It always makes me uncomfortable and more than a little sad, when I am left with little alternative  but to remove a long-standing link I have published to another website, from here.

This site publishes very few links as it is, and via those links, this site associates itself with other sites I trust, and can usually vouch for, and recommend to readers, due to either having personal interaction with the authors/owners, or have been a regular reader for many months/years.

Removing a link leaves a bad taste in my mouth, and hammers home even more, the harsh reality that there are so very few websites that I personally, can actually trust out of the millions upon millions that exist online.

That being said, my reasons for removing the link which is the subject of this post,  is not going to be what most people think, and as this is the Outlaw, which has since it’s inception, always strived to view situations and events from a wholly unique and alternative viewpoint – I shall endeavour to explain why.

I am sure that many people who read this site are aware of the current internet firestorm surrounding the ‘Alternative Media Guru’ Don Ferguson, AKA Zen Gardner and his recent, and very public online ‘Outing’ as a one-time member of a cult known as the ‘Children of God’.

As someone who has followed Gardner’s work for a number of years, this great ‘revelation’ is not really breaking news, as Gardner has previously discussed it at length on more than one occasion, and has fully explained the reasons why he was drawn in at the beginning, and more importantly, why he got out at the end.

His well-documented past as a cult member is not the reason I am removing the link to his website from the Outlaw, neither is the rabid pursuit of Gardner by the online ‘Paedo Hunters’ and the hypocrites that exist within the laughingly entitled ‘Truth Movement’ and the ‘Alternative Media’, who are positively frothing at their collective mouths at the possibility that Gardner may lose the lofty position he holds within their ranks, and more importantly …. And let’s be honest here; some of his vast and loyal audience – to them.

The reason(s) I am removing the links to Zen Gardners website are twofold:


The first being that on May 15th 2015, Gardner appeared at ‘AV6’ (The Alternative View) and shared a platform with a number of people who collectively, have done their utmost to not only purposely supress and dilute the truth, but also to distract, to harass and to bully and to spread as much fear and distrust among their audience as is humanly possible.

And to empty their wallets of course, never forget that.

I will not post the link to the event for obvious reasons, but if you are truly desperate to see it, you can pop along to Ian Cranes’s self-titled website and purchase it as part of a ’16-DVD Box Set’ for the bargain price of £69.99/$92.47, which in these austere times is money far better spent elsewhere …. in my opinion.


My second reason; Is that immediately following the story about his one-time cult membership taking the Alternative Media by storm, Gardner made the conscious decision to be interviewed by none other than one Angela Power Disney, who single-handedly runs the YouTube channel ‘Angela’s Caches’ which broadcasts on the ‘Conscious Consumer Network’ which is in turn, run by Mel Ve, who has an easily-researched history of pushing a number of pernicious hoaxes and spreading disinfo, and who actually charges the lucky ‘broadcasters’ given access to her CCN network.

Ms Disney, who alongside her other online ‘misdemeanors’, has contributed more than most to perpetuate the ‘Hampstead Satanic Child Abuse/Murder Ring’ story, which has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt to be a complete hoax, and has had a singularily unpleasant and long-lasting effect on a large number of completely innocent Hampstead residents.

So my reasoning is this;

If Zen Gardner can knowingly share a platform with proven charlatans without doing any research whatsoever, and not even be aware of the very well documented history of Ms. Disney, then how can the Outlaw in all conscience, continue to publish a link to his website?

Which is a great shame as Zen Gardner was a guy I once respected and took on board a lot of what he had to say.

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  1. Seems like a sound choice to me. As you say, knowingly sharing a platform with someone like Angela Power-Disney doesn’t say much for Gardner’s judgement.

      1. Sorry to be a bit dim on this JJ – but who is she, American or English ? and is she related to ‘The’ Disney family. Co’s if she is I would have thought that that was as good a reason as any to steer well clear … 🙁

        1. I don’t think she is related to the Hollywood Disney’s Sophie, as for her nationality, God only knows as these people seem to adopt whatever country/nationality that will put up with them – or they can screw the most cash from.

        2. The less you know of Angela Power Disney the better! She is a vile, lying, scamming fruitloop.

          1. Apologies, Outlaw. If you see that as a personal attack or abuse, I’m happy for you to not post it but you should watch her most recent video on the CCN channel and listen to what evidence she now claims she’s received re the Hampstead Hoax.

          2. Hi Jake, it was an accurate description from what I know about the woman, so no apology necessary.

            I will watch the video you suggest as I am now intrigued to find out what ‘evidence’ she claims she has, or not.

      2. YOUTUBE

        Mono-tonal geriatric, Max Igan (real name forgotten) has been caught out telling loads of lies. No one cared about him until he started to ramp up stealing operations by “working” with Ken Nichols (O’Keefe, better known as O’Thief) running charity scams on the false pretext of helping people in Gaza. He bought a house in London, but no one understands how this helps people in Gaza as they’re trapped there and Oyster cards don’t go to Gaza or outside of the M25 area.

  2. Seems to be so many with dodgy hook up’s. Very sly too many of them, befriending people for underhand motives . Knowing exactly who they are is half the battle ; )

  3. Very sad, but not surprising. This is THE very reason, we at Western Renaissance, are cutting out the Ego-led “leader” ritual, that has dogged the various movements over the years.

    We are hoping to fund our project for a bricks and mortar Embassy, for people of European origin, and ALL that entails. Our kind has no legally instituted voice. We now have one, in Dr. Tom Sunic.


    1. I agree. Any voice of genuine opposition does not need more leaders, it requires the unhindered flow of clear, concise and honest information, freely shared by like-minded, intelligent and organised groups of people who are not agenda driven, and are completely free of all Ego and shameless self-promotion and greed.

  4. I too was taken in by Zen Gardner, for a while. I loved his podcasts, but sadly he has gone down the shillsville plug hole.

    The CIA Can’t Let James Wesley Howell Live:-


    A man has been arrested and charged after allegedly putting hydrochloric acid inside what is understood to be a lubricant dispenser at a gay club in Sydney’s north-west.:-


    “I’ve Never Seen Anything Like This Before” – The Housing Markets In The Hamptons, Aspen And Miami Are All Crashing:-



    BrahMos: India’s Supersonic Mega Missile That China Should Fear:-


  6. WikiLeaks Just Dropped Bombshell About Hillary’s Health… The Truth, REVEALED!::-


    American Pravda: Was General Patton Assassinated?:-







    VT Exclusive: Largest Pedophile Ring in History, 70,000 Members, Heads of State, the Rats Scramble:-


  8. WHOOPS!!!! I sincerely hope he´ll NOT survive as a public speaker and alternative media guru.


    He was 27 years into the cult, climbing the ladder to a leader´s position to manage the media regarding the allegations concerning CHILD ABUSE( for ONE) towards the COG.

    Have you read ANY of their material? It´s disgusting and he KNOWINGLY was covering it up, now only to reveal his engagement with the notoric pedophiles in leading position because of outside pressure.

    The overall picture about Don isn´t a pleasant one, but the whole story brings interesting things to light.

    I was one of the visitors of his site, too, but now i wouldn´t grant him a single click.

    Good this came out!


  9. Hi, I think his name is Don Ferguson not Henderson. Are you saying that MaX Igan and the rest of them are compromised?

    1. Hi Anne, you are correct his Surname is Ferguson and I shall correct the error.

      I did not mention Max Igan as far as I am aware, I referred to the person he chose to give an interview to after the revelation about his connection to COG, and to those that there is evidence to support are not who people believe them to be.

      I do not know much about Max Igan personally, but Tom Cahill’s YouTube video may answer any questions you have.

  10. So here we has a ZEN KOAN called, “Is that so…”

    Like all ‘dem koans, it ain’t about the characters in the story. It ain’t even about the story. All ‘dem koans is about the reader. After all, characters ‘n koans doesn’t needs no enlightenment, but sometimes readers do.

    A koan is a mirror ‘n the reader is the OBJECT of the mirror.

    ‘Course, characters in the story has different perspectives than readers. Drivin’ the bus is a lot different than ridin’ the bus. Still, two birds, one stone.

    Takes the koan in this article fer example. If you is a reader, it ain’t about what could have…, should have…, would have… happened. It ain’t about a reader injectin’ hisself into the story. It ain’t about anythin’ like ‘dat. It’s about what happens in the reader’s mind. Is this koan a test? Nah, it ain’t a test. It’s THE test. Question is, “Is you ready fer the next one?”

    Lots of peoples read this koan real careful. They saw how ridiculous the constructions was.

    Yet lots didn’t. Maybe they thinks koans is mysterious, irresolute puzzles—‘dem eastern peoples is so inscrutable! Too bad. ‘Cause if they gets it so wrong ridin’ the bus, what’s it gonna be like for ‘em when they is drivin’ it?

    ‘Dem koans ain’t so inscrutable after all. I’s usually right about these things, ‘bout 50% of the time.


  11. I,ve only just found this, Jimmy. there’s been some shifts, since. Mel sickened me at the time, so excited re # Zengate. Angela Power-Disney is dangerous She’s been dumped by CCN, but you probs know.:-)

  12. That Children of God or whatever they are calling themselves these days are a very disturbing group.

    1. Forgot to add, the Wikipedia article on the cult is currently being actively disrupted by their supporters and/or brainwashed victims.

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