Until this morning, it would have been difficult to think of anything that would cast a darker shadow over the mainstream media in Britain, than what currently exists.

For anyone out there who still believes that the media is not completely skewed, is not agenda-driven, and does not relentlessly push leftish, liberal propaganda, then there really is no hope for them.

The following two images are what would have greeted anyone who was unfortunate enough to have tuned into SkyNews and the BBC over the last couple of days, while covering the State Visit to the UK by US President Donald J. Trump and his family.

May I assure the American readers of this site, that this is NOT something that the normal, right-minded folk of this great country condone or celebrate.

We see it as nothing more than media-driven, state sponsored hate-peddling, entirely abhorrent, and behaviour which is mortally embarrassing to every decent man, woman and child who resides on these islands.

May a plague fall upon all the houses of those who are responsible.

10 thoughts on “ALL TIME LOW

  1. It is no longer a secret. Even Angela Merkle has admitted, Trump has ruined the socialists plan. The left is so far left they are comrades. They have lost their patriotism.

    With open borders nationalist becomes a dirty word. And open borders is what they fight for. But only in the West.

    Who or what are they diluting?

    Thank God for rednecks hey?!

    As a white south African I no longer have a home country. Mandela never renaged on the white man’s deal that sold the country’s bank of minerals to Anglo American big business. Now his grandson owns 60 percent of a gold mine.

    Nice huh?

    That was all decided in a Pimlico flat way back in 1986. Thank you New Statesman publication for that tit bit.

    So this white irish/dutch colonial offspring returns to the UK shores only to find out this land belongs to everyone and whites are racists no matter where you go.

    Every other indigenous person has the right to a homeland. Except the white man.

    His boarders must be open. The dirty white nationalist racists.

    You can call me a racist. I am white and racists is synonymous to me as the n word is to black folk. It’s never come out of my mouth but, I am white, without guilt, so….

    I am an Irish offspring who knows her history of the Barbadian Redlegs, the result of Irish indentured servitude. A hidden history but true. Hence no white man guilt here.

    No blacks. No. Dogs. No Irish.

    Now no whites.

    I am a Trumpette. I’m a big Trump fan.

    What brought down the walls of Jericho?

    No it wasn’t the white man.

    It was Trumpets!

    I wanna be an American!!!!

    God gave America all the goodies when it comes to economics. Ask any economist.

    They got the whole bread basket!

    Go trump go!

  2. Outlaw Jimmy , I just want to ask a question.I am pretty sure that you must have heard of QUORA .It’s an international writers forum,where people ask questions and other people answer them.I have followed your site about 4 years here in California.I have to say RH NEGATIVE is still controversial. Would it be alright if I refer people to your poem NATURES OUTLAWS on you tube.Also I have written one too.Please send me your email if you wouldn’t mind reading it and let me know if it is publishable.Thankyou Jenny

  3. People are angry, very angry and it is finally starting to show in the Ballot Box. The Brexit Party stormed the European elections and came second in Peterborough although if you add their votes and the conservative vote together, Brexit supporters outnumbered the Labour mob who only just scraped in by 600. Politics are changing, people are changing, and hopefully more of them will wake up before its too late

  4. I have been watching some of the protests against Trump’s State visit to the UK. It is hilarious to watch some of the snowflake lefty weirdos being interviewed. they do not have a a fucking clue as to what it is they are protesting about.They have swallowed all the shit in media and that’s it. Numbskulls the whole lot of them

  5. Me again Jimmy, sorry to derail but…
    Can you please do a blog on abortion?
    There is a lot being hidden and the ‘men don’t have a say over a women’s body’ is just distraction.
    Everyone has a say when it comes to late term abortion because of what the industry refers to as the buy product. The aftermath of the abortion is not disposed of but up for sale.
    What for and why?
    And do expectant mothers know this?
    Does general society even know?
    Where does it go?
    Well, we all, men and women, have a right to know!
    When you do your research you will feel both mad and sick.

    What a world we live in!!!

    1. I shall certainly do some reading to educate myself in regard to that subject Jen, but as a man, I would be ill-qualified to write about such a subject with any authority, for obvious reasons. It has now been added to my ever-expanding ‘to-do’ list

  6. Ps woman are injecting baby foreskin into their faces in the search of eternal youth. But mums the word on this!


    Old news. But not. Not many seem to be aware.

    It’s a woman’s right to decide. But what would her choice be if she was informed on the FULL proceedure?

    I cry at the beast that man is.

    Please, everyone, watch some of the under cover planned parenting footage that makes it out there.

    If this is progression in evolution we are but a small step from barbarians and cannibals, only with high tech.

    The hypocrites that we are, crying out in the name of the children while ignoring this!

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