If you still believe that the recent stormy weather is a random quirk of nature, as opposed to an act of HAARP (Weather Modification), there may be things that you should be made aware of.

You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist in case you were wondering, as it’s all on record in the form of government consultations and EU Directives, all of which are readily available if you want to do your own research.

Once you wake up to the simple fact that the flooding of the Somerset Levels, is a deliberate act and there are reasons for it, things become much clearer.

If you can look past the obvious distractions of Prince Charles and the Prime Minister turning up in their designer wellington boots, tossing in pet theories like ‘Global Warming’ and it being the ‘fault of the last Labour Government,’ you may be ready to accept that there is something very wrong.

The unprecedented flooding has been largely caused by a systematic and very deliberate run-down of the required maintenance infrastructure, which is essential for any geo-engineered land.

The brutal slashing of the funds needed for river dredging, and other necessary work needed for drainage, has been carried out in line with EU policy which itself is a part of UN Agenda 21, which seeks to move people out of the countryside and into the cities.

Keep watching as the coming events happen right in front of your eyes.

The next step will be the land known as the Somerset Levels, will be sold off at rock bottom prices, which is all the farmers will be able to charge now that the land has been contaminated from overflowing sewerage, which also means their farms are virtually worthless.

The newly aquired land will then be sold off (at a profit) to the fracking speculators, as it stands over a huge shale gas field which they have had their eye on for a long time.

The locals know, the farmers know and the Government and the Scientists know that there is ‘nothing natural’ about these events

As people’s attention spans are notoriously short these days, these events (and this article) will have been virtually forgotten in time for the propaganda to sink in, allowing people to readily accept that the ‘Toxic Somerset Levels’ are unfit for anything but extracting the Shale Gas below.

But, it could all simply be an ‘Act Of God’ of course.


4 thoughts on “AN ACT OF GOD

  1. You again seem to hit the nail on the head yet again it all makes sense. Reading what you wrote reminded me of what a weather forecaster said on Radio very early last month she said if you think the weather is bad now now just wait until next month when we are going to see weather of biblical propotions and yet we are only just starting this month so what’s it store for us.

  2. Argh! The more this type of ‘politics’ pops its head up – the more I want to either a. live in a bunker or b. live on a remote island. Either is acceptable lol

  3. Know what you mean – nothing is ever as it seems & this is no exception. Loads of grubs will be rubbing their greedy mitts waiting for the go ahead to make some more money for the super rich. No wonder Charlie was 1 of the first on the scene – he & ‘mummy’ probably stand to make the most I expect.

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