So the wide-awake and ever vigilant British population appears to have got exactly what it wanted, with it’s interweb petitions and relentless pressure brought about by countless millions of furious key presses and #hashtag activism on social media.

“Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

It has ‘forced’ the Home Secretary Teresa May ,and the Conservative Government to announce a wide-ranging enquiry, into how allegations of child abuse by politicians and other powerful institutions, like the NHS, the BBC and the Church during the 1970s, 1980s and the 1990s were handled.

Retired Judge Baroness Butler-Sloss, has been appointed to head this enquiry, as the incumbent guests at Downing Street have told you that Baroness Butler-Sloss “commands widespread respect and confidence”.

Phew! I was worried then for a while who was going to be in charge.

Putting aside the fact that her late brother Sir Michael Havers was Attorney General during the 1980s, and was suspected as being among those who made the Dossier presented to Home Secretary Sir Leon Brittan, by Geoffrey Dickens MP, ‘disappear’.

Butler-Sloss has assured the BBC she was unaware of her brother’s link to the controversy, and said she will not resign, despite increasing objections to her appointment.

“I know absolutely nothing about it.”

“If people think I am not suitable, then that’s up to them.”

(She says it like you actually have a choice)

The same Baroness Butler-Sloss that was forced to make a public apology to the House of Lords, on Febuary 28, 2013, for wrongly claiming Fathers4Justice made death threats against her.

The same Baroness Butler-Sloss that, until June 2007, chaired the inquests into the deaths of Diana, Princess of Wales, and Dodi Fayed.

She stood down from that date, the task being completed by Lord Justice Scott Baker.

No satisfactory explanation was ever given, for her stepping down, although it remains an open question, as to whether it was Mohammed Al-Fayed’s Judicial Review, on the grounds that the inquest should not be conducted without a jury was responsible.

A jury, made up of members of the public could have stood a very good chance of finding that the deaths were not an ‘accident’, but that is pure speculation and of course should not be seriously considered as a valid reason for doing so.

What were you thinking?

Baroness Butler-Sloss was also responsible for granting life-long anonymity to John Venables and Robert Thompson, the brutal killers of Liverpool toddler James Bulger, upon their release in 2001.

So a perfect solution then, and one that will undoubtably inspire confidence among the majority of Tabloid Reading, MSM news viewing and clearly brain dead Social Media using members of the British public.

Pay no attention to the dissenting voices heard among some MPs and the Alternative Media, who can clearly identify yet another cover-up to add to the already long list of cover-ups and suppression of the truth.



If I was a cynical type, I could think that there were certain parties on Social Media, who’s sole intention was to force the Government to announce this enquiry, and were somehow complicit, and had full knowledge of an enquiry of this type having the obvious need and the power to bury the evidence.


33 thoughts on “A SAFE PAIR OF HANDS

  1. Nice top up to her already mahusive pension though I expect. That’s ushered them into 1 pen, where to next? 🙁

    1. Will there ever be ultimate ‘truth’ all the time the same people are pulling the strings when there are some very un-classy but rich & powerful people with way too much to loose?

      Look at Peter Morrison for example & his fine pedigree. He has been named by many people I believe, including Politicians.

      I wonder if all those politicians are being hounded for saying that in Broad daylight in the media no cut and shut sly public mind meld manipulation tricks Jimmy J.

      Someone will have a big tube of superglue dabbing away on that deck of cards doing all they can to stop the topple. Looking a bit wobbly at the mo.

      Lots of headless chickens about I’ve noticed. Must be a fox in the pen.

      Hope all those shouting will not lose their voices if this turns out to be the same old script & the genuine survivors are completely ignored and a few greedy limelight obsessed sons of biscuits with the morals of a parasite get to ride the compo train so the Government can put it to bed…….. AGAIN.

      In the meantime, the survivors that everyone’s busy shouting about need protection, respect and help are being left like sitting ducks. If I didn’t know better I’d say how convenient is that?

      So the next time someones stroking Tom Watsons ego (or seersucker sideburns) on Twitter etc, can you please tell him Jane says:- cheers Tom, nice move! Your little announcement has left people in actual danger. Did you think about the consequences of your heroic deed & make sure there was a mechanism in place to protect these people before you entered Stage Left? What’s that Tom? Is that a big fat NO? Ahhh never mind, burger anyone?

  2. “For proponents of renewable energy, it seems like every time a technology is primed to save the world, it gets dogged by some ironic bit of environmental unpleasantness. Wind turbines can be dangerous to birds and bats. Biofuels require so much land, fertilizer, and water that they may use more energy to produce than they provide. Hydropower dams screw up a whole lot of river habitat and stop fish from spawning.”


    “In yet another act of blatant, unacceptable hypocrisy coming from the organized Jewish community, Jewish groups in America – all of whom vehemently support the Jewish state of Israel and demand that it remain the “homeland of the Jewish people” – are demanding President Obama and Congress welcome the thousands – perhaps millions – of illegal aliens criminally entering the United States.”

    “Very recently I came across a scenario in the streets of Hollywood, California. The big scene seemed a bit striking to the average person walking by as it was the middle of the day in a crowded busy Hollywood street. A closer look caused me to be even more intrigued – there was a gentleman being arrested. He was in handcuffs and surrounded by three or four armed officers. Or were they really officers?”

    “Scotland Yard is investigating this former A list singer/reality star for providing women to various athletes and acting as their madam. The lead witness is a former best friend who was one of the women.”

    “DARPA along with many other technologically advanced government run companies are developing disturbing psychotropic and neurological weaponry that can manipulate the minds of millions. These highly advanced technologies include mind-reading binoculars, mind-controlling helmets, satellite mind reading, chip implants, remote control brain manipulation, and more.”

    “On July 1st, during a meeting with all Russian ambassadors and permanent representatives, President Vladimir Putin revealed the details of a blatant blackmail against France. The US Administration used its unilateral (and de facto illegal) sanctions against Cuba, Iran and Sudan to punish France and in particular the Banque Nationale de Paris – Paribas. The Bank was blackmailed in to paying $8.97 billion for not submitting to the malicious diktat of the power-drunk but weakening hegemon, even though the sanctions are not a decision agreed to by France.”

  4. Just seen a funny image, the 3 witches, I was hysterical with laughter :P. Was that supposed to be a ‘proper’ threesome do ya think?? Didn’t look very exciting to me, practically boring tbh **yawns at the lack of originality**.
    On another note, how long now Outlaw?

    1. 14 days or 13 and a brek…. Aye they look as if they are on a pensioners Tour of Welsh Campsites.

      About as much fun as a tapeworm infestation…. ZZZZZZZZZZ!

      Hubble, Bubble, Toil. and Boggins

      1. My eyes must be tired, because I thought it was some tacky advert for some local Grab a Granny night.

  5. I thought I’d write out some handy tips for women who are petrified of their ex’s to help them keep a low pro. There’s only 1 really:-

    Don’t flaunt yourself all over every tabloid (where funnily enough some of you seem to have no problem at all with the journo printing where you live), website, TV station, social media site, and generally saturating the entire media with your story.

    I’ve never known a genuine victim of domestic abuse to be all razzle dazzle, “look at me, here I am honey”.

    Or 1 that has been accused of lots of abuse around the www.

    That kind don’t exist do they?

  6. Done something with it’s life hahahahahahahahahahahaha what, donned a pair of marigolds and carried on abusing in between scrubbing pans?
    Oh dear oh Lor’! Keep expecting Sid James to pop up and titles for a new film to roll up the screen – Carry on up the Back Passage.

    Such a relief when the measures in place to stop abusers working with kids works. You hear of these cases where some super creepy so and so has smarmed their way through an interview, only to be weeded out at the last minute by the background checks. I think we all breath a BIG sigh of relief when we see the system work as it should.

    Norman Tebbit fessing up about Peter Morrison now too. Peter Morrison seen at Bryn Alyn I believe. NOT Bryn Estyn as the CH4 film cunningly tries to imply. The EVIDENCE shows that as clear as day, you’d have to be as thick as 2 short planks with a history of being a compulsive liar not to grasp such a simple basic fact. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone in existence that was.

    Waterhouse Inquiry, The BRILLIANT Secret of Bryn Estyn By RICHARD WEBSTER. Very well respected man by all accounts, his investigative work was much lauded and he was very much liked. And also A Migzie Tale by Stephen Wynne. 3 very good reads, all written by other people but saying all the same thing about the same person.

    Glad I haven’t got a dog now in a way, at least I don’t have to worry about some evil gutless little runt setting fire to it. Who would do such a terrible thing? Only the scum of the earth. If I were a pair of ugly old haggard novelty dogs head slippers, I’d be worried that I’d be next. Not a great loss though, hated those ugly old slippers anyway.

  7. Carry on up the Back Passage! I like it Jane :). I expect it will be getting a ban from TESCO soon too, won’t look too good for business purposes either.

    I wonder if that other poster has a transcript to send to netmums, can’t imagine anyone over there would be too pleased about promoting a business headed by people who threaten others over the phone.

    Ah what will they come out with today? We’ve done the paedo bit, we’ve done the ss threats, we’ve done the actual threats – hmmm taps fingers on chin – “What can we say today? Quick form a circle and let’s bounce some ideas about.

    Ooo, I know, what if we say Outlaw is ignoring us and isn’t he such a bad person for doing so?

    Yes, that should get everyone on our side, quick get more rellies to add as followers on Twitter”.

    Yes I truly believe they are that simple.

    “Eeeeyoooore” Did someone just let the pantomime donkey in?

    1. Aye Mildred, what surreal messed up twaddle will it be today? Insanity like I’ve never witnessed & hope to never again.

      A conversation on tape. That could be tricky. Councils Not sure they’d be best pleased either, let alone parents. Certainly sends shivers down the spine.

      Bored of the “my action man’s bigger than your action man stuff”. Both lame and factually incorrect. It’s about time someone grew up and started facing the music THEY purposely put on the turntable & thought their slyness and craftiness was a proper howl. The poor little defenseless Princess act is seriously pathetic. Yap, yap, yap.

      Makes me wonder if there are cases where the friends and relies of people who’ve been accused of abuse carry out their own little trawling exercise. Would have thought that was a real bad idea myself.

      Chihuahuas aren’t a breed known for their intelligence. They do have a strange little dog syndrome thing going on though. Bolshy but pointless bravado, you’d think some actually thought they were wolves. I know … totally ridiculous, hysterical even. Dogs eh? 🙂

      1. Maybe it was all a ‘dream.’

        That seems to be a popular excuse used when tripped up by their own words and their fairy tales fall miserably short of actual reality.

        Deleting their abusive tweets and comments is another fave for them too.

        If only there was a ‘delete’ button that worked on people eh?

        Could make a fortune..

  8. ♫ Dance … Yap yap woof woof woof ♫ don’t mind me, just starting the day off with an uplifting tune.

    I prefer music to matches, my pets always have too. 😉

  9. Oh I missed the mental health stuff! I see they have tried that one too bahaha! Sorry, that won’t go anywhere either. What next? Well there is NOTHING next let me tell you, and do you know why there is NOTHING next? Because there is NOTHING that anyone can say that will matter. A bit of an epic failure on their part. Looks a bit of a washout really, better pack up the camp van and return to inbred Island *circled* 😛

  10. Trying_hard ‏@just_standing2 5m
    @paulrogers002 @Adeybob @darrenlavertyx its just him, jane, grouchy now, and they are probably all him lol

    Can I just say, Janette and I have some unfinished business. I hope she has included my name and details in her reports, because she knows I’m no troll or fake like her attack team like people to believe I am, because they would like to forget what they did in their rush to manipulate the narrative of the aftermath of that Newsnight piece.

    Tha’ts what I believe. Like a pack of dogs rushing to bury bones they covered form with and each other in mud

    Am I wrong WillBlackWriter and MarkWilliamThoms?

    Janette Scharenborg forgets she mailed me stating she was working with Mark. I asked him on twitter if she was and he denied that much.

    So who is the liar?

    Janette Scharenborg or Mark William Thomas?

    And, Kevin Green, the journo without borders told me he was Steven Messham. Messham denies he is/was.

    I’m confused. Who is the liar there?

    Kev Green claimed to be working with Janette, Mark and another Journo.

    Was he? Is he?

    Is she?

    Is she the leader?

    Or the Huffington post pet?

    1. Hmm thanks Jen!

      Whoops! Think you may have caused a few blushes there for a few people. 😉

      Can’t imagine in my wildest dreams the hag being in charge of anything more than a comb, but stranger things have happened & there is nothing stranger than all this and all these ‘delightful’ people that for some strange reason, just won’t get the message.

      Come and talk to us on the forum at any time – only if you want to of course – especially if you start getting flack for speaking out. We all share the same aim – to see and end to this & to be free from these ‘people’ & get some peace 🙂

  11. PS: I can’t believe Scharenborg is talking about Kate. She told me way back then that Kate was really Janey Godley and that she was really good mates with Billy Connelly’s wife Pamella Stevenson, and was covering for the abusers, I shit you not!!!!

    Ask Jane Godley about the ring incedent, spurred on by Janette!

    Get the police Janette, bring them to me. I’m waiting for you. I wont come to you because you will accuse me of stalking. Bring them. Let the truth come out for once.

  12. I meant, I don’t believe sharenborg is talking about Kate, as in, I DON’T BELIEVE SCHARENBORG IS TALKING ABOUT KATE!!!! WTF?!

  13. Yep, looks like no one’s buying any old flannel or Human Toilet Duck today. Think the rains ruined that summer parade or is it charade? Always get those 2 mixed up on the www.

    Social Media and me. It can be very telling when people comment on twitter replying to comments they allege are on Facebook.

    I think some people do that so that their big sisters/brothers/nans/aunties etc don’t find out that they are still up to their old tricks. Same old tricks, different decade. Must be humiliatingly embarrassing for others in a family when 1 completely toxic rotten little rodent keeps showing them up so monumentally with it’s Del Boy and Rodney like compo chasing dream.

    This time next year ………………………… yeah, I know, you’ll still be wearing the marigolds. Millionaires Limited Edition rubber gloves with fake sparkly cuffs. OoooOOoooo pretties! At least you did something with your life. Washing up the mess after family meals & stalking people. Whadda hero eh?


    1. Speaking of ‘families’ Jane, I’m sure I read something about the creepy stalker’s new BFF having a brother who did something untoward with a young woman. I wonder who found that story out in the first place? After all it would take someone with dogged determination who was intent on ‘finding’ something on someone to use against them at a later date. Now what type of person would want to build dossiers about people, and what type of person would get close to a ‘victim’ to get as much info on them as possible, and what type of person would want any such information to ‘get out there’ to make sure the other person complied?
      I’m reminded of someone but I cannot at this moment in time picture who.

      1. Oh yes Mildred, the chirpy chappy dossiers. Seen how that works in action a few times. As soon as someone looks like they are about to start blowing whistles it’s all ‘remember those emails we shared?’.

        Nasty little snides some people. Not so much clever, but sly and cunning. Nurture or nature? Pretty sure I saw a blog article about it somewhere, but I’m damned if I can remember where. 🙂

  14. Fuck them all Jimmy.

    People can see whos who and whats what and you are getting more support by the day. Toilet mouth and the old hag are a Twitter joke and their time is just about up. They are just to stupid and obsessed to see it for themselves.

  15. noticed once again Mr Spivey is not on your `essential links` do i now understand that he is taboo? like `the needle/slog etc etc etc`

    1. And your reason for asking is?

      Stirring some more shit about me like you do on the Needle perhaps Mr Carey?

      Spivey is getting attacked, one of the ways this is being done is via links posted on his site by trolls and assorted Nutters.

      By keeping the sites separate it keeps the attacks to a minimum.

      1. just think you are nasty – is that wrong? you have been nasty about me – just have this perception because chris/dogman have removed you from their site that you have done the same – could be wrong but even you must admit you are a nasty piece of work

        1. If you say so John, but I have given you more time than you deserve, and have been courteous when I should really ignore you and the lies you spread around various sites about me.

          That was the last time I will give you a voice here. Have a nice evening 🙂

        2. John, why don’t you just get the message you harsh worded hussy you?

          You are to be found on the blog of the pretend anti CSA pretender gushing and a fawning. Do you really think that J is going to be intimidated by anything you say? Your little mind games don’t work sunshine, have you not sussed that out yet?

          You have been given a perfectly reasonable explanation. Trying to rake like a bitch really isn’t going to do you any favours ‘Mr Personality’.

          Stay on the noodle, there’s a good little lacky. Is someone a bit worried perhaps? If not, why else would you be nibbling away like a rabid rodent trying to cause some little storm in an A cup?

          Bye John, seriously, stay away old bean. No offence, but sling your hook please fella.

          How many fake profiles did the spoiled brat have? Sounds very much like his style of chat up line when someones given him the noodle. Having a bad day noods?

          You could have least brought roses John. Tut! 😉

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