The owner of this site now appears to have been ‘Permanently Suspended’ from Twitter.

I have no doubts whatsoever that some will be congratulating themselves on a ‘job well done,’ Twittering endlessly to each other and their mainly unresponsive (and mostly fake) followers, how clever and brave they have been in achieving what they see as their great service to humanity.

(Or to Twitter, which of course, is their entire world).

I am hoping that this may also bring about an end to the setting up of the numerous fake accounts that have appeared in order to ‘set me up.’

I only wish that I was joking, as the events leading up to this, which is probably the greatest achievement in these people’s whole lives thus far, has been bizarre to say the least.

Twitter, the microblogging social network has been online since March 2006, (Source) and has gone from strength to strength, becoming one of the ‘goto’ sources of breaking news for millions of people who like to keep up with world events as they happen.

It really came into it’s own during the fairly recent ‘Arab Spring’ uprising, for example, where accurate information was difficult, if not impossible to obtain by way of mainstream media sources.

In that context, Twitter was peerless in it’s ability to inform the wider world of the events unfolding in Egypt and elsewhere, in real time.

But, as with almost everything internet related, the opportunities to exploit, corrupt and manipulate proceedings exist, so therefore have been siezed upon by those whose only intention is to misinform and cause hurt, chaos and disruption.

Personally, I have found some Twitter ‘users’ among the worst offenders.

Forums are usually more known to be the hotbeds of Shill activity and almost all of them have been infiltrated to some degree, effectively nullifying any reputation of credibility they still proudly claim to hold.

I have found the most disruptive and destructive activities on so-called ‘Truther’ or ‘Alternative Media’ Websites, Forums and most single subject Blogs.

There are very few exceptions.

*”Twitter is fast becoming the indisputed king of Internet disinformation”*.

It seems somewhat hollow now, but I had already decided to leave Twitter in January as I have grown tired of fending off the endless ‘attacks’ from those paragons of truth and virtue, the deplorable Twitter-based anti-CSA (Childhood Sexual Abuse) ‘campaigners.’

They really are an odd bunch, obsessed by #hashtags and anything about child abuse, dutifully attaching ‘Twibbons’ (Link) to their Twit profiles to show their public support for anything CSA related, while openly attacking anyone who questions their motives.

Including genuine CSA survivors.

(I believe the latest trend is the #freesyvret Twibbon to support the imprisoned Jersey Child Abuse campaigner Stuart Syvret.)

They are easy to spot fortunately, as they follow every campaign (involving the abuse of children incidently) that will get them noticed, or temporarily popular (in Twitterworld only, I must add).

Luckily their pernicious #hashtag campaigns and twisted, obsessional and demented behaviour stays within the confines of Twitter, the rest of the internet is thankfully free of them.

Personally, I would be very worried and rather offended if any of these online ‘Warriors’ decided to support anything I was involved with, especially after witnessing first hand some of their vile and uncalled for Twit attacks on innocent people.

I am very aware that this article is yet again going to be seen as another ‘personal attack’ on CSA survivors, no doubt prompting yet another spate of calls to the North Wales constabulary.

That does appear to be a recurring theme, as these people appear to totally disregard the fact that they act like pack animals, snarling and spitting abuse at all and sundry, yet they immediately bleat and obsessively send reports to Twitter or even the police if anyone dare stand up to them.

In my case, they tried to jam the switchboard of my local police area one evening, in their maniacal attempts to silence me.

I must admit, I do struggle to understand the mindset behind some of their activities, as their own allegiances switch from day to day, often turning on each other if their selected targets choose to ignore them.

#mccann, #paedobritain, #apriljones, #CSA are only a few of the Twitter Hashtag campaigns that have been hijacked by these people, which usually assures that the credibility of any legitimate campaign, is effectively damaged as soon as these dangerously obsessive leeches get involved.

Despite all of this, I still firmly believe that people should be allowed the freedom and opportunity to speak their minds, and I will always support people’s rights to do so, online or in the real world.

However, I am also acutely aware, that one by one, the online platforms which are currently available for people to be able to speak relatively freely, are being slowly and systematically eroded from within, by some of their own users no less.

Whether or not this is by accident or design, only time will tell.

While unrestricted and unmonitored access to Social Media remains, the slavering, unruly, loud but thankfully gutless mob, will overcome a solitary voice every time.

If that solitary voice also happens to be speaking the truth, all that will remain when that voice is finally silenced, is all you are going to have left.

It’s your choice entirely, I have already made mine.

12 thoughts on “ALL THAT REMAINS

  1. You are welcome to post on my account via Facebook either Daveyonefamilylawman or BoycottFamily law and it goes directly to Twitter and Linkedin

  2. Are they still at it? U would think that these people would have better things to do than sit on twitter all day and night yapping about abuse seems very iffy to me like they are trying to distract any1 who does not agree with the rubbish they are spreading. You are well out of it mate leave the peadoprotectors to their silly games. Nobody listens to them anyway IMHO Best Wishes Keith

  3. I’ll keep it short. You’re doing the right thing IMO getting out of a scrap on that platform against those people. It’s easy for even half a dozen muppets to keep hitting that report button.

    As for all the other threats etc. That I seem to remember resulted in you needing a fire box for your post. That was disgraceful.

    I also have serious concerns about anyone who claims to be highlighting/campaigning against abuse making unfounded allegations just to suit their agenda.



    1. Thanks for that Jim. I have reached the conclusion that it’s an exercise in futility even engaging with these idiots. They are so single-mindedly obsessive and totally blind to the damage they are causing to the very cause they claim to support. That in itself rings alarm bells as I have been aware for months that there have been offers of cash incentives flying around to derail historic child abuse investigations. By any means possible. That makes more sense to me anyway.

  4. Leave them to all swim in their little pool of cess, they don’t have anything better to do all day because they have nowt else in their sad little lives to divert their obsessive behaviours. It’s blatantly obvious there are certain people who are part of a game. Their game can only be played if there are particiPANTS. Never mind, I’m sure all will be revealed at some point in the future and there’s more to life than Twitter.

  5. IP Address;

    You keep coming from the same location with the same old shite.

    Get a new act eh? 🙂

  6. Best wishes for the future Outlaw. You’ll be missed on Twitter. I’m following this blog by email now.

  7. That threat from Driftwood to Adeybob is serious stuff. And now they seem to be good friends.

    You are missed on Twitter Outlaw, but it’s completely understandable that you don’t want to go back.

    Anyway, just sent you an email, sorry it’s a few days late 🙂

    1. Those pair never were ‘enemies’ it’s all about causing chaos and working to a script.

      Poisonous, twisted and dark souls who deserve nothing but the misery they inflict on everything around them.

  8. May I just say what a relief to uncover a person that really knows what they’re talking about over the internet.

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