A video is being shared on Social Media and published on various ‘Alternative Media’ websites over the last few days, that claims to show a naked male, wearing one sock, abseiling from an upper window of Buckingham Palace before appearing to fall and subsequently disappear from view.



Will the images below help at all?




Even if you choose to ignore the extra pillars between the windows in the video, and the fact that the actual windows on the upper level of Buckingham Palace are different – the chances of this claim being anything other than a complete hoax are incalculately small.

126 thoughts on “A WHOLE NEW LEVEL

    1. i have to admit i did for a short while think it was genuine. silly me. it was interesting to read the comments underneath an article on another site. as someone pointed out , talk about confirmation bias!. the woman i mentioned in a previous post was all for it, he was about to be ‘satanically sacrificed’ it seems. but just a small point, was the whole thing staged or did it really happen somewhere else?

      1. More like some amateur video ‘manipulation’ as opposed to anything nefarious I should think Richard.

        The majority of the AM now appear to have also bought into this latest round of ‘Satanic Panics’, which do the rounds every few years – which is more worrying for many people I should imagine.

      2. Have some compassion Richard. FTS was nearly a gonna for a second there. How was he to know it was sacrifice a rent boy day. Fcuking hell that was close. He must have been three SHEETS to the wind.

          1. The names Mike you degenerate imbecile. I have noticed though Spiv, in some of your lunatic rants, you have called me JJ, Claire, gutsful, and a few other names I can’t recall. TBH, you call me whatever you feel comfortable with fella. As if I give a fcuk lol. Oh btw, calling someone a nonce is very low Chris, I know you tend to use that word on people a lot, in fact the disgusting language that spews from your degenerate mouth is really not that of a normal person at all is it really? You must be a bit damaged in the head, but technically you didn’t call me a nonce at all, you called someone else it. Silly boy.

          2. I would be very careful about abusing others with the word nonce old chap.

            After all, I am not the one with disgusting child porn being found on my computer, am I?

            Now sit down and behave yourself.

          3. And quite ready and willing to tell the press he was busted for having paedophilia and bestiality on his computer too.

            As if it were like some badge of honour.

            If indeed he was at all.

            Could be like so much else, all in his tiny mind, where much of it would be better off staying.

  1. BTW you, Jane and a guy called JR. JON ROSLIN seem to be getting most of the blame for the BINMANS insanity and the loss of whatever credibility he ever had.

    1. We gladly accept the creds for outing the freak as the lying bikini wearing giant dildo bouncing bandit that he SO is. But I’m sure most people had the good sense to realise he was a lying little con man without our help, we just helped provide the evidence that he cannot dispute. And complete idiots such as he make it oh so easy don’t they? 😉

      Now he has changed his tiny mind and is saying the vid was a hoax, but is slagging everyone off who told him he was a numpty for believing it, as he tends to do. And his equally brain dead wigged up bimbo sidekick was so positive it was real, she claimed that if it wasn’t she was a ‘monkeys a hole’. Looks like she must have taken a proper look in the mirror at long last and realised what her face really resembles. 😀

      1. She might spout some crap, but credit where it’s due, she’s a nice looking woman.

        1. Specsavers is calling you Carl. Seek out her photos of a couple of years ago where she is both as ugly and as miserable as sin. Rotter! Her ex and her Mum both think she looks like a horse which is quite funny. Her Mum and sisters seem to be quite fond of her ex and he doesn’t seem to be a whacked out freak like her beloved creepo Guffy. But those photos prove that everything about her is 100% fake and she has to have an incredible amount of fakery to look even as ugly as she does now. Take that away and you’ve got yourself a mooses head to hang on the wall. 3 and needing Botox already, her face is going to look like a pair of old Redwing boots by the time she’s 40. Lots of saggy pockets of skin crying out for more bath sealant. Rough.

          Some people just aren’t that fussy though I guess are they Carl? Most people seem to think she is a tranny – whatever floats your boat eh Carl? 😉

          Its her kids I feel sorry for, the humiliation of having that as a mother must be too embarrassing for words.

  2. The best hoax he’s ever seen!! Hahahahahahaha he really is the saddest little con man chav I think most of us will thankfully ever encounter.

    Perhaps the Georgia Guidestone rubbish he was pimping last year has sent him properly around the twist, in fact he’s getting that fruit loopish I can envisage him sitting in the corner of his badly decorated living room chewing on one.

    Or maybe the rumours are true and he really is on crack 😀

    SAD SAD SAD warped little mid life crisis man. The new bikini ranges will be hitting the shops soon, that should keep him busy (and hopefully quiet) for a while 😉

      1. They give me too much insane material to work with KT, I find it hard to resist taking the rise out of them, because let’s face it, that is all they are fit for 😉

  3. There are a lot of misguided commentators on the site Richard refers to.

    But their Guru says its definitely authentic and evidence of dark dealings at the palace. Who are they or we to argue?

    The BINMAN has spoken…………..trash as usual!



    1. Well OG, If they did switch McCartney I think they did the right thing. How could the other one be a patch on the replacement. He must have been one hell of a talent if he was better than his replacement.

  5. “To those shouting ‘hoax’ re: the man falling out of Buck House – I do wish you’d shown such instant disdain for the Hampstead child abuse videos.. It’s in the Daily fail, so it must be true.. If that video is a hoax, then I’m a monkey’s arsehole. Idiots”

    Danielle La Verite George on Facebook.

    Good to see somebody being honest about themselves at last Jimmy 🙂

  6. I feel I must apologise Outlaw. You see the Binman has just rushed out a typically well considered article debunking his debunker, jonrosling.com

    Apparently according to ALEXA , he has a ranking of 214k globally while poor ole JR is ranked 14million plus. So there…ya boo to us all.

    Who says Stats never lie???

    Meltdown has begun methinks.

  7. Although I don’t know much about him, we need to keep our traditions and culture alive. So happy Saint David’s day Jimmy!


    1. Thank You KT.

      To be honest I did not know a lot about patron saints until I read up a bit about them when my kids were doing a project.

      Apparently, St David was indeed Welsh, as was St Patrick who was also reputed to be a Roman Citizen, and was born in either Wales, or as some scholars allege…. Scotland.

      St Andrew was a Galilean fisherman before he and his brother Simon Peter became disciples of Jesus Christ.

      St George was a soldier in the Roman Army before being venerated as a Christian Martyr.

      He was born in Syria Palaestina, which was a part of the Roman Empire.

      Isn’t history brilliant?

      1. Yip, history is great Jimmy, the only problem is, how much of it is true? I must rather shamefully confess that I know virtually nothing about our patron saints. All I know is that on Saint Patrick’s day you get as drunk as possible! :/

  8. Not going to do much for his rapidly diminishing credibility is it? He claims to have an eagle eye for anomalies in various photographs, yet he couldn’t spot this obvious fake! His enormous ego doesn’t even allow him to admit that he was wrong! Hey Spivey, take that egg off your face you massive numpty!

    1. Now you’ve done it, this man is EXTREMELY sensitive to even the slightest criticism. He will be jumping up and down frothing at the mouth. I might be wrong but as anyone ever seen Spivey and fts in the same room at the same time? He even believes the Daily Mail are monitoring him. His hatred of them has got to be pathological, he is obsessed with them, very weird. He recently admitted to being a right horrible piece of work in the past, I don’t think anything has changed there tbh.

  9. What a tool his is. Not only did he do zero research (again) but he’s slagging off the guy that actually did!

    And he’s still refusing to say he was wrong haha. The first thing I did when that video came out was look for pictures of Buckingham Palace to compare it to, you can clearly see that its not the same building. The Google picture does look photoshopped but being an ‘Investigative journalist’ surely he could look for more pictures to compare it to. He’s just pissed off that someone else has shown him up for the clown that he is. Yet again he’s going on about stats and blog hits, if he was as popular as he thinks he is surely more would have shown up to support him in court and he’d have more than 1000 odd signatures on his petition?

    I had to laugh when I read that he thinks the Daily Mail monitor his site! In reality, they probably don’t give a flying fuck. Its embarrassing watching someone big themselves up all of the time. How can his readers not see him for what he is. The guy calls himself a journalist yet does all of his research through Google! its laughable.

    1. “Investigative journalist” my arse. He never leaves his house. He should get off his lazy arse and get out there to actually ask people questions FFS. He spends most of his time on Facebook for chrisakes. He does however write like Shakespeare in that he uses a lot of characters imho. You never quite know which commenter is him.

      1. Its funny isn’t it! and all of his followers haven’t got onto it. He reckons he’s an expert on the Rigby story yet he’s not been to Manchester to investigate!

    2. This clown insists he is honest and full of integrity. Then why doesn’t he tell the poor gullible saps that donate the money that the parasite lives off just how much he is scamming them for? The lazy fraud apparently doesn’t have any other source of income. He’s too lazy too get off his arse and out of his room so I’ve heard. That didn’t take much working out tbh. Fcuking blood sucking parasite if ever I’ve seen one.

        1. Glenn, when you go back to Spivey, ask him how much he makes per week from donations. Go on I dare ya. Do you have the balls?

  10. That rumour about Paul McCartney has been doing the rounds since 1967 after he had a car crash. In 1969 some American students published a piece on his alleged death. The Beatles split up in 1969 and there was a considerable hike in their record sales due to that article apparently. 🙂

    Interesting that in the latest regurge of it on that site you posted OG, there is no link to the actual article where this is supposed to have been admitted by Ringo, and it only seems to be being spread by the AM. Such a big story published in the mainstream would surely grab the attention of the other mainstream media?

    Maybe not, just a thought.

    I see that the subject was being discussed last December too on a few AM sites. Perhaps it didn’t get the desired attention with paedogedden in full swing, so someone has decided to give it another airing to see if it does better.

    I sometimes wonder if someone is having a laugh, just to see what topics they can get people to bandwagon and the frenzy they can cause for kicks or hits That’s not to say something like that couldn’t happen, especially in an industry that is full of vultures and nothing else matters but the money and keeping it rolling in. The Music Industry must be 1 of the most callous.

    Even now you sometimes see bogus death announcements about celebs hitting Social Media that the celeb then has to debunk.

  11. Well if he comes from Bristol, it explains why he is acting like such a ‘Bristol City’ – it’ll take him a good few hours to work out what that means no doubt 😉 But he seems to fit the bill perfectly.

    1. Strangely enough I’m not from anywhere remotely close to Bristol, ironically the only time I’ve been there was to watch a football match at the old Bristol Rovers ground which was also a dog track.

      1. Personally I don’t care where you are, I merely referred to the IP Address you were posting your earlier comments from.

        If you are civil, respect the other commentators, and are able to contribute, instead of continually disrupting and hurling insults at people here Carl, your comments get published….

        If you cannot, they do not.


        Not much to ask is it?

  12. That’s a shame outlaw, why not let him have his say? I demand that Spivey and fts have the right to have their say. Not my call of course, but I’d give them the rope.

    1. I find it’s best not to give them any type of platform if I can help it Mike.

      Since 2012, when this site started, I have learned through experience that people like ‘Carl’ appear to enjoy nothing more than posting the most nonsensical and purile rubbish in order to get a reaction from the regular commentators.

      It’s a daily occurrence here, and it’s almost always the same group of people using a variety of names, fake email addresses and using proxy IP Addresses.

      But the script is always the same 🙂

      I delete upwards of forty comments every day, which appear to serve no purpose than to antagonise the readers of this site.

      Constructive critisism is one thing, and people disagreeing with the content of any article or opinion goes with the territory of course, but deliberate attempts to distract, toss personal insults around and make the most outlandish allegations are something else completely.

      And I have better things to do than waste my time massaging their fragile ego’s and feeding their collective paranoia to be honest.




    US public opinion shifts against Israel: Activist:-








  14. You sad little worm. Haha. You put fuck all up at the time it is valid. Your pathetic lying behind the persona of that horrible cow is up for all to see. Tell her to do her own website if she is so knowledgeable.

    You are one sad, little fuckwit, and everyone knows it. Nothing comes from you that is on the edge of anything apart from your delusions. As for mike, the tosser, he says the same things again and again.

    You support nothing, apart from the system, you slimy, little grass. Copper lover, paedo lover, and protector. Yes, yes you are. Nobody has any interest in anything you publish, and the only reason anyone comes here is to see your comments about Spivey’s site, as you try to pretend you do not hang on what is said there like a little lapdog.

    Shit you are, just a pile of ass-kissing, state loving shit. You stand for nothing against any abusers or liars, because it is exactly what you are, yourself. You horrible, poxy, little cumlump.

    1. Aw! Underlying love x

      Shame that Spiv get so much wrong. I sold my home on his claim about the end of the world. I even traveled to Denver to get some of that underground bunker.

      Georgia owes me money!

      I now have a fear of stones.

    2. Aww now come on Chris, you in a bad mood or something? Calm down dear, you are making yourself look a right dick head mate. I know that’s not hard for someone like you, but shit fella you are scaring the horses.







    Invariably, the last people to understand the collapse of an empire are those who live within it.:-


  16. And this is why I delete those who constantly slither over here from Spivland Mike, like the eloquent charmer ‘Rhesus Monkey above.

    Abusive, inaccurate, insanely paranoid and more than a little envious.

    They bring nothing constructive to the table, they offer zero intelligent input and simply abuse whoever and whatever their unchecked and paranoid narcissism feels has offended them.

    That was the last comment that I will allow through from any of Chris Spivey’s Acolytes, I trust that you will understand why after reading only one of dozens of similarly worded comments from the same group.

    Plus my children and their friends sometimes read this site, so I have a level of responsibility as to what is published here.

    Chris Spivey and his cronies can and do pollute every part of the Internet they inhabit with their continuous degenerate filth, as well as their endless lies and crackpot allegations – but here, at least I have some control over keeping their poisonous, virulent and increasingly maniacal rantings in check.

    1. Respectfully, I’ve been reading your site for a long time, and I guess you do get your fare share of abuse, but please, you basically allow Jane carte blanche to say anything she likes, however inflammatory or insulting, but complain when this is reciprocated?

      Ok done cheers

      1. Noted Carl, but you are obviously not aware of how much abuse, threats of violence (inc sexual) and weird stalking behaviour that Jane has had to put up with from these idiots for almost three years.

        The difference is ‘Carl’, that Jane does not threaten to ‘Get People Killed’, or has not to my knowledge, posted anyone’s name, address and telephone number online alleging that they were a “Paedophile.”

        Nor has she played a part in anyone getting sacked from their jobs just before Christmas….

        The ‘People’ and I use that term loosely, that Jane deservedly responds in that manner to, have done all of the above and worse, so things are not always as you want them to be ‘Carl’, however they may appear on the surface.

        1. Oh, shut up you little moaning blurt. That’s what you get for doing the shit you do behind people’s backs. You crying little shit bag. You cause all of the trouble and then try to act like a victim, because you want to be seen as a victim, as it is the only way you have of attracting attention to yourself. Little, sickly wimplet, and besides, Jane is you. Ya fucking tool. I know!!!! Liar!!!!

      2. Oh please the everybody hates Jane chestnut has been done to death and you clearly haven’t noticed that it plainly doesn’t work.

        How many times has this been done now?

        Is this from Thomas Sheridans little book of armchair psychology by women abusing psychopaths?

        The hypocrisy of these lemons never ceases to amaze me. Seems like a lot of people are coming to the very same conclusion that I am about the very same people too. Mr Spiv is swirling around like a whirling Dervish, hitting out at all manner of people who pull him up for being a numpty, people with nowt to do with me, but hey, it’s all my fault right?

        Did you ever think that it might actually be YOUR fault, for lying and scamming and trying to con the public into following the absolute tripe of a sad little fame and attention seeking nomark, who has to lie and attack and hassle anyone who easily picks holes in his dramatic lying for attention?

        I try to deal with you whackos with humour, because you really are a bunch of clowns, complete with wigs, fancy dress box and comedy eyebrows.

        Although some of you have resorted to Ann Summers props to give your act the ultimate cringeworthy edge. Well done, at least something worked out for you. You are nothing but a joke, look around you, people are only temporarily blinded by your bull.

        You don’t have to come to this site to find them either.

    2. Oh, didn’t know your children came here outlaw, s#!t that’s a shame because I find Spiveys rantings absolutely hilarious. They seem to attack me a lot, I don’t mind at all, long gone are the days that I would be offended by some gormless Tw@? On the internet. Tell your children not to watch for a while, then give Spiv and his crew the rope lol, we’ve all seen them hang themselves here today. GO ON MAN. LOL.

      1. Luckily the kids have a good nose for bullshit Mike – and they just see Spivey as a weird, creepy and somewhat grubby old bloke.

        As do their friends who have apparently been sharing his dressing up videos around the school.

        1. There is a rumour that Spivey will get some seasonal work towards the end of this year as a pantomime genie in Aladdin. Wonder if it’s possible to change the plot a bit and make Spivey go back into the bottle when Aladdin rubs it?;)

  17. I see the Urban Dictionary is getting an airing again with the decade old words of kids being used. sounds familiar doesn’t it? Comedy eyebrows anyone?

    I’ll happily accept the tag of ‘horrible cow’ for telling it like it is to a sad pathetic repulsive little con man. Seems more and more people are seeing him as the object of ridicule he truly is. Good 🙂

    Maybe his old crone charity blagging cemetery dweller mate could sort him out some HRT, it might ease his teenager to menopausal woman like symptoms.

    Talking of 1 of the witches of South-Eastwick, a cut in a million in donations would whisk her back off to the Costa Del Hag quite nicely I reckon. Or a nice private mental institution. It’s almost worth being conned into donating to. 😉

    1. LOL, I have noticed it always seems to be a comment about the donations( HIS LIFE BLOOD) that brings him out in a furious rage, I wonder why? Get a job you parasite. Stop feeding and living off the gullible you vile little man. I’m only surprised you haven’t started charging per comment.

    1. Good link OG, and as per usual the silence is deafening from Spivey and his minions. Obviously they think it’s only a crime for white people to molest children, as they seem to give Asian’s a pass. Sick sick people over there!


  18. Well if the Spiv and this fts lapdog, arse licking bum bandit are seperate entities, I do say the terracotta never falls far from the cracked pot. And I thought the weed was supposed to make you all mellow. These rantings suggest to me they are under the influence of something. The Moat type incident is something the local police would be concerned about, especially with someone known to be paranoid, delusional, possibly schizophrenic, and obviously burning with rage at some crackpot conspiracy nonsense.

  19. As the articles make clear, there IS a difference between psychopath and sociopath,but it’s not easy to recognise at first.

    These were the first articles I’d come across that spell it out in ways that the layman can understand. And the comments on the first link are equally informative.

    So now you can decide where Mr.Daring Lavatory fits in.

    Over to you.

    1. Boggy is a Malignant Narcissist according to the Mental Health Professionals I have shown his YouTube Videos to OG.

      With underlying Psychopathic Tendencies which he appears to be struggling to keep hidden now.

      The constant ‘Selfies’ he posts on Twitter and the numerous blogs he writes about HIMSELF, and his obsession with talking about what people have allegedly done to HIM – were also considered to be classic signs of a typical MN.

      Not even a special case, just another a bog-standard, ordinary and very typical Malignant Narcissist.




    West misses point—and lesson—of Buddhist anti-Muslim sentiment



  21. Spivey’s followers are somewhat like the Manson clan. They are oblivious to the fact their ‘leader’ is a perverted deviant!

    He gets busted with child porn and bestiality videos, he’s a cross dresser that owns female sex toys, he ridicules disabled pensioners, he supports muslim paedophiles, he creeps around facebook saving pictures of innocent teenagers and posting them on his website with unfounded and baseless accusations leveled at them, and he’s a paranoid wreck!

    Any one of the above activities is not considered to be the actions of a sane person. I can only imagine the absolute embarrassment of his children and the rest of his family. What sort of person would support such a weirdo, let alone avidly defend his every word?

    If as he claims, the Daily Mail journos are always watching his site, then how come they haven’t linked him to his UKIP candidate brother? In their effort to besmirch UKIP at every opportunity surely they could have a field day with such a story?

    Wouldn’t it be a shame if someone contacted the Daily Mail and gave them a shove in the right direction? 🙂

    Mind you, the deviant would probably love getting his name in the paper.

    1. I forgot about the bestiality. He’s got a damned cheek to call other people nonces then. Good point about the Daily Mail not linking him with his brother, as if they would know who the fcuk Spivey was. Now he’s seen your comment, I would bet he’s on the phone to them tipping them off for the publicity. I can see the headline, UKIP MP connected to crazy Essex conspiracy nut, err whatsisname.

  22. So, Spivey and his pathetic crew are at it again – namely stalking and harassing Jimmy, Jane and other people on here who do not really give two hoots about him and his pitiful excuse for a blog. The most glaring fake on Chris Spivey Org is Chris Spivey himself – seriously!

  23. He has to have a pop at people to draw attention to himself & his flagging blog & to try to draw in the punters for more donations. For some strange reason, this is what he considers a winning formula. Being outed as a fool and ridiculed to ribbons.

    Maybe he’s trying to drive himself mad, in the hope he’ll be able to claim diminished responsibility. I bet he’s chewing through a lot of table legs by the sounds of his frenzied fury. Bit risky when those arteries are probably already furred up & struggling, he’ll give himself a coronary if he doesn’t chill out. Pop! 🙂

  24. Today is Tuesday.Tuesday is the only day of the week I don’t work my bollox off.So last Tuesday ..like tonight I was free to roam Tinter. Is it a full moon tonight?….don’t know.. don’t care.

    But I do care about delusional Binmen with psychopathic/sociopathic/narcissistic tendencies bullying disadvantaged disabled people whether they are pensioners or unwittingly manipulated teenagers with Progeria….namely Alan Barnes

    My comments to that effect caused mayhem and apoplexy in Spivland last Tuesday. Some of you may have seen it….hilarious.

    But the point is none of my comments were shown… Just OTT and abusive responses

    My comments could not be printed perhaps because I kept asking why my name was fraudulently added to the Binmans on line petition without my permission.

    How many of his pathetically paltry 1000 signatories are genuine?.

    Removed mine immediately but my barrister brother is still investigating how and why on my behalf.

    FUCK BULLIES whoever or whatever they are!!

  25. BTW I got off lightly compared to a very articulate God fearing schoolteacher named Kevin Boyle, who posted a very well considered and thought provoking article on The Truthseeker site a few months ago.

    Kevin was unfortunate enough to be present at a rambling, totally incoherent presentation on The Rigby Hoax somewhere in central London and came to the conclusion that he must be a Rifklnd boy.

    One thing I do think the Binman is near the mark on is Rigby but his full article abusely puerile response was so vicious that I realised what he was…..

    A Psychopathic BULLY.

    People still making up their minds…. and I know that there are many non commentators doing just that…. please check it out

  26. Such a hypocrite, 1 minute he’s defending the cruel actions of the government on disabled people, then he is abusing them. Bet he really had to act it for the fake concern articles.

    And doesn’t he have a few health issues, or was he lying about that too?

    Oh dear, wonder who else he has added the name of to his duff petition. Now that really does smack of pure desperation & is another fine example of lies he resorts to. Stupid personified.

    He’ll be jumping up and down like a Zebedee on speed when he sees what you have written Joe. He’s one humongous paddy away from a heart attack already 🙂

  27. Outlaw, I was wondering if you have ever put up anything on the Holly Greig (case).

    The reason I ask is because of a comment left on the Spivs Humpty Numtie article by Norse Kode. He left a link to a guy called Keelan Balderson. Wide shut webcast- Flipping the pyramid. I’ve never come across him before. I only listened to about 20 minutes.

    He was interviewing the people accused by Ann Greig and her daughter. The other side of the story type of thing. WOW what an eye opener. It looks to me that this Holly Greig Malarkey, might well be a load of BS after all. I think it could be a typical example of the conspiracy theorists biased mind set.

    They present everything only from their paranoid angle. Yet when a properly honest and impartial thorough investigation into ALL the evidence is conducted, a totally different explanation is found for events, probably the true explanation.

    I always thought that Robert Green fella wasn’t quite all there, just like that Bill Maloney guy in fact.

    1. I have heard that interview Mike, which was long overdue in my opinion, as he is one of the few people who have given the people who know it’s a Hoax – a fair hearing.

      The majority of those people were supporting Anne Greig and Robert Green at the beginning, but were growing ever more suspicious of the way the story – and the evidence, or lack of – simply did not add up.

      I have read through all the evidence presented by both sides of the story more than once, and I am also of the mind that the Hollie Greig story was a unforgiveably cruel hoax.

      I will not go into the details here, but when you realise that the same people who were promoting the Hollie Grieg story are the same crowd that are now aggressively promoting the current Hampstead ‘Satanic’ Abuse Story – which is also, with little doubt in my mind – being presented in a way that is a world away from what actually happened….

      Belinda McKenzie, Sabine McNeill, Bill Maloney, Brian Gerrish and the UK Column, David Icke and yes, Chris Spivey too, have all played a part in keeping the Hollie Greig story circulating for some reason.

      The blatant promotion of Robert Green by Spivey and his team for example, should be more than enough for anyone to realise that the story has more to it than any of them are saying.

      The real reason why any of these so-called ‘Truthers’ are supporting stories which have holes big enough to drive a truck through – should also be a cause for concern…. :mrgreen:

      And questions should be asked.

      I may write about it at some point….

      1. Oh bloody hell outlaw, the very last thing in the world these people would want is someone like you looking into the case. Oh blimey I can see the sparks flying now. I always say to these types of people, show me the evidence, if it doesn’t stack up then you don’t have a case. In my experience, it never stacks up, and would be ripped to shreds in court by even the most inexperienced of lawyers.

  28. Yes, it’s the very important details they purposely DON’T reveal that put a whole different spin on the stories they purposely pick, as well as they people whose stories they choose to tout for donations for. Always the same bunch of iffy characters, all linked together.

    1. One of Spivs goons has just been stamping his feet here again, alleging that Robert Green “would not have gone to prison for a ‘Publicity Stunt’ would he?”

      I tend to agree – as Robert Green actually went to jail for the second time after giving an interview to TPV and others.

      He was ‘Naming Names’ with no evidence to back up his claims and broke his bail conditions by doing so.


      The first time he was jailed, was for writing letters to dozens of people accusing them of being Paedophiles.

      Again, his allegations were not supported by the evidence.

      And being manipulated by proven liars, does not make Hollie Greig a fantasist nor a liar, it makes her a vunerable person who has been used and abused continually by the very people who claim to speak on her behalf.

      1. Quite! And along with the fact that using Hollie for their scam, its pretty obvious that Hollies Mum has had some pretty serious mental health issues & despite all the evidence pointing to this being a very suspect story, the likes of Green, McKenzie, McNeil, Gerrish, UK Column, The Spiv & all the others, didn’t let that stop them passing it off as another true story.

        Spiv goons are not known for their intelligence or common sense are they?

        Always the same with McKenzie & McNeil though, backed by Gerrish – they only ever pick stories from people with obvious mental health issues who are unstable to use as a means to beg for donations.
        Hopefully Sabine has also come unstuck this time, & could well end up bleating persecution from a prison cell with any luck, but by rights, McKenzie & Tuttle should be facing the same music as they are all involved just as much. (As usual, Ma McKenzie seems to be dodging the bullets) & John Hemming should also be coming under fire, for being McKenzie & McNeil’s main advocate for a good few years now.
        Another Lib Dem MP up to his neck in grime.

      2. Exactly. Green basically went to prison for his own stupidity, he broke the God damn law for chrisakes. Not because of some evil conspiracy cover up. Who can deny this proven documented fact?

        1. Same with Ms Shaw, an act of arson on her neighbours who she had a long running dispute with, suddenly becomes an attempt by establishment paedos to silence her???

          So obvious and lame, but with the help of multi fake accounts & fellow con artists, they brainwash others to believe it. All their scams are pretty much the same.

          The latest from The Sabine is that both her FB accounts have been banned, both deleted, of course she is embellishing the truth as these con artists tend to & she always does, by making out it was for posting 1 of her insane Hampstead Videos.
          What looks to have really happened is that someone has reported her account as fake & FB are asking her to verify her ID.

          For someone who is forever making it known how smart she is (or says she is), she sure is unbelievably stupid.

  29. Have a look at the moon tonight everyone, it should be amazing, if the weather forecast is accurate. Of course if you are not into astronomy, then just don’t look up, and disregard this message lol.

    1. Its gorgeous here on Dartmoor Mike. and Saturn can be seen with the naked eye 🙂

      1. Hiya Kerry, I know how good it can be on Dartmoor my friend, no light pollution there to spoil the view. I haven’t (camped) there for many a year. I also know and remember how desolate and hostile the place can be, absolute bliss lol. Just like the Brecon Beacons.

        1. The Beacons are truly awe inspiring Mike, especially in winter.

          The walk to the top of Pen-Y-Fan is worth taking time out for, as the views are breathtaking.

    2. I love to gaze at the moon while out walking the dogs. I often wonder about what it would be like to stand on the surface and gaze back at our beautiful planet. Putting our footsteps upon it is still the greatest achievement we as Europeans have ever made, even greater than splitting the atom in my opinion!

      We are a wonderful people, and while we are condemned for our alleged misgivings such as slavery, how come we are never thanked and commended for the wonderful things we have done for mankind?

      I’d much rather see my taxes spent on space exploration than methadone programs and foreign aid to thankless third world dictators.


      1. Hmmm…. I often wonder if Britains overseas ‘Aid’ Packages, (which we are obliged to sent to countries like India for example) could have been used to restore some pride in our collective achievements as a nation instead.

        India have an advanced Space Programme, which has been primarily funded by ‘Aid’ packages from the UK and others.

        They are about to send a probe to Mars sometime in 2016, while the UK still has to rely on a woefully inadequate road and rail network.

        Sri Lanka and many African nation’s have their own telecommunication satellites, while the UK still has only a 75% coverage for our mobile phone network – Wales and Scotland still have many ‘black spots’ with no available signal whatsoever.

        1. White people are now about 10% of the earth’s population. We are a diminishing race. I often wonder who will look after the earth’s third world inhabitants after we are gone? I’m pretty sure the blacks, the Asians (Chinese etc), the Indians etc won’t give a flying fuck about this planet or the poor!

          White Europeans are the only people who set up charities and raise funds for the less fortunate! When was the last time you heard of a non-white race setting up a fund for white people? The answer is never!

          Perhaps it is for the best! When the Haitians turned against the French they learned the hard way, the same goes for Rhodesia and South Africa! When the Europeans leave or are brutally slaughtered, the population suffers!

          Sadly there is no cure for stupid! 🙁


  30. I am the Clare, I think Mike, that somehow has been outed for having a bad day on the Spiv site. I picked up on a comment about giros and got lambasted for having an opinion on it. I dared to say why are you having a go at people on the dole. Stupidly I apologised, I also mentioned this site which is an obvious no-no. Suffice to say I was called a troll, which I do take exception at, in fact I’m still damn angry, there was no apology to me, even though I told them to check my isp, email, etc. One of the mods also said this is not a site for free speech, make of that what you will. First time poster on here, I like the peace feeling on here.XX

    1. Hi Clare, and welcome aboard.

      I’ve not been posting here for very long either, but I was a reader of both Spivey’s site and Jimmy’s site for quite a while before deciding which side to place my loyalty with.

      In the end it was a no brainer for me really. While Jimmy allows free speech, Spivey stifles it. While Jimmy condemns all paedophiles equally, Spivey ignores nonce’s of certain ethnicity’s. While Spivey lambasts and blocks anyone who disagrees with him, Jimmy engages them in debate. While Spivey makes stories up with no credible evidence, Jimmy gives us articles which are open to interpretation.

      I think you’ll enjoy it here Clare, I’m not much of a people person but I enjoy the online companionship of the people who post here, they’re decent people, not like the sycophantic minions over on Right Said Fred’s site!


      1. KT, I can understand you not being much of a people person, hell I’m not tbh, but you seem like a good man to me. Any problems or whatever, I want you to know you can come to me here, just ask. We can shoot the breeze as the yanks say. Same goes for anyone else here.

        1. Thanks Mike, you seem like a good lad. Would be happy to converse with you any time you like. Jimmy has my email address, ask him for it, I don’t want to publish it here for obvious reasons!

          We should have all have a get together on skype some time, would be good to talk to you all.


    2. Haha Clare, now are you sure you are not me, come on now be honest lol. They nearly had me wondering, I don’t know if I’m you, or Jane, or JJ, JR, etc etc etc LOL. I think I saw the incident. Don’t you worry love I’m sure you won’t be treated like that on this site. On the “peace feeling” you found here, that’s exactly the vibes I picked up on here, I get the opposite feeling on other sites that’s for sure. Take care. Mike +

    3. I can only speak for me but I know that Jimmy has never shared certain information that I have asked him to keep safe for a friend of mine. That was more than a year ago. I have no doubts who I would trust 🙂

  31. I have been banned from Chris Spiveys site too. For pointing out that Jimmy published proof that he did meet with David Icke. I only suggested that Spivey was wrong with his crazy allegations and publish an apology if he wanted to be seen as credible. My comment was never published. But the very same day Spiv published another crazy rant and just added more lies to the ones he had already published. I see that site as a joke now which should never be seen taken seriously. And NEVER donate money as it only feeds his paranoid delusions

  32. So Spivey bleats and wails on about Freedom of Speech being eroded by the powers that be, whilst writing articles full of lies, which he see’s as his right of ‘free speech’ (but is in fact just garbled nonsense well over the point of insanity), then his moderators tell people his site is not a place for free speech????

    Makes perfect sense no? 😉 Coming undone, (him & hopefully not the bikini bottom ties in his next Youtube clip – that would be more than anyone could stomach)

  33. A little tale to warm the heart…..

    As I was driving home tonight at around 5PM, I came across a Volkswagen Polo sitting in the left hand lane of the motorway, with his left indicator on. As I was about to move in to the right hand lane to overtake, something in my head told me to stop, so I did. As I banged on the hazard lights and stopped behind the vehicle, I got out to investigate, and there was a little old man sitting in the driving seat, shrugging his shoulders.

    After engaging him in chat I asked if he was a member of the AA, which he was, so I got his card and phoned them. They advised me they would be up to an hour and told me to get him out the car and safely on the roadside, which I did. It was then that he started to open up to me. Apparently he was a pilot in the 2nd world war. I asked him if he’d shot down any Germans to which he replied that he hadn’t. He was up here in Scotland to visit family and attend the funeral of a mate who he had served alongside in the war. We shot the breeze while awaiting the AA to show up but the traffic police showed up before they did, and thanked me, before whisking him away.

    While I believe he fought on the wrong side, it was great to meet someone who put their life on the line for what they believed was right at the time! I wish I’d gotten his contact details as I’d bet he had some amazing stories to tell! He really did restore my faith in humanity, and at 94 his humour was still great, one of his comments to me was, “I’ve flown all sorts of planes during the war, with no problems, but as soon as a I buy something German (his car), I have nothing but trouble!”

    Brilliant old fella! And I hope he lives to a ripe old age!


    1. ‘while i believe he fought on the wrong side’. could you explain that comment please.

      1. I believe he means that because of the control that a certain group has over almost all the print and broadcast media, we have been consistently given the “Hitler was the most evil man on Earth” tale
        to bolster our pity for them and to take our eyes off the ball in respect of that same groups instigation of communism, which utterly out-murdered anything Hitler did.

        And still is, whenever it gets the chance.

        Remember Voltaire? “If you wish to find out who rules over find out who you dare not criticise”.

        Any ideas on which group that might be?.

        Meanwhile turn to the Mail for your weekly “evil Hitler/Nazis” story.

        Nothing ever about Stalin. Funny that,eh?.

      2. Richard, General Patton towards the end of the war believed we had fought the wrong country. He wanted to go on and smash the Russians before they had the chance to recover and become stronger in the future. Not sure what KT means, but I always wonder what if Patton had been given the green light to attack Russia?

      3. The comment is rather self explanatory, so I guess you mean my reasoning behind it?

        Well, in a nutshell, the Germans were against international Jewry while the ‘allies’ were pro international Jewry, and indeed had already been infilitrated by Jews at every level.

        That a good enough answer for you?


  34. Long time reader and my first comment on a website. For what its worth if I needed to ask a question or did not agree with Jimmy about something here I am pretty sure that I would not have the piss taken or get laughed at or called a troll like i have seen happen on some other sites. That is reassuring to me anyway. Thank You

    1. Denny, I always say, if you don’t ask questions you will never learn. I am pretty sure you won’t get any trouble from the regulars here. It’s the trolls from elsewhere that try to stir things up. Don’t worry mate, anyone has a go at you I will jump on them.


    “Stewart: Bibi’s Congress Reception Was ‘Longest Blowjob a Jewish Man Has Ever Received’”


    1. Nutty Yahoo is in line for the Nobel Peace prize. Well it wouldn’t surprise me. Apparently even the Mossad think he’s flaky, and we know how evil those SOB s are.



    Putin prefers a bad peace:-


    “As the Ukrainian National Bank introduces new capital controls, this time for businesses, and raises interest rates, the country’s economy slides into Zimbabwe-grade hyperinflation, as measured by the Cato Institute. There are five main reasons why.”





    “COMING SOON TO YOUR CHURCH Your pastor jailed? Your church closed by court order? Are you ready for what is coming soon to your church”


    1. Majica’s tenure will end in April, so no doubt Uruguay will have yet another soulless, corporate-controlled lizard in a sharp suit to bleed the country to death OG.

  37. Just occurred to me that;

    “He also appears to be finding it difficult to hide his delusions, his deteriorating mental health and what must be worrying levels of rage.”

    It could be the long-term side-effects of all that tattoo ink.

    I know that what I posted a while back seemed to concentrate on the physical side-effects, but….

  38. Morning Jimmy,

    It’s easy to spot the disinfo agents, now that I’ve been watching them for 2 and a bit years. They use language and images that trigger reaction, cause that’s what they want, a response, more website hits, attention drawn to their deluded truths. Why they do it, is another question.

    People like Spivey and Bill Maloney are aggressive and abusive so best ignored. like Darren. With all Chris’s profanity his website is unreadable unless that is your home lingo. It’s nowt but bullshit. I learned through personal experience.

    Chris’s research leads him to believe I am you too. As we all are, Jimmy!

    He’s a fake ass drop-out who made nothing of his life, trying to be something now.

    It’s the campaigners with their feet nicely under the charity desks, and the TV personalities and writers with their own narratives and agenda’s that irk me. Their family and friends use multiple socks to big them up and they even use genuine survivors for credence.

    They’re as sick as the paedo bastards are when it comes to abuse!

    Twitter is as incestous and abusive as the pervs we rally against.

    So, I’ve joined a few groups around my way, and I bandy those fake ass people’s names about, waving my red flag against their deception.

    Last night a full school hall of police and charity workers heard my concerns about ‘uninitiated, untrained victims band-wagoning charity campaigns and vomiting their own abuse all over it, in the name of helping others. Not sure if they do it because they are that damaged or if they have ulterior motives.

    All I do know is, someone needs to put a stop to it.

    Bloody professional victims. They are sick and need help. In the meantime, they muddy the waters enough to keep other victims away from seeking help.

    It’s not just Janette Scharenborg who has an agenda all her own.

    Mother Teresa said, “start with those close to you” when she was asked, who do you help. I’m teaching those close to me that while a child, do the worse you can do to anyone who abuses you, Bite, kick, scream, lash out, draw attention to yourself and if it comes to it, kill the fucker is you must.

    They may hurt you but they will have to pay for it. But, your truth lasts only as long as that moment does. You need evidence. Get it!

    You’ll get help with the head fuck once the incident is done and you’ve got your proof, but without it, you’re fucked in every sense, for life! You’ll never get help and they’ll never get done for what they did.

    We live and learn by our own life experience, and we pass that on. Not the best solution I know, but, too many two-faces to trust once the abuse has kicked in.

    So, back to base reaction.

    Take care Jimmy. Or do I mean Jennie?

  39. Amen to that Jen!

    With the government linked backgrounds of too many of these people, it certainly makes you wonder.

    Too many to be ‘coincidence’.

    All giving the same impression that people claiming to have been abused are making it up and that these so called campaigners are a bunch of donations blagging con men, spreading blatantly ridiculous stories. Can’t say I disagree on that score, but it’s so obvious that these stories are pure fiction, it cant just be that these people are imbeciles, they are almost like caricatures of themselves.

    UKIP are doing well in Essex I believe. Linking the embarrassment of the Essex Disinfo Queen to the UKIP party, using a jealous good for nothing brother, or is the jealous good for nothing brother just so jealous that his brother has a career his folks are proud of, that he wants to sabotage it out of pure spite?

    Either way he is is only confirming what people already see him as, a sad lying donations blagging con man, who is acting so strangely, people are wondering if he is dangerously close to the edge.

    A total embarrassment to himself and everyone else, especially his own family.

    That’s the best anyone can do, seeing as no one seems willing to deal with these boils on the bum of humanity, make sure other people are aware of them and how they operate in the hope that you can at least help people avoid them.

    I think this article has been mentioned already, it makes some interesting points, including the fact that Spiv turns on the hard man swearing act just for his blog readers. He is 1 big cheap embarrassing act, who resorts to threatening people using multiple fake accounts from behind a computer screen, when they out him for what he is, a liar and a con man.

    Another big mouthpiece with a story that simply does not add up has recently been caught out for the same I believe, friend of the Bogster and Hag too of course. As we know, they all do the same and they all join together to target specific people and if anyone stands up to them and reveals their lies, they get the same treatment.

    Thankfully their own stupidity seems to be the thing that most catches them out. They constantly trip themselves up in the most basic and amusing ways. 🙂


    1. Jane, I believe, in the 70s, when PIE fell under the umbrella-ella-ella of Liberty, the wrong ‘ens planted their feet firmly under very important desks. No one has really reached for the crow bar to remove the paneling they hide behind, yet. When they do, I’m afraid the place may fall down. We’ll find it’s the insects keeping the masonry and historical facades from falling down, is what I think.

      1. I think so too Jen.
        I also think paedophiles are probably very useful in high places. Not just because they are probably good for the odd bit of blackmail, they also probably make the most loyal staff, especially to a PM, where everyone smiles to your face and has a knife in your back & you can’t be sure of who to trust. A mutual undying loyalty would probably be quite useful to a PM & a Paedophile. Think we know what the ‘perks’ of being PM’s pet could include.

        I still doubt the full truth will ever be told by the Government, the less they can fess up to the better as far as they are concerned. Just what’s necessary to shut the public up. And when the ones whose names have been floating around for years are arrested, they’ve certainly had plenty of warning & time to get rid of any lingering evidence.

        1. I see Cameron’s friend Mrs Brooks is working for Max Clifford’s agency. Seriously? After all the scandal she thinks that’s a good idea? The women are as bad as the men, we mustn’t forget that in this “paedo hunt”. They hide behind the “maternal instinct” accredited to them which they don’t have. The money, power and fame seeking bitches can be as savage, ruthless and vile as their male counter parts.

          There’s an interesting video of a female who recently escaped lock up like her pop star boyfriend, where she is bragging about incest with her sister. Yet, we are to believe the video she made planning on having a baby with and for loverboy to rape was nothing more than entrapment, evidence for the authorities.

          Ja sure. Pull the other one.

          We should start with the females at the top of the pile. The one’s who have worked on building up their public profiles throughout the decades. How did they get to the top in a “man’s world” of the old days? Were they a convenience used by the big boys they were playing with/against? I’m talking about the one’s who handed the bad guys the keys and screwed the prime minister behind spouses backs. The one’s who set up phone line filters that possibly helped their mates more than the kids. (Who has actually got any help from childline? Anyone?) The one’s who helped PIE legitimise themselves. The one’s who accept jobs at media agencies of convicted paedos. It’s not just the men who are sick beasts. It is also the women. And a simple sorry doesn’t cut it. That’s not enough. They continue living the high life quaffing campagne and rubbing shoulders with the filth after their faux regret!

          Where is the list of names of PIE members? Missing like everything else? How many on that list are sitting at desks of importance today? How many female members?

          PIE during the 70s is something that has only been touched upon yet not properly explored, explained or prosecuted.

          And we accept this?

          When it comes to the female of the species, I believe some of them are not being investigated like they should be because the media is too focused on just the men!

          1. Brooks is off to America I believe at the bequest of Murky M. Bit like another ex Tory woman who did a flit to the USA out of the blue. Strangely enough she links to the case you mention, as her husband managed the band where the lead singer was convicted of baby rape. The ex Tory dimbo bimbo wife of the baby rapists manager herself being the best friend and business partner of a bloke caught out for paedo related activity on the www. He got a caution, as if that will stop him being a paedo. she’s been letting rip at the Tory party and the … ahem … ‘royals’ lately too. Perhaps she was under the impression that when the dust settled she could come back and join her old pals in politics and realised she’d been conned. Bet she misses the easy money. 🙂

            People could be forgiven for thinking certain people are told to get out of dodge before the proverbial hits the fan & becomes extremely difficult and embarrassing for Politicians. Yes, isn’t it strange that the pleas of innocence were believed after that incest gloat (revolting confession that was too, stomach turning!). Strange is perhaps the wrong word, highly suspicious and par for the course would perhaps be better?

            And you can see how with the current revelations and allegations largely being stacked up outside No.10, especially Thatcher being outed for her part in protecting the top paedo politicians and backing their knighthoods, (despite being warned about their paedo shenanigans in writing), that the Tory party might want this particular affiliation with the ex Tory MP and her husbands close affiliations with 2 more high profile paedos brushed under the carpet. Especially when up against such a vile gob on a stick who would no doubt cause an even bigger scene if found guilty perhaps. I think the thing that professed its love for incest is doing porn for people with a thing about obese prostitutes now, or at least there were some gross pics on Twitter of it floating about. Grim.

            I totally agree about the females too Jen, they tend not to be in the spotlight much, but are every bit as repulsive as the male paedophiles and paedophile protectors, worse in some ways because everything that gives females that softer edge is completely devoid in these women. I think they are 1 of the things I have learned most about in all this, having encountered the hag and others who have gone all out to protect their abuser pals. I think people are far more horrified when they find women are involved and just don’t want to think a woman could be that heinous. But they truly can be. 🙁


    East Mediterranean getting ‘hot’ – Provocation by Turkey against Greece?






  41. Jane I do believe I deserve a name check at least for that link… See my post above!!!! LOL. But more devastating is his response. Please check it out. Totally unhinged!!

    1. Sorry Joe, I didn’t have time to scroll through & I couldn’t remember who mentioned it.

      I remember reading the article a while back, purely for this most memorable classic that I’m sure rings bells with many 😀

      “There must be a little Chris Spivey lurking somewhere in my own psyche because at that point something inside me screamed:

      “FOR F***’S SAKE!!!!”

      Thanks for the reminder though, well worth a re-visit. :D.

  42. Thank God you put that one right Jimmy. Nicholas Maduro of Venezuela has been a global superstar in standing up to the CABAL since they murdered his old mucker Chavez.

    I hope he and Assad find their way into the Outlaw Hall of Fame someday.

  43. On a topical note I hope. The Miner’s Strike ended 30 years ago…..4 March 1985.
    The phrase Lions led by Donkeys comes to mind….personal opinion. Scargill was surrounded by MI5 shills….Peter Heathfield anyone? Is there an Outlaw article/opinion out there Jimmy especially since you’re a Welshman? It was a momentous time and worth remembering.

    1. Certainly was Joe. Some of my oldest friends were on the picket lines in South Wales, as were many of my own family….

      There were dirty tricks everywhere, soldiers dressed in police uniforms, coppers driving past the lines waving wads of cash at the strikers, paid agitators and spooks were everywhere…. Causing dissent among the strikers and their families.

      Bribery, Blackmail, Backhanders etc etc

      Arthur Scargill was proved to be right all along though, wasn’t he?

  44. Yes. Right message ….wrong messenger. Nothing changes it seems. Isn’t life strange??

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