“SILENCE IS VIOLENCE” and “SILENCE IS COMPLIANCE” are two of the most popular slogans that have emerged over the last couple of weeks, especially in regard to the Black Lives Matter movement.

These tropes clearly suggest that people – especially white people – who remain silent about the perceived ‘racist’ murder of George Floyd in Minnesota, are somehow supportive, or complicit even, of “systemic racism” and “police brutality”, which are claimed to be endemic throughout western society.

The mainstream media, of course, are pushing this agenda message at every opportunity, and it is proving difficult to find a news report that does not incorporate at least one of these tropes, and a number of politicians, especially those on the left of the political arena, appear to be fully on message too.

However, as much as we are hearing and seeing this message in the media and on the internet, and from politicians, is it what most people really think?

Is it really what most people want, as the mass media and those pushing this message want you to believe?

Is it the will of the greater majority of people, the often overlooked ‘Silent Majority’, who tend to remain in the background, quietly watching in dignified silence as these seismic event unfold before them?

Or is the truth, something completely different?

Do the majority of people really support the removal of historic monuments, and statues, and the renaming of buildings which have fallen foul of left wing political activists?

And are those who have voiced their objections to the removal/renaming of said objects, ‘Far Right Thugs’ as the mainstream media want you to believe?  Are those (usually silent) good, honest, law-abiding and upstanding members of society, who have – going on the evidence – taken to the streets to defend those objects, in Poole, in Oxford, in Newcastle and in central London, to name only a few examples …. are they really ‘Far Right Thugs?’

Is that what you truly believe?

In order to illustrate further, why I believe that the mainstream media are pushing the wholly false and destructive agenda we are currently witnessing, I would like you to consider the following:

A few days ago, (the 11th June), the  Daily Post newspaper, here in North Wales, published an article, highlighting a petition that had been set up by a member of the BAME community in Hawarden, on the Wales/England border, which called for the re-naming of the Gladstone Library, on account of it’s namesake’s association with the slave trade.

When the article was published, the petition, which was started by Ciara Lamb, had attracted just 20 signatures only, thats right, only TWENTY people had supported the petition, which, it appears was deemed newsworthy enough for the Daily Post to publish an article about it.


This is what the Ms. Lamb’s Petition proposed.

“St Deiniol’s Library – within recent years renamed as Gladstone Library, after Prime Minister William Gladstone – is a centrepiece to the village of Hawarden, North Wales. However, the links to PM Gladstone are now even tighter affliated due to this name change.

William Gladstone came from a family of slave traders, with his first address as Prime Minister in the House of Commons arguing the slaveholders’ case in the abolition of slavery debate; his opinion being influenced by the fact that his family was one of the largest slave-owning families in the country. Gladstone’s estate was one of the beneficiaries of the reimbursement to slave owners up until recently, £83 million being paid back up until 2015 because of their loss of slaves.

With the recent Black Lives Matter protests, a symbol of such oppression is not what our village supports. His history in building the library and initiating the collection of books held there are impactful yes, however the glorification of a man known to negatively impacted the BAME peoples in our community cannot be celebrated. The library is a place of great knowledge within our community and is something many of us hold dear to our hearts, the change in name would be progress our community so desires.”

Ciara Lamb

At the time of writing, Ms. Lamb’s petition had attracted 86 supporters, which, and you are free to disagree, does not appear to be the voice of the majority of people who live in the area.

In fact, if anything, the opposite is true.


Following the Daily Post’s article, another petition was set up by Ms. Katie Marshall,  who opposed what Ms. Lamb was proposing, and her petition, at the time of writing, has attracted 2,420 supporters, (and steadily climbing) which, to me, sounds very much like a large swathe of the local population wish the Gladstone Library’s name to remain as is.


What Ms. Marshall has proposed.

“Many people of Hawarden and surrounding areas would like to keep Gladstone’s Library, the statue and other Gladstone namesakes, intact, as they are.  They form an important part of History for local residents and beyond.  We do not condone any form or racism or discrimination towards anyone, however, we believe that eradicating someone with links to aspects of our pasts that we’d rather forget is counter productive.  William Gladstone spent most of his career fighting for the rights of others as much as could be expected at his time. Despite his initial political stance (the environment he grew up in )…he changed …by our standards he held wrong views as a young man and matured and developed his moral values and character and did much good for many people. This is a great example to us all.  It’s worth remembering.   If the name Gladstone is removed then we lose our heritage.  Please sign this if like me you deplore racism and discrimination in all it’s forms, but at the same time value the positive aspects of our history.   We can remember William and teach our children about him and also about the negative aspects of his family past which need to be remembered as well. There are many people suffering in the world today for our wealth.  Those who really have a strong interest in human rights and ending slavery and poverty for others, instead of focusing on history, could focus on the here and now …for example where their food and clothing is coming from and who makes the products we buy.  Modern day slavery in all it’s forms needs to be abolished, not our valid local history demolished.”

Katie Marshall

What I have outlined above are instances where the “Silent Majority” have made their presence known, and from what I am seeing more and more, is that the majority of the British population have not fallen for the media propaganda, they have not been beaten into submission, they are not going to meekly roll over, and are certainly not going to remain silent much longer.

There is a storm slowly brewing in this country, and a storm which is gathering momentum (no not that one) with each day that passes, and will ultimately reach a point where the greater majority of people will have little option but to take a stand, and will be united in their anger at the attempts by an entirely partisan mainstream media, and compliant politicians, to manipulate and bamboozle them, and who, and not for the first time, have totally misread the mood of the ‘Silent Majority’ of this country.

I can say that with confidence, as you only have to look back a few short years to the Brexit Referendum, which the mainstream media and the political left tried to convince people was a ‘done deal’ and that we would remain in Europe.

They were wrong.

They were also wrong about the last US Presidential Election, in which they used every weapon in their armoury, and every dirty trick they could think of, to install Hillary Clinton and the Democrats into the White House.

And of course it would be difficult to forget what happened in the run-up to the 2019 UK General Election, where the mass media were in raptures about the seismic #youthquake that they claimed would happen, which would sweep Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party into Downing Street.

They were wrong yet again, proving beyond any reasonable doubt, that they are incapable of gauging the real mood of this nation, and also appear totally oblivious to the fact that they are losing the battle on every front, and that the majority of people in this country, are not as compliant, and docile, and inherently stupid as the media believe them to be.

And they are not happy, nor are they in any way, going to remain ‘silent’.

And for the record, if “Silence is Violence” and “Silence is Compliance” is indeed true, as the BLM protesters and the political left want you to believe, then is what the Christian bible prescribes as being wisdom, in their opinion ……  stupidity?

“Open your mouth for the mute, for the rights of all who are destitute. Open your mouth, judge righteously, defend the rights of the poor and needy.” – Proverbs 31:9-9)



The Daily Post (North Wales)

‘If Silence is Violence, then Jesus is a Sinner’ –  Samuel Sey (14/6/2020)

7 thoughts on “A STORM IS COMING

  1. Regarding George Floyd…


    That’s a quarant8trick we all want to know.

    Start of arrest he has a short hair cut.

    By the time he is flat with the cop on his neck he is bald.


    1. There is a lot about Mr. Floyd that does not add up Jen, there are a couple of interesting videos going about, that present some pretty compelling evidence of some sleight of hand that has gone on.

      And that’s putting it nicely

    2. He had a large chest tattoo which disappeared, one of the cops had a Covid mask that kept appearing and disappearing on camera, and don’t even get me started on the missing legs thing

      1. I have been wondering who ‘Greg’ Floyd is/was.

        Seriously though, even if some, or all of the above can be explained, there are some issues which cannot easily be discounted.

        Why, for example, are events like this always filmed using such low-quality equipment?

        Most people have smartphones nowadays, many of which have Hi-Def 4k 10MB+ camera capability, but nobody can manage to capture a picture, or shoot a video which would be clear enough to definitively show what really happened?

        Also, why was George Floyd given what could be considered, a state funeral, and one which was shown world-wide, followed by a memorial service, (if what was known about him was true) that defied his background and criminal history?

        How many other people who have died in similar circumstances been elevated to such mythical status, by politicians, activists and the mainstream media?

        Something about this event smells really, really badly, and a lot of things do not add up.

  2. the shitrag daily post will not be saying anything about that other petition neither

  3. The magician lost his magic.

    We see the Wizard for what he is.

    We look the monster in the eye and laugh in his face.

    Fear is all he had.

    His flying monkeys are in the spotlight.

    Its like wearing a pair of magic specs that have gone viral on the internet.

    This isolation period gave many hours of time for research.

    Who wants to be governed by those who colluded with this world wide lock in?

    Their last dich effort to march a NWO in?

    Looks like a resounding NO.

    The sheep know the man is working with the dog.

    We look to America because they still have the right to defend themselves and their homes, with guns. And they too are saying No.

    And, they have brought back Federal Execution?!

    Satan has his furnace turned up on high ready for his new intake.

    I stand with Australia with their call to arrest Bill Gates, and his mates.

    The riots didn’t quite work out as planned so back to Covid. Second wave!

    Oh Husssshhh!!!!!

  4. I just checked the numbers on the petitions and the one that wants to rename the library has 88 signatures, versus 2844 who have signed the other one, and they are still signing. So unless something drastic happens, I would say that this is another win for sanity and common sense. The good people of Hawarden have made it clear that they have not rolled over to the demands of the cultists and Marxist zealots.

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