Before you like and share any of the fake news being published by the mainstream media on Facebook and Twitter, before you join the marches, before you organise protests and before you sign any petition calling for the banning of a state visit to the UK by US President Donald Trump, try and ensure what it is exactly that you are so angry about.

Because what you are being told by the mass media – may not in fact, be what is really going on.


It’s not a muslim ban, its a 90 day travel hold on anyone coming from specific terror sponsoring countries and any media outlet who continues to call it such is adding to the problem by spreading false news.

The order states:

“I hereby proclaim that the immigrant and nonimmigrant entry into the United States of aliens from countries referred to in section 217(a)(12) of the INA, 8 U.S.C. 1187(a)(12), would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, and I hereby suspend entry into the United States, as immigrants and nonimmigrants, of such persons for 90 days from the date of this order.”

Notice the actual executive order doesn’t list any nations at all. It only list a code section. Now, that section of code was updated on December 18, 2015, as part of the Omnibus Appropriations Act of FY2016. That is where the list of seven countries, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen, comes from.

So who prepared this list?

Who was President on December 18th, 2015 when the list was created?

Now the left is calling it a Muslim Ban there is a problem with that. The 7 countries on the list prepared during the Obama administration are not the only Muslim nations in the world. They are not even the largest Muslim nations in the world by a long shot.

Here are the top Muslim Nations in the world by population, and none are on the list.

1) Indonesia 228,582,000
2) Pakistan 172,800,000
3) Bangladesh 162,221,000
4) Nigeria 154,279,000
5) Egypt 77,100,000

The largest country on the list is #7 Iran 70,495,782

Now if this was truly a Muslim ban, then wouldn’t the largest Muslim Countries be on the list?


Nick Maclure via Facebook.

54 thoughts on “ARE YOU SURE?

  1. It’s very sad to witness so many Soros-controlled people swallowing the total crap being pedaled by the mainstream media without thinking. Great post Jimmy 😉

      1. Regardless of whoever is ultimately responsible, there will always be plenty of addled sheep who will get in line, will march with their crayoned placards, will sign the endless online petitions and will ‘like and share’ any old shit like their dull and ignorant lives depended on it.

        Some people are beyond help OG, I woke up to that simple fact many years ago.

        Millions will cheerfully follow the mass media carrot and stick straight to the gates of hell – or towards an all out civil war.

        Whatever can be arranged for them first.

        1. We need someone like Trump here.

          Someone who sticks up for our country no matter what.

          Verily I tell you I slam Islam it is the most dangerous movement we have faced since the Nazi’s, unfortunately we have already let in the trojon horse, it’s a matter of time.

          Why are all those who are talking about this slammed?

          Islam tells it’s followers that if they kill in the name of allah they will get 74/76 virgins in heaven, they think heaven is a harem.

          Unfortunately Muslims are killing each other so what hope is there for the rest of us!

          Islam also says that if you leave I slam you will be killed, is that a peace loving religion?

          Look up Pakistan’s hidden shame and The dancing boys of Afghanistan on youtube where groups of men rape little boys systematically it is ingrained into their culture, they dress little boys up as girls make them dance and then rape them. Imran Khan a famous cricketer made the documentary, it’s a must watch!

          Bring on Brexit, Lets put our house in order before it’s too late be


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  3. I wouldn’t worry, some of the biggest liars in the country are going to be debating the issue of fake news – whilst some of the biggest propagators of Fake News, Politicians, BBC, the MSM, ‘Troofers’ of the AM carry on pumping out fake news. 😀

    All this ‘sign the petition’ – and bandwagon jumpers hopping aboard because for some strange reason it makes them feel ‘cool and important’.


    Wayne Madsen: CIA Interference in US Election is Without Precedent – Blackmailing McCain & Graham:-


    DEMOCRAT SENATOR Elizabeth Warren joins Muslim Ban Protest at Logan Airport.(THE INSANITY IS OUT IN FORCE NOW):-



  5. When you are mentally/emotionally prepared to take half of one of the *ultimate* red pills- have fun with this. (pizzagate):-




    Poisoning the Infidels with Feces in UK and US:-


  6. The mainstream media and the Libtards have not mentioned the petition that wants Trump to be allowed a state visit to the UK.

    It’s reached 74,000+ signatures already.


  7. Here is something the press and infact EVERYONE has missed…

    Remember Dr Nigel Oldfield..the paedo crazy guy?

    Well…. just looked at his old BBC interview and well well… he is now in a relationship it seems.

    But with whom?

    Well… it is KATY MORGAN DAVIES.

    Here is the link to the video.. you see her comment, it’s her channel and then google her and you will see she has been on TV and in the papers recently regarding her insane cult father…

    i have just seen this like 5 minutes ago ….but anyway…


    LOL!! it gets even creepier… here she is singing “remember me this way” by GARY GLITTER!!

    1. Good Gawd! Could this get any more bizarre? Not so much as a a song of a Siren, more of the sort that could scramble the emergency services, or make a cat hiss.

      Nigel Oldfield is also very friendly with a few top names in the falsely accused set, as well as a few ‘others’.

  8. ‘President Trump’s executive order denying entry to the United States from seven countries has created chaos and resulted in protests, but there is one major thing the public and the media are missing—these seven countries were mentioned in a crucial report from the Department of Defense in 2002.’


  9. “America is a proud nation of immigrants and we will continue to show compassion to those fleeing oppression, but we will do so while protecting our own citizens and border. America has always been the land of the free and home of the brave.

    We will keep it free and keep it safe, as the media knows, but refuses to say. My policy is similar to what President Obama did in 2011 when he banned visas for refugees from Iraq for six months. The seven countries named in the Executive Order are the same countries previously identified by the Obama administration as sources of terror. To be clear, this is not a Muslim ban, as the media is falsely reporting.

    This is not about religion – this is about terror and keeping our country safe. There are over 40 different countries worldwide that are majority Muslim that are not affected by this order. We will again be issuing visas to all countries once we are sure we have reviewed and implemented the most secure policies over the next 90 days.

    I have tremendous feeling for the people involved in this horrific humanitarian crisis in Syria. My first priority will always be to protect and serve our country, but as President I will find ways to help all those who are suffering.” – Donald Trump, United States President

    1. Where you are greeted with:

      ‘Enter Your Phone Number’

      I advise extreme caution whenever any website requests personal details such as telephone numbers etc.

      Use a disposable SIM card loaded with limited credit to avoid excessive and undisclosed costs and to prevent being bombarded with weirdo callbacks or tracked down – that’s the very least that should be done.

      1. Thank you for that Jimmy. I never give out my mobile number to anyone. I am also extremely careful when signing a petition, as if you don’t untick the box you will be inundated with junk mail!

  10. lol !! funniest thing i’ve read for a while but hey i can sleep easy now i know where i can get an ‘ emergency reading’ although scratching my head as to in what circumstances such a need would arise. £40 ! what a bargain!!. on another matter i read a heartbreaking article about the consequences of the BATH runaway lorry accident. including the 4 year old who died crossing the road with her Grandmother who lost both her legs. this is the incident which was according to Spivey a’ false flag ‘ . i wonder if he’s deleted the preposterous ‘ investigation ‘ he conducted from the comfort of his front room . he should be made to read the article i have just read over and over again and so should his demented followers.

    1. Getting down with your bad selves to some Tuesday Tunes? 😀
      The clog one looks like it could be dangerous……. a real ankle chipper.

  11. That Kevin Green blag has turned into a creepy stalker site Jimmy he is obsessed with you

    1. It was always intended to be used as a platform to stalk and harrass people Faith.

      Two of it’s contributors (there are more) are currently on bail for stalking women and more arrests are imminent I believe.

      1. just put this on the dark side, it wont get posted!…………………….

        James Hacche

        January 31, 2017 @ 10:15 pm

        Your comment is awaiting moderation.

        You chris and you so called supporters (especially dogman) are all delusional. This site has had it and its commenters are getting more sparse, on a daily basis. Its hard work being numerous people isn’t it dogman!

        1. Wow it got passed by the (dog)man himself, but only because he wanted to insult me and prove some point about Jimmy! What a total idiot.

          Doubt if he posts my reply……………….

          1. Imagine for just one minute how desperately sad someone’s life must be if moderating the comments on an abusive website is the pinnacle of one’s achievements ….

          2. Dogman and whoever else moderate the comments also have an amusing habit of publishing “positive” comments yet are too THICK to realise that these comments are trolling at its VERY BEST …pure trolling in its true sense.;-)

            I mean why would Karen Matthews boyfriend post on Spivey’s site? Why would Jeremy Kyle’s most laughed at guest post there?

            If you write “Spivey you are a hero mate! Im sending a donation today” you could sign your post Ian Brady with an Ashworth hospital Email and Dogman would be too blinkered to notice.

          3. There are a few ‘Dimonologists‘ plying their trade over there from what I am hearing.

            I think you can buy the certification on EBay for around .99p

        2. Hmmm glad I wasn’t the only one to notice. He goes AWOL & comments virtually stop. He comes back & a little flurry of comments from ‘fans’ claiming to have donated follow.

          Perhaps he needs his claws clipping – too long to type – correction copy & paste? 😀

  12. Jimmy I was surprised it got posted, but then they do need to get their comment numbers up! That vile mouth ‘fuck the state’ came out of the woodwork to say his vile piece along with all the other personas of dogman……. What a crock of …. I expect I will be banned……….

    1. ………. oh well that dogman has decided not to post my comments now, and they all think I have ran away! truth is doggie wont put them through now because I speak the truth!

      He has lied and said i’ve been posting for a while as Jimmy!

      Also says I live in Crawley, ffs I am in L******!

      Thought he was the wizard of I p addresses? LMAO.

  13. One of the most laughable things I have read more times than I care to remember is things like
    “Yes!!! and they posted ILLEGAL COMMENTS about you! ”

    These folk love to throw in the word ILLEGAL into everything. La Verite is maybe the worlds worst for it (and not forgetting her “paedo talk” friend from Doncaster….again who I can’t name because it is ILLEGAL!!!!!!!”)

    Oh and another belter is on Twitter when folk get on their high horse and furiously comment “You are in contempt of court for saying that!! remove your comment!”

    LOL!…..God don’t you just LOVE the internet?

    1. Sure, sorry Ray, I was just reminding folk how this all unfolded after that Panarama programme. They were gunning for Jimmy back then and some folk don’t know that.

      But it’s all over now. Jimmy and his family are safe and **** is no longer a problem, I think is what you’re saying. Right?

      And me?

      Well who the hell am I to complain?

      I won’t comment again

  14. A slice of everyday American life…
    Cops: Woman Stabbed Beau Over Threesome; Victim declined romp with his galpal and her female friend:-


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    Existence of ‘Lost Continent’ Under Indian Ocean Confirmed –“Remnant of the Primeval SuperContinent Gondwana”:-


  15. One of his bum kissers is suggesting that the tattooed buffoon be nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for…..wait for it……..Investigative Journalism! FFS !

    1. Why would an anti establishment Daily Mail photoshop analyst who never comes up with any solutions, want a prize from the establishment that they abhor?

      His co-dependents must be afraid of being scapegoated. They need to grow some balls and be their own leader.

  16. …. the ‘supporters’ in the dark place are suggesting that spivey get an award!……. or for him to write his biography! well, all that would consist of is at least a few lines, which would read like this :-

    Oi, you fucking lot, buy this book and send me a donation C*nts! 🙂

  17. Lol, I see Spivey has encountered Benevolent Dictator on the Daily Mail comments, the reason I mention is because I have noticed this guy’s comments too, and I would say he’s definitely a good guy, he has made me laugh out loud a few times with his sense of humour, and he’s there today funily enough, bashing the BBC tv licence lol.

    1. Your comment is now the third unsolicited and unwanted comment you have made on this site ‘Carl.

      Look up what that means.

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