This article will be a bit different from what I usually post, inasmuch as it’s a simple but direct challenge to the self-styled ‘Leading Journalist’ and self-appointed Messiah of the Alternative Media.

Christopher D. Spivey has made a number of allegations about myself and others, which are entirely without foundation, so I have have been left with little option but to request that he does something that he may be unaccustomed to.

To put his money where his mouth is….

I will allow him 24 hours to publish INDISPUTABLE evidence to back up two of his recent allegations about both myself and my wife.

His allegations are as follows:

1: That my wife is in fact, Jane Russell.

2: That both myself and my wife are somehow being ‘Blackmailed’ by the Intelligence Services, to not only spread disinformation among the Alternative Media, but also are responsible for the alleged continual ‘Cyber Attacks’ on his website.

On my part, I will offer £1000 in cash.

I will not however, use PayPal as I have evidence that his account may about to be frozen, as a number of complaints have been lodged by some aggrieved previous donators to his website.

This is a cash only and once only deal.

In return, he has to publish on his website, or here, and within 24 hours, officially and independently verified documentation, which PROVES, beyond all doubt, that his ludicrous allegations are true.

His word alone is not good enough.

I will not accept, however, photo-shopped or cobbled-together Microsoft Paint manipulated images which much of his usual ‘evidence’ is built around.

It has to be verified by an independently sourced representative, and be able to stand up to scrutiny by legally qualified individuals.

It’s time to put up or shut up, and if he can, in fact supply verifiable documented proof of his allegations, he gets the cash.

If he cannot, it will not only destroy his crackpot allegations about myself and my family, but will no doubt cast doubts upon many of his other ‘Truths’.

24 Hours ….


ADDENDUM: Some referrals to the Outlaw have just taken me over to the font of all disinformation, the David Icke Forums. Oddly enough, some posters have now alleged that a similar challenge was offered to me by Lord Spivey. As I have made no prior accusations in regard to any of his online/offline activities, and have only responded here due to his many obvious lies about myself as well as his cringeworthy attempts at a complete character assassination – I can only assume that they too are just making things up as they go along over there too. Nothing changes Eh?

271 thoughts on “A SPIV’S CHALLENGE

  1. I think your money is safe, Jimmy!
    I had a scan through his ‘Scandal’ article when it was linked to over on the Icke-forum.
    The ‘evidence’ he seems all too happy to accept as fact is so tragically pathetic that it’s hard to know where to begin:
    “…I have been contacted by someone working for the government who warned me…” – accepted as fact based on an anonymous Facebook chat (with someone who claimed to work for the Government)! Ho ho ho!
    “Well, for starters I do not doubt for one second that Jimmy Jones is a government paid disinfo merchant who was given the mandate of sabotaging my site.” – based on a tweet from someone he was having a barney with!
    Jesus, you could pick it apart line for line, it’s just ridiculous from top to bottom. It does all serve to distract from what comes later, though:
    “Indecent images on my stolen computers apparently. Worse still, indecent images of little girls, little boys and bestiality – which covers just about every angle really… My bad!”
    Luckily for him, there are still a few of us left in this world who believe in the presumpcion of innocence, the due process of law, etc., despite all its flaws. If everyone thought like Chris Spivey – and acted accordingly based on hearsay & gossip – he’d already be hanging from a lamp-post.
    Those “helping” him by dishing out legal advice based on something they read on a conspiricist’s blog 5-years ago are doing him no favours: they haven’t got a clue about what constitutes a legal search/arrest/whatever. He’d be well advised to seek out a specialist lawyer… you know, one of those “paedo-protecting cunts” he hates so much. If he was smarter he’d be wising-up as to why such people have a legitimate role to play in ensuring justice… a big “if”, though.
    P.S. “Never the less, I have never seen these photos in my life, although I have seen various photos of bestiality over the years – fuck me who hasn’t?” Er… I haven’t.

    1. Easiest grand ever made Bandini. 🙂
      Ewww was THAT what was alleged to have been found on his computers? That explains a lot.
      Funny how they cling to the word any old wrong ‘un when they are squirming about like a bucket of eels.
      Even more funny are the stories they make up to try to worm their way out of trouble. Lie after lie after lie.
      Hmmm now I am wondering even more about the significance of ‘the secret garden (wink)’ Youtube clip that was removed post haste as soon as it was mentioned. Something someone definitely didn’t want people to find out about.

  2. Both Spivey and Danielle/Chloe ( his acolyte, what is her name this week?) Purport to have “genius” level IQ’s.

    By who’s and what measure?

    The “Beano” score yourself I suspect.

    Your money is quite safe Jimmy.

    His house of cards is tumbling down.

    1. Funny you should mention Chavetta La Wig Sam, because apparently she has put out a call for more donations on his behalf, stating the Police planted the evidence. He says the dodgy stuff was on the computer when it came to him. Inconsistencies already. But with his knowledge of IT (having an IT company registered to the CCS-Rochford.co.uk, at the same address as his other websites), seems a bit strange that he wouldn’t have wiped hard drives of 2nd hand computers. Just sayin’ 🙂

  3. Hi Jimmy, I’m convinced more than ever before that a gang was waiting to ensnare JJ on twitter.

    They want to shut him up.

    Of all of them, Jimmy has proved he is the one being stalked and abused and misused for other narratives.

    Like they did with Steven Messham. Mooch was in with the Lav from the get go.

    She jumped on me with the mangina response and then she befriended Jimmy, while posting pics of her tits and tweeting that her kid was skyping from the bath!

    I still only trust Jimmy.

    He’s not perfect and I don’t always agree with his conspiracy theories, however, I do believe there to be a concerted conspiracy taking place to discredit him.

    As for Chris?

    The innocent don’t “virtually” strip search people unawares, no questions asked.

    Who does he believe he is?

    A one man law man?

    He reminds me of Darren that time he wanted to “virtually” sniff the knickers of any abuse victim who claimed so much on twitter.

    Gargoyle Trolls!

    Let Chris and his mods “get onto it”.

    I await a face-to-face. I promise, I will take the opportunity to make money out of him, as he does out of the unsuspecting puplic with donation requests.

    Let them pay his court fees if he comes near me or my family.

    He has succeeded in making me feel threatened and vulnerable.

    For that he is answerable.

  4. And no Chris, I haven’t SEEN any bestiality either, though I am aware of it.

    Just like I don’t watch beheading videos, though I’m aware of it.

    To watch indicates a curiosity of sorts.


    1. Oddly enough Jennie, the Police found nothing untoward when they seized my computer. Nothing stored or had even been viewed that was even slightly iffy in that department…. Just Saying 🙂

      1. I just saw your response.

        Funny no one wanted to set you up by putting dodgy stuff on your computer yet you’re trolled on a daily basis.

        Something don’t add up, does it?

  5. I’m not replying on Chris’ blog to Mooch.

    May I do so here?

    Bollocks did you come to make peace Jennie, if so then why are you making your usual vicious comment on Jones blog today?

    You’ve been threatening lawyers for two years, you’ve been bleating about manginas and teens skyping in bath for years, you’ve been announcing you’re walking away from all this crap for years also.

    And yet you keep popping up like a deranged jack in the box, repeating the same old shit.

    So maybe take your poor little victim act and finally do one??

    As for my tits … They’re fucking awesome and I’ll get them out where I want a blah blah blah

    I’m not going onto the site to read it, that’s the email alert I got.

    You’re a bit of free soul aren’t you love?

    I wanted to establish I’m not a sock or Jimmy before I disappear.

    Thanks for doing so for me.

    You want me to disappear don’t you?

    You’re an irresponsible mum who tarts herself and kid all over twitter unashamed, fact.

    Says more about you than it does me love.

    Now move along.

    I wont deride you, you do a great job of it all by yourself.

    1. I totally agree Jen. Mr Jones seems to have been in the cross hairs of many trying to silence him.
      And the mutt has made it’s way over to Spiv now has she?.

      What was the draw?

      Not his arrest for allegedly having paedophilia & bestiality on his computers I hope? That 1 had knives out for you too from the start. Doesn’t seem to like genuine survivors.
      The Keenan link thing is interesting, I very rarely venture over to Twitter any more & those wretches are history since her beloved was found guilty of the charge against the Jones family.

      She who can’t stand any kind of abuse, unless she or 1 of her weirdos are dishing it out of course.
      Just don’t mention a certain private care home for boys, (not in Essex as was claimed by the liar) or it’ll start yapping & howling like a proper neurotic bitch on heat 😉

      1. I’ve been rattling my brain over how and why so many people seems so blind to so much going on, on twitter. It can’t be ignorance. It can’t be that they don’t read the other’s tweets, they’re never off the bloody thing. The only conclusion is, they’re in cahoots. That paedo ring Tom Watson mentioned in parliament had twitter ring-fenced before any of us arrived, make no mistake about that.
        Question is, where do these characters fit in with that, and I’m almost certain they do!
        MWT, Will Black, Janette, they’re already given the game away with their little connection there. With Mooch I’m rattling my brain over who it was who jumped in with her to kick me. Real KW, Katemfo and that South London chic, but there was one more. I’ll remember eventually. Kristine or something. The real KW meant nothing to me until I recently read a newspaper clip about Shy Keenan and her previous names. Penny dropped then. Janette told me katemfo’s psychiatrist friend, Nancyheart, was Billy Connelly’s wife, Pamela Stevenson. But I’m sure that was just a bit of Janette’s nonce-scence imagination.
        I am wondering though, how many, if any of the paedo gang mention in parliament have set themselves up as victims with books printed and published?

        1. 100% with you there Jen, this is a definite organised thing, I have felt that from the start. And of course catching a Lib Dem Councillor red handed illegally handing over my personal info to ‘the gang’ via Gojam to enable them to continue their tirade of abuse & attacks was the ultimate back up to it all. Willy & co are definitely all batting for the same team, that’s for sure. Pretend Chartered Psychologists, and an anti domestic abuse survivor, who is well known for abusing people. All very, very weird!

          For reasons I won’t go into, I did actually wonder if the Lib Dems had re-employed some of the many councillors who were booted out in 2011, after losing seats in local elections to do some Social Media stirring, to ward off survivors.

          The Hag seems to be the 1 that links the 2 sets together – where Jimmys case is concerned – although there are more links obviously. I think they get confused about who they are actually supposed to be on the ‘team’ of sometimes. Not greatly organised, or very intelligent most of them. And now supporting The Spiv all of a sudden AFTER he has been accused of such untoward shenanigans. If anything, I’d have thought that would have made people steer clear, at least until he’s charged or let off. Why would that attract anyone to him, & especially the people we’ve encountered? Strange.

          And now with Baloneys friend Puddick being outed as a colleague of Fiona Woolf – not looking good is it?

          I was told that the Pamela Stevenson thing was a complete lie made up by the Hag. I have no reason to disbelieve that it was another of her many lies.

          I wish I had been around earlier, because I caught the very last bit of your obvious hounding off Twitter. But I saw that bit happen. I do remember the one called ‘Innamood’, also calls herself Kelly, being referred to as a ‘fellow pitchfork lady’ by the mut – they seemed quite pally. Whether she’d been fooled by the mut I don’t know, but she was also friendly with Boggins until the end of last year too.

          So many of them involved, it’s incredible. Twitter is the worst place, an absolute frantic mess of contradictions and people seemingly not seeing things right in front of their noses – or are they & they are just there to make things even more confusing? Glad to be well away from it & the people involved in the organised harassment, attacks and all the rest of it. You get a better picture when you are standing on the outskirts or it and are not actually on it.

      2. Funny you mention a private care home for boys, because she posted pictures of herself in a picture being photobombed by school boys. She was showing off how popular she was with the kids.

        I’ve always found it very strange when adults want to be popular with the kids.

        When I saw that my skin crawled.

        Mrs Titty Gardner popular with school boys and loving it?


        What a mum!

        Glad I don’t have one!

  6. One more thing, what’s the connection between the mooch and shykeenan? (the real K w) whom I believe (perhaps mistakenly?) is either Karen or Kim Wooton of Essex. Won’t name the town, don’t want to be accused of outing peeps.

  7. Chris Spivey is full of shit Jimmy we can all see it now. He is busted and looking more and more like a nonce too.

    The Police ‘Planted’ porno on his computer my arse… that’s what they all say and Spiv himself has attacked others who were found with mucky images on their hard drives.

    He has been caught bang to rights now and he is squirming like a big fat maggot on a hook.

    He will probably say it was for ‘Research’ or some other bollocks.

    The truth is the truth mate, even if only one person dares to speak it like you have.

    1. Really? Why is that then? None of us have been arrested for having seriously dodgy stuff on our computers. None of us are begging for donations under false pretences & conning the public. We know a man who appears to be bricking it though & it shows.

      And the clock is ticking, you are right there, for an unregistered badly tattooed ‘tattoo artist’ big man who sends his moderators out to attack & threaten us all over the place, & associated flakes with or without wigs. Can’t do his own dirty work whilst he is on bail – probably couldn’t even if he wasn’t.

      BEGGING for people to contact the Police & Social Services, I really hope no one falls for that one. And BEGGING for more donations. Seems to be on his knees. Have Paypal frozen his account yet?

  8. Supervetty is Adeybob’s (monatimes) missus, right?

    I know she has mental health issues, she’s mentioned it, so I leave her be, but I think she is Adrian’s ex or current or back again missus. He’s missing, she’s chatting. Yaya.

    1. Comes from the same area I think & I did mention this possibility myself a while back. Goes a bit quiet as soon as Social Services are mentioned – the pair of them. Ades keeps doing a bunk, especially as soon as there is a hint that SS might become involved, she disappears for ages too – or at least under the Sweaty Vetty profile anyway. Manky mouthed woman that’s for sure, which would fit with him perfectly as he is a manky mouthed man. Hmmm could it be? 😉

      I’m only glad that Twitter doesn’t seem to be a place where kids want to hang out. Too many grim sorts on it & no protection from them.

  9. Is Darren’s daughter learning that she shacked up with a man like daddy?

    Sad fact of life that. I married my father too. A violent abusive drunk. Twice! It took 6 years on my own to learn to like me better than that.

    Stockholm syndrome is a bitch!

  10. Thank you for allowing me to vent a little on your page today Jim. I’m done now. Another thing that’s a bitch is mother nature. That’s when I lock myself away from my loved ones and hit the internet! I’ll be back in 28 days or so to catch up with the “abuse campaigners”.

    Take care.

  11. 23 comments by a whopping 7 people (1 of whom disagrees with you).
    Not enough people to fill a modest sized living room
    You must be so very proud of yourselves

    1. They are the comments from those who do not mind them being made public.

      There are those who have requested their comments not to be published here as they have no desire to be targeted simply because they have commented here.

      I have to respect that.

      1. Obsessed with numbers and stats these people. I’m pretty sure there are many other people looking on, but as we have discovered, a lot of people don’t feel comfortable making their feelings known in public, especially not if they feel they will then become the target of these freaks – understandable really, because many have.
        Jens input is always interesting, especially as she was subjected to the gang stalking brigade, who did their best to try to destroy her, but as you can see, they failed. Now that she can sit back and observe, I’m sure she has learned a great deal more about the same people who attacked her & ripped her to ribbons, trying (& failing) to do the same thing to Jimmy.
        There really are a lot of VERY worried people about. That has become abundantly clear. And they all link up, well there’s a surprise.

  12. “There are thousands hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking the root” – H D Thordeau.
    Too much smoke and too many mirrors here. At least until the dust settles.
    I know of a handful of people who really are making a difference. But right now, none in the ‘alternative movement’ are doing anything useful. The ones doing The Job are actually within the system.
    Outlaw hasn’t been dishonest to my mind. Neither has Spivey. Cognitive dissonance much?
    It would be nice to see some proof from either side. Endless digs do not help anyone.

    1. Does that include the personal insults, luducrous accusations and obvious lies being spread about my family CG.

      Or is that Cognitive Dissonance to your mind too.

      Where exactly have you seen me making ‘Endless Digs’ at anyone?

      Frankly I resent the implication, and what would be nice would if people recognised who is the real aggressor here.

  13. Fair point Outlaw – I really haven’t seen you personally make any outlandish accusations.

    However, Jane has made a few (I could pull up a few examples).

    I respect Jane a bit, mainly because she’s pretty damn witty. But still, there have been a few personal attacks (questioning Spivey’s qualifications, assuming that the images on his computers were his own work).

    And of course I’ve seen the attacks that you have endured too.

    It’s just that…well, Spivey has always seemed one of the most honest people out there (not always right, of course, but his heart seems to be in the right place)

    And that’s the cognitive dissonance right there – trying to make sense of two opposing theories simultaneously.

    1. Really CG? I haven’t presumed anything about his visits from the Police, he’s said what he has been busted for. I haven’t read his rubbish for a good while, not since before I stupidly donated towards his dying dog sob story donations beg & then closed my account after finding out he was a con man.

      What he has been turned over for is for the Police to deal with & investigate. But don’t you find your statement a tad hypocritical when The Spiv has been accusing all and sundry of being nonces, even the 1’s lifted for minor groping offences, but now the boot is on the other foot, he’s not liking it much & I dare say he wouldn’t like the accusation that he was 1. 1 rule for 1, 1 rule for the Spiv is that it? Not once have I labelled him a ‘paedophile’ as he has so many others, & his claims that J & I said he was into incest is yet another lie. The stuff he & his cronies have said about me is not only a pack of lies, but revolting, as revolting as he himself is to me.

      Questioning his qualifications – What qualifications? If you mean his claims to be a registered tattoo artist, check with the Council yourself, because he isn’t. You won’t find him on their online registers & if you double check, you will find the same answer I’m afraid. A 2 bit con man is all he is.

      Many of us thought he was on the level, myself included, I have already said that, but then I discovered the reality, begging for donations whilst he has Paypal credits almighty. it is far from the rubbish he makes out. We all get taken in by 1 or another of them, whipping people up into a frenzy & telling tall tales. But he is twisting everything to suit himself of course, which is what con men are well known to do.

      If you had seen the attacks he and his chav brigade, moderators and all, have posted on both J’s & the Outlaw FB page, you might change your tune about your modern day hero – or perhaps not if you area doting fan?

      And you are after all someone who frequents his boards, having had a few of them try to cause trouble, I sense you are just another of those. Doesn’t matter how pretty you wrap it up fella, & what polite words you use (although to your credit, makes a nice change not to be bombarded with vile mouthed abuse) do you not think we know the score by now?

  14. No wonder they didn’t need a “wawwant”! “Planted on the hard drive” my arse. His credibility factor is now zero. Will no doubt get loads of donations out of this. Even “Queen Chav” has kicked in a wedge from her single mothers benefit.

    1. Is it really necessary to mock somebody’s pronunciation? Do you also mock people with physical or mental disabilities?

      1. I don’t do it personally, but it appears that no such dispensation has been shown to myself by others…. or have you developed wilful blindness to that too?

        1. ‘.. or have you developed wilful blindness to that too?’

          Please enlighten me as to what you mean by this question.
          To my knowledge you don’t know me (nor I you) and I have never posted on this site prior to yesterday evening.

          1. I mean you seem to concentrate on your dislike of myself and my alleged misdemeanours, yet ignore what Spivey has falsely alleged about me…. which is the reason you are over here is it not?

            To valiantly attempt to defend the honour of Lord Spiv of Essex.

          2. I don’t know you so I’m not really in a position to dislike (or like) you.

            I’m not a defender or an apologist for Chris Spivey. I occasionally read around some Conspiracy Theory sites (Spivey, Needle, Icke, Aangirfan etc) and your name seems to crop up regularly. It is a common element in the apparently numerous abusive arguments on social media.

            So I came to have a look at your site myself.

            What I found was a site of some merit (although I profess to be no expert) that is being spoilt by a siege mentality involving a small number of people who appear to be almost joined at the hip in their thinking.

            I simply want to know whether there is any evidence/proof that Chris Spivey is actually a tech savvy guy who runs an IT business or whether this is pure supposition intended to discredit him.

            Similarly, if there is any evidence/proof that he has lied about being registered as a tattoist or whether he has (as he states) chosen not to renew his registration this year.

            If everybody came on here (or any other site) simply to blindly agree with the prevailing opinions, then there would be little point in its existence, don’t you agree?

          3. There is more evidence of there being an IT company operating from the address he once claimed to have lived at, than there is of myself and my wife working for the NSA and are being blackmailed to cause chaos within the Alternative Media and specifically target Chris Spivey’s website… As he has alleged.

            Will that do?

  15. The Spiv hasn’t been dishonest? Oh right, so knowing full well that I am not Helen Jones, but spreading the lie that I am to garner sympathy & to fool the lemons who hang off his every word & keep them onside is him being honest then? Can you remember who else did exactly the same thing? The last lot of wrong un’s – funny that eh?

    Calling Jimmy Jones a wrong ‘un, a liar etc, just to save his own revolting badly tattooed skin? Posting up personal emails where ‘confidentiality’ & trust was obviously a big issue, just to try to sway his adoring but easily foxed fans?

    Knowing the full story about what had been happening to Jimmy, knowing about the abuse he’d suffered, yet now suddenly lying about it & trying to make Jimmy out to be a liar. Wow! So honest!

    Pretending to know nothing about IT, but having an IT co registered in his name at the same address as his other websites = honest? A quick panic to hide them behind foreign domains recently, as soon as that was revealed – far too late. And someone as knowledgeable as he is – hmmm dodgy stuff found on his 2nd hand computer?

    Saying he’s a registered tattoo artist when he isn’t = honest? Check the Council yourself if you think he is.

    Whimpering for donations for sob stories, whilst having a bulging Paypal account & STILL begging for money off hard up people. What a lovely honest bloke eh?

    Sending out his moderators & the new manky mouthed female version of himself to attack us all over Social Media? Worried much?

    Trying to make out there was something untoward about the family of a sick kid with a brain tumour & stating he’d had a ‘professional’ genealogist do some work & proved they were. Turns out his ‘professional’ genealogist didn’t have the 1st clue about genealogy – he was corrected by a woman who basically showed him up a treat for being a liar & his ‘professional’ genealogist a joke. Was it him perchance?

    Making photos seem sinister, when in fact they were printed around the wrong way? Quite simple for anyone to work out. Drama Queening it up for effect.

    Yes, just your regular salt of the earth decent honest bloke?? Really?

    I know a handful of people making a difference too. Where the issue of surviving child abuse is concerned, Jimmy is a fine example. The nightmare he’s endured since Tom Watson decided to make a push for stardom. Much of it documented through this website. Being left out on a limb, no protection, having his family terrorized, stalked, harassed, lied about, just for being brave enough to speak the truth. Very glad to say he is still here, despite some truly petrifying stuff designed to put him in hospital or worse. A brilliant example of strength for anyone who has walked in his shoes, a good example of how the actual abuse is just a part of what survivors have had to deal with & still do.

    I keep seeing people saying “we must stand up for survivors & protect them” – hollow words as far as I can see, because this man has taken stick that would do most peoples heads in, let alone someone left with bi polar due to horrendous experiences he survived. But let’s just make out he’s ‘mental’ eh? Just like that lovely bloke Spiv. Absolute nasty little lying snide.

    The Spiv, bringing this all on himself but bleating & wailing like a big girls blouse – a truly pathetic specimen of a man, a shameful liar who is now in a panic because HE is reaping what HE has sown for HIMSELF & his precious kid and grandkid, HE has brought Social Services to their door, with his massive mouth & his penchant for harassing people, which he is still doing by proxy, using his moderators, the big wuss. What a great man he is. My heart bleeds for the lying little runt.

    Anyway, his 24 hours is almost up – can’t wait to see his ‘meticulously’ researched evidence to prove that I am Helen Jones. This I am dying to see. But it won’t materialize in a million years, because guess what? YES, he was lying yet again. That 1 lie alone shows how truly desperate he is.

  16. What no “wawwant?” Maybe he’ll get some T-shirts printed up & start flogging them along with the dead horse he is currently giving a good whipping. . Sad little fella. IT proficient, yet doesn’t wipe hard drives off 2nd hand computers – yeah, yeah, yeah. How many people with their own IT company’s do you know that would be that thick? Just the 1 then. Just sayin’. 😉

    And that thing about I had my own Building firm with Public Liabilities Insurance don’t ya know? – Woohooo, Wow! Impressive eh?! So WTF has that got to do with being an UNREGISTERED tattoo artist? Anyone, anyone, anyone?

    We’ve had the clowns, just waiting for the dancing horses & the bearded (Chavetta La Wig) lady & we have a full on circus. Roll up, roll up see the bearded lady.

    Any news yet on the definitive proof that I am Helen? Although already this morning I have been ‘confirmed’ as Jimmy Jones & Kilby/Zaki. Just about to call the Police for the 10th time to report that my cat is MI5 & it’s trying to suicide me, so maybe I am after all? You could have told me J, allowing me to be all these people at the same time, & not telling me, how could you?! 😀

    Dear oh Lore, when will this bad panto end eh? 😉

    1. By his own admission he is far from IT proficient.
      What evidence do you have that he owns an IT company?
      He has already stated that his Tattoo registration (which needs renewing each year) has now lapsed.

      1. He has also ‘admitted’ that he is going to be ‘world famous’ while everyone else will achieve nothing or never have amounted to anything.

        A rather sweeping statement would you agree, or are you too, carefully avoiding the multitude of other claims he has made, that are clearly untrue and should be seen through even by those with the most basic cognitive skills?

        1. I’m not ‘carefully avoiding’ anything.
          I was simply addressing the (as yet unfounded) accusations that were being levelled by the person posting as Jane

          1. I have the evidence of his IT company being registered under his name at the same address as all his other websites, which were also in his name registered at the same address too. Although now if you checked this for yourself, you’d find that he has now hidden the evidence behind a foreign domain. If you had checked it a couple of months ago, you’d have seen the same info I have. The process to hide this occurred very soon after it was revealed that he is not quite as in the dark about IT issues as he likes to pretend.

            I am actually considering sending it to the Police, but am hoping they have the skills to be able to find this out with the techniques & info they have at their finger tips.. If people have reported him as a fraud, I daresay they will look into all his shady shenanigans.

            Interesting that you have decided not to ask questions of the person who claims to have worked for him & says he stitched them up, causing trouble to him & his family, plus accusations of him trying to destroy the Spivs website. Hmm now why would that be I wonder? He claimed that Jimmy Jones tried to destroy his website too didn’t he? Does he have what they used to be called ‘idiot sheets’ that he quotes from when he has nothing non libelous to throw back at people?

            And why do you think I would be stupid enough to divulge info to someone clearly snooping for The Spiv? All you are doing is showing just how worried and in a panic he is. I’d give up if I were you, it really is doing you or him no favours at all & I certainly won;t be dishing out info to 1 of his groupies.

          2. So no evidence then.

            ‘snooping for The Spiv’ – no

            ‘1 of his groupies’ – hardly

            Of the opinion that you are all (Spivey included) being ‘played’ by much cleverer forces who do a good line in ‘Divide and Conquer’ – definitely

          3. Like we can’t see what you are up to Danny you little stirer you? I wouldn’t be saying it, if it wasn’t so, unlike ……. people who for some strange reason think spreading around the lie that Helen & I are 1 & the same person, despite knowing it’s totally false,is a good idea & makes them look any more credible?? Hmmm the mind boggles eh Dan?

          4. A bit vague on this one I’m afraid as it was a long time ago. Didn’t the computer repair company belong to his first IT wiz, Carl ? Carl for some reason or other disappeared from Spivey’s site after asking for donations as he was being evicted, I seem to remember. From that moment on he was completely whitewashed out . He seemed nice enough but then don’t they all?

          5. Aye Calla I have a rambling email stored somewhere from Spiv absolutely slating Carl and whining about what he was alleged to have done, including having numerous affairs and lying about his Agrophobia etc etc….

          6. They also lived some distance away from each other so it would have been one hell of a trek for Carl to schlep up to the Spiv’s manor every day for work.

            At least that was the impression he gave, in reality they were much closer 🙂

  17. I see mooch is masquerading as Lady Farq Hall and Darren is pretending that I’m Jimmy again because he doesn’t like the fact that someone outside of his circle has commented on his “protective, abusive dad” posts.

    Fact, abusive parents raise disciplined children through fear. I’m walking proof of that. I don’t appear to be a product of my environment because I worked my ass off to be better than that and I’d get a beating if I got bad grades. I hope Darren’s kids do their best to be better than him.

    My kids know, that’s the point, you are suppose to progress those few more ladders on the step than I did!

    Like I said, Will black, Mark Williams Thomas and Janette Scharenborg need the world to believe I’m a Jimmy sock because of their use of me and the consequence of court!

    I don’t know who Jane is, but I’m sure she’s not Jimmy’s wife either.

    Time for me to get out of bed and join the real world again.

  18. Just to clarify, I don’t know if Darren abused his children, however, he certainly abused plenty other people while raising them and does so to date. A behaviour they would have observed and learned from him unless they reject that part of who their father is.

  19. Spivey screwed me over too. I used to work for him and when I told him that I did not agree with some of the things he was saying as they were untrue he spread many lies around about me to my family and friends and accused me of lying and stealing and trying to sabotage his website. He is a liar and is only interested in getting famous and screwing as much cash as possible from gullible people.

    Email me and I will be able to tell you a hell of a lot more about Spivey he cannot be trusted

    1. Hi,
      Send that over this way. The plan has moved past the morning business which was to put an end to the creditability of Spivey theory. Ian Pudick, Bill Baloney (Maloney), Michael Doherty, Ben Fellows (who even looks like a floater in the face, and has sideways ears to allow him to listen whilst staying submerged and bobbing) are all but going the way of the daughter branding, big man-come-cowadly, wining, Golem, which was up until now just another of The Jew’s mysterious weapons of degradation. Spivey is everything that is degenerate, and whilst I’m not saying that he is an active perv, and never have, most people seem to be telling me that I’ve convinced them that he is; many going so far as to be certain that he is part of an incest family.
      The big thing which we can all see, is his disgusting way of speaking and the horrible and often irrelevant pictures that he loves. The question is this. I must however preface it. If in doubt, sometimes we have to air on the side of caution. If you’re concerned about people being abused and unfortunately, sexually abused, or anything else that’s not very nice, you don’t go round doing things that are going to rub them up the wrong way. You’d talk to them like old people in a home. This means that his constant foul imagery and unnecessary and disjointed ‘swearin’ is totally out of place in the manner which he speaks. WOULD YOU DO IT?
      I’m all for cultivating a reaction, but he does nothing but, and, it’s a bad reaction.
      Now, I say that I don’t think that he’s necessarily an active perv, but maybe I’m not being entirely truthful. I’m not lying, but as with all things, our ideas are not fixed and tend to shift. I must note that when I mentioned on his computer firm’s website something which came into my head, the reaction was beyond being over defensive.
      I speak of the CSC Rochford’s YouTube Channel, which displayed some very strange videos. There weren’t many, I don’t think. It was called “The Secret Garden” and seemed to show some overgrown, bit of waste land, like where they’ve demolished a house, whilst leaving the concrete slab which would have been the floor in one piece.
      There was an upturned, three legged, blue, plastic chair, and, a similarly positioned, blue, plastic bin, which had the bottom pushed out of it.
      I made a comment about it being incumbent on doggers with a social conscience to consider that whilst the scene displayed clear evidence of reasonable dogging wear and tear, that this hobby entailed costs-not high costs—like everything else, and that someone ought to own up and replace the furniture.
      I can’t say I was entirely serious or entirely serious, but the entire video vanished within maybe an hour of the comment going up.
      I’ve never looked on this blog before, but these idiots demanding evidence that’s there for all to see, with regards what Jimmy’s said, need to be ignored or be removed. They go on and on and are doing it to make the site a dreary bore. An alternative would be to have an autotruncation function, so that only the fist three or so lines show up, and then they can be expanded.

      1. Whilst I can’t comment on the theory, I can confirm seeing that video & the speed with which it was removed. Super quick as soon as it was mentioned by Tom Cahill. It was what looked to be a country road, with a small turn off to the left into what looked like a small row of industrial units with just small road in front to drive into the yard. There was a white sign at the entrance on the L/H/S, with red writing, asking truck drivers not to cause an obstruction. In front of the buildings was a patch of overgrown grassy scrub land, with what Tom Cahill has described. Looked to be fields beyond – farmland maybe? There was only 1 white truck parked outside the units – but as it was parked head on, couldn’t see any sign writing. It was posted on Youtube 4 months ago & was 2m 55s long. The clip was of someone slowly walking around the pile of junk, just filming it. Strange.

        But I know not what it means.

  20. What I dont understand is that Chris Spivey bleats about what people have allegedly said about his daughter (which is in his own head) yet fails to mention the disgusting things which are mostly lies about other peoples children. The soldiers children for one and he even included pictures of them which was unnecessary and totally uncalled for. He has also made false allegations about Jimmy’s family which are clearly untrue so he has lost all rights to bleat about anything that may have been said about him or his .

    Chris Spivey is an uncooth, rude bully and clearly a liar and his thuggish behaviour and disgusting language on his website proves that any attention from the authorities he gets is justified by his own words and actions. As for what he now says the police planted on his computer? As a computer expert he would have wiped the drives clean especially as he also claims to be the main focus of the security services and only a complete moron would not have checked first.

    I also donated to his many pitiful appeals at the start as i thought he was a real deal but have now withdrawn all my support and have reported him to the Essex police and Paypal as I did not like to see my hard earned money paying for vets bills and paying for his car his fags and god knows what else he claims to have squandered it on.

    I have also spoken to a journalist from the Sun too, who was very interested in what I had to say.

    Spivey now seems to be not only a barefaced liar but a fraudster and a criminal who has conned many well intentioned people.

    1. You need to do a three minute video. Or, just use the inbuilt recorder and send me the file with a picture you like and I’ll upload it on my YouTube playlist:
      Cointelpro Laxative: Chris Spivey

  21. One more thing, to Chris Spivey, I’m not a Jimmy Jones sock, but you’ll never know that because you’ve research me as much as you have the content of those shitty blogs you post, abusing innocent families. You’re vying for the new David Icke slot, no? Disinformation agent that not even “grey agencies” want.

    You’re lucky it was the police that kicked your door in and not that family!

    Why does the pic of the outside of the bashed down front door show a different door when it is being bashed down from the inside n your video?

    Happy editing mate!

      1. It looked like it to me. The door from the inside looked like a painted door. The outside reveals it to be UPVC, to me.
        But I could be wrong, like Chris is about me being Jimmy Jones. We’re not all infallible. I could give Chris the benefit of the doubt too, or I could intentionally promote what I believe are different doors, like him intentionally deceiving people that I AM a sock puppet.
        I could have a field day with my say on the content found on his computer too.
        See, I’m learning fast here, aren’t I?
        But I’m not Chris.
        I’ll look at that door again, and wait for the cops to do their work as far as he is concerned.

    1. Why not do a video of this. If you like just send me the pictures-I’m banned from his site–and an audio and I’ll put it up.

      Not so many people will be reading these threads as they’re being deliberately filled up with morons asking for evidence that’s easily available.

      1. I would love to see someone pull Chris’ proof/evidence of harassment apart like he does everything else, however, I’m not downloading anything from that man’s website.

        Sorry Tom.

        I believe people are catching on to his kinda manipulation. Others are even twigging as far as the misuse of the donate screech is concerned. Those that haven’t, well…as they say, a fool and his money are soon parted.

        There will always be fools to fill in huh? And scam artist in the name of charity/helpmeplease

        From where I sit, when it comes to shit, Chris gives as good as he gets. In fact, by branding me a sock puppet he’s actually self-producing it. He should try that with actual work?!

        You know what goes together with one’s rights?

        Civil duty and responsibilities.

        Chris doesn’t appear to know this, nor practice as much.

        But I’m done prodding him to see what it is. He’s proved his ilk. I eagerly await the police doing their work.

  22. Jimmy, Chris isn’t on the up, neither is Will Black and MWT. Just a thought about Chris, is he a part of that? Did he draw you in, in an attempt to get you to back some of the crap he publishes, with the idea to use that against you pertaining to how reliable a witness you may or may not be, like with Messham?

    I think perhaps you may have just had a lucky escape, which is why they are raging in the fashion they are. They’re pissed that their set up slip past you. So, a little distraction and name smearing is what they’re left with while they regroup?

    Chris seems to be in with too many people. He’s disinfo, like Icke always was. Little truth lots of lies, blame it on mental health?

  23. I cannot allow your comment to be published here as to my knowledge nobody has been charged, let alone convicted of any crimes of that nature. Like many others, I am not aware of the full details of his arrest so I am not in a position to comment on whether it was illegal or not.

    That is something you will have to ask the man himself.

    Also, if his moderators are not allowing you to comment on his site, that again is something that you will have to take up with the site owner.



  24. Disclaimer:I was booted out of Spiveyland on account of raising the occasional question about his knowledge &
    expertise in certain areas & upsetting one of his most fervent (& politically correct) admirers.

    Now,like many,I too thought I saw a “breath of fresh air” to blow away the staleness that so much of the AM had/has become.

    The first suspicion I had was his constant allegation of “photoshopping”.A commentator corrected him on one thread with a long discourse on lenses,camera angles & a lot else.

    Still made no difference.

    I couldn’t help but wonder why anyone would bother manipulating so many images of e.g.,the SW England floods.

    Then he devoted an entire article to attacking an obscure timber merchant in SW England who had been a flood victim.

    At that point I began to realise that here was someone who would go off on a rant about anything that caught his eye and to hell with any damage that was done.

    HE,Spivey,knew it all told it honestly and fearlessly,etc, etc.

    <Now I will say that his forum (I’m blocked now) has good info on it,& Dogman in particular adds a lot of good stuff to any thread.

    I think his problem is that he has no-one standing over his shoulder saying Are you sure about this -Do you REALLY think that article is worth the bother?

    Now about that computer thing.It is a fact that ANYONE with the correct expertise can place anything they want onto anyones hard-disc without their knowledge.How many posters on here know if they are unwittingly part of a “botnet”?.(Google it).How many posters know that at the request/orders of the NSA,ALL Windows versions since ’95 have had access/entry points built in to enable ease of NSA snooping,computer content theft & data manipulation?.
    & Linux versions have also been compromised within the last 10 years or so.Also,anti-virus programmes have been pressured into doing the same.In fact there may not be a single security-reliable programme of any kind when the makers come under that kind of pressure.And do you personally know any of the programmers/managers of the teams that produce such free operating systems & programmes as “OpenOffice”,”LiberOffice”‘etc?.Also understand that for these free progs,most programmers work on one small part,with no personal knowledge of the intentions/true loyalties of their “fellow” workers on other sections.So I for one don’t doubt his claim about kiddie porn being placed on his computer.Remember the Protocol (of the Elders of Zion) which states that they will destroy their enemies by making them subject to “the most disgusting & vile accusations”?.Go figure,as the Yanks say.
    That just about covers what I want to add to this.For the rest,I’ll just sit back open my (imaginary) bag of popcorn,so to speak.

    1. OG, I have a couple of questions, purely because you obviously know what you are talking about, if that’s ok please?

      A competent IT person who has their own business – would they know how to avoid or detect planted info? And if so, & like The Spiv, you were constantly going on about being on some government target list, would you not be especially on your guard for this?

      Would they be able to tell whether that material was planted by someone or downloaded by the user?

      If not, what’s to stop every genuine paedophile using that excuse in court if they were caught?

      As I have said, it’s for the Police to investigate whether he is or is not guilty of that particular crime. Only they have the evidence & all we have is the word of someone who makes a lot of stuff up, manipulates photos to amp up disgust of his doting fans & tries to ruin the reputation of a man he knows is honest, kind & non dramatic, because he is obviously a very worried little man.

      Despite the fact that he has people guilty as charged for lesser offences, it seems to be a totally different kettle of fish when it comes to him being accused of a crime. Superiority complex or what?

      His articles regarding Jimmy, myself & others of late are proof of his harassment tactics & we are not the only people he has inflicted his lies & bully boy tactics on. Why go to such extremes if you have nothing to hide?
      Calling Jimmy a ‘wrong ‘un & a liar for Christs sakes, having pretended to be his friend & confident, Jimmy opening up to the bloke & feeling that he was someone he could trust. How low will the bloke go to grasp onto his feeling of superiority & ‘greatness’ & his 15 minutes of fame?

      Also, you did not see the tirade of abuse they bombarded us with from out of the blue, for purely discussing the fact that people should be careful of who they donate to – which to me smacks of a very worried person on bail who has sent his moderators out to do his dirty work. All around Social media he is spreading his lies via his moderator bully boys – seriously off the wall psychotic ranting stuff. Why lie that I am Helen for example when he knows damned well I am not?

      Plus anyone who politely asks questions or points out something that he has got wrong, gets instantly banned. MANY people have found this out now after he has banned them, despite donating to his coffers at the time of being banned.
      Manipulating images, fake ‘professional’ genealogists. He is a wide boy wannabe con man who has stated previously that he wants to be famous. Arrogant as it’s possible to be.
      Lies about being a registered tattoo artist. And all the rest of it. Lie, after lie after lie.

      I don’t think it’s because he doesn’t have an editor, I think it’s because he is an arrogant big head, & what he says goes, whether anyone likes it or not. And I think having been rumbled as a con artist, he will say anything to get himself off the hook, just like tall con artists do.

      If he lies about all those things, what else would he lie about? If ‘Another Anon’ who posted above is genuinely an ex employee, who has been ripped to ribbons & has had the Spiv then try to destroy him & his family, for also speaking his mind, then that too speaks volumes.

      I imagine all this will take a long time to resolve, re-bail after re-bail whilst they go through his data. It took 7 months for them to prove an innocent man was innocent of a false comment he had been fraudulently reported for. Something The Spiv was totally uninterested in & offered no support as was offered him when his troubles started.

      Everything that is happening HE brought to his own door, so whimpering a whining about how it’s affecting his family is kind of stomach churning, because HE has made it happen, HE brought the Law & the Social Services to his own door, which has resulted in any distress & if he wants someone to blame, then maybe HE should take a good long hard look in the mirror, because this is all his own doing – he has been bragging & goading for over 2 years, telling his fan club he is going to get busted & pushing it to the point where to get busted, he has resorted to harassing many people & involving innocent kids in his push for the limelight.

      Pointing the finger of blame elsewhere is all very convenient & helps him churn out another duff whimpering ‘feel sorry for me’ article to woo the donations, but maybe he should have thought about what his actions would mean for his family, before he started acting the hard man? And all the putrid bravado about what he would do if the Police came knocking – well what happened to the hard man? Just an act like everything else. Just sayin’ 😉

      1. On the off chance that this makes it through “moderation”:
        ‘A competent IT person who has their own business’
        What evidence do you have for this statement?

      2. Firstly Jane,just because he’s tied/involved with a computer supply/repair shop doesn’t make him an expert of the net.

        THAT is a very different thing.

        Secondly,most,if not all big businesses have a specialist or team of specialists (called System Administrators) working around the clock to protect their computer systems. It’s a simple fact that if you’re big and/or important on the web you’ll have people attacking you.

        The lone blogger is on his/her own.

        My reckoning is that Spivey started his site simply because he could with an “off-the-shelf package”,as it were, and wanted to get his rants and opinions out onto the web.

        Does he want “hits”?. Yes,of course.

        Why start such a blog if you don’t want to be widely read?

        Would Outlaw shut it down if he discovered that he was getting a billion hits and 1,000,000 comments per article?

        No,he’d just be happy to reach so many people with his info .

        (And wonder how the hell he’s going to pay his regiment of moderators.)

        Did Spivey understand – or did his computer shop buddies understand – the finer points of being hacked,cracked and the whole shipload of methods of attacks on blogsites not liked by TPTB?

        No,I’m absolutely sure he/they didn’t.

        And,as I posted above,just about any operating system or programme you care to use nowadays can have undetectable holes in it just waiting for an enemy to exploit.

        So that’s as I see it from my – now coming up to 9 years – of net usage.I DO NOT believe that Spivey is a con-man, just a guy who started out with the very best of truther intentions but who then got carried away with what he perceived as his massive success.

        As I said above he’s got no-one at his shoulder to tell him when to not say things,etc.

        Historically, all those who have led peoples to disaster also never had the “check and balance” of someone they trusted to tell them “bullshit” to their latest great idea.

        E.g.,if I’d seen the potential spat with Outlaw and Mr. Lavatory coming, I’d have advised
        “You don’t know the full story or issues,so don’t commit yourself either way.

        This is beyond your knowing all the ins and outs for certain.

        Back off.” (This of course assumes that I also, as his adviser, would have been in the dark on these issues).

        Hope the foregoing clarifies my views on the matter.

        Personally I think it’s a bloody tragedy that that things have taken this turn.

        1. Nothing in there about the blatant lies Spiv has written out myself and others and insulted and attempted to belittle me, despite my not writing a single bad word about him OG.


          2. Hahaha Apologies OG, I didn’t see your post of 7.40 prior to my post of 7.48 – I didn’t realise you are also on what appears to be an ever growing block list according to the webvine 😉 So it makes sense why you seem a little in the dark with current shenanigans. Confused? You will be! hahahaha
            There has been much going on, which I won’t bore you with as it’s regarding the anti CSA campaigner stuff, so it’s all kind of kicked off from that & there have been links impossible for some to hide. Which has been embarrassing for them to say the least – not our discovery. I don’t know how familiar you are with the players, so I don’t want to confuse the issue even more 😀

        2. Thanks OG, obviously having worked for a Gov dept I understand regarding system Admins. It’s a pretty big organisation & quite a different kettle of fish to a lone blogger.

          The Spiv boasts that he has a crack hot IT guy – I forget which 1 he says is his top tech guy who is unsurpassed. I’d expect he must know his beans, or at least that is what is implied.

          Spiv states the dodgy stuff was probably on the 2nd hand gear he got, with respect, even I know that it is foolish not to wipe hard drives on 2nd hand computers etc.

          The Spiv was/is the owner of the IT co. run from a residential address. Offering various services that a novice would not understand. Including net services etc. to lie and says he knows nothing – well why lie, because clearly he has & does?

          I think he is a con man, as do many others it would seem. Not just people who comment on here. Begging for money on the basis of untruths = conning people. Obviously, if he was being totally upfront, honest, & wasn’t sending out his pack hounds to rip into people & was not manipulating things to fool people, or lying about people to fool his adoring fans, no one would have a problem with him, but the fact that he is has set alarm bells ringing in many, many people, as I say, not just with us, or people that follow this blog.

          The fact he has hidden evidence of his IT co details etc, the fact he blocks people (& there’s been a lot now who he has done this to) when people are questioning his ‘meticulous’ evidence, quite innocently, people who are still donating to him at the time is highly suspicious. His lies about his tattoo registration.

          His dodgy photos & lying about them being dodgy, (manipulated as you have said yourself, by virtue of manipulating the truth, the is conning people in my opinion). Lying about Jim, his wife & myself (& others) when he knows full well that he is lying. To break the confidence & trust in a man he knows is honest, kind & decent. Again, conning people into distrusting Jim, when he knows he is lying purposely to discredit the man, his wife, me & others = conning people with falsehoods and lies.

          The other person, now convicted of a crime against the Jones family, obviously there was a lot going on behind the scenes that we kept to ourselves & that is all I can say on that issue. Jim did the right thing in my view, he faced the problem head on, a problem that would only disappear if he had have disappeared too unfortunately. As I say, I can’t go into the detail, but as far as I am concerned, that person was dealt with & is history, so I don’t intend to give him any more attention than he already had.

          I can’t speak for Jimmy of course, but am willing to bet my life on the fact that if even 1 of his kids begged him to jack his website in, whether he had a billion hits a day, he would. Plenty of people have written blogs that no one or hardly anyone reads, still doesn’t stop people writing them. Some people write for other reasons than kudos & hits, by the same token, it’s all that matters to others it would seem.

          I think he has displayed all the classic signs of a con man, worried about being found out. If the Anon above is telling the truth, he too thinks he is a con man. The huge efforts being made by him & his side kicks old and new is pretty damning evidence of how he is going gung ho to silence anyone who questions him in the most vindictive ways. Lies = conning & that is exactly what he is doing.

          Thanks for your explanation for which I am grateful to you. Obviously I didn’t for 1 minute expect you to incriminate yourself in any way, or make a personal judgement about him, although you have obviously mentioned your banning from his website for merely pointing things out here a few times.

          I guess we will see. 🙂

          1. Jane:When I say I can’t get to his site,I don’t mean that I have been blocked by him;I mean that it appears that I can’t get there from the country I live in.I’ve tried proxies,but wierd things happen.E.G.,I began to read his post with “Laverty” in the title when it had about 20 comments,but when I tried to save the page to disc,my normally absolutely reliable browser just wouldn’t do it.I’ve tried going back using another proxy,but nothing.This can only mean that his site is blocked for the country concerned & probably other countries too.This is very high-level blocking on the lines of governments doing each other favours.Thus I can only remember some of his accusations against Outlaw.
            But getting back to the IT expertise.That shop can offer no more than the standard repair/virus removal services etc.There are,so I’ve read,clean-up programmes & ways to block the known (NSA) access points that are exclusive to governments & major companies,but these are well-guarded & NOT available to we serfs.
            & to add to stuff being put onto a computer without the owners knowledge.This can be in the form of a hidden folder which can only be revealed & accessed by someone who knows the codeword.
            Guess who will know the codeword?.

          2. Thank you very much for that OG, especially because you explain things in plain English (not computer speak) – very interesting. thank you. 🙂

  25. Outlaw,
    I notice that my comments are remaining in moderation limbo unless/until you respond to them.
    You appear to be denying the posters to whom my comments/queries are addressed the opportunity to reply for themselves.
    As my comments/queries are not abusive or contentious in any way, the delay in moderating them could be seen as censorship.
    I trust that you want to be seen as even handed and open to honest debate. If not, there is little point to these ‘discussions’ other than to vent rhetoric and whip up the most negative and base emotions of your followers.
    I sincerely hope that this is not the case.

    1. I an not denying the commentators anything Danny.

      I am just not tied to this site 24/7 and do happen to do other things, which unfortunately means I am not always able to respond immediately.

      1. Ok, then why not allow my posts through so that others can respond if they feel so inclined. After all, in two of the posts that are still in moderation, I am asking for clarification from OPs, not you.

  26. Have to agree with you there OldGit. Spivey’s proof of the Woolwich ‘beheading’ is almost all based on photos which he says have been photoshopped. I think he relies on these photos ( and there are SO many ) to confuse us and many of his followers just accept blindly what he writes without checking further. I just wonder sometimes who does DO the photoshopping if any has actually been carried out.
    Don’t get me wrong. I could easily believe that Woolwich was an hoax but I think that Chris embroiders what he can’t prove to further his warrior reputation . He now has this ‘image’ to defend and come what may he does. What started out as a genuine fight for truth has turned into a little business. As part of giving his followers their money’s worth he feels he has to give them a new shocking article every day and indeed apologises frequently when he isn’t able to do this.
    What I would like to see Chris do is to concentrate on just ONE conspiracy theory and PROVE without a shadow of doubt that we are being taken for fools by successive governments. He seemed to be doing just that with Woolwich (without all the ‘photoshopped’ photographs ) but then the whole thing died a death when his computer was allegedly taken. Now surely a competent journalist would have a copy in some safe place? Why hasn’t he completed the job and shown us the proof he keeps telling us he has? If you risk being on the end of foul language and actually ask the question you will be told that right now he has other things on his mind which indeed he does. Isn’t it a fact then that the PTB are succeeding in keeping him ‘contained.’ ? If I had proof I’d publish and be damned.

    1. Calla:I’ve posted a very long (for me) reply to Jane above which I think answers most of you question.If I were advising him I’d say make a full back-up of your hard-disc every day,regardless of your workload & the inconvenience or cost,& have as many past back-ups to hand at secret locations as possible,but I believe that in so many respects he’s simply computer/net illiterate.You know, the “it can’t happen to me ” syndrome.Until it does.

  27. I suspect that Spiv is a pro conman I really do.
    I realised this as soon as I read his article about the second visit from the Police.
    Its the way he left the all important details right till the very last moment. A classic trick.
    His followers probably failed to understand that technique but it didn’t escape me.
    I also hate the way how he uses photographs of his Family and Dogs to humanize himself or to gain advantage. The photo of him sleeping with his Dog being a prime example of that. All that was missing was a Teddy Bear. lol
    We’ve had it all the cancer scare, you name it he’s tried every trick in the book.
    He quite often takes credit for others peoples hard work and seldom thanks them.
    Just an observation.
    His own daughter has begged him to jack it all in and yet he still puts himself first and pretends he’s doing it for his followers, he’d sell everyone out before he falls on his own sword. Selfish man – correction selfish greedy self serving excuse for a man.
    Anything for the next round of donations.
    When the police arrived the second time he should have simply opened the door under full protest because it was obvious the Police were going to get in one way or another, this would have spared his own daughter extreme anxiety which anyone who has witnessed the youtube clip that was posted couldn’t have failed to notice.
    Not that I agree with the way the Police handled it either, their actions should be called into question.
    He publishes private emails of confidential information to try to save his sorry arse, a common misdirection technique. Blame others when the spotlight is shining.
    As for the Wig well she’s nothing more than a wannabe bandwagon jumper, she claims to be agoraphobic or once was and yet tell me how many agoraphobic people do you know who have the bottle to appear on Nationwide Tv? She’s always been fame hungry and is possibly
    a bigger shill than Spiv.
    Spiv if you are reading this do the honourable thing and fall on your own sword like a real man and spare your little girl and grandson the torment.
    But you won’t will you?
    Tick Tock and remember if the old bill are successful in proving your guilt you will end up on a sex offenders register then lets see who the last one standing is shall we?

    1. Well said Digger, I totally agree. The thing is, we only hear his side of the story, we don’t know what the Police know, so taking the word of someone who has been far from honest is a bad idea to me.

      The posting of sappy photos is such a classic sympathy seeking ploy, a tired old tac used by con artists, as are the things he has used to beg for donations time & time again. And it works. As does setting up fake accounts all over the place to big him up & beg for donations on his behalf.

      I’m sure most Dads, if begged to stop doing a website by their own kids, would put the kids feelings first & not involve them in endless trouble & set them up on the Social services radar. Such stress could seriously affect a person & could mean their baby is taken from them by Social Services if it became so severe they could not cope & became seriously mentally ill. Why would anyone risk that for their own, just because of their own highly inflated self importance ego, lust for the limelight & a poxy website?

      As for the wig, it was doing Youtube clips about being agoraphobic 2 years ago, in full war paint, hair done just so & not as anyone I’ve ever seen with the condition, usually agoraphobics are withdrawn, depressed & totally lacking in self confidence, tarting themselves up & sitting in front of a camera for sympathy talking about the ‘me, me, me’ is usually the last thing on their minds & something they would run a mile from. There was also a brief trip into ‘comedy’ blogging – seems no one was interested in that either & the perceived attention just didn’t materialise. So up it pops again, like a chav mouthed Zebedee bouncing all over social media, calling abuse survivors liars, wrong ‘uns and all the rest of it, just because they didn’t fall for it’s act. Truly pathetic.

      Just another crack at the limelight is all I see with these puffed up ego maniacs & none of their kids seem to even cross their minds in what they are doing, all they care about is themselves & their lust for fame & to hell with the consequences to their own flesh & blood. Sad.

  28. Chris has a donate button on his site. People don`t have to donate. His site has no adverts. How do you think he should pay his way in the world? How much do you think he should `take in` by donations? What should his `wage` be from his site?
    Jimmy, as I told you a long time ago, you could argue with a mirror. For some reason you can see no good in your fellow man.
    I feel sorry for you, as I think you are jealous that Chris (whatever his faults, and I admit he is not perfect) is trying to `ruffle feathers`.
    I have word checked this, but if it is not perfect English I apologise.

    1. I see plenty of good in my fellow man Mr Carey, but unfortunately I have also encountered more than my share of evil, greedy, lying ones too.

      It’s very presumptious of you yet again to claim you know anything about me…. you do not as I know nothing about you other than the words you write on a computer screen.

      1. Jimmy you think you are the only person who has encountered evil greedy people. Jimmy you also think you have the monopoly of pain regarding abuse.
        As stated what is Chris doing wrong? He wants money, and why not?
        Remember Jimmy I wrote words on a computer screen (The Needle Blog) and you banned me from Chris Spivey`s forum for those words.
        What makes you `Witchfinder General`?
        Finally, name one man you respect (must be living will give you 24 hours)?
        Find it all sad that the 99% are again defeated by the 1% by infighting.
        Once again I have spelt checked, but if the English is wrong I apologise.

        1. The words I banned you for John was telling me to ‘Fuck Off’ because i questioned your motives as I recall.
          A man I admire?

          Andrea Bocelli who did not let the inconvenience of being blind stop him becoming one of the greatest tenors in the word.

          And as I recall you stated once on a blog comment that there worse things for a child to endure than being ‘shagged’….

          As for the rest of your comment it does not merit an answer.

          1. *OUTLAW’S EDIT*

            I have deleted this comment as I shall with all further comments you decide to grace this site with, as is my right.

            If you were on stage, I would walk out of the theatre, if you were spouting off in a pub, or even in the street you would probably get knocked clean out due of your bigoted, blinkered views and deliberately antagonistic comments.

            Are you a Tory perhaps?

          2. And Carey… mentioning my children in your comment, who have nothing at all to do with you is a despicable thing to do to anyone.

            It shows what lowlife scummy tactics the dregs of society like you are prepared to use.

            You disgusting, nasty little man… and yes I agree Karma comes to us all, including you.

          3. John: you really need to STFU with your threats of violence towards Jimmy. If he wanted to he could report you to the police for the above threat. Most rational, civilized, decent people DO NOT threaten to ‘knock someone clean out’ just because they have a different opinion to them.

            Are you a Fascist perhaps?

    2. John, I have donated on Chris’s site and have no problem with that. I gave willingly and freely and don’t feel ‘conned’ in any way, shape or form. You ask the question, What should his wage be from his site?’ Inadvertently you have confirmed my earlier observation that what started out as a genuine search for truth has now become a business. Herein lies the problem with many donors wanting to see a return on their ‘ investment ‘ In my opinion this fact alone has begun to compromise the integrity of Spivey’s articles and forced him to write poorly investigated and half finished articles in a bid to ‘keep the punters’ happy. It’s a shame because I know he could do better.

      1. Calla, have you read the hateful lies that this Spivey creature’s been posting about Jimmy and Jane? There really is no excuse for his obnoxious, self-seeking behaviour. The man’s a narcissist and a blatant, pathological liar. If I were a career officer I’d strongly advise him to put himself up as a candidate at next year’s election. He’d fit right in with the Westminster Circus!

    3. Oh the blessed John Carey a Gojam fan, who said there is worse things than kids being shagged if I recall rightly. I have a screen shot of that somewhere. Nice fella.

      And clearly he cannot read, because it has been said, people can donate their money to whatever they wish, only they wouldn’t freely donate to a con man & that is exactly what the Spiv is.

      Why would anyone be jealous of a con artist? Oh dear, he really is something special is Johnny & very, very rubber with it 😉

      1. Absolutely Jane: Spiv by name Spiv by nature – how can they not see they are being taken for a ride (like, duh!), not unless, of course, they are in with, and have a vested interest, in the confidence trick itself? Meantime, unscrupulous Spivz screams: “Yay, Chavtastic – beats workin’ for a living” as he laughs his way to the bank…

    4. So who, or rather what are you John Carey? Spivey’s PR man or just another one of his aliases? If you think that Jimmy is ‘jealous’ of the likes of the unsophisticated, internet joke that is Christopher Spivey then I am afraid you are seriously deluded. Both Jimmy and Jane could run circles around Spivey and if they wanted to they could completely annihilate and humiliate him – but since the Spivenator is so utterly crap where would be the sport in that? The hard fact is, they have much better things to do with their time than get involved with the disjointed and insane ramblings that pass for Spivey’s blog and let’s face it; participating in an online discussion on the development of Albanian cheese labels with a bunch of bored, dispassionate, sexually repressed Belgian civil servants would prove infinitely more inspiring than entering into debate with the likes of the sycophantic, intellectually substandard dweebs that pass for the regulars on Master Christopher Spivey’s little shithole!

      1. He’s from camp Gojam Leena. Also slimes around The Spivs comments board too I believe.

        Thank you for that glowing reference by the way Leena – I’m almost lost for words (I said almost!) 😀
        No egos involved, just the truth. This is simply what happens when you have the brass neck to admit to being a survivor of child abuse & the price you pay for honesty & not following the in crowd, just because it’s the path of least resistance.

        Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Not an easy decision to make.

  29. Outlaw, the trouble you will have with obvious conmen like Chris Spivey is that his ‘Supporters’ will not defend him because they believe him, it’s because they are too frightened to admit to themselves and others they have been taken for a ride.

    That is how many conmen escape justice as most ‘stings’ go unreported simply because the victims are too ashamed to report that they have acted in a foolish manner and fallen prey to one of these low lifes.

    Big respect to you for not only identifying him, but also for standing upto him and his devoted fans and not backing down. The challenge you set him confirmed what many of use were thinking, he was a liar who could not back up with evidence a single allegation he has made against you and your good lady wife.

    I hope she is OK, likewise you too.

    You have more support that you realise and Chris Spivey is thrashing about like a cut snake and will undoubtably take the rest of his cohorts down with him as he is basically a selfish coward.

    1. No Henry,I reject the “obvious con-man” label.In posted replies above,preceding your post,,I’ve tried to answer questions directed to me personally & I’ve given my reasons as to how & why I think things have gone so far.I don’t blame Outlaw for finally calling him out.It’s about time someone did ,but I doubt he’ll get an intelligible non-swearing response from Spivey,if any response at all,but I probably wouldn’t know because from where I”m posting I can only get Spivey’s site through a proxy,if at all.
      And now on a lighter note.I read Spivey’s post about Mr.Daring Lavatory & followed some of the given links.(Madlands,etc).I finished up -somehow-on a post from Mr.D.L.in which he referred to me as something like “Outlaw’s new Knob-end know-all”,or some such”.Can you even begin to imagine the frisson of excitement that ran through me??.RECOGNITION AT LAST.INTERNATIONAL FAME SOON TO FOLLOW!.
      I need some advice here.How much should I charge for my autograph?.

  30. free speech? never mind jimmy. Chris might be a cunt, but check the mirror what are you?

    Steve I am a physician and I am disturbed at recent DEA rulings that have
    unduly and quite suddenly restricted the ability of my patient to obtain
    scheduled pain medications
    If you are familiar with the brand name Lortab – Our information from major
    pharmacy chains is that this class of medication is not being produced and
    generic versions are also not allowed to be made to be obtained. This is
    very unsettling – abuse potential is always possible but these are main
    line medication I have prescribed for almost 20 years for after surgery use
    and poof they are gone away. I am highly suspicious that this could be
    another avenue which to control people by not having medication available
    to those who do need it. Many many people are not abusers maybe you would
    look into this big brother actions thanks for all your help
    Oct 14, 2014


    “When you have a bad boss you tend to focus on the boss instead of your department. A manager is there to make certain his department functions perfectly and he’s always asking “what do you need to do your job?” He takes care of his employees. But if the manager’s boss is arbitrary and capricious the manager focuses on keeping the boss happy at the expense of his department. The manager tends to preemptively punish those below him to prove his loyalty to the boss and to deflect blame to somebody lower. I believe this is the situation we’re seeing here. I don’t know how to get around it as the managers must do this or they get fired. That’s the nature of having a bad boss. In this case Obama is the boss. Elections have consequences and I think an emasculated and demoralized
    military was one of Obama’s goals.”

    City of Houston subpoenas pastors’ sermons to see if they’re criticizing lesbian mayor.

  32. The more Chris Spivey posts on the internet the more stupid he becomes. He’s really showing himself up now. He reminds me of some big, overgrown baby charging around in his romper suit having thrown his rattle out of the pram. Sooner or later he’s heading for another fall and it goes without saying that it will all end in tears. Needless to say, if The Spivator’s nappy has as much crap in it as his website both definitely need to be changed and flushed down the lavatory asap:)!

  33. OMG!!!! I step away from the interwebs awhile and checkout Outlaw’s blog……..Not this crap again. I don’t know how you attract them but you do, Outlaw. Spivey reminds me of my redneck cousin, its pretty entertaining to watch ,but ussually your just glad not to be on the recieving end. Probably why I avoid family gatherings when he is involved. Being from the South, in the states, O.G. thanks for your posts too alot of good info! ( also “knob-end…” is that a real thing,” fag” means something different here….had to look that one up!) Anyways, sorry for you and your families trouble, AGAIN! Love your blog, take care!

  34. so you ask proof that only government agency can provide under your terms and spiv accuses you working with em..

    to me this is a stalemate where we can only go with the works each of you have done.

    1. What?

      Nothing to do with any Government….

      A simple document witnessed by somebody like a legal advocate, or even a respected professional person that will prove his allegations will suffice.

      That is all thats required, it’s not difficult.

  35. I thought D V liked you, she stated you were one of the people she admired in one of her first youtube videos. There seems to be a gang mentality and a few fame hungry people that aren’t sharing any truth just pushing their work and huge ever expanding egos. I won’t mention names. I notice they all want cash in one way or another. Trouble is the negativity and disgusting posts of other so called Truthers will ruin any credability and get the genuine folk shut down, is this the agenda? Ive followed you for a year now and you are the only person who is dignified in all this and sticks to facts not name calling or shouting people down.

    1. I have said nothing Derogatory about Danielle LaV either, yet she has also chosen to attack both myself and my family.

      My reputation is intact.

  36. I really don’t want to get involved nor do I care about yours and Spiveys spat. But I must agree that to bring ones offspring into things is unforgivable!

    1. Who has done that?

      I certainly haven’t, but the Spiv has falsely accused my wife of being somebody else as well as making some disgusting comments about her and other people.

      He mentioned our children on his site, I have done no such thing and I request that you find a single incident where I have.

  37. I consider myself a casual AM reader, I dip in and out of the alternative view to see what’s going on the other side so I don’t assume sides but I am curious as to what caused this spat between yourself and Spivey?

    1. Read my other comments Terry. Spiv attacked me as he believed an article I wrote was about him even though no names were mentioned.

      He then launched a completely unwarranted personal attack on myself and my family in which he wrote numerous lies and made false accusations.

      I have not responded in a similar manner, nor will I.

      I merely gave people a platform to post their own thoughts.

      Free Speech is paramount, regardless of how some use it to spout lies and false allegations.

  38. If you have evidence of Chris’ lies then post it.
    All I have read here is hate.
    Chris has posted evidence.Where’s yours?
    Link the evidence if you have it.I admit I do not have time to research his tattoo/council status.I really don’t.
    I supported you Outlaw and posted on UKC “Trust Me I’m A Blogger”.
    I find this spat ridiculous .
    One of the comments posted here said Chris was looking more and more like a nonce.
    OMFG you are not challenging that?
    Please show us proof if you or anyone here attacking Chris has it.

    1. I am not interested in whether or not Spiv is a ‘Nonse’ or not, my concern is that he has published lies about myself and my family, which you also seem to avoid mentioning. It’s not a ‘Spat’ BTW, Spiv attatcked me for no reason other than he believed I wrote something about the Alternative Media.

      I mentioned no names and have never to my knowledge written a derogatory word about him.

      I am allowed to defend myself against these lies and slurs on my character… well in my world I am and if other posters have evidence that shows what they allege is true, then that is not my doing.

      I have no evidence of anything regarding Chris Spivey other than he has told lies about me and has made some false accusations.

    2. I have some seriously ugly screen shots from when he sent his moderators to attack us last week. I also have some choice stuff from Verite about Jimmy & myself. She changed from little Miss Nicey Nicey, to a foul mouthed ranting banshee in an instant, after Jimmy refused to break his friendship with me, in favour of being her new BFF. Now if nothing else, that is seriously ridiculous & childish by anyone’s standards.

      Spivey knows fine well that we are not the same person, so why is he lying to discredit Jimmy??? Why is he spreading the same lie as the previous group, who did exactly the same thing for exactly the same reason? I think that is a fair & reasonable question to ask.

      Ask Sonia Poulton if Jane Russell is Helen Jones. That is the best I can offer on the proof front & to be fair, Spivey is the 1 who is lying, so the onus is on him to prove what he is spreading around in a malicious & vindictive manner is fact.

      What people fail to see, is that this is not some ridiculous ‘spat’, it is all part of this whole stinking thing. And given the choice, tell people or keep quiet & feel like a traitor to your own belief in the truth, what would you do?

      All I know is all these people link up, they are all making money, they are all latching onto the same person who is known for his honesty & being a decent bloke. For his credibility value/knowledge or something more sinister? I don’t know. All I know is that Spivey has been desperate enough to spread around something he knows to be completely false, so why has he done that??? As his lies involve me too, I feel that is acceptable for me to be asking the question too.

    3. Please enlighten me as to what evidence that Spivey has posted in regard to the lies he said about my wife and that I am employed by the NSA if you would be so kind.

      1. I wasn’t as clear as I should have been.I meant he’d provided evidence as to his innocence re child abuse images and the harassment by ss and police.
        I haven’t seen any evidence that you and your wife aren’t genuine.
        It’s not my fight.
        I was saddened to see the implication here that Chris could possibly be a nonce.
        I bid you goodnight.

        1. Understood. Although actual evidence of any allegations made against people do appear to be a rare commodity in the AM, I do see your point HJ.

          Much like Spivey endlessly speculates and accuses and launches personal attacks on people, with little or no evidence, I would be a hypocrite if I condemned the commentators here for drawing their own conclusions about him.

          Why would Spivey mention that there was child pornography found on his computer anyway?

          Unless he wanted it made public knowledge, it is doubtful it would have made the national press regardless of how high a profile he believes he projects, so very few people would have been aware of it, regardless of whether it was true or not.

          I am also saddened, although not surprised that people would not question the ridiculous claim that myself and my wife are being blackmailed by the NSA of all people to attack his site, and to disrupt the alternative media – but the accusation was still made, and based on no evidence whatsoever.

          A similar claim was made about me on Twitter, that I was somehow preventing any chance of there being a child abuse inquiry, simply because I identified some trolls as being abusive towards others and made my views known.

          It’s a ridiculous state of affairs, and TPTB are laughing at all of you as there is very little they need to do, as most people on the Internet will tear each other apart with little or no assistance or prompting from any imagined Government agency.

          You cannot have it both ways, you cannot defend one person who has made many, many unsubstantiated claims and accusations, against others who voice an opinion regarding something that somebody brought into the open in the first place.

          As for the provided evidence you refer to, how can you possibly present evidence of something you allegedly know nothing about? If it’s words alone, it is not sufficient as enough lies have already been told that make that persons word mean absolutely nothing.

          I have not heard about any physical evidence, that convinced me either way.

          So, in conclusion, yours is not a balanced view at all, it is heavily weighted against those you perceive as being in disagreement with Chris Spivey, and you have clearly disregarded the things that he has written about and accused others of.

        2. Have you forgotten how Spivey has alleged that all male Primary School Teachers were “Probably Paedophiles”. Quite a sweeping, unpleasant and inflammatory statement to make, don’t you think?

          Yet you complain that people have speculated that somebody who was arrested, by his own admission for the possession of child pornography, and has made statements like the one above, MAY be a nonse??

          Is there any difference?

          Do the Spiv rules not apply to all?

          Is that not a somewhat oppressive and dictatotorial point of view?

          Is there any point in raising any of these points?

  39. okay so ive been lurking about for a good 5/6 on many different sites, i dont comment n join forums. i came across spiv early last year or so, his style was refreshing n sumting a little different so id check in every now an again and have done ever since. my thoughts on him are that his writings are just awful his socalled explosive research is anything but, the whole woolwich thing, with his thousands of fotos’s just lookin at one article hurts ur brain. anyway the reason i feel the need to write here about him is ive personally caught him out using other peoples material n then passing it off as his own – its the georgia guidstones piece. word for word obvis he added his normal cor blimey governer bollox, wot i found strange tho was that he linked to one article that he’d quoted but failed to link to the article hed stolen, i posted but as u can imagine i was wooshed. then all the shtf over last few weeks. sorry im bangin on anyway from my view, someone who’s not involved with all u peeps on twatter,bookface n forums is the guy is a con-man. feeding off the gullible youtube educated generation of the socalled alternative scene, or wotever.

  40. The Inkster is getting so much dosh from his deluded followers he can afford to hang up his needles. I wonder how long it will be before HMRC take an interest?

    1. Or some people actually download it for whatever purpose and when it’s found then wail and bleat and claim the ‘Police Planted It’.

      That could open the floodgates for a new set of retrials for all those ‘celebs’ then surely. All those that many on the Internet screamed were “Paedos” for possessing such material are now all innocent and should be exonerated and adequately compensated.

      Or does that only apply to Bloggers that have had their computers examined?

      You cannot have it both ways OG.

      I have no doubt it can happen, but in this case it’s highly unlikely as it could just be another lie to add to the growing list.

      Anything is possible would you agree?

      1. I’m not trying to have it both ways.There was serious doubt expressed by posters early on about Spivey’s claim that kiddie porn had been put on his computer without his knowledge or consent.I have simply pointed out that this can be done & very easily,especially if you become a nuisance to some powerful entity,like Rudowski above.As for “opening the floodgates”,I think not.The great majority of such arrests & convictions concerned masses of the stuff stored on numerous hard discs,dvd’s & usb’s etc.,with evidence from ISP providers showing the computer(s) in question being used to link to suspect urls.NOT the result of a sneaky download by a third party hoping to compromise someone with a few images.And of course,if the cops have your computer for a while & really REALLY don’t like you…
        Fact is that I’m certain most of the posters simply didn’t know this could be done,especially my info about hidden folders,etc.For me,& the reading I’ve done on the net over the years,it was such an obvious possibility that it would have been wrong of me NOT to point out that it could be done & how easily.I was simply posting info that I know about,with the Rudowski case as a recent classic example.
        This has nothing to do with Spivey-love.It’s simply something people should know about,but all too often don’t.

  41. Well Outlaw it doesn’t look as though that proof that Jane and Helen are one and the same has been forthcoming does it? Funny that. Of course the next accusation is that everyone apart from yourself is a sock puppet – well I would very much like to see the proof of that one as well please Spiv unless it is just your antagonists who are the puppets of course.

    The problem is Outlaw that by Spiv saying that all of your posters are nothing but your own sock puppets will only serve to annoy genuine people who might have otherwise had an open mind – no matter, your win Outlaw, just like the publicity because as we all know there’s no such thing as bad publicity 🙂

    Onwards and upwards 🙂

  42. I am actually now being propositioned into calling some sort of truce with toe rags, but I’m sorry, that is totally missing the point. What value would there being in genuine (& in many cases vulnerable) survivors of child abuse, holding hands & doing the happy clappy stuff with people who have done what they have done? Let’s all kiss & make up & say no more about it so that some seriously low people can forget what part they have played in all this? Is it becoming embarrassing for someone, somewhere? It should be. 🙁


    “The connection has timed out
    The server at chrisspivey.org is taking too long to respond.
    The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments.
    If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer’s network connection.
    If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox is permitted to access the Web.”


    “Something Went Wrong
    Sorry, there was a problem with this link: http://chrisspivey
    You can now continue to this website, or go back to the page you were on before.
    Remember, only follow links from sources you trust.”








    Now this link was somewhere on his l***** page.


    In the last comment on THAT article was a link to:-

    This led me to series of links which frankly had my head spinning.
    After a while I couldn’t tell who the hell was writing the stuff.In places it
    looked like cut’n pastes from Outlaws site,maybe other places too.
    I encountered name after name – an “alphabet soup” of names
    (real names? poster names?.insult names? who knows?.I don’t).
    So eventually getting tired of trying to understand something akin
    to Chinese,I just said to myself “**** it” & gave up.
    I didn’t bother saving these pages,I’ve scrapped the links,& I can remember
    only a fraction of what I read.(The bit where my poster name here was mentioned).
    I truly take my hat off to anyone who can make head or tail of such stuff.
    It also gave me an idea of what some of you here have had to put up with.
    In short,I knew the abuse and other associated crap would be bad,but I didn’t know it was THAT bad.

    1. Well you now have some inkling to what lengths some of these vermin have gone to in order to both attack and try to discredit me.

      I have taken the liberty of removing the links to their sites OG, as I am not going to allow posting links to any of those freaks on this site…

      1. Sorry. I did mean to say in that post that you might want to take those links out.

        But here’s something I think I remember from his Laverty post.

        Now if you recall,he started having site problems late last year.

        I’m sure I read in the Laverty post that he was accusing you of sending/recommending a duff IT guy, who you had praised to the skies,so to speak and who in fact made his site worse.

        But then he continued accepting posts from you until recently.

        Up to about August IIRC.

        Something doesn’t add up, does it?

        It took him months to decide “your” guy was a bad’un.?Really?


        1. Aye.. Gary @Horatiopotato came highly recommended via somebody I was in regular contact with on Twitter.

          As he was in Brighton he was close enough to help Spiv in a personal capacity.

          If that is the excuse that he is using to accuse me of sabotaging his site, he is once again lying, as we spoke in the phone soon after and he was pleased with the way that Gary had dealt with the problems that his old site admin Carl Green had “left him right in the shit with” – Direct Quote.

          I did not ‘praise him to the hilt’ I said to Spiv that he came via someone who recommend him as a top IT guy and it was entirely his call if he wanted to use his services….. No Charge.

          The one who recommended Gary was @analiensaturn.

          That was someone who, incidentally is very friendly with Laverty on Twitter these days, so maybe Spiv should fire up his immaculate research skills and join some dots there and see where that leads him.

          It was also around that time that ‘DOGMAN’ contacted me by phone and told me that Spiv’s site was being attacked using brute force from Serbia and Russia, and that was why he wanted a Techy in the first place.

          Spiv does not live in Manners Way BTW.

          Nothing adds up with the Spivster OG, and the more I dig the more filthy layers are exposed.

          1. Ahah!.Thanks for that info.I thought I might have mis-remembered my reading of his Laverty page.
            Yes,it does get murky when you point out those FACTS.

      2. Yes OG, & that is where the Lib Dem Councillor comes in, doing little favours for his friends. The Toilet variety was a beneficiary of his illegal activity. 🙂

        1. I am also finding it increasingly strange that many of these ‘Alternative Media Anti-Establishment’ types all seem to be connected, albeit via a very convoluted path, to political parties….

          1. Yes indeed, kind of an “all in it together” thing. And if they are representations of their parties, all I can say is we are paying for a lot of dead wood in intelligence terms. Sucking up yak factor 10 though, I’ll give them that. 😉

  44. Hi Jimmy, long time reader and first time commentator. I must say that I am appalled at the allegations that Christopher Spivey has made against you and others, surely anyone can see how ridiculous and desperate he has become now.

    A sick joke was one thing I heard him described as last night.

    I think he has crossed the line once too often now and when I see people like him causing what must be ‘Fear and Distress’ to innocent people, I cannot just sit back and do nothing.

    I have made an appointment to give a formal statement regarding the online behaviour of Mr Spivey as he is not above the law however puffed-up and self important he believes himself to be.

    I am in Essex, Ongar to be more precise and the desk sergeant at my local station is aware of my intentions and has assured me that this complaint will be looked at with some urgency. We shall have to see about that, but as a private citizen who has witnessed to what can be described, to all intents and purposes, a criminal act, I am well within my rights to report it.

    As for his feeble excuses about evidence being planted on his computer? Pull the other one. He should be a man and own up to it which should come as no surprise as he posts naked pics of himself on his site often enough, but only the most perverted out there could see as being anything near attractive.

    No smoke without fire I say, as anyone who claims, like he does to be such a prominent figure who is the target of the authorities/police etc…. surely he should have checked or maybe he should be looking closer at the team of world-class techy people he brags about constantly. Maybe one of those has set him up as they were also fed up of the rubbish he spouts daily.

    The smell of money does funny things to people I have heard 🙂

    All love to you Outlaw, and your family Who should never have become the target of a sick-minded louse like Chris Spivey and the sooner he is either jailed and put on the sex offenders register the better.

    If he is guilty that is….

  45. I have information ( from a reliable source as the Inkster would say) that not only is HMRC having a close look at his funding, the “Lupine” ,the ” Canine” , the ” Scaffold” and “Queen Chav” can all expect a ” please explain” quite soon.

    Something about undeclared income perhaps?

    Bloody hypocrites. Attack a soldier, you attack his platoon, his battalion, his regiment, his army.

    Rest assured Inkster you are done and dusted. Just sayin’.

  46. Just sayin’ there is more than one way to “flay a feline”.

    As I said Jimmy, your money was always safe.

    This guy, the Inkster has to be exposed for what he really is and if his acolytes get caught in the aftermath then too bad.

    1. I think he is doing a pretty good job of incriminating both himself and others without any help from me Sam.

      And as far as I am aware, unless you are registered as a charity, donations are taxable income (if there are available records of course).

      I wonder If Spiv knows what my ex-Brother in law does for a living?

  47. I expect Paypal keep very neat little records of all transactions & their fraud team only too happy to liaise with the authorities, after all, they don’t want the reputation of becoming a money laundering service for con men do they? 😉

  48. I can’t believe I wasted half an hour reading through this nonsense. The AM scene in the UK has taken a major step backwards with all this petty squabbling. It’s embarrassing.

    1. The AM in the UK has been corrupt and compromised since the start. It is well overdue that the Charlatans were flushed down the pan and some truth can finally emerge…

      As for ‘petty squabbling’ I hardly think that does not even begin to cover the crap that has been thrown about by the biggest names in the Alternative Media.

      For the record the Outlaw was never intended to be nor wishes to be associated with anybody who professes to be a part of the AM or the equally puerile ‘Truth Movement’….

  49. You are wasting your time commenting here Carey. (or Pongo depending on what site you visit) I am binning every one of your sniping comments… And flagging your IP address as spam where it it belongs.


  50. I notice Spiv has written another new article.

    He’s certainly upped the ante recently hasn’t he.

    Taking it upon himself to attack another AM website.

    What’s all that about?

    Just because someone dared to call him into question over advertising costs.

    Spiv is proving what a low life he really is, nothing anyone says to him privately is private.

    Beware if you ever write to him in confidence!

    I suspect he’s a grass, informant.

    Its so obvious he’s trying to corner the AM market by discrediting anyone and everyone.

    Why would a real truther do that?

    You’d think he’d welcome anyone that attempts to expose wrong uns even if he didn’t see eye to eye with them but no he’s doing the exact opposite and that raises some serious concerns as far as I am concerned.

    I’d hazard a guess and suggest its about finance and control.

    His appearance on the Uk Column did him no favours, he was encouraging listeners to dial into their search engines various dodgy terms like “Brooke Shields 10 year old photoshoot” knowing full well the images would be uncensored in order to validate his position. Bad move!

    I am beginning to think there’s something very dodgy about him.

    The sooner he falls on his sword the better because far from helping the AM he’s actually damaging it.

    Do the right thing Spiv you know it makes sense.
    Just sayin.

    1. I cannot argue with any of those points Digger. I live in hope that more real ‘awake’ people are ready to grasp the reality of what is really going on with the ‘ALTERNATIVE’ media.

      I happen to know that more than a few are completely controlled by MAINSTREAM media with politicians playing a back seat role.

      Most of the AM are so deeply entrenched in the establishment propaganda machine only an idiot can fail to see it now 🙂

      1. Sorry to argue with both Digger & Outlaw.

        Spivey is simply an arrogant know-all dickhead.

        His supposed fame has gone to his head. If he’d started as, say,a young talented Hollywood guy, he’d now be on their equivalent of Skid Row with a needle in his arm & owing a fortune to coke dealers.

        Too much too soon & no idea how to handle it.

        I’m only sorry to see that a nice decent guy (my reading) like Dogman got roped in as his main admin man.

        If I was running a blog I’d love to have someone like him on board.

        By the way Digger & Outlaw, I can no longer access his site.I hope you don’t mind my asking, but which AM site is he attacking now?.

        1. I agree in some respects OG, and I have spoken to Dogman on a few occasions on the phone and found him to be both a gentleman in his manner and supremely fair when it came to a clash of personalities on the Forum.

          As I no longer read his site I am unaware of what site he is attacking, but I could not help noticing both him and some others attacking Charlie Foulkes, who is both a genuinely nice lady, and I hope she will not mind me saying, also has a disability.

          Kind of says it all about the kind of bullish thug mentality that is pulling out all the stops to become Billy Big Bananas of the Alternative Media Eh OG?

          I am sure somebody can help as the identity of the latest site the Spiv is attacking.

          Other people have also complained that they cannot access his site and they have a suspicion that their IP’s or locations are being blocked due to the negative comments they have been leaving on the site.

          That is only what I have been told, but if I chose to, I could do that with the Outlaw as WordPress has that facility built into the software.

          Just Saying.. 🙂

        2. OldGit,
          Egghead was having a pop at Charlie Foulkes.
          Check out her site, it seems ok to me.
          Agree with you in that Egghead has become arrogant know-all dickhead.

          1. He always was, except nobody really noticed.

            Aye picking on a disabled lady who has done no harm to anyone…. A real hero worth following eh?

            Following the AM revolution you will all be wearing ‘Spivey for Prime Minister T-Shirts’….. Or you will be shot 🙂


    “Today you pretend making a coalition against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), but in fact you’re their allies,” Those are the frank words by Cristina Fernandez Kirchner, the Argentinian President, spoken in a calm and secure voice at the UN General Assembly last Friday, 3 October 2014.”



    “Like VT contributor Chip Tatum, who survived a “close encounter” with the Bush Crime Family, Bennett has set up an unofficial life insurance policy by arranging for extremely sensitive documents to be released in the event of his untimely disappearance or demise. It is hoped that his example will inspire other US military whistleblowers to step forward and expose the 9/11 false flag operation and the fraudulent “war on terror” it spawned.”



  52. Me neither Digger, just another obvious attempt to cause a rumpus to hide the fact that he can’t come up with the proof of the lies he has told, purposely to discredit people who raised questions & doubts. And a seriously strange thing to lie about & think no one will notice??

    Look at the things he is making a big deal of & then compare with the vitriol & venom he is using in his articles alone, let alone all the rest of it. He is the only 1 allowed to have sarcastic humour – it’s kind of a must after wall to wall shysters for 2 years? Just like the other 1, a control freak, bit of a pattern with these people, Wigster included. Lame attempts at straw clutching.

    Again, for the record, it is for the Police to investigate whether he is guilty of the offences he has stated have been alleged of him. And in general, because of his bizarre lies, his word no longer holds any weight for me & hasn’t for months.

    Without all the evidence, which none of us have, it’s not possible for us to know whether the material was downloaded by him or not, but unlike him, none of us are bellowing ‘paedophile’ in his direction. If others are, that’s his look out.

    None of us are spreading things we know to be bare faced lies, purely to discredit him. His failure to explain himself, but to get 1 of his lackies, who gave us some serious abuse on FB with his side kick Lisa Pea) to write a desperate rambling abuse filled drivel-fest – says it all really.

    1. Indeed.

      His delusional self-important statements are becoming so predictable.

      I really feel sorry for his myopic followers though as he’s taking advantage of them.

      He loves dishing the dirt but can’t handle it when he’s on the receiving end.

      1. Why so Digger?

        I do not question the actions of Sheep nor Rats nor Lemmings for that matter, because it’s their nature to do the things they do.

        You cannot change them unfortunately.

        1. Why so?
          Because the vast majority of Spivs’s donations come from the most vulnerable in our society.

          Having looked through his comments section I couldn’t fail to notice just how many of his followers are either abuse victims themselves or parents of children who have been abused.

          Some openly admit mental health issues and others suffer from drug or alcohol addiction.

          Spiv has corned the market and is tapping directly into those who are very vulnerable and that to me is a sad situation.

          1. It also does not stop him publicly attacking some of the very people he claims to be fighting for either, with his vile insults and slanderous allegations.

            Only yesterday he referred to a disabled lady who simply asked him questions, in the most disgusting manner, as he has done to many others and has been witnessed by many people Digger.

    2. *OUTLAW’S EDIT*

      I will not accept comments simply calling people ‘Vile’ after both your and other Spivey Moderators’ foul references to others on my Facebook page Lisa Pea.

      1. Highly hypocritical from this particular specimen & of the kind of people she puts on plastic pedestals. But if she wants to get her Boss is more trouble, she’s going the right way about it, as if he needs any more eh?

  53. D’you know Outlaw,I’m really enjoying it here lately.

    The to and fro,the cut and thrust.If you’re not careful you’ll have a major website on your hands.I see you’re steadily creeping up to a half million & you haven’t even called anyone a **** – yet.

    1. Absolutely OG, I was brought up learning the meaning of respect and the value of good manners and to treat people the same way you wish to be treated.

      Something sadly lacking in many people these days.

      And I have no intention of calling anyone a c**t if I can avoid it, I shall leave that to the inarticulate and those with a poor vocabulary. 🙂

  54. One small complaint.When I just logged on here I was automatically sent to what is now your Page 2.This could be because you never envisaged your site attracting so many comments & thus weren’t prepared for such a response.This,sadly,means I can’t read through the foregoing 100+ comments.Can you fix this?.After all,you HAVE got the combined computer intellect of the NSA behind you.Lord Spiv says so, because someone on Twitter or Facebook told him so,so it must be true,right?.I mean,the Lord Spiv wouldn’t lie,would he?.

  55. Oh,hang on;apologies.I’ve just seen the rather faint “older comments” clicky.It blends in so well with the military camoflage background.Please forgive my old eyes.

    1. Of course OG. And you know what the say in the AM. “the more you are ATTACKED the closer to the truth you are” so I would hazard a guess that some people are really worried about the truth coming out eh?

      1. Yes, & you can stay well away from the Urban Dictionary too – poaching decade old street slang is banned from my ear drums 😀

    1. One of the more sensible comments to be fair, but I must state that nothing on here is unwarranted, gratuitous or untrue. Plus they are responses to a somewhat unjustified and unwarranted Attack on myself. In my position what would you do?

  56. Jimmy, I love listening when people throw insults or claim to know who someone is whom they’ve never met. Old psychology of it suggests they’re actually telling you how they feel about themselves. And with that view, I must say, Darren’s new video makes interesting viewing tonight 🙂

    1. Unfortunately I have had the displeasure of meeting that idiot…. Twice.

      TBH I have no desire to view that mug again if I live to be a hundred 🙂 has he got any new material or is he still obsessed with me, even though he constantly states I am unworthy of his precious time and attention?

      Can you imagine having a life that empty that you have to brood obsessively and plot what you can do next to get the attention of somebody who does not even give them a seconds thought?

      Better off dead I should imagine as I would hate to be that full of venom and poison Jennie.

  57. I see what you mean Jen. He had been searching for the history of the Bryn Estyn for years too. Jimmy found it quite easily though.

    Whose the leech?

    Not the bloke who has been lying for decades and making money off the back of genuine survivors. Previous conviction for stalking and harassment, lied in court on drug charges, recently convicted again.

    Proven liar, all documented in bewks and Official Documents.

    Sounding a little unhinged. Well, more than a little. Oooo errr

    1. Aye and I had only been living in Wrexham a matter of weeks and I found it all.

      It only involved getting off ones actual arse and doing some actual research, in an actual archive with lots of actual books and not a single keystroke of a Google search involved anywhere.

  58. Same ol’ same ol’ hate filled viewing set on scenic beach to dilute the ugly of it.

    Have you seen “Marvelous”? I’d recommend watching that instead. A man without all the facts of life who got it right just the same. I want to adopt him!

  59. I note Janette Scharenborg is on a twitter drive to get new people in with them. They truly believe they have enough people convinced that we are all one person. I believe that they believe Chris Spivey is their strongest disinfo agent and they’ve put all their money on him.

    Tis better than Television, I must admit.

    1. And a Television is the biggest propaganda vehicle of all. I am quite happy about that lot cosying up to Le Spiv as it means that all the vermin are safely in one place so can be easily identified….

  60. hi. i’m rather loathe to get involved in this shamozzle but i might as well put in my two penneth. i have been a regular visitor to chris’s site for about 18 months now. i was also a regular poster until i was banned for asking too many what they thought were idiotic questions. but before i was banned Wolfie put up a number of posts in my name which he had written himself, designed to make me look even more stupid than i possibly am, hardly professional ‘journalism’. but having said that, i simply can’t believe this business about child porn on chris’s computer. if there is one thing he hates its peadophiles. he would be the biggest hypocrite on EARTH. I also can’t believe the police would be stupid enough to plant it. the most likely explanation is that it was on there when he bought the computer, i dont think wiping the hard drives was an absolute neccessity . you seem to be wrong on a number of issues., he obviously had a licence while he was a practising tattooist unless the local council are completely inept.. i know CCS was/is run my his friend carl, i actually sent Carl a donation when he was in dire straits. not sure about the house clearance business but God knows where he’d find the time. its quite funny actually , you have both offered money if the other person can prove the allegations you are making against other are true. lets see what happens!
    not quite sure, why i;m here defending Chris because i think a lot of his stuff contrary to what he keeps saying actually proves nothing, there is never a killer fact which says’ you know what, there is no arguing against that ! ‘ its all circumstantial. for instance, take Woolwich, the 2 Michaels were ‘in on it ‘ apparently. but arent they both locked up now? pretty poor deal they got there
    i do like his stuff on hypocritical celebritys and the Monarchy.
    if you do post this i know for a fact i;ll get some grief from the regulars over there. oh well shit happens.
    richard in Crawley

    1. Free speech here Richard as always, and everyone is entitled to an opinion, but there is only one thing I need to comment on myself.

      I have not, to my knowledge been offered cash to prove anything I have alleged about Spivey as I do not believe I have accused him of anything.

      He may have lumped every comment ever made about him by people together and held me personally responsible, as he has with an unambiguous article I wrote about the AM that he saw as being directed solely at him, but that’s par for the course with writers of his calibre.

      The other points you have raised are valid and I am certain will get a fair hearing here, Richard in Crawley.

      Unedited, posted in full and discussed in an intelligent manner if need be.

    2. Richard 1
      A while back on Spivey’s site I noticed that you were being mocked when you asked what I thought were pertinent questions.

      I actually commented on it and said that I enjoyed your questioning.

      The moderators use mockery and belittlement to manipulate people into accepting what is their truth.

      I was most put out when they commented that you were banned………………………..

      for asking questions and requesting clarification ???!!!

      1. Forgot to mention that I too sent Carl a donation but it was later returned without explanation.

  61. I couldn’t make out if he was saying Mooch is/was his girlfriend of 2 years? That would make sense of a lot of things and confirm a few suspicions 🙂

    Very angry when he called me ‘Slutface’. So much rage in 1 contorted expression. I wonder if he actually believes the lies that swarm from his mouth like a plague of locusts.

    I know what is marvelous, not having to look at him, hear his voice or read his rubbish. That clip was the perfect reminder of how nice it is to be free of him. 😉

    1. So if he has confirmed that he has known Moochy for two years he has shown her to be a liar yet again, as she swore to us she did not know him.
      He is really skilled at putting his foot in it and dropping others in the crapper….. Quite an expert in fact 🙂
      Hopefully he may bite his own tongue and poison himself.
      I may get around to watching it should I ever need an emetic.

      1. All she ever did is try to help you according to him. Yikes! Would hate to see what passes for not helping in that case 🙁 And apparently you didn’t see Morrison, only with a contradictory twist – that you were the reason why Morrison got away with it. Which if according to the Einstein of Anglesey, you didn’t see him, how can it then be your fault?

          1. Seems someone else must have been giving him some home truths, because he seemed a bit upset about people who’d called him aggressive. Nice to see he’s making lots of new anti-friends & is fitting in like a sore thumb as usual. 🙂 He wants us in a studio – hope it’s not for 1 of his cookery lessons. Don’t fancy fried dog food burgers to be honest. 😀

          2. What kind of Studio I wonder?

            He can want all he likes, but he will get nothing from me other than a celebratory drink if he ever decided to throw himself into the Menai Straits in full flood.

            That particular creature made my family’s life a complete misery for two years and I will never apologise for wishing he would just disappear forever.

    2. Jane, the slutface reference about/to you is pure misogyny.

      My boys know, the only women who will accept men who refer to women in such derogatory terms, are damaged and broken women.

      What’s he teaching his children?

      1. Yes indeed Jen, although he seemed to go quite sappy when he mentioned the howling 1. All very ‘but she likes me the best’, childlike & strange. I wondered how his wife must have felt to hear him fawning over the howler, when he constantly has to reinforce the belief that there is only 1 woman for him, his rock, his ………. bank?

        The hatred in his expression when he calls me ‘slutface’ says everything about him. 1 bilious ball of bitterness, ALWAYS wanting someone to blame for the fact he is ugly through & through & simply cannot change.

        Careful Jen, being concerned about the lessons these people are teaching their own kids get’s you labelled evil & vicious & lest we forget spiteful. Seems to me their kids are the last thought in their minds, when they decide to put them through things that could result in Social Services paying them a visit. Selfish, fame & money hungry & shameless.

  62. just in case you have missed this latest episode *link removed* I see that L***** has put a challenge for you, meeting with all those you have ‘outed’ with your other half Jane in front of a camera.

    Lets see if you will.

    I have put £1000 down that you will not take up the challenge.

    1. It would be impossible for me to meet with anyone with Jane as my other half, as surprise, surprise – she is not my other half.
      What will it take for you people to accept that one simple fact?
      Laverty knows where I am if he wants to find me, and he had ample opportunity to knock my door when he was filming outside my house.

      And I wondered how long it would take for him to slither up and try and steer things to be all about him.

      Plus I would take you seriously if you were not hiding behind a Proxy IP address ‘Dennis Quade’ BTW 🙂

      1. If he’s doing a parachute jump without the parachute or is entering the National Scuba Diving in a pair of concrete boots championships however, I’m sure we could make the effort to come & support him )

      2. *OUTLAW’S EDIT*

        Seriously ‘Dennis’ even though we both know your real name, you really need to get some professional help.

        I almost feel sorry for Chris Spivey if you lot are now entrenched on his site, it took us more than two years to eradicate you from our lives and I do not intend to allow you back in.

        Ebola has nothing on you lot 🙂

        Same old lies, same old tactics by the same old people and if Spiv has the IQ levels he claims, he should be intelligent enough to realise that he is seriously going to destroy what remains of his reputation by this association.

        Or, and this is only speculation, if he has somehow been involved with you lot all along, it will prove beyond any doubt where his real loyalties lie.

        I think the police are the least of his problems if that is the case.

        BTW: it was your references to ‘Dead Babies’ and my ‘Victims’ as well as your usual attempts to drag innocent people into this, that gave you away.

        As I said earlier, you really need to rewrite the script you are working from as it betrays your identity every single time.

        1. Laughing boy seems to have forgotten that continual harassment will see him hauled back in by the Police, having recently been convicted of a crime against this family & I know they have already made this crystal clear to him, so if he wants to push his luck, he too is going the right way about it. & The Hag too is on the Polices radar, so if she wants to draw further attention to herself from the Dutch Police, she’s on the right track. Moronic beyond belief.

          Is there any wonder why genuine survivors are loathed to come forward? Endless.

          1. I started laughing at his latest video when he spoke about how his thorough ‘investigations’ had found nothing out about me….

            No surprise there, as the history of the place he called “home” (Bryn Estyn) he had to plagiarise from the Outlaw, even though he spent a lot of his life in and around Wrexham, and it’s all at the local history centre in the town.

            He spent many years fruitlessly searching for it apparently, it took me fifteen minutes to find in the North Wales archive.

            He even managed to get the death year wrong of his supposed mate Peter Wynne who he mentioned among others in the dedication on his thesis on male rape. (Odd Subject to study).

            Sherlock Holmesesque skills of deduction and investigation he certainly has not.

            Inspector Clouseau or Mister Bean is a more accurate description.

            A wee clue for you Lavatory Mouth, try the Western Mail, The Argus or The Rhondda Leader archives…. Circa autumn 1978.

            They can be found at the National Library, Aberystwyth or the library at Treorchy in the Rhondda.

            It’s all there for anyone to find, and the ability to read 🙂

          2. The one-time Liberal Democrat Southampton Councillor Mr Sawyer you mean?

            The one who harvested private information and personal details from historic abuse survivors for his ‘Operation Greenlight’ database, and then passed on/sold to journalists like Paul Cahalan and others.

            Another particularly creepy middle-aged man with an unhealthy interest in Child Abuse, who is on a par with an advanced case of necrosis.

            I am very aware of Gojam, but I just ignore him as a rule 🙂

    2. As you are now making infantile threats ‘Dennis’ and making references to people and events that are ever so familiar, I will not be allowing any more of your comments on this site. I am saving them however as they clearly show who you are and are the same lies and fantasies that somebody else is known for spreading around. Get some new material eh? Or at least do something a bit more positive with your life.

  63. Well for a start Dennis, we are just mates, not the other half of each other & 2, L****** is a convicted stalker/harasser who we have just seen the back of after 2 years of his psychotic acts. So I think that giving that creep any more attention – which is what he is basically craving – would be classed as sheer stupidity. You can put down all the money you like, but all the advice from people who are not stupid, would be to stay well away from that freak.

  64. Rotherham child sexual abuse scandal is tip of iceberg, says police chief.

    Child exploitation is a hidden crime, and offences at home are the biggest concern, says Norfolk chief constable Simon Bailey.




    “Pardon Us For Our Country’s Existence in the Middle of Your Military Bases” – Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov’s Speech at the UN:-




    “In yet another display of the utter debasement and perversion of mainstream American culture, spearheaded by radical Jewish intellectuals and activists, a new television show promoting transsexualism is currently being broadcast by Amazon’s online television network.”



  65. The only place I’m happy to meet with any of that lot is in a court of law. I do believe it will happen too.

  66. Who accused Mc Fad of making things up? Is his protest a response to my post suggesting perhaps a published “victim” may have already been set up and waiting on twitter before any of this? If so, odd reaction, he’s not the only published victim with a book.

    I don’t like or support the guy, but that’s more to do with his triggering twitter language and me, me, me story than anything else.

    But I’d like to know if he’s kicking off because of what I said, or if he’s just kicking off to make noise again.

      1. That was 2006 and the documentary was 2008


        which is what he says prompted him to come forward


        Looking at the reports, he didn’t accuse anyone who had been accused by the men in the documentary.

        This would presumably have meant that when in their company, as in that interview, he would have had an abuse story that could not be compared with theirs. One of the men he accused, who he says was his worst abuser, reportedly died without being charged.

        The man’s name appears online only in connection with McF’s accusations, so apparently not accused by anyone else.

        While he alleges that the man was a vicious rapist, all that he otherwise seems to remember about him is that he was grandfatherly and wore a tweed jacket.

        The photograph of the man, posted on McF’s Twitter page and in a Times article, shows he was older and wore a tweed jacket, so something anyone could claim to know and hardly proof of rape.

        Being dead, he is not around to defend himself.

        1. I noticed in his Daily Mail interview of 2013 the entire part of the story where he went to Dubai, had a good job & was living the high life, which according to his 2006 interview resulted in his drug addiction, was not mentioned at all.

          “Mr McFadyen’s life fell apart when he left Caldicott. ‘I went to the police, but they didn’t want to know,’ he said. ‘It was all being swept under the carpet.

          By his 20s, he was a homeless drug addict, sleeping rough, a downward spiral that continued into his 30s. One Christmas morning he remembers waking up in a sleeping bag in Princes Street in Edinburgh.”

          Which is strange, because in his interview of 2006, “Having secured the job in Dubai at the age of 22, he remained there for several years before moving to the world’s first seven-star hotel. ”

          He went back to his mums for a few months after hitting skid row & racking up big debts at aged 29 & after that he was allegedly on the streets & a drug user.


          1. That is strange. The Mail article doesn’t mention Hawaii either. If he was born in 1966, as suggested by his Twitter account (said to be 47 in this 2014 article (http://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/life-style/from-public-schoolboy-to-begging-on-the-streets-1-3347514), saying he was in Dubai at 22 would put him there in 1988. If he then moved to the world’s first seven-star hotel, that would presumably be Burj Al Arab “the world’s only seven-star hotel”. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burj_Al_Arab But according to Wikipedia, it didn’t open until 1999, when he would have been 33. That doesn’t fit with being back in Scotland at 29, let alone with living in Hawaii before returning to Scotland. It says in another article (http://truevisiontv.com/uploads/websites/39/wysiwyg/1_Times_Ian_piece.pdf) that he hit rock bottom in his early 30s. He seems to have been in different places at once. It would be interesting to know where he really was and what he was doing.

          2. Yes, very curious isn’t it Tree? Natural to be curious with such HUGE holes in a story (or stories as seems to be the case).

            Continuity issues and victim jockeys riding off the backs of genuine survivors do seem to go hand in hand after all, so it’s understandable to want to separate the wheat from the chaff.

            Personally I can’t imagine how anyone can be so downright selfish & disrespectful as to attempt to make money out of such a cruel & callous lie, only the absolute scum of the earth would sink so low as to hijack other peoples horror stories to make a quick quid, as I’m sure Mr McF would no doubt agree. 🙂

  67. Having finally been able to read a full account from the Inkster I can only conclude that he needs serious professional help. His ship must be listing at 45 degrees due to the weight of the rodents climbing up the sides. His unproven, unwawwanted rantings against you are laughable Jimmy.

    1. Careful now Sam, you do know that the Spiv thinks that it is me posting all these comments.

      You do not want to make him even more delusional than he already is do you?

      Mind you, he also has ‘proof’ that my wife and Jane Russell are the same person and that we all work for the National Security Agency too…. 🙂

      1. And he thinks he looks good in a dress 😀 Now it doesn’t get any more deluded than that really does it? Oh sorry, I must ask permission from the great AM Guru before having a sense of humour. My bad 😉

        1. Who does… Lord Spiv?

          Ye Gods!!

          And people still look up to this man as being plausible and a credible media voice… alternative or otherwise.

          We are truly doomed 🙁

          No offence meant Leena, but this now appears to be getting more ridiculous by the day… I also strongly believed that the Ickettes were a deluded lot, but this takes bizarre to a whole new level.

          1. I suppose it’s better than the alternative, the naked photos, which creep in for some strange reason. Ironic really, after the kind of thing that was alleged about the former IT guy.

            No, definitely no offence to Leena, I get the feeling she knows a thing or 2 about style & could probably give a few pointers to people who clearly have none 😀

  68. One thing Spiv talks very little about is just how much sensitive information he has been entrusted with has now fallen in the hands of the enemy.

    He has never reassured his followers that when the Police seized his setup that their information was secure.

    Not once!

    Indeed he never really spoke of security at all apart from telling us all how many millions of times he’s been attacked by the men in tights as he likes to call them.

    I would like to read some sort of statement from him regarding this issue.

    Did sensitive information fall into the hands of the Police?

    If so why didn’t he take reasonable precaution to protect his user database?

    Its not rocket science it was obvious that sooner or later he was going to get a visit for a variety of reasons.
    Just sayin 🙂

    1. Some very good points there which of course are a cause for concern Digger.

      On a personal note I am already aware that he has not only published some emails I sent him on his site, but also passed others to a man who has only recently been convicted for harassing and stalking my family.

      I, however, have some emails safely stored which were from him, one of which states that he is going to ‘Bring Down David Icke and Brian Gerrish and the Column at some point’, so I look forward to him getting annihilated when he tries that one 🙂

      In fact everyone who has ever communicated with Spivey is now undoubtably known to the police, so there may be more arrests to follow, especially if they have been sharing both damaging and unproven allegations about prominent people.

      It could get very expensive in the current climate for some people.

      I did laugh when he talked about ‘The Men in Tights’ constantly attempting to stop his antics, as he now thinks it was me who was attacking his website all along, in the payroll of the NSA of course…

      So his credibility also seems to have taken an almighty tumble now over that allegation I should think.

      And I also agree that the content he was posting was always going to attract the sort of police attention he is complaining bitterly about now, so it’s a case of ‘If you cannot take it, do not dish it out’.

      I believe that it’s called Karma and it could not have happened to a nicer bloke.

      Why should I give him any concessions now, after the lies and blatantly false allegations he has made about me, or the personal insults about my wife and also his tacky attempts to belittle not only me, but many others who refuse to kiss his arse and hang on his every word?

      People should see what has happened here as a warning of how quickly he can, and inevitably will turn on those he once claimed were ‘his friends’ or ‘his very good friends’….

      Plus where I come from, you NEVER, EVER turn your friends over.

      It makes you a pariah and the lowest form of life beside a Paedophile or a Rapist….

      Just Saying 😉

      1. Damn it Digger! Now that IS a very powerful point.

        In the course of his activities he MUST have been entrusted with a LOT of such confidential information by people who trusted him.

        And I’m absolutely willing to bet that the “I’m a computer illiterate prick who just happens to run a site that will bring the PTTB down on me” never thought about that.

        He’s just effed it up for all those truthers who rely upon people being able to contact them in confidence with information that could only come from people who are risking their jobs, livelihoods, or lives, even.

        Can’t tell you what I now think of him.

        Outlaw would not allow such an obscene stream of “old anglo saxon”. (Copyright,the 1963 Lady Chatterly trial.)

        1. Bang on as usual OG. I am guessing there are some nervous people out there now wishing that they had not said certain things to certain people… Oh Dear 🙂

  69. And excellent point well made about the security issues & also the fact that at his whim, the confidentiality people feel they have in his hands, doesn’t actually exist.

    I did have to laugh when he said I looked like Jo Brand, despite not having seen me. Mostly because (& no offence intended) but his own Mother is the living image of a much older Jo Brand. 🙂

    So he has been hopping into bed with the now infamous & proven liar/victim jockey of Bryn Estyn has he? Says everything about what he truly is then & that Child Abuse Survivors mean absolutely nothing to him. And that goes for his HRT charidy sidekick too. Facebooka has suddenly become Rumpole of the Bailey it would seem. Fortunately only in his dreams, as clearly all the scum of the earth would be found not guilty by his meticulously woeful summing up of a fellow con man.

    These parasites actually do make me feel physically sick. There is absolutely no horrific experience suffered by anyone that they would not try to make a fast quid out of. Repulsive in every sense of the word.

    I’m sure many people have things they can hugely embarrass him with if he wants to goad himself into public humiliation as well as a Police Station – in fact it would show up his hypocrisy a treat I should think. For someone who uses an IQ score to buff up his ego & puff up his self importance, wouldn’t have thought snaking people you had fooled into thinking you were a trusted friend would have been a smart move myself. 😉

    Ebola scare shuts down building at Southwestern College








  71. Tut tut! Still sending his girls to do his dirty work?? Big brave man that he’s always telling everyone he is, hiding behind a womans skirt? Surely further attempts to harass is a very bad idea when you are already in hot water? Most people would at least have common sense enough to work that out. Unless of course attention really means so much to them that attracting any kind is all that matters. I wonder just how many people have found out just how the worm turns when they don’t bow down to his every command? Voice of the people? A liar, con man, bully boy – so what’s different to what we already have in Government?

  72. I know that Jane isnt your wife because she used to post in ‘parliament shame on you’ on face book. I told her to join Twitter, I know shes not your wife and im disgusted that Spiv’s swallowed their shit that she’s your wife. I cringed when I read him calling Jane Mrs Jones! I know that she’s not and I even told Adeynob that shes not when he was trying to say shes fake! I unlike everyone else has proof…

    1. Thank you for that Minime. 🙂 He knew I wasn’t Jimmy’s wife all along Minime, it was a very strange & desperate act of a strange & desperate man.

      Ahh so you are 1 of the people I have to blame for ever joining Twitter are you Minime? 😉 I finally relented after many months of people saying “you should join Twitter”, mostly people I had helped with Benefit queries, which was the main reason I finally joined.

      Straight into the jaws of fake anti CSA Campaigners & wannabe Heroes of the Alternative Media, who show themselves up for what they really are. Shysters.

      But 1 thing that links both things, is politicians – no surprise there then 😉

      1. We spoke in the Facebook group, mainly about paedo politicians. Didn’t realise back then the amount of bullshit that comes with CSA!

        I will admit I had you, outlaw and a few others marked down as nasty shits but now I just think we’ve all been had. People need to stop believing everything they read and do their own digging and research because, unfortunately, in this game you can only 100% trust yourself. I call it a game because it seems some people like to play silly buggers!

        1. Fair comment Minime, but I must disagree that we have all been had, as I have stated from the beginning that many people involved with CSA are charlatans and are there to disrupt, and Attack genuine survivors.

          It is probably one of the many reasons why I have been targeted so much as I did not subscribe to the hype, and follow the crowd blindly like many others appear to have done.

          I identified them, stood up to them and became isolated as a result.

          However, I am still here, have not changed my stance one iota, and have only retaliated and defended myself when attacked.

          If you see any of that as being ‘A Nasty Shit’ then of course you are entitled to your opinion, although I hope you will come to see who the real aggressors were/are.

          There are a few good people I am working with, some of whom are not prominent on the Internet as they have no desire to be targeted in a similar manner, but I can assure you that they are doing more than anybody to help and advise survivors.

        2. Yes, it does seem to be being played like a game by many Minime & that’s why I have to treat these people as if they are just characters in an ugly game, because some of these toe rags are so low, cunning, sly & rank, they will stoop to the lowest of lows to hurt, harm & hoodwink people – & they have hoodwinked many – treating like they are decent human beings really doesn’t work with them.

          And paedophile MP/MP’s is why there has been so much effort to silence survivors, all parties involved, so I guess it all goes back to square 1, with nothing really changing since when you say we 1st spoke. Just a whole lot of abuse, snide tactics & underhand tricks by people you could definitely class as “real shits”.

          As it’s pretty obvious that Dave is following the same footprint as the run up to the Waterhouse, i.e. dragging his feet in the hope he can pass the buck to Labour if they win in the general election – just as happened with the Waterhouse, I can see that there is at least 2 to 2 1/2 years of this kind of crap to go before survivors will be allowed to get any kind of peace & their lives return to the way they were pre-Tom Watson.

  73. As a casual reader of the Alternative Media I happened upon this most remarkable of situations whereby Mr. Spivey appears to have launched what seems to be a spectacularly incandescent, though unsubstantiated attack on Mr. Jones and his family.

    Spectacular in a way so far as I can see as being demonstrably unwarranted.

    The timing of this attack by Mr. Spivey appears to have occurred very shortly after his most recent arrest.

    Apparently his second arrest in a matter of months.

    Upon my reading of the apparent reasons for these subsequent arrests, given substantially by Mr.Spivey himself, I was rather perturbed to discover the second arrest was in regards to Mr. Spivey allegedly being in possession of obscene images, some of which contained children and children being sexually abused and also of acts of bestiality.

    Given Mr.Spivey’s stance on matter’s such as those mentioned prior I think it’s an absolutely outlandish development.

    Aligned with Mr. Spivey’s unseasoned attack on Mr. Jones I feel it should be said that a more than dignified response has been observed by Mr.Jones as regards the allegations that emanate from Mr.Spivey’s second arrest.

    It restore’s one’s faith when someone under a personal and highly public literary attack that emanates from a seemingly former ally respects the attributes of common law prophecies such as innocent until proven guilty.

    Many in such a circumstance would not.

    Indeed, I very much doubt the subject of the arrest would have shown anything other than malevolence.

    For that alone I congratulate Mr. Jones.

    For we must remember, like Mr Jones, that whilst Mr. Spivey was arrested for possession of indecent images including children that he is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

  74. I See from Queensland the Chavs latest ravings on You Tube that she is going to unleash all Sorts of Mayhem in coming days against those who haven’t been sucking up to her.

    You must be terrified Jimmy!

    1. Aye, petrified mate.

      One can only hope that it’s something more original and has some evidence at least to back it up this time….

      The Only Way is Essex has a lot to answer for I think, as everyone round that way, regardless of how staggeringly devoid of intelligence they happen to be, wants to be famous.

      1. When that lot find fame I want their fortune (or pennies) for the crap they talk.
        Jimmy, I wanted to thank you, because as mentioned higher up , when your home was invaded and computers seized my details remained private.

        Thank you.

        I’m also relieved that you didn’t pass my details onto D***** or Mooch, because back then they were still your play-pretend-friends who had your back, while rummaging in your pants.

        So thanks again.

        For someone who is never ever going to mention you again Janette is onto a good start this morning! PMSL

        I still want her glorified truck, and I think I also want her motor bike! Not to mention her house and anything she has of worth.

        Jan the sham will pay for her scam, make no mistake about it.

        1. Nobody who has spoken to me or contacted me in confidence have had their contact details shared Jennie.

          Neither have I published or shared any personal information, nor have I stored it in an insecure location.

          Apart from those, who are not genuine and/or lying and attacking innocent people that is.

          If anyone wishes to remain anonymous, and are genuine, I will always respect that.

        2. These people deserve to pay Jen, until they do, they will carry on picking targets to try to destroy. But at least we all know who they are & that means others are less likely to suffer them 🙂

          1. Jane, Jimmy deserve his share of that woman’s worth after the crap she has spoken about him too.

            She even sent me a link to a chat room claiming Jimmy could be found in their grooming kids, no word of a lie!

            I didn’t click the link simply because of the chaos that is online chat rooms and I wasn’t buying what she was selling. She was selling Jimmy off to all who would hear her noise as a kiddy fiddler. Those are serious allegations. I’m prepared to stand witness to it.

          2. I know he does Jen, they put him in hospital twice with their evil constant harassment, goading, abusing, attacking & even sending him & Sonia some seriously screwed up nasty head messing stuff.

            I totally believe you, as we have been told the Hag has also tried that with someone else. WHY would any right minded woman (or man for that matter) do that & how she must have searched to find such gruesome places – spreading such gross sites & trying to force people to watch whatever is on them, or read stuff that will make them ill. Certainly makes you wonder.

            So many seriously worrying things going on.. Adverts to be grandparents to kids of SINGLE parents. DVD players to countries with no electricity. Trying to force people to click on paedo related links. And all the rotten rest of it.

      2. This is the ‘It’s Even Worse Than That Jim, it’s The Only Way Is Chavex Limited Edition Hopefully’ version.

        Wig flipping is the new black 😉

  75. “Labour’s kid-gloves treatment of the police bred a lack of accountability which ultimately let down the public.
    There has been a loss of confidence in the police as a result, which is quite dangerous. Theresa is trying to tackle these historic issues to restore the public’s trust.”
    (THIS IS A PAPER FROM 2003):-


    “The explanation given by Newbury’s MP, Mr Richard Benyon, for going to war is no explanation at all. You reported (NWN Oct2 p7), “Mr Benyon said that he did not approach the vote in a ‘gung-ho’ manner, owing to the wider implications surrounding the so-called ‘dodgy dossier’ in the run-up to the 2003 Iraq War”. I should like to point out that no-one should vote for going to war in a gung-ho manner in any circumstances; going to war is an extremely serious action, and should only be undertaken when there is a well-documented and convincing case.”


    1. Then we have the current Government who are trying to privatize the Police Force, selling it off via big lucrative contracts to their mates such as G4S. The are already farming out jobs of Detective to such firms. They couldn’t even manage the Olympics Security & there have been accusations of rape in detention centers here & Abroad – although at least Australia had the good sense to rip up their contract, our Governments just keep giving them more and more contracts in all areas of the public sector. We’re all doomed 😉

  76. Just a warning to anyone about to read Spivs latest blog article.
    It might be worth blocking all images from his site at the browser level?

    I have no idea why he’s doing it but he’s started including a lot of dodgy images.

    If I didn’t know better I’d say he’s starting to groom visitors in broad daylight or he’s started to cut a deal with the enemy and using his site as a honey-trap for dodgy individuals.

    Imo its completely unnecessary to keep posting those images infecting everyones browser cache. I for one have no interest in those sort of images and I am sure the vast majority of other users don’t either.
    He’s a wrong un its bloody obvious now.

    WTF is he playing at?

    I am seriously considering completely blocking his site as the only articles he prints these days are either about him or negative articles discrediting other truthers.

    Can’t remember reading anything of real value on his blog for many months.

    Remember he completely sidestepped LB and the Currie woman.

    Another sure sign he’s cut some sort of deal.

    1. I stopped reading his site when he started the Stephen Birch rubbish as gospel Digger. At the start the Spiv had some really interesting things to stay, cutting through much of the stale, same-old of the established ‘Truth’ sites.

      But when it became obvious that he began to think that he was bigger and more important than any story he was happening to be promoting at the time, a lot of people started asking questions and turning off in large numbers.

      It rapidly descended into a self-indulgent vehicle to promote himself, much like David Icke and TPV.

      He would never admit it of course.

      The comedy aspect is always worth considering though I feel 🙂

  77. Digger. The Inkster and Queen Chav are lost in their own immaginations of what they are. Their world is crumbling. Have sympathy. Not!

  78. Flippin’ eck! Spivey sounds pretty desperate in his latest post. For some bizarre reason, he’s telling everyone he’s worried that the police will plant child porn on the computer hard drives that they confiscated from him. Hopefully, this is a symptom of his delusionary paranoia and not a sign that he has been up to even worse things. He needs to realise that when he suddenly comes up with stuff like that all it does is make people even more suspicious of him because the “they planted it on me” defence is so often used as the last resort of people trying to cover themselves! He can’t expect to go around harassing and bullying so may people over the internet for so long without there one day being some come back. To assume that he could is probably down to the over-confidence that comes as the result of an enlarged ego. Perhaps, the Spivenator’s deranged state of mind is a result of his stupid fan club have ‘bigging’ him up for so long?

      1. Hmm strange Leena, especially seeing as La Wig set up his latest Donations Beg Fest stating that the Police HAD already planted the gross images on the computer. Surely if they had planted them in the 1st place, they would have made sure there was enough to stick?

        Now he’s saying he thinks the Police will set him up by planting them on the computer is he??

        Continuity issues – there’s a lot of it about. Especially poor when the 2 who seem to be having trouble getting their stories straight are hand in glove & are new BFF’s 😉

        I can see how to continue to keep posting up dodgy images could be being misconstrued (or otherwise) as someone getting a kick out it & sharing their warped buzz.

    1. ‘Spivenator’ PMSL…. Nice one Leena 🙂

      Oh Gawd, I just had a vision of seeing that appearing on T-Shirts all over Essex now.

  79. Just an observation. D***** posted that internet trolls face up to 2 years in jail.

    I wonder if he has twigged on yet that Chris Spivey is a bonifide Troll, identified and named as such by the newspapers, like Brenda Leyland was.

    That’s his new best mate, so what exactly is he gloating about?

    Trip trap trip trap

    1. L****** is another one who has obviously misunderstood the simple fact that his own behaviour online is the classic definition of an Internet troll.

      I believe the term is ‘Projection’ as they constantly accuse others of being guilty of what they are doing to people on a daily basis.

    1. Aye, probably his greatest one yet.

      Not one thing he said is actually true and makes no sense whatsoever if you are aware of the real story.

      The man struggles with the concept of honesty, he always has.

      Google ‘The Secret of Bryn Estyn’ for only one example of his tenuous grasp of reality. He has made a career out of making false allegations, suing people and manipulating people and cashing in on his ‘victim’ status.

      Which is yet another lie BTW.

      It’s all available online.

      1. Would make a great study video for a trainee Psychologist though. Wonder if any are using him as a study subject. 😀

  80. Hello Jimmy and Co,

    I’m Rani, I’m the first person Spivey viciously verbally attacked before he started attacking other established journo’s and conspiracy theorists. I immediately after been bullied by the man on his site was sent death threats and gangstalked. Police are involved as its got really bad. I explain everything on my blog. Please visit it- http://the-caffeineista.tumblr.com -its titled Agent Blobfish. (LoL) Now I hear his accusing you and a tech guy of planting what was worryingly found on his computer which is a dangerous and libellous statement. I’m sure the trolls have already started sending you nasty messages as they did to me which is a frightening experience. I’m glad in a way that he is targetting a lot of people as maybe now people will see him for what he is.


    1. Hi Rani…

      Did I just read that correctly?

      Spiv is now accusing me of planting mucky images on his computer?

      If true, you are right that is a dangerous accusation to make and is indeed highly libellous.

      I also have had the usual messages, from the usual supects, saying the usual rubbish both on here and by email etc which I expected anyway TBH.

      I shall have a look at your site to see what’s going on and do some digging 🙂

  81. Hi Jimmy,

    On this website you are accused of helping Spivey find a tech guy who apparently planted evidence on computer in question.

    Check it out. Screenshot everything Jimmy, I can’t screenshot on my phone for you.


    1. Hi Rani,

      I did help him find a Tech Guy who was recommended to me by somebody on Twitter, as I have explained in an earlier post, so if that’s his accusation, he is clearly even more demented than normal.

      BTW, I have removed the link you posted to Matt Taylor’s website as I do not want the Outlaw to be associated with that character either. 🙂

  82. Hi Jimmy,

    Screenshot everything Jimmy and send to your email and friends emails for evidence as they are accusing you of stitching someone up on a heinous crime, as seen on other blogs you are been accused of everything along with other people. I’m sure you will be suing. Sure I’m going to start been trolled again and written about by Spiv. Keep safe. 🙂


  83. I see that a certain notorious BE bully boy is now dishing out threats on Twitter to others – although it appears that despite their previous knowledge and witnessing of this, his targeted stalking of you is deemed as a ‘personal spat’, hardly!
    More like deja vu of his precious victim jockey escapades that failed this time around and now they are his next victims.

    No matter what rubbish is spouted, what he does is nothing to do with you. And his mummy figure hasn’t worked out that HE was the 1 found guilty, whilst no crime was proven to have been committed by you.

    Well they know what to do and any who are regional can always contact Wrexham Police and report the threats, then they might actually find something actually gets done to stop it, especially as he is still on a conditional discharge. Just a thought 😉

    1. Just ignore him, he will not stop as it’s the only thing he can do to make himself heard.

      He has nothing positive to say about anyone he cannot control or hoodwink, nor can he ever hope to contribute anything worthwhile.

      Forget about him, I have 🙂

    2. Just been on youknowwho’s website and shocked, his showing private emails (maybe doctored) , naming names and showing screenshots of people who disagree with him or apparently trolling him.

      And again painting everything the way he sees it to show himself in the best light possible and showing things he shouldn’t be showing or putting online for all to see.

      Its not professional!

      And you know he knows what his doing right don’t you?

      Because those people will now be trolled his ‘exposed’.

      Its getting dangerous, this whole situation- and the police I am sure are defo watching.

      He needs to stop this. I knew sooner or later it was all going to come out, his lies and deceit, because guess what?

      Lee Rigby did exist and it wasn’t a false flag! So sad. This won’t end well for him.


      1. There does seem to be a lot of people squirming and lashing out at anyone now Rani.

        I may have to agree to disagree on the Lee Rigby thing though, unless of course you know something more? 🙂

    “The Savile compensation scheme was first advertised in national newspapers. Claims are checked by a small group of ‘scrutineers,’ made up of members of Savile’s family, a few friends and former colleagues.
    They are prevented from discussing claims so it’s impossible to establish their veracity.
    The task is still harder because the police, who seized Savile’s diaries that recorded his movements for more than 20 years, say they have ‘lost’ them.”

    Read more:


    “Just how malicious and vindictive, however, she has only now revealed. Because, in a new legal action, 35-year-old Miss Howard says her employers not only discriminated against her, but accused her of crimes – including possession of an indecent image of a child – she had not committed to silence and discredit her.
    Read more:


    O.G’s NOTE;Read this one above.It is a classic instance of a pack of animals suddenly turning on “one of their own”,for no reason that makes any sense or logic to an outsider.
    One pack animal starts & the others join in,all trying to go “one better” than the others.A kind of contest to see who can inflict the most damage.Like a gang of late-night drunks,where one starts by picking on a passer-by & the others all join in.Its rather like “folie a deux” – the French psychiatric term for “the madness of two”,but magnified to “the madness of crowds”..
    The Moors Murderers were a classic instance of this.Indivdually they weren’t a problem,together they spurred on each others hidden evil….

    1. OG.. You are aware that the Spiv has accused me of playing a part in the alleged planting of said evidence on his computer don’t you?

      And ‘Folie a Deux’ is a fitting description of what’s been happening, although I would bet a substantial amount that there is also more that lies behind this than just an irate blogger beating his chest and shouting louder than anyone else….

      It will all emerge in the fullness of time I should think.

      1. Outlaw:I don’t doubt that he did accuse you. I did tell you earlier that I’ve been totally blocked from his site for about a week now and cannot get through by proxies and Im not going to bother to try.

        As I recall (and please note, this from from memory),the last 2 articles of his that I read were the ones titled – I think and “Scandal” and the L***** one.

        If that accusation was in the latter post then all I can say is that you would have been just one of the targets he was lashing out at.

        IIRC, there were so many targets I just couldnt now remember them all.

        It was a sort of vast ,wide-ranging saloon bar rant rather than a careful forensic dissection of his accusations.

        I didnt download “scandal” because I decided to come back to it when there were more comments on it. I did copy some links,as I said earlier,but when I came back to download,the L***** one wouldn’t,& when I tried to go back to “scandal” via his on-page go-back link,I was sent back to the proxy,the proxy took over and when I tried to go back via THAT, I was blocked.

        So from now on I’m going to try to steer clear of anything to do with this disaster area, and if I post anything that resembles anything on his site at the time,then it’s coincidence.
        (P.S.I have a suspicion that the real reason for the blocking is because I’m now posting stuff on your site andhave been for a while.Just sayin’.)

        1. Hi OG. I am glad you posted this as you are not the only one by any means who has contacted me with the same complaint that they have been blocked from accessing and also commenting on his site.

          Others have also complained to me privately that their comments have been changed to read something different or deleted altogether.

          You will notice that I have edited the name of the idiot from Anglesey, from both your and other poster’s comments, as surprise, surprise he has now started reporting the Outlaw to the North Wales police, for, get this, ‘Trolling him and his family’, which is a bit odd considering he has posted yet another YouTube video where he has spewed yet more lies about me and has continued with his nonstop Twitter Campaign of threats and false accusations.

          May I request that anyone who posts here does not mention him by name again, to at least free up some time for the police to investigate something other than endless complaints from timewasters like this man and his rather odd associates. 🙂

          1. How can you be trolling him, we’ve ignored him since he was found GUILTY of approaching you , Mrs J & the kids on holiday?? However, he has continued his warped ways & the Police even had to remind him that if he kept on, they would keep arresting him. Stranger than strange.

            And after posting that latest moronic video where he is clearly unhinged, what does he actually think he will achieve by making yet another false complaint? The last 1 he cooked up with his co-conspirator was proven to be false.

            As I said yesterday, I have looked at none of his drivel since he was found guilty. No need to, his conviction put him in our rear view mirrors, with no need or desire to ever look back or give him a 2nd thought. 😉

            Well I hope they watched his, ahem, rather strange clip, I think that & his history show just who it is that is obsessed & won’t let go, he even wanted us in a studio, we certainly wouldn’t be inviting him into 1 – NO THANKS!!! . 🙁

          2. seems you have been listening to fairy tales again, as he was not found guilty, he admitted guilt to a far less charge. by the way Miss fuckety off is back on twitter @mfoagain thought she was your best friend?

  85. I am not going to let your comment through ‘Dennis’ but in case you were concerned, the NWP and my solicitor already have a copy of that clip and the email you mentioned. I am looking forward to the result of your continued bungling attempts at scare tactics. Oh yes, by the way, they have identified who produced the video clip too, it has a digital watermark apparently. Enjoy your little games as they are not going to last much longer 🙂

  86. Yes ‘Dennis’ – Operation Pallial also have a copy of it, as do others & the only person you will get in trouble is the person who should be in trouble = the Public Servant who purposely broke the law to provide personal, private & confidential info to the very abusers I had written to him to ask for his help. Obviously, I did not know at this stage that he was a very good friend of 1 of the pretend anti CSA campaigners who has abused, attacked, & done his best to try to destroy genuine survivors. So carry on ‘Dennis’ because as usual, you less than intelligent little venomous souls will end up doing what you always do, end up looking completely idiot. 🙂

    No, will be a treat to watch ‘Dennis’ end up looking an absolute fool as per usual.

  87. So if that email has in fact been passed to the Police THANKS DENNIS, you have probably done us a huge favour. Maybe someone will now treat it as a criminal offence that it IS, purposely to help a bunch of freaks with criminal convictions & revolting old hags who like to try to force vulnerable women to watch her paedo clip collection. A sacking offence for a Public Servant normally, breach of Codes of Conduct to aid and abet abusers/crims & illegal too. Well done Dennis, nice work ! 😀

    An own goal, which makes me wonder if you are the same thicko who has scored so many of those already. 🙂

  88. As far as I am concerned Spivey has exposed his self as a wrongen in these allegations against us which are totally fraudulent . He is trying to discredit me and My 48 Woolwich vids, take the Woolwich crew in different direction . I bet he wont mention the Jesuits of Rome . David Camoron this, Queen that blah blah blah . Now the gloves are off . Dont let em bother ya Jimmy . Peace ANTISLAVEBOY

  89. Did that foul-mouthed degenerate Chris Spivey ever come up with any evidence of his crackpot claims about you Jimmy?

    Or is he like the rest of the Alternative Online Mouthpieces – full of piss and wind?

  90. The claim of a high I.Q always comes just before someone shows themselves to be pretty much the opposite. I couldn’t get beyond the ‘someone from the government approached me with ….’ before having a laugh at that very scenario. ‘Here, I’ve got the lowdown on the latest politico-nonce story, must rush off and find a semi-literate, self-deluded thug troll to publish it.

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