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According to the STOKE SENTINEL, Staffordshire police are currently investigating a number of Tweets published by former world darts champion Eric Bristow.


Bristow’s comments were in regard to the recent revelations that a number of victims have come forward with allegations that they were sexually abused as children by their football coach.

The investigation follows a complaint that the retired sport star’s comments regarding ex-Crewe Alexandra coach Barry Bennell and his victims – constitute a ‘hate crime’.

Bristow has already been dismissed by SkySports from his job as an occasional darts pundit, over his comments, which suggested that the victims ‘went back and sorted him out when they were older’, and caused anger by conflating paedophiles with homosexuals in a tweet which read:

“Might be a loony but if some football coach was touching me when I was a kid, as I got older I would have went back and sorted that poof out.”

He later retracted the later comment, insisting that he meant to use the word ‘Paedo‘ instead of ‘Poof‘, and has since deleted the offending tweets.

Apart from the expected Twitter meltdown, and the collective furious response from the great and good within the British media and various ‘celebrities’ – a number of questions have been asked by child abuse survivors, who are rightly, in my opinion, somewhat confused by the almost immediate police response to what on the surface appears to them to be a rather trivial issue.


From what I am seeing on social media, and from survivors who have contacted the Outlaw, is that there is a great deal of anger among some abuse survivors, who over the last few years have been subjected to all manner of verbal abuse, threats and continuous harrassment online, much of which has been reported to various police forces, and has been summarily dismissed.

From what I have been hearing from those who have made these reports, the reasons for the police’s apparent reluctance to investigate their complaints – have ranged from: “We don’t Police the Internet”, “Why don’t you just come offline”, “What do you want us to do about it” through to “Just ignore them they will get bored soon enough”.

When you realise that some of these complaints were related to clear cases of ‘Stalking and harrassment‘ as is set out by not only CPS guidelines and the National Stalking Helpline, then you should also understand how frustrating this must have been to those who make the complaints in good faith.

My question, however, is are the police now starting to act on what amount to what must be hundreds of complaints that have been reported to them by any number of CSA survivors …. Or have Mr Bristow’s ill-informed comments been swiftly acted upon, due simply to the derogatory term he used conflating homosexuality with Paedophilia?

Which is, I recall the same thing that ex-Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron was at pains to point out, when confronted on daytime TV in 2012 with a ‘list’ of well-known names, that were alleged to be Paedophiles.


  1. OldGit
    OldGit November 30, 2016

    & if any victims had gone back & battered their abuser,what would have happened to them in the courts?

    Bristow is an ignorant prick.

    Full stop.

  2. OldGit
    OldGit November 30, 2016

    (This just in) Sheila Dikshit joins Aakrosh rally (TRY COMMENT 32):-


  3. Big Cliff Lazarenko
    Big Cliff Lazarenko November 30, 2016

    How can the police investigate Bristow when he is just another crisis-actor?

    Is he not the same guy who parades as Piers Morgan and David Cameron?

    • OldGit
      OldGit November 30, 2016

      MR.Lazarenko SIR!! I believe you are channeling a certain “this-guy looks-like-that-guy” character, whose name is best not mentioned in these parts, (But do send fag money).

  4. jenniejenjen
    jenniejenjen November 30, 2016

    No, it was acted upon because in a small way he is a public figure, for those who enjoy darts.

    Joe Bloggs could and would be ignored and official advice would have been the same response as others have got – “use the off switch”. But media have the opportunity to monitorise this while grinding public sympathies down with yet another over-load of CSA victim complaints about phrasing.

    Tis all about the words and not the actions.

    This once again is a matter of villifying anyone who has anything anti to say against Boy Raping Paedophiles, is how I see it.

    That darts player seemed to be against boy buggering with his clumsy support.

    He needs educating, not vilifying.

    God, what have we become?!

    Just like charity fatigue, wont be long before we’re all fatigued by this!

    • ADMIN
      ADMIN November 30, 2016

      There does appear to be some type of agenda being played out by the mass media and the establishment over this, I agree.

      • jenniejenjen
        jenniejenjen November 30, 2016

        I’ve noticed how media, both msn and social has a way of turning the victims not only on victim but on those intending to support them, met with muddy boots in the drinking water before the campaign has even begun.

        P.I.E. have all their little soldiers in a row.

        Make no mistake about it.

        • jenniejenjen
          jenniejenjen November 30, 2016

          PS what do you make of Pizzagate?

          PIE in the sky ?

          Or something to chew on?

          ….mind the fish bones?

          • ADMIN
            ADMIN November 30, 2016

            Good question, and to be honest I am waiting for the Conspiraloons and pitchfork-wielding Paedohunters to calm down before I dip my toe in that particular cesspit Jen.

            However, it is intriguing and fiendishly complicated to decipher, which does make it interesting on the surface at least.

            I am not one to grab a torch and join the mob, I never have been, too many people have been falsely accused already.

          • OldGit
            OldGit November 30, 2016

            JenJen; In case you didn’t know, I’ve been following the U.S. pokitical/election scene very closely since the start of the U.S. primaries in mid-2015, & all the ancilliary matters that have come to light.

            Pizzagate has “legs”, as the saying goes.

            How it will play out, is, at the moment, anyone’s guess, but I do not think it will go away.

            There IS something there, but exactly what – (when you are dealing with MAJOR power brokers) – will finally come out is anyone’s guess.

  5. jenniejenjen
    jenniejenjen November 30, 2016

    PS: Have the Police acted on this? Or just the media, (msm and social) ?

    • ADMIN
      ADMIN November 30, 2016

      Staffordshire police are ‘investigating’ as I understand it.

      To what level this investigation will reach, however, is anyone’s guess.

  6. Jane
    Jane November 30, 2016

    Glad some people are seeing this for what it is & not jumping on the bandwagon to demonize a bloke who is clearly not the most adept with words & made a few clumsy statements, which have been taken out of context and the media have gone crazy over it, as usual.

    And he is old school – paedophiles may well have got a good hiding once upon a time, if not by the people they abused, by family of friends of. Now it seems they are just wrapped in cotton wool and they appear to be treated with more care than people who have been abused.

    And yes, isn’t it amazing the absolute hell some people have been getting by actual child abusers online and the Police have fobbed them off with lame excuses? Only seem to hop into action if there is some kind of ‘celebrity’ attached.

  7. jenniejenjen
    jenniejenjen November 30, 2016

    Oh and by the way, I’m a Boo-Sexual woman who takes offense at any word with “oo” in it. “oo’ is a blasphemy of Boo-sexual and to do so is a HATE crime!

    Somebody call the police! I’ve posted Too many times!

  8. OldGit
    OldGit December 1, 2016



    Related Crimes NEW LEAD: Pizzagate is directly connected to the Hampstead case via the children’s father:-


    Trump’s Latest Cabinet Pick Connected to 90 Pound Seizure of Cocaine on International Cargo Ship:-





  9. jenniejenjen
    jenniejenjen December 2, 2016

    Jimmy Saville died and the great CSA pantomime began. Panorama was biting at the bit in the first act of this media production when they featured Steven Messham on it

    Since then we are lead to believe that, yes it is true, there have been abuses on children by celebrity and even to celebrity and by the movers and shakers invested in the PR of these people.

    Next was the Catholic Church

    Recently they revealed that there has been sexual abuse in sport too.

    Our media is busy gorging itself at the table of that scandle as I type this.

    But our politicians?


    Now, back to the footie…..

  10. OldGit
    OldGit December 3, 2016

    Secrets of the CIA’s Global Sex Slave Industry:-


  11. info4u
    info4u December 3, 2016

    DogMan allowed this comment on Spivey’s site

    December 3, 2016 @ 6:30 am

    Outlaw abused kids in care. His words


    • ADMIN
      ADMIN December 3, 2016

      Here is a link to the original article on the Outlaw, please feel free to point out any reference to ‘abusing kids in care’ if you would be so kind?


      “But I survived. I got through it the best way I could, doing whatever was necessary to get through the whole thing as quickly as I could. I am not particularly proud of some of the things I needed to do, I have hurt others as I myself have been hurt.”

      Which referred to me hitting and kicking back against grown men who were intent on kicking the living shit out of me when I was a child.

      Hardly ‘Child Abuse’– Unless you have a twisted and rather sick mind that is.

      It makes a change though, as Dogman and Co have been saying for years that I was never even in care!

      They really cannot make their minds up can they?

      • Jane
        Jane December 3, 2016

        I think you’d have to draw pictures before cretins that dumb would even begin to understand. Especially the ones who are 50 odd still living at home with Mummy. 😉

    • ADMIN
      ADMIN December 3, 2016

      I have made a number of polite requests to Tim James who publishes the aforementioned ‘Alternative News Network’, to remove all the Outlaw posts he has published there without permission.

      The Outlaw does not wish to share a platform with some of the rubbish there.

      I am still waiting ….

      • OldGit
        OldGit December 4, 2016

        Coming up to 4 years & you’re STILL living in their heads!

        This is a really special sort of insanity!

        It’s “SPIVANITY”.

    • Justice
      Justice December 4, 2016

      Dogman hiding behind FTS, FDS, Charity Case and multiple accounts to attack and abuse!! The AM has been infiltrated by mentally ill psychos who’s aim is to destroy it !!!!

      • ADMIN
        ADMIN December 4, 2016

        All of the credible AM sources and websites have cut all ties and have had nothing to do with that site for more than a year now.

        • OldGit
          OldGit December 5, 2016

          True. In fact for much longer than a year.

          As you know I get around the net a lot & I’ve NEVER seen any other site posting a link to Spivland.

          Except for Tap, in what I assume must have been a moment of carelessness, & that was over 2 years ago.

    • Catwoman
      Catwoman December 8, 2016

      I doubt if Dogman will be keen to be reminded of summat his good mate posted to this very site a while back.

      “from being tortured to torturing others etc”

      Lab comment

  12. OldGit
    OldGit December 5, 2016

    ¡Viva La Revolución! Jeep Carrying Fidel Castro Ashes Breaks Down Mid-Funeral:-


    Why is the media on the left? Why the contempt for workers?(try comments 10,21.22 for starters):-




    Desert of Riyadh is flooded and looks like a sea in Saudi Arabia:-


    • Phil Atterley
      Phil Atterley December 6, 2016

      OG. Re windows 10 – well spotted! Seems gen and has hopefully done the trick.

      I’ve just downloaded and run “Never 10” and it found, then cleaned Win 10, from my machine. I didn’t even know it was there – 6.5gb of it – devious bastards! I thought I had it blocked but MS must have sneaked it in via an update (which the download will now block).

  13. OldGit
    OldGit December 5, 2016

    McCarthyite Blacklisters Threatened With Lawsuit Remove CounterPunch From List:-

    “Further narrowing of who these cowardly shadowy (for now) people are is the presence of JPR, a site with a very limited readership and virtually no influence compared to most to most of the others listed.
    Who is obsessed with a small, new site like this? That would be a very limited number of people.”



  14. Phil Atterley
    Phil Atterley December 6, 2016

    Bristow isn’t the brightest bulb in the box, but nowadays it seems merely commenting on an injustice is often considered more serious than the actual offence – too many perpetually offended snowflakes. Never mind that Bristow was reacting to the fact that scores, maybe more, young boys have been assaulted – Bristow said (the horror!) “poofs”.
    Cue liberal meltdown!
    (Just on a technicality – when a man is attracted to boys, apart from paedophilia, isn’t it also, by definition, homosexuality?)

    Another example of the strange way that justice is being twisted comes in May’s ‘Snoopers Charter’. We are told that a senior judge will be appointed to authorise the actions of the snoopers. What we are not told is that the reason for the snooping is irrelevant – the only thing the judge has to do is to make sure the snoopers have followed the legal guidelines! That is a major, and worrying, change from snoopers needing good reasons to persuade a judge or JP to issue snooping warrants.
    As had been said many times – we are sleepwalking into Authoritarianism. The majority of people seem blissfully unconcerned (as long as Corrie is on the telly!).

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