It would be difficult for most people to comprehend the type of person, that would try and score cheap political points in a time of national crisis.

However, there are those who think that are so much better than the rest of us, and therefore, also believe it’s perfectly acceptable to shamefully photoshop an image of two NHS workers, in order to push their twisted, and poisonous ideology into the public consciousness.

It is difficult to find words that will adequately convey the level of disgust and anger I feel right now, as I thought I had witnessed every low, gutter-scraping, disingenuous, wildly inaccurate, and downlight scummy comment, that the lunatics that inhabit the left wing of British politics could dredge up.

I was wrong.

Tweet posted at 16:07 on Sunday 2nd April 2010

UPDATE: After an entirely justified onslaught from the great British public, it appears that Mr. Christian has now deleted his odious Tweet, but it will remain here for posterity.

It does appear that he has learned absolutely nothing, however.

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  1. Disgraceful Tweet. Typical behaviour from someone who is desperately trying to stay relevant. It shows how shallow and out of touch celebrities [z-list] really are.

  2. “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt”. Terry Christian missed the memo, obvs.

  3. Proves beyond doubt how petty & selfish & trivial these idiots are in the grand scheme of things IMHO

  4. Hi Jimmy, in line with your site’s purpose, I would like to pass on a link that may help with a story of the moment of global importance. This one page should give you enough referenced evidence to challenge the current situation. There is an English option! You will also find the rest of the site extremely interesting.


  5. Is that the sum total on your opinion of the total destruction of our rights and liberties in a single day over a grossly exaggerated “virus”

    1. The ‘Sum total of my opinion?’

      No, it isnt, I am however, like others, still putting the facts together in order to make an informed comment, as the situation is changing daily, and nothing, but nothing is certain at this point in time.

      Anyone who claims to know what is really going on 100%, however, is welcome to pass on that knowledge, as I am sure the readers of this site, and the wider population would greatly appreciate that.

      I share your concerns however, as the actions of the people who hold the reins of power, do appear to be disproportionate to the actual threat posed by the current issues.

      1. I hope this means you’re reading the stuff I sent you. As the weblink was in a different box to the message, I hope you actually got it. Any problems, please email me

        1. For some reason I have not worked out yet, the previous comment you made ended up in the Spam folder??

          It has been retrieved and posted as normal now, and I have added the link you included, to the body of the comment.

          Thank you for your very interesting input

  6. Why are there man-made virus in the first place?

    Bio warfare?

    Why does anyone trust Bill Gates?

    He has a Ted talks video out regarding depopulation. He doesn’t/didn’t vaccinate his own children but he wants the world to trust him to vaccinate theirs?

    What happened to common sense?

    Did that get lost along the way with common purpose?

    Me just musing…. create a plague…treat plague….DO NOT CURE PLAGUE….vaccinate….depopulate by 10-15% (Bill’s own words regarding vaccines)


    Ask yourselves, why did India kick Bill Gates out?

    We are his guineapigs. He has put himself forward as the world authority on vaccines which contain elements of aborted fetus in them.

    And he makes millions from CHARITY doing it.

    Are we all sleep walking here?

    Or just shit scared to tell it like it is?

    1. Hi Jen, I hope you and those dear to you are keeping safe, and are well 😉

      From what I have been able to ascertain, the Alt Media are blaming everything on 5G, and the online witch-hunters and the mainstream media are blaming those who are claiming a connection between Covid19 and 5G of spreading ‘fake news’.

      Expect a serious crackdown on that in the very near future.

      Its very entertaining to watch them all tearing lumps out of each other, though.

      However, what they all appear to be missing (or purposely avoiding), is that the source of this virulent pathogen, the fabled “Patient Zero”, has been identified, and is believed to be no longer alive.

      Unlike most of the civilised world, it seems, I do not believe for a single minute that there is any link between the spread of Coronavirus & 5G, nor do I believe (as the mass media are pushing), that it is an entirely natural crossover event between bats, rats or cats and humans.

      I subscribe to the somewhat unpopular view, that ‘Patient Zero’, a female scientist working out of a Bio Lab in Wuhan, China, after taking blood samples from a large number of bats (who naturally carry both SARS and Coronavirus), manipulated a Coronovirus on a genetic level, creating a new (novel) strain with the ability to infect humans.

      Which it had not been able to previously, and caused symptoms which have not been seen previously.

      ‘Weaponising’ it if you like.

      Whether there was an accidental release of that new strain, or it was a deliberate, and malicious act, I could not possibly know, but I do believe that the CCP have covered it up from the highest levels, in an attempt to bury it, and have silenced anyone who has shared what really happened to the wider world.

      Then of course we have the lunatics on the left, who shout ‘Racist’ at anyone who points the finger at the Communists, as we have already witnessed with the media in the US, who used it to try and hamstring President Trump, when he referred to it as the ‘Chinese Virus’.

      There is more to emerge with this whole thing I am sure, and I could be totally and utterly wrong, of course….

      1. The Scientist’s name was Huang Yan Ling and she worked at the “Lab of Diagnostic Microbiology” in Wuhan City. Her details have been removed from the Lab’s website since the outbreak

        Wuhan Lab

  7. The world is on pause.
    Locked in.
    We can food shop and take exercise in between working from home if you still have a job.
    No, meetings, no gatherings, no religious get-togethers, and for goodness sake stay away from the parks and the beach. Restaurants and pubs are closed and all outdoor entertainment is cancelled untill further notice.

    Stay indoors and entertain yourselves. Drink or screw like the common people do because there is nothing else to do (thank you Pulp)

    The abortion clinic is open as usual.

    You’re welcome

  8. One month I was painting city streets canopied in multi coloured umbrella’ed protestors.

    The next, deserted streets.

    Then, I had another city to paint of lines of masked faces queued outside grocery stores and pharmacies in a locked down city while others were cuffed and led in line for arrest by folk in hazmat suits, before the bodies started coming out.

    Though there where a good few dramatically ghastly deaths on Wuhan streets. I haven’t seen that happen anywhere else in the world, even though the numbers of those who have died are pretty high they have not reached pandemic yet.

    Go figure.

    This is the conspiracy I heard…

    5G itself can be weaponized against mankind. With an EMF/P sent to mass or individual 5G phones. Apparently that is what killed most people in Wuhan and on the ships, Italy and Spain and France – through 5G. Hence the pulling down of 5G all around the UK now.

    I know that the USA/Trump refused Huawei (wrong spelling. That Chinese company) 5G contract because of that. Apparently the satellite has been taken out and 5G threat is neutralized.

    There is also a conspiracy that the elites, the deep state and celebrities and families and friends have been getting high on adrenachrome. Google adrenachrome.

    Apparently a company in Wuhan was producing it for them. Their last batch was intentionally infected. Their symptoms are the same as the virus, but they can’t take the cure because of the high levels of iron in their blood from the adrenachrome. They’re all gonna die.

    Who knows?

    I’m waiting on the truth regarding the Chinese “re-education” system they have going for Muslims over there. From what I hear it’s a gory story and I don’t think I am ready to paint that yet.

    Apparently it’s like a 1940s Germanic science fair, I hear.

    But that’s what Fallon gong has been crying about for decades but we are still not listening to them, are we? So how long, what chance of revealing the truth of China’s muslums?

    My personal opinion, if one is still allowed to voice as much in a democracy is, never trust a man who invests in diseases in the name of philanthropy.

    Just like you don’t trust a government who is invested in war. They are fighting for peace while selling nuclear weaponry? No one sees the hypocracy, let alone the oxymoron in it?

    I like Trump. He doesn’t want to go to war. He wants to negotiate peace, and has been doing it pretty well too. Until this pandemic.

    Bill Gates worries me more than Donald Trump does. Bill Gates believes in depopulation, he is invested in both sides of this pandemic. I don’t like, nor do I trust that.

    Not to mention his shady mate Epstein.

    About the elites, deep state and celebrities about to die?

    Maybe a whole lot of wishful thinking, but there’s a whole lot of wishful thinking going on.

    I believe the kin folk have reached their peak with those who believe they deserve to be held in regard or reveired.

    Gates is baiting by threatening to hold the world in lock-in until all have accepted his vaccine.

    The old magician lost his magic pulling the same old trick over and over and over again.

    The guinea pigs are resisting him on this one.

    We faced the monster and we see him. Bill Gates and his fellow investors.

    Who let the owls out?



  9. Seems Spivey’s own father has just died from Corona aged 84.
    Ofcourse Spivey thinks the hospital killed him on purpose cos well….his son is a notorious exposer of the TROOF!!

    I feel zero sympathy for him…he deserves none. He would gladly mock each and every death as a hoax….until the reaper hits home….and he just did.

      1. Yes go read his latest article.

        I have no sympathy.

        This clown has mocked and laughed at child murder victims and done the same to cancer victims time and time again saying their deaths were hoaxes for some bizarre satanic elite agenda….

        Why should we believe his sob story now?

        Well…there are 280 quids worth of reasons I expect….or is it £300, £320 per month it cost for him to run his dot org site?

        Either way….. cry me a river.

      1. Going by the earlier comment you posted above @Bobcat1967, I anticipated what you intended to do.

        For that reason, you will not be given a platform here to:

        (1) Defend the indefensible.

        (2) Derail the narrative with nonsense.

        (3) Launch personal attacks on other commentators in an attempt to shut them down.

        You picked the wrong place to do that fella.

      2. Err am I really?

        Your big hero Spivey is nothing but a bitter and twisted moron.

        It does amuse me how so many of Spiveys minions constantly throw money at him for “the monthly site fees”. Lol..and these folk claim they are the open minded and enlightned ones? Ha ha.

        Spivey even argued (with himself as usual) a good while ago that several child cancer stories in the media were fake and the kids either “crisis actors” or totally fabricated and photoshopped.

        And his argument? His DOG had cancer and its symptoms were nothing like those of the children.

        Of course when “his dog died” he held out the unwashed dog bowl and his flock gladly filled it for his next trip to BoozeBusters (oh sorry! I meant “to pay for his monthy site fee)…

        Such a clever bloke is Spivey that he is still to this very day posting what he thinks are supportive comments when they are in fact so intentionally STUPID you would have to be a complete fool not to notice.

        He has allowed “supportive comments” from the likes of;
        Craig Meehan “Thats Karen Matthews paedo ex”

        Cody Lachey. The outed fantasist who turned up at Lee Rigbys parents dressed as a 25 stone Action Man.

        Several names from the UK SEX OFFENDERS DATABASE ( animal sex abusers )
        a fair few high profile female child abusers (Vanessa George’s co abusers)
        infamous internet deviants.

        How do I know? How do I know they are not just folk with the same names?

        Cos I WROTE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!…going back years.

        So Mr Bobcat… take this back to your leader..

        Theres a good boy.

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