I have been meaning to write about this for a while, and even though the story has been out there before in various forms, recent events in this country have made it worthy of a second look.

Certain names have been making the headlines of late, for different reasons I grant you, but it does highlight the fact that the same people always seem to be ‘in the thick of it.’

Following the 1997 General Election, Anthony Charles Lynton Blair had entered Downing Street after a landslide victory for his Rebadged ‘New’ Labour Party.

He quickly learned that he had become custodian of some very sordid under the table deals that had been struck during the Thatcher/Major era.

These deals had been struck during a sanction busting trip to South Africa, by our current Prime Minister, David Cameron, the details of which, even today continue to cause panic around the world and are a conspiracy theorists dream.

South Africa was still under the Apartheid regime in 1989, Nelson Mandela was still imprisoned on Robben Island, but that mattered little to the rising star of the Conservative Research Department, who jumped at the chance of taking an all-expenses paid trip to impress his mentor Margaret Thatcher.

I guess he may have seen it as chance to ‘see for himself’ the inner workings of this country, after all, the funding was already in place having been donated by a firm that heavily lobbied against the impositions of the sanctions.

What was not revealed about this trip though, (where he was accompanied by Sir Keith Warren) was it’s real purpose, which was to purchase three of the ten highly illegal nuclear weapons that had been built by the RSA & Israel.

After the deal was struck, the nukes were then shipped to Oman, where oddly, they were stored in an insecure compound ready for possible deployment against Iraq during the early stages of any conflict.

This highly fraudulent deal not only misused Taxpayers money, but also served to swell the Tory Party Election Fund by a not unsubstantial £17.8 million, which was never accounted for.

It was widely believed that these weapons did in fact, turn up sometime later in Iraq and that may have been the real reason that Blair took this country to war, as he had been made acutely aware of the ‘Deal’ after taking office.

What was not so well known, was that these very mobile weapons, were small enough to be transported by road into Syria aboard separate ambulances, of all things, and were then stolen by the same arms dealer that they were initially purchased from and then re-sold on the black market.

*It is an open secret that one was successfully test fired by North Korea in 2009.*

David Cameron was a young research officer at this time, I do not believe that he possessed the ability to have brokered this deal by himself, as after all, his very presence in South Africa at that time violated international law. It also violated the international law on dealing with nuclear weapons that are not even known to exist, according to the UN.

He was ably assisted by the aforementioned Sir Keith Warren and David Wilshire, (with full US approval) and it has been suggested that other high profile key figures were involved.

They may have been the then head of the DTI Peter Lilley, Lord Alistair McAlpine who, if memory serves was the Tory Party Treasurer, and even the shady arms dealer himself John Bredenkamp.

Others figures possibly involved must include John Major, Ken Clarke, Sir Mark Thatcher and notable others within the British Government.

This deal had involved more than 52 million pounds of British taxpayers money, of which, some 17.8 million pounds had been creamed off and given to the Conservative Party Election Fund to pay off a ‘loan.’

To this day it has never been investigated, despite questions being raised in the House of Commons.

(If you have trouble believing this…… It’s an simple matter to check it for yourself as it is available in Hansard 22nd of June 1993, and starting at Col. 197 when Lord Doug Hoyle raised the issue in the House).

We should also consider the position of Dr. David Kelly in this deal, who died simply because he knew too much, having been personally responsible for receiving these weapons for and on behalf of the British Government.

If one can justify going to war on only an assumption, when others knew much more than was first reported, then we almost certainly went to war with the wrong country.

As a result of this cover-up, over one million Iraq’s have been killed, as well as many British & American soldiers, and it should also be noted that the US and UK governments, have totally contaminated Iraq to saturation point for many generations to come.

The same can be said for the current war in Afghanistan which was also totally orchestrated by the US and UK governments.


  1. I’ve read differing versions of this story regarding how many nukes were stolen and by whom. The essential facts remain the same though. Another interesting story concerns all of the naughty plutonium being stored at Fukushima when it popped its cherry. See: TRUTH SEEKER

  2. I think this is what secured Mr Cameron’s prime ministership, because you have to be loyal, but where does his loyalty really lie?
    Where are the other bombs now, i thought there were only three but you say it maybe up to ten!
    As i have said before we need to form a political party and attack them from the inside, just like they have been doing for years.

    1. Guido Fawkes said that a phone call was made from Royal HQ to recommend Cameron be considered & was highly recommended – by Phil I think it’s alleged.

      1. Hasn’t Cameron also been described as nothing special’ & a bit of a ‘yes man’ by previous colleagues & bosses in former jobs he had like in PR etc? Yes men are their favourite kind, easy to manipulate & if they’ve got dirt in the family – so much the better.

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong bu t isn’t there a Derek Laud angle to this ? Didn’t he fund Cameron’s trip to SA. or was that on a different occasion ?

  4. Have read about this too – just get’s worse and worse.
    Cameron – so much to answer for, as do many, many more.
    We should be able to get rid of them as quickly as they are elected in.
    And they should definitely be held accountable for their crimes – unlike they are now.

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