been reported..

    Out of all the millions of images and videos that have been seized…

    not ONE time has there ever been any form of satanic element discovered in any of these videos.

    Cover-up my ass! Its the whole “ive seen a snuff movie!!” crap with a different angle..

    let me explain.

    A snuff movie by definition is this. A person is killed on screen for the sole purpose of the then footage being marketed ..

    Capturing an accidental death on film or what have you.. its NOT snuff.

    And the original myth is based around the porn industry in the 70’s…. and said to involve south american porno makers then suddenly slaughtering the woman after sex…..

    so far such footage has never surfaced… Even though at least one credible film maker claimed to have been offered this material in the documentary SNUFF: A Documentary About Killing on Camera (2008) you can watch it on youtube of course, also the exellent one Dark Side Of Porn (does snuff exist) …. Sanatic rituals and child sacrifice, its never mentioned once…

    and if such footage was around it would certainly be out there by now……

    especially on the darkest corner of the deep web someplace.

    The same goes for this daft rumor that Leon Britain allowed himself to be filmed strangling some child to death…. Sorry, its a myth… no evidence and certainly no footage to back that one up…

    When everyone screams BUT THATS COS THEY COVER IT UP FFS!!!! YOU SOCKPUPPET TROLL SATAN LOVER!….sorrry , but its not exactly hard to find folk who are police or work at scotland yard etc…

    I even knew this one girl from school and she became a police WOMAN of all things!! … 🙂

    See what i mean? Its the same with people thinking everyone in the entertainment industry is secretly satanic cos they “throw the horn sign!”

    LOL…. dear me.

    That horn sign it was first used by Ronnie James Dio… a satanist he certainly was NOT.

    I would have said that also I first saw it used by Afrika Bambaataa, but it does now turn out that this guys whole agenda was all about getting to young boys…. and its beyond terrible.

    However it was stil not satanic, the guy just molested and took advantage of countles young boys (even now I cant believe i’m writing this about him!) … its sad but very very true. Again you will find all info on youtube.

    Anyway enough rant for now…. I just really get annoyed when I see these “satanic abuse victims” pop up with outragious over the top stories… and hey, give em a good few quid and they will share their amazing tales with you in front of a paying audience!.. always on the same bill as some “psychic healer” or “abductee”

    You ask any genuine child abuse victim to go do the same….. see how far you get.

    Thanks for now. and thanks by the way for allowing my various posts.

    I will never use my realname nor email (because you might be a shill, CI5 agent or a crisis actor! 🙂 But i genuinely do have a lot to say on these various subjects…

    Also I might add im not out to attack this movement as a whole.

    For instance I am situated a stones throw (and i do mean i could hit the place with a stone) from a friends house which has hosted the likes of Jordan Maxwell, Al Beilek, Sir Laurence Gardner and countless others…. and hes a genuine friend going back years …. my introduction to the whole alternative media i guess…

    But in the last 3 years… in fact ever since the Lostprophets case the naivety of certain folk has made me really turn against it as a whole… because certain folk have championed a person who i am 100% convinced belongs in jail.

    If for no other reason than making a “paedo talk” porno tape for that monster! ….dear god!

    bye for now.

    1. Thank you for your comprehensive and very interesting comment, and you are welcome to post here at any time …. on any subject at all, as comments are rarely on topic here 😉

      From what I have seen, the so-called ‘Alternative Media’ as it exists today, has become a lumbering, bloated and egotistical monster hardly distinguishable from the mainstream, it has been slowly eating itself from the head down for a long while now ….


  11. Beyond the Dutroux Affair: The reality of protected child abuse and snuff networks:-



    Australian True Crime: MT Meets The Don (BRADMAN,NO LESS!) – Judith & Susan Mackay – D R Ferguson


    1. I found your comment OG, it ended up in the automatic Spam folder for some unexplained reason.

      It has been restored and published.

  12. A report on Spivey was just on Granada Reports.

    I watched it in full Spivey mode imagining him seeing it and screaming at the TV..

    “Thats a fake tattoo!! All those photos are photoshopped! Look at her hair its a wig!” and of course when the presenter then spoke to some woman campaigner type on the screen I bet Spiveys slaphead exploded! LOL!… since one of her ears seemed quite large ..he will of been shouting “FUCKIN PROSTHETIC EARS!!! and a WIG!! and she has fuckin glasses!!! the government agent masonic bitch!!! arrrgghhhhhhh!!!!” …steam comin out his ears like Popeye no doubt.

    Expect his next article to dissect this Granada Reports thing anyway.

    It’s a dead cert he will mention this womans ears, LOL!

    As for my own theory on Lee Rigby. Its very simple. The two deluded, religion fueled maniacs decided to kill a soldier… any soldier, in the hope of being labelled heroes by other equally insane fanatics.

    Lee Rigby just happened to be there…. if they had not killed him it would of been another young soldier….and really thats it.

    Again its not exactly hard to find folk who knew him, served with him or whatever. People really are loking for an agenda behind EVERYTHING… and well, not every senseless murder has an agenda.

    Yes events are exploited by the media etc. But to say that murders like this are actually stage managed and a hoax from start to finish is just mental.

    The amount of folk who would have to be in on it runs into the hundreds… its even more backwards than those who say 9/11 never happened and it was all just CGI and that the towers are still standing etc etc….

    What next?….. the moon is a spaceship?……. oh wait ..;-)

  13. I have to agree that Spivey really should not have appealed against the slap on the wrist he got the first time. He has got his longed for 15 minutes of fame now big time – OUCH!

  14. There was a time when Dogman wasn’t such a duplicitous creature.

    Remember this? He used to comment using the ‘NEEDLZ‘ name.


    1. As you are yet another anonymous entity who appears to be frightened to even leave a valid email address, I will ignore your petulant demand that I close down the Outlaw and also delete my personal Facebook page.

      What I will do however, is to forward the blog in question to people who need to see it, as it’s clearly an attempt to pervert the course of justice.

      QUOTE: ‘You must decide what is more important to you, the lies on many of your blogs and in the comments, or your family’

      I am also taking that as a direct threat against my family and will be taking the appropriate action immediately.

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