The Internet, in its current form, has been described by an increasing number of people as being comparable to the ‘Wild West’ of legend, and if what I and others have been witnessing lately on Social Media and some rather oddball, so-called ‘Alternative Media’ websites is any thing to go by – is an entirely fair observation.

I am referring of course to the emergence of what can only be described as deeply disturbing and worrying instances, of cash ‘rewards’, or incentives being publicly offered to people who disclose the personal details of other internet users, in order for them to be stalked, or even physically attacked at their own homes and places of work.

Comments taken from Chris Spivey’s Facebook page

I am not even joking here, I only wish I was, as over the past few days, a number of comments have appeared which cannot be anything other than what they appear to be.

The first instance, shown above, appeared on Twitter on the account of a @JS2, who is well known to regular readers of the Outlaw, as being a female residing in Beltrum, Holland by the name of Janette Scharenborg.

It was tweeted in response to something posted on Twitter by convicted Internet bully (I hesitate to use the word ‘troll’) Christopher D Spivey, who only very recently received a large fine and suspended prison sentence, for his obsessive stalking and trolling of the immediate family members of murdered British Soldier Lee Rigby.

Mainstream Media article

As part of the sentencing process of this clearly deluded, and odious web crackpot, one stipulation was that certain restrictions had been placed upon him, one being that he had been instructed to not post freely on social media or blogs, which he quite obviously has ignored as both his Facebook and Twitter accounts clearly show.

His website, which is a mixture of crackpot conspiracy theories, outrageous claims, blatant lies and positively littered with instances of guttural grunting, foul language, libel, infantile and hurtful personal attacks on all and sundry, and a large number of threats and intimidating references to a number of people he has targeted.

The greater majority of those he has targeted are entirely innocent, and have done nothing other than call him out on his many lies, and have questioned his nonsensical claims about what he believes is the ‘truth’ behind a number of recent events.

He has verbally attacked and insulted the victims of the awful accident at Alton Towers Theme Park earlier this year, claiming the young lady who lost her leg was a ‘crisis actor’, therefore was somehow ‘faking’ her injuries, he has also claimed that the Glasgow refuse lorry crash was a ‘staged event’, the shootings in Tunisia didn’t happen and has targeted a number of people with entirely unprovoked and vile personal attacks.

One of whom was Alan Barnes, (who Spivey referred to as ‘Dobbie’) a 67-year-old visually impaired man who also had a number of unfortunate birth defects’ who was mugged outside his home in Gateshead, in February this year, breaking his collarbone as he was pushed to the ground in the cowardly attack.

Spivey claimed the justification for his despicable attack on Mr Barnes, was that a young woman, Katie Cutler had taken it upon herself to set up a ‘Go Fund Me’ page for people to donate whatever they wished towards helping him, as he was left too frightened to return to his home after being attacked.

Spivey has particularly focussed on the large amount of money that was raised during the appeal and the media coverage, that was afforded to this act of altruism, and people who read his scathing personal attack at the time, came to the conclusion that insane jealously and the resulting spite was the motivation of that particularly unpleasant outburst.

I leave it to the reader to decide for themselves his reasoning for this.

The reason that I am even mentioning Chris Spivey here, is that the subject of this article, the aforementioned ‘@JS2’ AKA Janette Scharenborg, has also recently began posting her vomitus in the comments section of Chris Spivey’s website, and their connections are clearly visible by the subject matter of his latest offering which appeared underneath this image.

Hardly a coincidence would you agree?

In his latest crackpot ‘exposé’, Spivey has made among others, the entirely ridiculous claim that Jane Russell is not only the alter-ego of freelance Journalist Sonia Poulton, but that Ms Poulton also finances and has also written the articles that have appeared on this very site.

Just in case you thought that the claims could not get any more ridiculous, ‘@JS2’ had added to the insanity on show over there, by then claiming that Ms Russell, is not Ms Poulton at all, but believes it to be my wife Helen, until she changes her mind soon after and then decides it is in fact a lady called Sheva Burton, a veteran child abuse campaigner and activist, who started the ‘Join The Dots’ campaign and organised the 2010 Child Abuse Rally in London, which was the largest of it’s type at the time.

Comment taken from Chris Spivey’s website
Comment taken from Chris Spivey’s website

As I mentioned earlier, regular readers of the Outlaw will be only too aware of Ms Scharenborg, as she had initially targeted me back in 2012, after I refused to divulge the personal details of a historic Child Abuse victim, who had questioned Scharenborgs motives in regard to her contacting vulnerable abuse victims,  and her somewhat dubious background.

Following her targeted ‘trolling’ and stalking of myself and others, I did a bit of research on her, and discovered that her brother David Meachen, had been convicted and sentenced to ten years imprisonment, after a particularly brutal sexual assault on a lady in South-West Wales, he had incapacitated with a ‘Date Rape’ drug, before sodomising her with a blunt object, causing horrendous injuries, which resulted in her being fitted with a colostomy bag.

All of this information is freely available in the public domain, and was reported in the media at the time, so was not obtained ‘illegally’ or nefariously as has been claimed by Scharenborg, therefore there is no legal restriction on publishing any or all of the associated information regarding that event – but that did not prevent Scharenborg from reporting both myself and this website to the North Wales Police on more than a dozen occasions for highlighting it.

Mainstream media article abut David Meachen’s conviction

Scharenborg, with the assistance of others, also had me arrested in 2013, after a comment I had left on the ‘Needle Blog’ was digitally manipulated and reported to the police – an arrest that ensured that I remained on police bail for almost seven months, and left me legally unable to even defend myself and respond to the huge levels of online attacks levelled at myself and my family by Scharenborg and her online cronies.

One of her online ‘contacts’, no doubt encouraged by a cash incentive from Scharenborg, also began personally stalking my family for more than two years, which forced the North Wales Police to act in order to stop what was described as ‘a disturbing and extremely worrying campaign’ that my family had been subjected to for many months.

The offender was thankfully, finally arrested and convicted, and given a 1 – year conditional discharge after threatening me in front of my three children, one of whom was only five years old at the time, which no doubt gave the stalker the courage to confront me, knowing full well that I would not respond in front of my children, causing them undue further distress.

That is the type of person, that Scharenborg has always been associated with, and who is now pulling Spivey’s strings, as the rubbish he is now producing on his website is a carbon copy of what Scharenborg has been circulating via her various proxy social media accounts since 2012.

Happily, following my languishing on bail for months, both the police and the Crown Prosecution Service, after investigating thoroughly, decided that I had been subjected to an entirely false and malicious allegation, and ‘No Further Action’ resulted from an arrest, and an investigation, which had swallowed up hundreds of police man hours and no doubt cost the taxpayer, many thousands of pounds.

It made not one iota of difference to Scharenborg and her cohorts though, as even today, the North Wales Police are still receiving up to twenty calls a week, alleging my being responsible for every crime imaginable, going back decades in some cases.

Now that is some personal vendetta would you agree?

Bordering not only on the obsessive, but also clearly showing worrying signs of insanity and pure wickedness.

However, what Ms Scharenborg, Christopher D Spivey and his band of internet misfits, which include another well-known web troll, Ciaran Goggins, who repeatedly not only trolled a rape victim, but published a link to a website that named her, and has not only supported Spivey in person when he appeared at Chelmsford Magistrates Court, but also regularly comments on his site, appear to have not realised – is that Jane Russell is a real person.

A real person who has not only become a dear friend to both myself and my family, but also a number of others, who would NOT, under any circumstances reveal anything about her personally, nor divulge her location, her address or her movements – however much cash is offered.

That is something that the greater majority of these online freaks and disparate misfits repeatedly fail to comprehend, that normal people, have an inbuilt loyalty which accompanies their sense of decency and fair play, and stand by those who have earned their support and friendship.

Regardless of the circumstances.

And as for Scharenborgs claim that ‘I wish that I was Christopher Spivey?’

Needs no words from me

There is no price tag attached to real friendship, there never was, and only a complete scumbag, with a mercenary streak a mile wide running through their spineless bodies could fail to understand that.

And I can assure you dear reader, that Ms Russell is no doubt laughing at Janette Scharenborg, Christopher Spivey, Fabooka De Stait AKA Fuck The State, Dogman, Pongo, Lisa Pea, Melanie Wassername, Darren Laverty, Gallows, Paul Rogers, Matt Taylor, Wolfie and the simply ridiculous Adeybob, as well as the rest of their equally unsavoury online cohorts’ desperate attempts to ‘track her down’.

She is also, I would like to think, quietly proud that she has been afforded true ‘Outlaw Status’ by these online weirdo’s – and her being seen as so very important, and such an intense irritation to them, that she has now warranted having;… ‘A Price on her head’.

95 thoughts on “A PRICE ON HER HEAD

  1. Have these people honestly got nothing better to do with their pathetic little lives than to perpetuate this sheer nonsense; I almost sometimes wish that I could meet them in person to try and gain an understanding of what motivates them to so much pointless hatred and negativity 🙁

    But then again I would rather spend both my on and off-line lives associating with people who would rather make a difference for the better in this world…. so to you Helen, Jane, Tom, OG, Leena, Bandini, DI Regular, Mildred, Sonia and many more; keep up the good work 🙂

  2. Jimmy did you forget that you were also an ‘NLP Practioner’ too?

    According to the morons in Spivland that is.

    A brilliant blog by the way, fearless and does not contain Nuts, which suits me 🙂

  3. What a shame it would be to see The Borg’s money being diverted away from the supply of computing equipment to third world kiddies, should she have to pay the ‘bounty’ she has placed on Jane’s head!

    No doubt The Borg was also a contributor to The Spiv’s “Mystery Machine Fund” too – how else to track down those people-who-look-ever-so-slightly-like-someone-else, or “crisis actors”, on the streets of Essex? She must be made of money.


  4. EXCELLENT! Thank you for that. 4 Bounties on my head …Mmmm chocolate covered coconut confectionery – 1 of my favourites 😀

    What I find most disturbing is that a notoriously dishonest, creepy vile creature up on paedophilia charges THIS MONTH, who was also busted for animal rape images, should be totally aligning itself with & supporting a ‘thing’ that handed it’s own daughter over to it’s child rapist lover & it’s best friend the notorious self confessed gang rapist kids home abuser who & aiding & abetting this monstrous beast woman in it’s crime – especially when it is also breaking the terms of it’s conviction multiple times to do so. Dumb in any language you’d think, but DUMB seems to be the only language this bunch of super creepy linked abusers seem to speak, so that’s why it only makes sense to them perhaps?

    I hope the Essex Police do as good a job with the paedophilia case as they did with the gutless stalking and harassment of the women he targeted in the Rigby case & that they are aware of his VERY good friendships with paedophiles bint, gang rapist kids home abuser & woman harasser & co – BECAUSE THEY REALLY NEED TO. 🙂

    1. Is it four now Jane? WOW, you are a popular Gal eh?

      Seriously though, it shows the levels of sheer desperation that have now been reached in some grubby corners of the www, and I am looking forward to the claims that their accounts have been ‘hacked’ or the dogs got hold of her tablet and wrote those terrible lies on Twitter and Spivey’s blog….

      I think another medical ‘crisis’ is more likely, as her assorted cancers, or her numerous skin infections return with a vengeance and confines her to a Dutch hospice…. again.

      Or maybe her recent face surgery will develop an infection, and the weight of her poisonous tongue will tear off her rotting lower mandible, as it plunges into a Dyke.

      Expect no less than the incredible though, as she will have to come up with something spectacular to top any of her other claims 🙂

      1. Thanks folks 🙂 Ahhh & before I forget, according to Spiveys marauding morose moderator, ‘Fabooka’ Matheson from Lancashire, Bandini is in fact Steve Keys – just so they both know who they are this week.

        He didn’t even have to run either of you through the magic face recognition machine to work that out and get it wrong as usual. He has a natural gift for being completely thick.

        I’m just waiting for her to offer a reward 5 times Jim, FIVE times ….. then I’ll be in the magic 5 club with you 😀

        What happens if I reveal my ID details to her? Do I get to claim the ‘reward’? Oh Gawd, what is it anyway?

        All she said was ‘substantial’, not a date with her drug rapist brother caught with paedophilia is it? That would be a ‘substantial nightmare’.

        Much more up Spivs alley, seeing as that’s the kind of ‘sort’ on his good friends list and who fawn all over him on his website comments. I’ll let him take the prize.

        Oh didn’t you know? She’s recently been in pretend hospital again and may have to have another pretend op. She must be due for pretend terminal cancer number 4 and the pretend cat scan was bad news months ago. So bad she had to pretend to stop the car to pretend to be devastated about the news.

        Mind you, by the look of her ‘new face’ she looks like she’s been scuba diving in a vat of acid. I think most people would be devastated to have paid to look like that – even Mickey Rourke 😀

        If she’s had plastic surgery, she must have gone in and said “just give me the face that matches my personality and soul” and came out looking even more like a wicked witch.

          1. Hahahahaha just 1 difference – those old birds are a bit too skinny, if they put on quite a few pounds, they’d be the living image of her Jennie 😀

            If Strontium Dog does have a name for the hideous beast girlfriend of Adrian, it would just confirm which ugly sister out of the bunch it is. I have the names, would just be interesting to see if I have nailed it down to the right ugly sister for my own curiosity.

            If he wants to email Jimmy with the name, that would be great. No pressure obviously. No need to broadcast it on the comments or offer rewards for it’s super sweaty ugly head on a plate or anything Haggish style – just would help with the evidence to get it’s ugly mouth sewn up for once & for all & hopefully Fabookas along with it. 😀

        1. I’d need to see how he ‘worked it out’ to give him a mark out of ten, Jane, like in a maths lesson where the correct answer isn’t always the most important thing… maybe he’d get a point or two for something or other (pity, probably!). Nutters!

          1. I don’t think there is actually any logical formula used Bandini, it’s the Spivey Moderator method – if he says you are Steve Keys, that’s apparently all the proof required.

            Although now I have told you that, he is back-peddling like a clown on a comedy bike. Your reputation for being superb at nailing the facts has obviously put the fear of God into him 😀

            His latest input on the matter. Maybe you can decipher what the hell he is on about, because I haven’t a clue 😀

            “I don’t give a fuck if Keys is Bandini or not..It was just a possibility based on your own description of who had been passing you stories from the HAM CHOP Newspaper. LOL…”

          2. Thanks, Jane!
            So a bloke I’ve never interacted with (and have no interest in so doing) who works with/for a pathetic panhandling website I don’t visit has “identified” me as some one I am not (and have never heard of) based on something about a ‘Ham Chop’ publication?
            It sounds like a specialist publication for those with, er, shall we say, “unconventional tastes” (so not me either!).
            Watch out, Porky, there’s a lot of strange people about!

          3. That is correct Bandini. I should add that I have no idea why you were even mentioned, I can only hazard a guess that it’s because they too are friends of the Go-jam man & we all know how much he loves both you & us don’t we?

            Other than that, perhaps all the animal rape clips he seeks out on the www have a bearing on the fact that he is seriously criminally insane. And as pigs were 1 of his particular fetishes, perhaps that’s where the Ham Chop publication bit comes into it? Just guessin’ 🙂

            He doesn’t need pity, he needs locking up in a secure unit preferably.

  5. It’s been less than a week since Spivey was up in court for harassing people online and a mere six days later we find him again harassing people online – like duh.

    Sad little man:(

    He can’t be as much a threat to an establishment as his followers claim he is if they let him off so easily.

    Surely if he had something really dangerous to say they’d either lock him up at the drop of the hat – like Chelsea Manning – or he’d rapidly be forced into claiming asylum somewhere – like Julian Assange and Edward Snowden.

    Spivey is a faker whose past is sketchy at the best. Either that or he’s mates with the Right Hon. Judge Woollard. How on earth would they know each other??

    Hardly gonna be like to move in the same circles – then again, maybe they met through being freemasons. Spivey didn’t engage in any funny handshakes after with him after he was reprieved jail, did he? lol:))))))))))))

    Could it possibly be that Spivey is there as a plant to publicly discredit the AM so they are all dismissed as aggressive, deranged thickos?

    1. Or just an inordinately thick plank, who’s equally thick followers impel him to come up with even more ludicrously bonkers claims than anyone even thought possible?

      Either way, he is fast becoming not only an online laughing stock but a crashing bore, who’s biggest fan, the equally bonkers Matt Taylor from Brighton, has been quoted – only this morning, on Spivs Facebook page:

      “Well, that’s made my mind up for sure! That’s the last Spivey article I’m going to read. What a fucking waste of time that was!”

      1. That “adeybob” seems to be a right angry little tadger. I actually know someone who knows him in real life and he was telling me how they all used to take the piss out of him behind he’s back because he was such a pompous little dweeb.

        1. That’s right S.D. I noticed a lot of abuse aimed at yourself because Dogbiscuit and friends are that Paranoid they didn’t realise somebody else was using your username. Its a good thing, they are showing their true colours. Adrian, the ‘street critique’ seems now to be taking them to new levels of base thinking. Still you know what Napoleon said?

          Oh by the way don’t call Dogman ‘Dogbiscuit’, she gets riled, bless.

          1. Not as riled as ‘her’ doggy clients would be if they knew what ‘her’ good mates like watching being done to dogs by humans I doubt.

          2. I get the impression that Dogman kind of likes to be thought of as Sheriff Spivey’s Deputy Dawg:)

        2. Does he know his hideous other half who calls itself Supervetty – dark hair, glasses, looks like a bloke?

  6. You and I are on the same page today. I blogged about Janette too.

    You forgot her fantastical story line, she’s gun-slinging and working with Theresa May and the Home Office according to her.

    Which means, she is responsible and actionable regarding her behaviours on-line toward victims of abuse, through a tribunal if true.

    I’m still of the mind that she’s a cling-on effectively used by the news media hacks, as mentioned on my blog.

    There is just that little worm though, in the back of my head that says, her husband is a wealthy, esteemed man of his community. If he is aware of her behaviour, what is his part in all this? After all, it is his cash Janette is offering out.


    1. Ah the legendary ‘Secret Stash’ she once claimed she allegedly earns from avoiding Holland’s taxes, by accepting cash payments from Dutch Farmers and suchlike that the Scharenborg company clears overgrown Dykes for.

      Or is that just another of her many Fairy Stories?

      Maybe it will all be revealed in an upcoming book, “The Secret of the Dutch Dyke Scrapers – The making of a CSA Bounty Hunter”

  7. Strontium Dog……the answer to your question in your last paragraph is ……YES…….and I’ve been saying it for, a long time!!

    1. I see your reasoning for thinking that Joe and SD, but my question must be; that if Spiv is in fact a ‘plant to discredit the Alternative Media’ why does he spend such an inordinate amount of time attacking this site and its commentators?

      The Outlaw is not, hopefully seen as an AM site, at least that was never it’s intention, and is not viewed as any threat to the establishment, so it would be a pointless exercise on his part.

      It is my view that Spivey and his ilk are simply, egotistical narcissists who target anyone who has seen through the wall of bullshit they have built, and is simply throwing his toys out his pram like the spiteful and overgrown toddler he apparently is.

      But I could be wrong 🙂

  8. The Lord of Rochford, Earl of the my-door’s-hanging-off-ços-of-the-cops is dedicating his latest post entirely to you.

    (What’s it like to be famous?)

    1. Ideally OG, I would have liked to have featured on a website with at least a smidgen of credibility, and which is read by somewhat more intelligent, critical and discerning patrons.

      The link he has made to this site, has returned only seven hits so far today, which is abysmal for a site that claims to have 30-50,000 regular daily views.

      I get more views from Twitter and the Outlaw only has around eighty followers on the new account.

      Which kind of makes another of his claims even more questionable than they already are.

      Just Saying 🙂


        “When you’re dead, you don’t know it because you’re dead. However, everyone around you knows that you are dead.
        It’s the same when you’re stupid.”

  9. i am somewhat puzzled. in the latest spivey article several emails from you are quoted in which you are fulsome in your praise for him, donations you made to him are shown. now you can’t stand the bloke. could you explain what caused this remarkable transformation?

    1. One PayPal donation of £5 actually Richard, and if I can be arsed to dig out the PayPal receipt I will. If he claims that I donated more than once, he is…. And I know it’s difficult for you to comprehend…. LYING Again.

      There was a time when I thought he was a decent bloke, a time when I, like others thought that what he was doing was for the right reasons and for the benefit of all, and I merely wanted to help him built a platform that I thought could really make a difference.

      I am not ashamed to admit that I totally misread him, and got it spectacularly wrong, and by trusting him with personal information which he assured me would go no further, I got stung by what turned out to be a duplicitous, totally immoral, self-centred and unscrupulous a character as he turned out to be.

      I did not see him as an enemy of decent people at first, I discovered later that he was a wrong ‘un from the minute his site was set up by Carl Green, who would use anyone and anything to enhance his own reputation, status and to promote himself.

      And to fleece as many gullible people he could of course, never forget that as it’s what drives him.

      He used information I foolishly shared with him, for his own ends, often claiming that the work he was producing was down to his own long hours of research, which was complete claptrap, as others who have sent him info will also testify to.

      I sussed him out initially when he began claiming on his blog that he was being ‘watched’ and the police or someone worse were sitting all around his flat, allegedly monitoring his every move. That was in early 2014 – and if the truth is told, there was nobody outside his place at all, and the pictures he published on his site were of an incident that occurred about a mile from where he lived.

      The police ‘activity’ he claimed was for him, wasn’t… it was occurring somewhere else, and related to something else entirely.

      He was lying to his readers for weeks, and he lied to me.

      I challenged him about this in a phone call, and he threw his toys out of his pram. I cut off all contact with him and he started attacking articles on this site soon afterwards.

      The rest is as they say Richard, History.

        1. Richard1; Good News!!!

          In Spiveyland there will soon be yet another expose of the Glasgow bin lorry saga because the Spiv has uncovered yet more groundbreaking info….

          Oh sh*t; why do I keep going on about this crap. Driver lied about his history of fainting behind the wheel – he fainted behind the wheel. People died. No conspiracy – unless you’re a full passport holder to the wonderworld of Spiveyland.

          1. yep i saw that.doesnt he need to be careful?. not sure how he’s going to explain the graphic video that was shown in court showing people being scattered like 9 pins. if his position is still that nobody died even his more deluded followers will start to lose faith surely? i await this latest epic with a sort of grim fascination.

          2. Can I let you into a secret Richard? The greater majority of his ‘followers’ are the dregs of the Internet, they have nowhere else to go. The remainder are simply deluded or figments of his and the moderators imaginations.

            They are not real!!!!

            I would happily contribute towards his train fare if he decides to do a talk about his theories regarding the Glasgow bin lorry tragedy in Glasgow though.

            Especially if the bereaved family members are in the audience.

        2. Perhaps I could ask you a question Richard?
          Are you the same Richard he is now buttering up on his website to write articles for him, or at least to give him the research so he can add ‘bullet points’ to it & publish it on his blog, or is this a different Richard? Just curious.

  10. Outlaw, thank you so much for once again writing what needed to be said and many have observed! As per usual based on facts and reason and as much civility possible. (due to subject matter). Thanks for staying a smart place with good articles and challenging me to think and not becoming a word salad nonsense merchant that calls me a cunt for asking questions!

  11. Paul Rogers ‏@paulrogers002 37m37 minutes ago

    @___JS2 @drlavertyx Trolls do often confuse attention with popularity. It almost always translates as scornful contempt in Chimp’s case tho.


    12:12 PM – 2 Sep 2015 · Details
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    JS2 ‏@___JS2 36m36 minutes ago

    @paulrogers002 things on that score are going to come to a head very soon, cant say more than that at the moment @drlavertyx
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    Paul Rogers ‏@paulrogers002 34m34 minutes ago

    @___JS2 @drlavertyx Always good – let’s hope he doesn’t get to hide behind his chums at NWP again this time..
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    JS2 ‏@___JS2 34m34 minutes ago

    @paulrogers002 they are sick of him @drlavertyx
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    Paul Rogers ‏@paulrogers002 32m32 minutes ago

    @___JS2 @drlavertyx That’s something; rightly, he should be in a secure mental hospital, probably indefinitely as he’s incurable.
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    JS2 ‏@___JS2 31m31 minutes ago

    @paulrogers002 Im afraid he will cross paths with someone who is really dangerous and wont take his shit lying down @drlavertyx

    I do so hope this conversation is alluding to legal routes as appose to how dark it reads, consider yours and his history.

    Is this a cryptic threat?

    This from a CSA campaigner who assists with the CSA Inquiry?

    I hope she does have all the ailments she claims she has. I hope this evil, ugly parrot nosed woman dies a slow and horrible and painful death. A Parrots death. Where her nose grows over her beak and she can’t eat or speak. She deserves no less, in my opinion.

  12. Oh, seems like it is a threat

    Paul Rogers ‏@paulrogers002 39m39 minutes ago

    @___JS2 @drlavertyx A fitting end..

    1. And a threat that will remain on Twitter with the same freaks that share it around and will go no further Jen.

      Laverty, Rogers and Scharenborg have been issuing threats on Twitter since 2012, I am still here, unscathed, albeit a lot wiser for the experience.

      Lav still thinks he is the bully boy of Bryn Estyn, the hired muscle and the right hand of Peter Howarth, but sadly he is the only one that cannot see that nobody is actually afraid of him, or even pays him any attention other than a few equally sad, Twitter-addicted freaks with dodgy histories themselves.

      People grow up, Laverty never did or will anytime soon.

      PUER AETERNUS personified 🙂

      The only thing he is actually capable of, is running along to his local police station, waving crumbled pieces of A4 paper that he has printed from Twitter.

      Laughable really, but still very creepy and shows behaviour that normal people consistently fail to understand – the reason being that they are normal and do not possess the same thought patterns.

  13. Looking at last Thursday’s excursion group photo to Spivey’s court appearance I must admit that I didn’t know that the Spiv has branched out into SAGA holidays as his latest money-making venture. I notice on his site that you can also get the Chris Spivey.Org T-shirts and, of course, the mugs. Of course, they’re nowhere near as ‘priceless’ as the mugs who populate the comment threads on his site and donate all their cash to him. What next, I wonder? A Chris Spivey action doll? Chris Spivey nappies for babies? Chris Spivey CDs of him playing the world’s smallest violin? A special post office commemorative set of Chris Spivey stamps…trouble is, how would we know which side to spit on;)

    1. Hahahahaha Leena – don’t go giving him any new ideas, you know how desperado he’s becoming.

      Chris Spivey used bikini bottoms & strap on Sale. Let’s hope there are no plans for some Spivey signed Home made bestiality DVD’s from Doggys doings – or are they the same as the ones Fabooka has been seeking out on the www & the grott Spivey was busted for along with paedophilia?

      Suddenly I don’t feel very well 🙁

      What no mega campaign to support his pending Paedophilia court case yet? Leaving it a bit late for Wiggy to start a mass Begathon to raise funds for the suspect.

  14. darren laverty
    September 2, 2015 @ 11:15 pm

    He told me *******************
    His house has never been approached by anyone but me.
    He’s set up over forty twitter accounts aimed specifically at entering and then destroying any alliances.
    He’s created over fifteen blogs to attack me personally.
    He doesn’t know me. Why me?
    Think on that one.
    He’s beyond the comprehension of most people.
    You will never understand.
    He detest’s the air I breathe, ergo the folks that share, comment or discuss anything with me.
    Here included.
    He cares not about gender, sexuality, age, race. He hates them all when it suits.
    He never leaves the home unless absolutely necessary. Nor does his kin.
    He hates others that steal his infamy with a vengeance.
    He’s Sonia’s pet. She has placed him in a place in her heart and defends that place with venom. Family connection? Dunno.
    His family searches which have been evidenced on the Kev Green blog might be fake. Misleading the researchers if they looked.
    His identity has never been confirmed.
    Ergo, his past is hidden.
    All of the above is supported and encouraged by other accounts like the Russell one. We don’t know the gender of it yet.
    I think it’s his alter ego.
    Each and all of you readers are potential fodder for him.
    He cares not that you are human. Only that you support this site.
    Approach him and witness for yourself what myself and others have experienced.
    Luckily the few he’s mistakenly attacked have been made of sterner stuff than was expected.
    He tried to make me kill myself by way of placing me in the public’s eyes as a child rapist/abuser.
    As self confessed one at that.
    Is there any other accusation that beats that one?
    I’ve yet to see it.
    I’m not of course but what does that matter?
    David Rose of the Observer fabricated the story in 1992 and I’ve proven it. Doubts? Just ask me.
    I don’t expect any questions as I’ve been answering them since he shared the article that was fabricated to discredit me.
    You see it’s ongoing.
    The whole nation of deniers has me in their cross hairs.
    He’s just one of them. Why?
    Because I’m in your face? No
    Because I’m volatile when on line? No.
    Why then?
    I still researching myself. Going underground so to speak. Like caving.
    Initially, I came here to defend myself and inform Chris that I’m not a child rapist and that the elf had fooled him.
    I’ve succeeded. At what cost?
    It’s ongoing.
    I realise that lots of intelligent people contribute to this site.
    It’s one of the reasons I read it. Sometimes I laugh and other times I despair at the information on offer.
    But I know it is real and evolving.

    I intend being part of that evolution for the long term future. Just like everyone else on her, and elsewhere of course. Whether you attend to the germ or not.

    *Comment Edited By Admin*

    1. Thanks for that, and the screengrab 🙂

      Same unevidenced rubbish, lies and complete fantasy that people have come to expect from that lunatic.
      He is deluded enough to think his word alone is enough.

      He must still think he is on the stand at Waterhouse 🙂

      It appears that David Rose is ignoring his begging and pleading on Twitter also, shame.

      Usual me, me, me – I’m a poor Bryn Estyn victim crap he always spouts.

      I have edited the obvious garbage out as it’s of little interest and tiresome, however, his unfortunate confession …


      Is very interesting indeed.

      I almost feel sorry for Chris Spivey if it’s got his hooks stuck in over there.

      No I don’t, they deserve each other and one will turn on the other soon enough, it’s inevitable.

      Two narcissists with ego’s that huge, and that demanding, and that aggressive, will not share the same platform for long.

      1. You are most welcome my dear friend 🙂

        They certainly do deserve each other & it appears they have the same things in common. They are the dregs & WE ALL get to pay the price for the Laws inefficiency at dealing with them & indeed for their life of sponging off the state, whilst truly deserving people are dying in big numbers having been defrauded of their rightful entitlement to benefits. He is despised by anyone decent & with GOOD reason.


        David Rose got him dead right & he even admitted the Observer interview was taken from HIS Police statements VERBATIM = word for word. Catching himself out with his big useless arrogant mouth as he so often has. Even in his drivel to the Observer he says he did so may interviews he can’t even remember if he did that 1. Yeah right! Liar! We know he keeps each & everyone, like souvenirs of the carnage he has caused. He gets a kick out of getting away with it, as it appears he has too many times. You have to wonder why, because every time he does, he feels more invincible & above the law.
        Yet he is still trying to force an apology from David Rose, but he’s never going to get 1, because he’s a stinking liar & David Rose clearly knows that.

        Coffee with Waterhouse anyone?

        1 day his kids will find out exactly what he is, if they don’t already know & there is nothing he can do about it. Suddenly this bothers him. TOUGH! I hope they run a mile when they do & not follow in the b******* footsteps & become another generation of Lav flushings. .

        He’s now whining on AGAIN about an article David Rose did about Messham in 2012. We have his own statements of him INSISTING he was the 1st to attack Messham, because ‘he knows him & his lies better than anyone’. Now suddenly after 20 odd years, he has suddenly done a complete U turn & Messham is no longer a liar. I feel there is some blackmail type stuff going on there too,(& we all know how he loves a bit of blackmail).

        I have a screengrab of him telling Messham he was in court recently & heard some damning stuff said about Messham, as if to be keeping a foot on his head, which he quickly deleted.

        He leaves a trail of misery & destruction in his wake. If it were down to me (& I so wish it was), he’d be locked up for the rest of his pointless, miserable life, so he couldn’t carry on inflicting misery on every decent soul who has the misfortune to encounter the useless good for nothing, fit for nothing drain on society. In fact I’d have him re-classed as vermin, then he could be completely disposed of.

        So much for Cameron getting scroungers off benefits – we can see how much of a fallacy that truly is. This lot will be poncing off the state for the rest of their pointless lives, some rearing another generation of parasites to do exactly the same. He is a living breathing monster that the world would be better off without, because he’ll be making lives a misery until his last breath.

        Thanks Richard. The ‘banned’, THE BEST PLACE TO BE. 😀 It’s all very David Icke Forum style. If people catch you out for being a liar, just ban them.

        And yes Jen ‘maaang’, I know ‘maaang’, it’s just like soooo wild ‘maaang’ – we are all just ‘constructs’ ‘maaang’. 😀
        I have a grab of Supersweaty saying how Ades is a very ‘clean junky’. No doubt we all get to pay for his drug habits too. He’s 100% imbecile & tears. The useful idiot, only tolerated to make up the numbers & fake accounts.
        Another 1 that should be cast adrift by the state & told to start paying his own way for a change, ditto the Crusty creep show & his state paid for porno fix – or is it her kid he watches on Brandys grim site? I know what I think!

  15. Hey Dude, you a construct?

    Man, that Jane Russel she’s also a construct?

    Dude, you should have told me.

    I’m one too.

    Man, M are fucking up

    Or should I say, 5

    I mean, I. Man I don’t know what I mean, I just want to be in. Man, let me in, come on now, I’ve even got my own anonymous mask. Ah come please.

    Adrian needs to lay off the pot. He’s lost the plot. I hear skunk can do that.

    My honest opinion is, Chris has got the dregs of life supporting him, they look like they all flunked out of special school, but he’s “winning”.

    That’s the problem with the AM, it is aimed at those who struggle to keep up.

  16. Oh My! I’m being investigated by a 49 year old ex stripper, prostitute who was recently done to the tune of £100K for animal cruelty.

    I’m shivering in my boots.

    Seriously, is this a club they all belong to?

    1. Rest assured Jen if their investigative skills are anything like Lav’s cringeworthy display on Spivs site yesterday, you really have nothing to worry about. He did however admit to something that may yet come back to bite him though. ….


      They just make it up as they go along as per usual, it’s like fantasy island of the damned.

  17. That picture of the fat fucking pervert Spivey in the pink dress is disgusting. What an abomination. I’m all for having a laugh and a joke but that’s just plain sick at his age. What a sorry excuse of a man, no wonder this country is the laughing stock of the world.

    On the subject of Spivey’s paranoid rantings, don’t forget the little lad that was badly burnt by the sun on his school holiday to Spain, apparently that never happened and the pictures were photoshopped. He even had the audacity to start criticizing him for being a bit overweight.

    So he’s attacking children, women, disabled people, dead people, innocent people etc. Can you actually sink any lower than that? I don’t think so. And anyone who praises him or sends him money is only encouraging him to continue this depravity.

    All you low-life wankers over at Spivey’s site think about this, what if that was your son or disabled relative he was ridiculing with absolutely no facts whatsoever? Would you laugh along with him and join in his ridicule? I think not, you bunch of smelly, soap-dodging liberal crackpots. You all deserve cancer of the arse!


    1. Sit tight awhile and keep watching KT.

      If Spivey is involved with what I believe he is, he will be forever damned along with those who support him and his degenerate behaviour.

      All I will say at the moment is that the agenda he is working (with others) to, is abhorrent, highly offensive and goes against everything right-minded people believe, and is sanctioned at the highest levels.

      Spiv is working to a script and is having his strings pulled.

      (His little site bully boys are also involved, or are definitely on the payroll, as are some of the spooks who leave the gushingly supportive comments on his site)

      Notice how the comments section over there has now become a meeting place of ‘Victims of the Outlaw’…. It’s so transparent.

      There is also an event taking place in Brisbane, Australia on the 17th (*EDIT: 19th) of this month. (Clue)

      I may be way off by saying this, but it is my belief that there will be a ‘False Flag’ type event occurring around that day, which is designed to garner sympathy and support for a group of people, who have a very powerful political lobby behind them.

      It will start in Australia and if successful, will be rolled out in the UK soon afterwards.

      New laws will be introduced to outlaw any criticism of these people, and it was what David Cameron alluded to when he said on the ‘Good Morning’ Show in 2012, he did not want the establishment paedophile accusations to ‘become a gay witch hunt’.

      It’s also the reason why I believe that the Alternative Media are being destroyed from within by people like Spivey, Bill Maloney, Brian Gerrish and Icke etc and critical thinkers are being targeted in the same way.

      You are already aware of the constant attacks on the Outlaw and those who comment here, which ain’t normal Internet ‘trolling’ as many people have pointed out.

      The Hampstead ‘Satanic Abuse’ Hoax was a distraction from riots that were going on elsewhere, as people in that country had woken up to this agenda and were protesting about it – other countries are miles ahead of the docile population here.

      This has been on the cards for a long time, it will try to destroy the traditional family unit, and everything that is viewed by decent people as being right and good and ‘normal’, will be turned upside down.

      They have even got religious leaders to support it.

      All these things are connected and the majority of the online ‘Alternative Media’ are involved to.

      I cannot say too much at the moment, as there are a lot of dots to connect still, but look at what is happening in Australia, Thailand and Russia …. specifically related to children being adopted and taken out of the country by same-sex couples – which is not being reported on by the Mainstream Media.

      1. I’ll be watching Jimmy, rest assured. I’ve been reading your articles for quite a while now, and I have you pegged down as quite an open-minded sort of guy, live and let live etc. You accept people for who they are and what they choose to practice.

        Me on the other hand, as I’m sure you know already, would describe myself as an almost polar opposite of yourself. I believe in fascism and white nationalism, I want Britain for White British people only. I have no hatred of homo’s, jews, paki’s or negroids, I just don’t want them in Britain. Likewise, I don’t want British people in other countries where we don’t belong.

        Call me a conspiracy theorist if you want, but I have been privy to the Jewish formulated plan to eradicate White’s and their identity from Europe forever. This is why they are giving it one big final push to import as many non-Whites in to Europe as possible in the last few months.

        I was pretty sure that Britain and America wanted to invade Syria so badly because Syria was Israel’s biggest enemy ever since they toppled Saddam Hussein and Iraq, but it looks like it is just a ploy to make Europe let in as many refugee’s as possible, all under the guise of our own kind heartedness. Just look at the asylum seekers piling in to Europe, many of them are dressed better than us, and are the picture of health! Something is not quite right wouldn’t you agree?

        Anyway Jimmy, thanks for letting my comments through, it’s nice to have an open and uncensored platform, despite what our differences may be. As long as we unite against the sicko’s in this world, our political difference’s can be brushed aside.

        OG, I think you’re on the same wavelength as me, keep those links coming! 🙂


        1. No conspiracy that I can see in what you are saying KT, the plan to eradicate the white European has been in full swing for a number of years, and plain to see to anyone who has eyes to see beyond what the media and the establishment want them to focus on.

          I am full agreement also, that unless something is done, white people are going to become a minority in our lifetime, but without any of the privileges afforded to the minorities that are already in this country.

          It is my belief also that British and European history is being re-written before our eyes, and many historical events that we, as a nation/race should be justifiably proud of, are being erased to the degree that they are not being taught in schools, talked about in the media and many have already been removed from ‘approved’ history books.

          They are trying to wipe our lineage out, they do not want us to be proud of our country, or our own ancestry, nor do they want the continuance of our family lines and names.

          They have also forced the idea of Gay Marriage and Pansexuality as being of more importance than conventional relationships, on both us and our children, to where it has reached the point where most kids today do not know who or even what they are anymore.

          We are not really that much different my friend, it’s simply that I would be arrested (again) for publishing some of what I know is really going on – and not because I am any threat to the established order, but because I have pissed off many people by the things I write about, and there are those who think nothing of running to the police every time they see or read something on this site that offends them.

          Look at some of the recent comments on Spivey’s site, the ‘JS2’ woman is now claiming that she has instructed the Dutch police to contact the web hosts of the Outlaw FFS!!!

          IMAGE LINK

          It’s complete garbage of course, because if there had been any police involvement or any complaints made, as a customer who pays them good money to keep this website active, I would be contacted by my hosts before any complaints are acted upon.

          So you see my problem? It’s the bloody trolls, the head cases, the egotistic bloggers, the perverts and the whack jobs, many of whom are slithering around Spivey’s site – who are a greater problem to people who write online, than the police or the establishment ever were.

          Just Saying Like!!!

          1. Do you think Janette will give us the police file number for her complaint?

            I’ve just got back from booking my trip over there and it would be useful to have.

      2. Hi Jimmy, I hope you don’t mind a question, I’ve been looking into Brisbane events for the 17th and there’s nothing of interest going on, nothing that spikes the radar so to speak. Any chance of a pointer to the right path, I understand about not saying too much, don’t worry if you can’t. As for Spiveys Crazy Funhouse, I’m still blocked on my phone, but I did go and read the article on you, on the hubbys, talk about obsessed and blatant hypocrisy in comments. Personally Jimmy I couldn’t care less anymore if you used to be the best of mates with him, or if you donated a million pounds, so what, after the way his mods treated me I saw a different side to the place, like many others it seems. The dark paranoid place in their last comment to me they thought I was jane russell and called me/her a f***ing whore. How nice! All because of one question, with no swearing or abuse. You must laugh though he’s bringing out part 4 of the Glasgow bin lorry story, I mean its not like there are more IMPORTANT things going on is there! Unbelievable, boring, and tedious, done to death, Just sayin. Anyway rant over, take no notice Jimmy I know you won’t. Hi to KT, love your posts.xx

        1. The event is Brisbane ‘Pride’ and I believe that it’s the first time that openly Gay policemen are allowed to participate while in uniform Clare.

          I made an error with the date which Damo has kindly corrected.

          1. Thanks Jimmy, I did look at that but the date didn’t match. I hope you didn’t mind me asking. Sorry.

      3. I think the event to which you refer, may be on Saturday the 19th, Outlaw. I agree that something could occur leading up to this date.



    Chabad Mouthpiece Says Government Has No Right To Demand Yeshivas Teach Secular Subjects:-




    Satmar School Teaches 5-Year-Olds To Hate “Goyim”:-





    Where Bread Began: Israeli Researchers Use Ancient Tools To Reconstruct–And Eat–Prehistoric Cuisine:-


  19. Ha ha ha ive been looking over at spivs site, he seems to be being nice to his followers at mo maybe because he wants the mugs that follow him to pay his fines for him? what a total tosser and loser.

  20. ‘This Time Around It’s Going To Be Dark’:-


    Red List Documents That Have Your Name On Them”.

    “Lisa Haven recently uncovered this report, which is over a year old and she summarizes the report in the following video.”





    September 3, 2015 @ 6:04 pm
    My recollection are thus: joined Chris` forum, made one comment on it, was then asked by `Jane` was I the guy who said on another site (Needle Blog) that I though child abuse/rape was fuck all?
    I told her to read my full comments on that site and if she disagreed comment on that site (i.e. I said that there was worst things than child rape, i.e. 50,000 children die every night of starvation, etc. etc.).


  21. Touching that Carl has finally felt confident enough to share his foot fetish with the rest of the Internet on the Chris Spivey blog the other day:

    September 3, 2015 @ 6:29 pm
    If anyone has a pair of size 14 stilettos, preferably with steel to caps going begging, please can you contact Lena concerned train spotter over at Jimmys Fail Jumble Sale, thank you.”

    I shouldn’t let your phobia/fantasy about getting crushed get the better of you though Carl, sweetie. I’m always careful not to tread in anything unsavoury when I’m teetering up the street;)

    1. Poor Carl really has nowhere else to go now. I had to ban him from posting here, so he has now taken up residence over there, where I believe he passes the time by spitting at passers by.

      What a way to live eh?

  22. The same old crap dredged up at Spivland with the comments by the same old crowd. The story changes a little each time ( especially when Chris Needlz adds new twists ).

    The abuse JJ and Jane are getting is sick. Attacking gang mentality by a bunch of keyboard hard men and women.
    Some of us remember when these stories actually happened.
    Who was it that was really bullying Messham ?

    Encouraging him to commit suicide ?

    Not very Doctorly advice….

    Enough is enough. Though the CS piece didn’t include his usual c%nt every 5th word (for the 1st time ever). You disagree or suss them out and you’re MI5 ( or a “5er” to those in the know ) .

    Jane is being tracked down, rewards being offered ( by people so skint they can’t make the Spiv support gathering ), everyone on this site’s details “are with the police” etc etc etc

    Fuck me Outlaw….. as a wise man in the 80s sung in that hit classic song


    Jane you take care. These people are completely nuts. You’re direct no shit, no fear approach has them angry. Group bullies who sound like they’ll pull any stroke.

    1. Hi Neil. Web hosts will not give out website details to anyone, including the police without a court order. And a court order will only be sought, (and not always obtained) if there is clear evidence or suspicion of criminal activity, or something that is perceived to be ‘Hate Speech’ or something which is seen as being a threat to national security, ie: ‘Terrorist Related’.

      There is nothing on the Outlaw that falls into either of those catergories as far as I am aware.

      The bonkers claim that the police have the ‘Log-In’ details of people who comment here is also complete rubbish, as nobody is required to ‘Log-In’ to the Outlaw, and is simply a weak attempt to warn people off and discourage them from posting here.

      Which obviously hasn’t worked either.

      Their equally pathetic attempts to locate Jane Russell are another clear sign of their desperation, and from what has been witnessed so far, there is no cause for concern there either.

      The latest name they they are claiming to be Jane is Sue Melrose I understand, which again shows how truly inept and dangerously paranoid they they are becoming.

      It’s designed to keep me bogged down, they are attempts to stop me looking at things they feel very uncomfortable about.

      It’s distraction.

      And a piss poor attempt.

      And once again, they have failed miserably, because all it has done has made me even more determined, and a lot more focussed – and also impels me to discover the reason why they are so determined to stop me asking questions and researching certain subjects. 😉

    2. Thanks Neil. 🙂 I do resent being made to feel I need to look over my shoulder all the time, but then I remember who we are dealing with & I don’t think this Addams family affair would be any match against my hatred for paedophiles 😀

      It’d be a brave nonce that fronted up to me.

      Talking of nancies who knock about with nonces, is Gojam still whining on like a big girl? Nonces are 1 thing, but simpering effeminate little pip squeaks who act like playground bitches are equally as repulsive & he has that ‘quality’ in spades. It’s almost a shame someone doesn’t hit him with 1. 😀

    1. Would you care to name them?

      Post a link to the trials and the outcomes perhaps?

      And maybe while you are here, would like to explain why you are able (allegedly) to get people you consider to be trolls ‘Jailed’ – but you are given free rein to spew out the most incredible lies and freely slander people without a shred of evidence to back up your ridiculous allegations – yet still remain free to enjoy your Liberty?

      Who is ‘looking after’ your interests?

      Go on I dare you to be honest DLV, (if it is you which I doubt), possibly for the first time in your life….

      1. There’s no sense to be made of people who believe Robert Carlyle is actually a crisis actor from the great big Glasgow hoax.

        Perhaps he’s also heir to the Carlyle Group ?

        Spiv et al should take their freaky roadshow and give out info on the supposed hoax on Sauciehall Street in Glasgow. FTS would need to be busy beating everyone up or they’d all be lynched and dumped in the Clyde.

        I’ve read that Google + page by FTS where every single post is an insult and threat to Jane.

        That’s the sort of trolling that should lead to bullies being locked up dear Verity

        1. Sorry…. Did I read that correctly?

          Robert Carlyle has now been dragged in to the ‘Great Glasgow Bin Lorry False Flag’ ??

          How in Gods name does anyone expect that to be taken as anything other than it is, which is a complete crock of steaming horseshit…. The Mind Boggles. (well some do obviously).

          1. You gotta see it to believe it mate. From Trainspotting to Truckwrecking.

            Acting jobs must be scarce for old Robert at the minute.

            If I could send images I’d post one.

          2. I believe you mate and no doubt I shall be seeing the images soon.

            I am still gobsmacked though – Un-Believable does not come close to what I am thinking.

      2. She aint the only one who has had trolls jailed Jimmy. Don’t step to me! Its well known I even went to L.A to gather more intel on a now jailed paedo rockstar!

        Danielle is a survior, she’s not gonna give up! She’s a survivor, she keeps on surviving!!

        1. So you are saying she is really going to get people jailed Joanne?

          And if she is threatening to get me jailed, on what grounds?

          For publishing this site?

          ‘Trolling’ involves approaching others online in order to cause mischief or causing fear and distress, which is something I have never done, although I have justifiably responded to threats on here and my You Tube Channel, both of which Danielle has made unwelcome comments on.

          I defend myself and others against what are, in that definition, online ‘Trolls’ and bullies.

          Which is not a criminal offence as far as I am aware.

          The police may be many things in this country, but even they need more than an accusation without evidence in order to get someone through the courts – and ultimately imprisoned.

        2. That can’t really be her surely? With the type of grim interview she likes to put out there for all the world to see.
          Dear oh dear.
          I’m getting visions of hippos again for some reason : )

    2. Ahh really? GOOD, because your scamming & conning being revealed in court will be a joy to behold. That’s if you can pretend not to have pretend agoraphobia just for 1 day, when there’s not a cheque on the end of it 😉

      We were expecting another of your Mega Begathons for your mates Indecent Images/Paedophilia charges. Leaving it a bit late aren’t you?

      Oooo another ‘rit’. Will it be like your mate the paedos hag type subpoena? Much threatened but never arrives? We’ve each (not) got at least 3 of those each already. Is that you pulling your wig out or are you moulting? Just sayin’

    3. Jimmy publishing his own opinion, backed with evidence in each case on his own website, does not in any way make him a ‘Troll‘. But what you and others continually fail to understand ‘Danielle’ is that by coming over here and claiming that you have ‘had trolls jailed‘, by it’s real definition, and your veiled yet threatening and intimidatory tone — actually makes you the ‘Troll‘.

      Posting opinions on ones own publicly accessible website, is exercising ones human right to free speech, and as long as it stays within the confines of the Communications Act, is not a criminal act — yet.

      What you do, and has been evidenced here and on other platforms — does actually come under the umbrella of ‘Trolling‘ and ‘Malicious Communication‘ according to their definitions. Just Saying x

  23. Jimmy… what I like about you is that you personally reply to your supporters, and I am sure you must be very busy. I have a lot of respect for you by doing that.

    1. It’s the readers and those who comment here, who help to make the Outlaw what it is Brian.

      I always appreciate it when people take time out to respond, whether they agree or disagree with the content.

      1. Outlaw, so true, spiv is now putting out old articles as he probably cant pay the person who writes for him! He asks for money then puts pics out wearing NEW clothes and smoking, I was told he drives a jag too? he lives with his daughter? what a low life user, he really is a nasty piece of work. I feel sorry for the people that donate as they have been hoodwinked.

  24. They are their own worst enemies. All this stuff about crisis actors looking like other people…I made my opinion clear in a nice way, and shallow gallows stuck his oar in. They really are a nasty lot. Doing more damage to the genuine ones who are trying hard to get the public on side…..spivey’s site is more like a support club for deluded old ladies.

    1. It is looking more and more like that site is purposely being run into the ground and trying to suck as many people in as possible.

      Or they really are that thick!!

      I know what I think Jules.

  25. I am a shift worker and believe me we here at work have seen some sights, but even we felt sick when we saw that disgusting pic of the spiv! how does he expect anyone to take him seriously?

    1. I have been banned from the spivey site, all because they cant handle the truth, such stupid morons on there, anyways its boring and all the articles are mostly old crap!

      1. I would not worry about being banned from there my friend.

        All the best people have been excluded from viewing and commenting over there.

        You are in good company.

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