For something that has been lauded by it’s users as the medium that reaches all corners of the globe, Twitter, has proved a disappointment.

I did believe at one time, that the micro – blogging phenomenon was where it all happened, the forefront of breaking news and what was really happening in the world.

It was only after I had been away from it for a while, that I saw with any clarity, it was/is as strangulated, insular and riddled with controlled information and shill activity, as was Facebook or any number of ‘Truther’ Forums and blogs.

It is an absolute paradise for online trolls, bullies, liars and spreaders of disinformation, so therefore it’s usually the first point of call for those who are employed to disrupt and interfere with the truth being told.

From what was initially a brilliant concept, Twitter has become a medium almost entirely run by the trolls, who consider it their personal platform to spout their rubbish, effectively polluting any subject, while remaining safe in the knowledge that it is laughably simple to remove anyone who has a different viewpoint to them.

I have my own experience of this, as a group of trolls, probably amounting to less than six in number, have, (although they do precious little else), managed to file more than two hundred separate reports against me, as I did not conform to the agenda and tactics they were using to permeate everything else.

Others have also been removed in a similar manner, which is usually achieved by bogus accounts being utilised to repeatedly ‘block and report’ any Twitter user they feel is a direct threat to them.

Standing back, it’s surprisingly easy to see the methods employed, and the way that certain subjects are pushed by a small, obsessive group to bring attention to any matter they deem to be of importance.

Fortunately, very little of what is ‘Trending’ on there, actually escapes the very limited confines of the Twittersphere.

The picture above for example, only came to my attention as it has crossed over onto other social mediums and further afield.

#starwarsday, has been ‘Trending’ today, due to the numbers of associated references, and elevated to it’s lofty position in Twitterland by people attaching the #hashtag to every Tweet.

A Twitter trend, although this will not be a popular view, is not a true reflection of popular opinion, as if a celebrity so much as breaks wind, any actual newsworthy or important events, are rapidly relegated to the doldrums and soon forgotten.

That can be achieved quite easily, and also shows that Twitter is not a true reflection of the real world, as must be obvious to all by now.

Two recent examples have been #leonbrittan and #paedobritain, both of which took centre stage stage in the Twittersphere, but again were virtually unknown to anyone outside the confines of that medium.

Many subjects being discussed on Twitter, are to the rest of the world, very similar to ‘Shouting in an empty room’ and a soundproofed one at that.

15 thoughts on “AN EMPTY ROOM

  1. Charles Frith – who seems like a brilliant, trustworthy guy, said similar things.

  2. Economic Collapse News – Russian Hammer coming down hard on Petrodollar:-


    This New Bill Will Go Into Effective On July 1st, 2014. It Will Usher
    In The True Collapse Of The U.S. Dollar, And Will Make Millions Of Americans Poorer, Overnight. (NOTE:- It is often the case that a bill in the US gets other things added to it, often with no debate or warning as to the possible down-the-road consequences. This is a typical example).


    Especially linked for all those Brits who think Britain should have an armed Police force:-


    1. It seems that the Twitter method is to get rid of all the decent people who speak the truth..

      And only the Shelebs, Trolls and dross allowed to remain.

      Their loss BB…. OPND x

  3. Jimmy – I can’t get in to the forum for some reason – Can you help please x

  4. So true & you really do get a sense of how futile & how boring Twitter really is when you stand back from it & watch the little troll teams at work. As you know, I set up a temporary FB account for 1 purpose only, only for the Twitter trolls to follow me there, so it didn’t last long.

    If the Government go through with their plans to get the real scroungers off benefits by making them do voluntary work, Twitter would be like a ghost town. Of course I’m not talking about the genuine people who are struggling to find work, or the sick & disabled, just the one’s who have been getting away with scrounging for decades, who use every trick in the book not to work, the same as they did back in the day & are still getting away with today.

    Sorry that BB has now been targeted, was bound to happen & I suspect she will keep getting suspended until enough fake accounts have been signed into to falsely report her as spam & block her until she is suspended. Standard tactic from standard troll dummies. I think there should be a warning that flashes up when you sign in to remind people not to give out their private info, because it’s a haven for liars and con men & all the sorts most of us try to avoid like the plague in the ‘real’ world.
    Twitter and FB free and loving it, its good to be different & not follow the crowd – leave the snake pits to the snakes I say 🙂

  5. Twitter has limited capabilities when you compare it to facebook. As a newsfeed source or as a way to get to speak to certain companies it’s OK but even then FB is superior – then again fb are more people focused and research what users actually want instead of ‘sticking to one format and that’s all you will get!’
    Who cares who talks to who on Twitter? It’s all smoke and mirrors anyway, just theatrical nonsense mainly full of pantomime villains who couldn’t even get into their local am-dram society if they were down to 1 member.
    It’s funny what some people will do when they get desperate, hope the gov. will weed them all out as you say Jane and the background checks should be interesting 🙂

    1. I agree Mildred, FB is much better as far as avoiding stalking is concerned. But even with my temp FB locked down tight, they still managed to send insane ramblings to my inbox somehow. “Go figure” 🙂
      Funny you should mention Am dram, because Twitter does feel very much like being part of some band panto when you see how many players & bad actors are on there. Sad, because for the people who find it useful to have all their news & interests in 1 place & to chat with like minded people, or for those housebound who use it as a social link, these dull little trolling types ruin the spirit of what it was intended for. Still, people are pretty determined creatures & as far as keeping in touch with friends they’ve made, where there’s a will there’s a way.
      Yes, roll on when operation Lazy Bum goes live, will definitely be good to see the dosser element stopped. It’s an issue no one has yet tackled. I think such things as scrubbing the local police cells would be a good idea for the one’s caught trolling social media all day & would reduce the public expenses a little bit if they could get these goons to work for free & training in a trade for the genuine people who are worth investing in.

  6. Whoops! Sorry meant until BB gets permanently suspended.
    The young man who has raised £3million despite having terminal cancer is now being targeted – getting comments saying people feel ‘duped & conned’ because he’s had a slight remission which has allowed him to be discharged from hospital. The school teacher killed by a pupil is even being left vile messages. How low will such sorts go eh?
    Suppose it all boils down to whether you’re the type who gets a buzz out of doing a good turn for others or whether you get a warped kick out of causing misery or mayhem. I know which 1 I am, which is the 1 I’d rather be. The other will eventually turn people off twitter unless Twitter realise it’s a game the trolls are winning because Twitter is ineffective with dealing with them & in fact makes it a perfect place for them to thrive.
    Wonder what else these people would be doing if they weren’t hassling people from behind a screen. Does make you wonder. It’s a strange way to relieve boredom, that’s for sure.

    1. It does appear that the ‘people’ who seem to thrive there, are well versed in how the ‘report’ system operates and work within it.

      They have probably learned the rules and the terms and conditions by heart.

      They continually goad and torment people until they get a reaction, then spend hours obsessively reporting each tweet they believe to be offensive, individually and by using multiple accounts.

      As Twitter is a mainly automated system, the sheer volume of complaints, regardless of their origin, triggers an automatic suspension.

      They are so successful at this because they invest so much time doing it; to quote one troll, “It’s what I do”.

      I can well believe that it’s the only thing in their otherwise empty lives that gives them a reason to get up each day.

      You only have to look at the ones who have been suspended, and then witness the continuing disgusting behaviour of those who remain apparently immune.

      It’s easy to see when you are not a part of it.

      It’s also easy to say whatever you want, with no fear of being questioned, when you have got anyone who knows the truth, conveniently suspended.


      Only a complete moron could fail to see it 🙂

      1. It’s so easy when on each notification you get from Twitter it says at the bottom if you are being harassed just click the report as spam button and block. Which if enough fake accounts are signed into, the automated machine kicks in & it’s that easy to get people false suspended.
        I saw a notorious troll bigging up a journalist that it has been harassing for a good while. It goes to show how these people are not even straight with themselves, let alone anyone else.
        I guess it’ll take shareholders to start kicking up before Twitter realise just how big the problem is and how they seem to be the only ones who haven’t nailed it yet. The media is full of stories about stalking on Twitter & the laws were changed in 2012 to deal with the problem, so hopefully it’s only a matter of time before we see a lot more cases going to court & not just for shelebs : )

        1. I did see the hypocrisy you have mentioned.

          A definate case of a rat deserting a sinking ship, and then discovering that the very place it has contaminated is the only place that will allow them in!

          I doubt very much that the majority of these people could even lie straight in bed.

  7. Standard OldGit totally off-topic stuff here:-

    Moscow ‘stranglehold’ targets Western Europe
    Energy strategy suggests Russia’s bigger picture could include EU, NATO


    Commencing in 1951, Douglas Reed spent more than three years working in the New York Central Library, or tapping away at his typewriter in spartan lodgings in New York or Montreal. With workmanlike zeal, the book was rewritten, all 300,000 words of it and the epilogue added only in 1956.

    (Available in a number of formats)


    NY Cardinal O’Connor’s Mother Was Born Jewish


    With Washington’s Syria Gambit in Tatters, Iran’s ‘Smart Power’ Strategy Working.


    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has proposed legislation that would change Israel’s basic laws to define it as the home of the “Jewish people” only.


    Investor/author Doug Casey says most Americans are ill-prepared for what is coming.


    This is the future if nothing is done to stop it,” is the ominous way The Atlantic describes the recent Big Brother tactics used by LA County Sheriffs to “police” areas such as Compton.


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