As someone who has unashamedly suffered with a debilitating mental health condition for much of my adult life, and have dealt with many of the associated issues that have arisen without medical intervention, I am among a number of people uniquely placed to be able to recognise any number of ‘warning signs’ that others display which ‘normal’ people would find difficult to see.

There have been times in my life admittedly, when I myself have reached a ‘crisis point’, where I was unable to recognise that I needed the kind of assistance that only healthcare professions can provide, and although I desperately fought with every fibre of my being against what I saw as an unwanted and unwarranted intrusion in my life, I had to finally concede – and accept that if that help had not been available to me …. I would not be here now, and certainly not be writing this.

It’s as simple as that.

Before I go any further, I fully realise that by publishing this post, I am leaving myself open to further attack by a number of people who would enjoy nothing more than to inflict as much misery, personal discomfort and even physical harm towards me and my family and friends as they can comfortably get away with.

It has been that way ever since I first began publishing the Outlaw, (as regular readers are only too aware of) and while I continue to put myself ‘out there’ in the public arena by continuing to publish this site, the Outlaw as well as it’s author and indeed it’s commentators will continue to be targets of these people – for whatever reason that may be.

So with that in mind, I will accept full responsibility for what my detractors choose to use from this post in order to attack me further, because what appears on this site, is apparently, the only source of their information other than what they can obtain from their obsessive trawling of social media sites and non-stop Google searches.

Simply put, if I do not write it here, there is nothing else they can find, as I have been very careful to avoid publishing anything about my personal life online, and what little is out there was certainly not published by me, or by anyone who actually knows me.

Mercifully, around 99% of it is nonsensical rubbish and complete fantasy, unrecognisable to those who actually know anything about me, and in the grand scheme of things, will matter little to anyone who does not actually know me, or knows anything about me and in all probably – have no interest in me or my personal life whatsoever.

But I digress….

I am writing this because a number of extremely long and detailed ‘articles’, and the associated comments specifically regarding myself, have appeared online recently, and have been passed to me by a number of people who, understandably, have been greatly disturbed not only by the content, but are genuinely concerned by the obsessive behaviour of the authors and their intentions towards me.

So I spent some time reading through the attachments that were kindly sent to me, and one thing that stood out for me above everything else – was not the actual content, which appeared to have been written by a petulant 12-year old child who had been starved of adult guidance, but the construction of the words themselves which have set alarm bells ringing.

One of the distinguishing features of an acute and severe mental illness, and one that the unfortunate sufferer is completely unaware of, is in the way they write.

The unique way they construct sentences and paragraphs is often used as a diagnostic tool, which can identify a number of serious mental conditions, as there are not only very distinctive patterns which are impossible to disguise, but can even show what level of a particular condition has been reached by the writer.

I have, therefore, by way of some admittedly basic research, discussed a number of these comments with a trusted healthcare professional, who has confirmed that what I showed him, are textbook examples of something known as ‘Word Salad’, which may be a term already familiar to many of you, and it illustrates what has been written about me, and subsequently sent to me to read – perfectly.

I will use one direct example, taken from one of the many comments that have been published about me, which will hopefully illustrate what I am trying to explain.

It was posted earlier today:

“I would say this problem is further compounded by the fact that prior to stating what he did, that [name removed] had already informed the totally innocent man that the completely false allegation were made by [name removed] of the Outlaw blog, and he works with the police and has administrative support given to his site by the police as part of his mental therapy. Oh dear!!!
So, I would also say that Mr Totally Innocent Man, did an exceptional job of having [name removed] and [name removed] totally consumed by their own consumption to such an extent that they subsequently went running back to [name removed] and [name removed] with completely false information from the interviews that they so wanted to present in order to be seen as helping out their evil little infiltrators.
It is just a pity that [name removed] and [name removed] are so removed from reality and are so lacking in knowledge that they could not ascertain that in doing so, they simply cemented the notion held by the completely innocent man that they are very corrupt and were acting well outside the boundaries of the law so as to allow them to further the act of perverting the course of justice, ain’t it.”

The dictionary definition of ‘Word Salad’ is: ‘A confused or unintelligible mixture of seemingly random words and phrases, specifically (in psychiatry) as a form of written or oral speech indicative of advanced schizophrenia’

Which is admittedly worrying, as schizophrenia can be a very serious illness indeed, which at times, manifests itself as the sufferer presenting in a delusionary, anxious or animated way, and is often accompanied by episodes of erratic and extremely violent behaviour, which can, and has had fatal results for those unfortunate to have been in the vicinity.

From what I can ascertain, and from a trusted source:

‘Word Salad’ is also a symptom of ‘Narcissistic Psychopathy’, and becomes evident when: The Psychopath/Narcissist becomes convinced they are being threatened and will often use what is known as ‘Word Salad’ in an attempt to gain control over people. It is vitally important not to engage with any person exhibiting such behaviour, as any interaction, is for want of a better word – HELL! They are not saying anything at all, they are just shouting at you, and before you get the chance to respond to one of their outrageous statements and incessant and obvious lies, they are already halfway through writing (at great length) the next. Please watch out for the warning signs as it may not only save your sanity, but your life itself may depend on it”

Which is nice….

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  2. Yep, I knew it, that has got to be the entity known as FTS, Spivey displays this too imho, and as I’ve said many times I’m yet to be convinced they are not the same person, as their use of words and structure is so similar. Notice how many times the words ” so as to” are used in the rants.

    Brave post anyway Jimmy, you are not alone in your struggle with mental health problems, Depression is my curse and it has been and still is a massive problem for me.

    I’ve also recently been told that I’m on the Autistic spectrum, I was very surprised at first, but then realized that diagnosis would answer an awful lot of questions for me.

  3. I have read the piece in the grey section several times, even substituting basic names like John Smith and Mr Grey where you have removed them, in order to make it flow better! And still it makes no actual sense! My Mum would have called it a pointless diatribe but when I was little I misunderstood that, so I call it verbal diarrhoea 🙂

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  5. I have been watching this shit going on for years now Jimmy and I think that you have summed it up perfectly with this article. Brave on your part though as it must be crap being the target of so many obsessive people which IMO means that you are over the target and they are not happy about it one bit.


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  7. It took some guts to publish this article and I commend you for publishing it. MH Issues are so difficult to talk about by people who suffer from them and they have such a stigma attached to them that they are normally hidden away & never talked about. I was overjoyed to read this article, not because the writer has been attacked for years, of course, but because it highlights how so many of us have suffered in similar ways, & often in complete silence and isolation, & also for many years. It gives me hope that not everyone is as evil and wicked as those who are pursuing you Jimmy, because there are still people around like you who are brave enough to speak out about it, will confront evil head on, and will not allow these bullies and online trolls to shut you down. Thank you so much.


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  9. If it’s any consolation Jimmy, it looks like the moderators & most of those who comment on a certain website, are vile & disgusting even to people who try to give them what looks to be good advice.

    A typical comment from the woman-hating ‘Tech Guy Wolfie’ for you.

    Many, many people can see exactly what they are thankfully.


    1. Faith, wolfie is vile the way he talks about his ‘girlfriend’ Lorraine!

  10. Sadly I think the “Word Salad” on Mr Spivey’s plate supasses that found here. No offence.

    He and his moderators pass on more good informaiton that found here in my opinion.

    1. None taken Glenn and of course you are entitled to your opinion.

      However demented and blinkered your opinions may be, I would not deny you the right to air them here or anywhere.

      I must admit though, that if it wasn’t for Spivey I would not have known that The Queen and her husband are in fact the same person, both of whom are also Jimmy Savile, and that her sister Margaret was …. Anne Frank.

      Nor would I have realised that I am in fact not me, but a man currently serving 50+ years in an American Penitentiary!!

      Remind me to thank him for that, because that is something else I would never have known without such hard work and his impeccable research.

      And it also disturbs me somewhat, that I do not remember the extensive plastic surgery he also alleges I have endured – in order to ‘Fake’ a picture of myself to fit yet another of his crackpot and simply ridiculous theories.

      And of course, if it wasn’t for the frantic ‘Googling’ and increasing levels of delusion happening in a certain corner of Essex, nobody, including myself would have discovered that the young lady who was horrifically injured at Alton Towers was a fake, and simply another ‘crisis actor’.

      1. I am not one to post stuff on this site, rather I read a lot, but I have to say that the spivey site is such rubbish it beggars belief, he and anyone who has a sense of what is reality have lost there way there …. And by the way Glenn you need to learn how to spell…. JJ excellent post

    2. Dear Glenn; on a previous post I proved CONCLUSIVELY that after a complex sex-change operation, & an escape from San Quentin – or whereever – JJ was in fact Hillary Clinton & was running for the U.S. presidency. I’m surprised the great Spivey didn’t know this. & as for “good information”, I post up-to-the-minute stuff – I don’t fret about 20-year-old was she murdered or not crap.

      What matters is what’s happening NOW!!!

      Now please go back to the increasinlgly irrelevant SpiveyLand.


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    “Let’s not look at the goofy conspiracy theories about the infamous Rothschild and Rockefeller families. Let’s look at the more realistic influence these billionaire power brokers actually have, rather than the flimsy ideas about Satanic death cults and the Illuminati. If there is a conspiracy, it’s an open secret with roots in money, not Lucifer and reptilian shapeshifters.”:-


  12. I agree with you Glenn 1000%. The Word Salad that Spivey serves up daily to his moronic fan base far surpasses anything seen on this site, or any other site for that matter. It would be impossible for anyone to reach the levels of certifiable lunacy on display over there. Just Saying

  13. You mental cunts will be sorry when Chris is made Prime Minister. You will have to eat your fucking words when history shows him to be the saviour of Britain and a true hero of the people dickheads like you lot will be locked away like the stupid twats you all are Tik Tok Tik Tok

    1. Go back to the state of utter confusion and Alice in wonderland that you came from, if you can not use the English language without using profanities, then do not bother, you are a nauseating parasite go away.

        1. I will always denounce language that is offensive and, if it wants to make a point then it must be clear and concise. If people want to use profane words then they should be aware that they can cause offence

    2. ha ha ha you obviously haven’t looked into spivey and his real agenda, well I am a doctor who works with mental health patients and in my honest opinion spivey needs putting away…. starting with a padded cell. He and his ‘mods’ need to get a grip on reality.

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  15. Spiv as prime minister???? dear lord please let this be a windup as nobody can actually be that dumb. can they?

  16. I think you are fighting a losing battle to be honest. With the kind of delusion and detatchment from reality among many of these ‘Troofers’ it’s completely pointless interacting with them. I got ripped apart by the moderators over there for pointing out the errors in one of Mr Spivey’s so-called exposés. Never again as its like banging your head against a brick wall.

    The comment above reminded me of something I read a while ago


    From here


    1. Deluded lemmings, all running towards the cliff, I’d bet some would even jump off if their “messiah” told them to. Not knocking them because I think most are just very vulnerable people and are at risk to the likes of Spivey.

  17. Jimmy that FTS character is dangerously obsessed with you. He is starting to look like Mark Chapman or Raul Moat or Michael Ryan. I am worried mate Seriously.

    His YouTube channel pic is really, really fucking creepy.


  18. Faith, I’ve noticed the obsession of the fts character, Jimmy did this, Jimmy did that, Jimmy is the anti- Christ I suppose, yet they repeatedly call Jimmy things like tiny, insignificant, no mark, etc etc. Now if that was the case, then why in hell do they pay so much attention and spend so much energy on him?

    For men in their fifties this is very odd behaviour imho, the fact that both fts and Spivey are obvious internet Trolls of the very worst kind is again strange to me anyway, but there is a viciousness that comes across in their writing that is unmistakable, these guys are poisonous, and I would bet they do a lot of their trolling secretly, they are quite sick in the head really but try to hide the worst of it from those closest to them.

    As for Jimmy, I don’t know him from Adam, he could be the Devil incarnate for all I know lol, but I tend to think not somehow.

    FTS, (if he isn’t Spivey) and he probably isn’t, but you never know, well I would say very nasty guy with a superiority complex, much like Spivey, likes to portray an image of an educated man, a man bigger and better than he actually is, but mostly all mouth, bully really, good in a little gang but really wouldn’t cut the mustard in the real world.

  19. The state she’s in=fruit salad.There’s plenty of illness over at dark place…Perhaps shit states been sucking on too many Chemtrails(that don’t exist).

  20. what gives the game away as to the merit of Spiveys ‘investigations’ is that not ONE of them has been taken up by the MSM. yes i know the Spivites will read that and tap the side of their noses’ how naive can you get’ they will all cry. the MSM is part of the problem they will say, they are not going to give Spivey any publicity. call me naive i don’t care but i simply don’t believe that. if ANY of his preposterous, outlandish, dare i say STUPID theories has even a vestige of truth in them they would be headline news.

    no the truth is most PROPER journalists are either unaware he exists or if they are they correctly deduce that a man sitting at a laptop in deepest Essex is more than likely not the fountain of all wisdom.

    to be fair i do think he is being stitched up if we are getting a true picture of the court case regarding the ‘indecent ‘ image. if its indecent why isnt google and elton john being prosecuted? but as i say we only know what we we told by SPIVEY.

    if that is a true representation it does indeed stink.

    after the Brussels airport bomb SPIVEY informed his loyal fans that the damage was ‘superficial’. i see it could remain closed for months. say no more.

    1. I think you have answered your own question inasmuch as ‘if that is a true representation it does indeed stink’.

      My advice would be to go back a few months and peruse the articles that were published after the arrest for the ‘image’ in question.

      As I recall, the aforementioned ‘image’ was discussed then, not only it’s content but it’s name was also there to read. No conspiracy, no stitch-up, although there was talk of the image being planted on a second-hand machine prior to him taking possession of it.

      Which of course would be a ‘stitch up’.

      The time stamp on the image, however, showed a discrepancy as to when it was actually first placed on the computer …. Or something like that.

      You would have to see if you can find it yourself Richard, as my memory may be hazy, a lot of things have happened since then.

  21. I am waiting for Spivey’s game-changing article which ‘proves beyond doubt’ that the Bridgend suicides were not real and they were staged by TPTB using crisis actors *yawn*.

    As Spivey hates the Welsh so much, (or is his hatred just personal towards Jimmy) it’s only a matter of time.

    If that ever happens can I formally invite him and his ‘team’ to give a talk about it please?… we will happily provide the venue and refund his expenses.

    I will not be able to guarantee that they will get out of here in one piece though.

    1. hey thats not a bad idea !
      he could do a tour. he could start in Bridgend, then he could visit the victims of the ALTON TOWERS accident. moving on he could head to Glasgow, i’m sure the relatives of the dead and the injured survivors would pack Glasgow town hall to hear what REALLY happened in the bin lorry incident. of course the victims of the TUNISIA beach killings came from all oveR the UK so somewhere central would have to be booked so they can finally find out what REALLY happened. if funds allow he could head over to Paris to put its misguided citizens right, they surely have got it all wrong. then he could get some sponsorship and head over to Boston, that needs sorting out as well. as he’s over there he might well as well go to SANDY HOOK and convene a meeting of the parents of the dead children, he could tell them they are all liars and their children never died or maybe never even existed ! i’d pay money to watch that one.
      theres scope for plenty more stops on this tour. what to call it? any suggestions?

      1. Actually I don’t think this great idea would cost that much to finance. And I would happily contribute.

        The reason why it would be cheap is by the time he got to Glasgow, he’d be lucky to be in one piece. I would pay good money to see how long he lasts telling a group of bereaved Glaswegians that they are liars and are in fat working for the UK government.

        You could do pay-per-view for entertainment like that…

      2. Richard – just google “nobody died at sandy hook”, & see what comes up. As for Boston, there’s a lot of pages deconstructing the “official” version,in particular the colour of the rucksack containing the bomb & the suspicious presence of Craft Services.

        Note Richard, – I’ve got a lot more time to follow this stuff than probably any other poster on here, so I’ve read far more extensively on these matters.

        Tunisia? Could NOT have happened without the connivance of the U.S. trained special forces. Amazing coincidence – just days before this happened the U.S. ambassador to Tunisia was forcibly ejected from the presidents office after DEMANDING the right of a U.S. base in Tunisia.

        For the greater security of Tunisia, of course.

        1. not going to get in an argument about conspiracy theories, i’ve learnt from experience its impossible to get through to some people. this answers most of the bonkers theories about sandy hook.


          1. If memory serves, even the US State Department have admitted that what took place at Sandy Hook, was a ‘Drill’.

            I am guessing that somebody can find the link somewhere.

            However, as I have said previously, even when ‘False Flag’ attacks occur, there are almost always, genuine casualties and deaths.

            And unfortunately, it’s usually innocent members of the public, totally unconnected and unaware, who suffer.

  22. They have totally lost the plot over in Spiveyland …. It’s actually quite worrying that he has brainwashed (a term I use loosely in this case) so many of them.

    They need rescuing.

    I honestly can’t believe the utter nonsense being spouted.

    1. I did hear that the latest offering over there had gone way beyond anything else.

      Truly nauseating by all accounts.

  23. Jimmy they need medication ‘over there’ I am seriously thinking of sectioning them all! Its sad that some of the posters do give some good links but are totally ignored, if spivey /dogman/ wolfie does not agree with what they are posting. You are fair and I prefer this site to that one anyday.

      1. Thank you Outlaw. That idiot mod over there didn’t post a comment I made to spivey of how being a grandfather he should be ashamed of himself of that pic of him with the penis hanging down and wearing a pink dress. No decent grandparent would risk his grandson seeing that! Truth hurts eh?

        I am beginning to wonder why he got S S calling around.

        You to me are a decent person , as how in the name of sanity do you manage to keep your calm cool persona with the insults they have thrown at you? I take my hat off to you.

        1. I have developed a thicker than average skin, plus I know that most people possess a modicum of common sense and can identify a bully and a pathological liar without any help from me or anyone else.

          And simply ignore or laugh at the crap they peddle.

          Thank you for the kind words though, they are in short supply at times.

  24. I understand, some people and mostly those on that site will stay on the side of the enemy, so to speak, mainly because they are too scared not to, but what I pick up over there is there are ‘gangs’ and they all stick together giving each other ‘strokes’ when they really need to support an honest person such as yourself. I would have personally taken that spivey character to court for slander, you have enough evidence on him,but you are right they are best ignored and laughed at as they are all such sad cretins!

  25. I have now been banned from the site, do I care? not one iota, its boring and spivey is a foul mouthed peasant that is forever begging for money and when good people donate he doesn’t even bother to thank them. What a vile ungrateful piece of work he is.

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