I have been blown away by the support I have had on this blog, and the number of visitors it has received has shown me that I may indeed, have something valid to contribute.

In addition, I have been approached recently with an offer of payment for writing exclusively for someone else.

Although flattering, that is not what I am all about, if someone is willing to pay me, it stands to reason that they are going to charge others to read anything I have written.

I strongly believe that information should be free, you should not have to pay for something that should have always been available to anyone who wishes to access it.

I shall keep writing here, and elsewhere, for as long as I feel I have something worthwhile to contribute.

But in saying that, I also feel that things should now be stepped up a gear.

I realise that some people are not going to like what I am going to say, but that cannot be helped and I fully expect, and am ready for whatever adverse reaction my writing may bring upon myself.

The truth is important.

I believe it is a human right to be aware of the truth about the world we inhabit, however unpleasant that truth may be.

So, from here on in, I am going to be writing about the things I have hesitated in posting before now, as they may have been too ‘honest’ and truthful for some people to accept.

Some of these ‘truths’ may cause people to look inside themselves, and when that happens, they may not like what they find.

That is one of the many reasons that people tend to bury their heads in the sand, to accept what is happening to them, without a murmur, as questioning anything may reveal the thing they fear the most.

People do appear to be mortally afraid of the truth.

Because the truth is a mirror, when you look into it, you see a reflection of your true self.

Is it because you genuinely do not believe something, or is it that you do not want to admit that you have accepted and totally believed a lie for your whole lives?

The belief system for generations in this country has been what is taught in our schools, and it pours from the television and commercial radio, and is impregnated into almost all printed mediums.

You cannot escape from the propaganda, it jumps out at you from everywhere….

Eat this, drink this, wear these, be this, love this, hate this, buy this, you need this… It never stops.

The assault on your senses is overwhelming, and has been designed to capture every aspect of your life..

And it has almost worked.

There are perhaps 10 or maybe 20% of the population who can see beyond the obvious, they do not believe the mainstream media, they have no faith in the political system, they question the doctors, they eye with suspicion the so-called professional bodies that have held sway over our lives for generations…

They can see the truth….

They are the ones who should be talking, writing and spreading the truth among their friends and neighbours, they are the ones who are wide awake and are very angry.

The establishment has been waging a covert war against the British people for generations.

You still don’t think so?

When your children are going hungry, when good people are denied access to basic healthcare, are taxed almost beyond endurance, are being constantly watched, being priced out and hounded from their homes, and if unable to ‘contribute,’ people are living in fear of their Government, is that not existing in a state of war?

Are dozens of vulnerable people being driven to suicide almost daily not a cause for concern for you?

When Cabinet Ministers are sneering and spewing their bile-filled rhetoric and publicly announcing how proud they are of what they are doing.. Is that not a concern?

If it isn’t, then continue as you are, keep watching the mainstream news, keep reading the RedTop newspapers and park your arse in front of the TV to watch the ‘reality’ shows and celebrity-laden trash designed to keep you in a trance-like state of altered reality.

Do not pay any mind to anyone who does not conform to the sanitised picture of the world that has been carefully painted for you.

After All.

Who wants to swallow the bitter pill that is the truth when deception is so much easier to digest eh?

24 thoughts on “A MIRROR

  1. It makes life uncomfortable when you are aware of the lies we are fed. We have the right to be told the truth but it won’t be happening any time soon.

  2. Dude, I admire the candidness with which you write and the no bushlit content of your articles. So far you’ve managed to combine fiery with balanced, which comes across as impassioned rather than a rant. If you have a specific agenda it hasn’t yet been revealed (I consider it your Mission Statement so far to tell ALL truths). I don’t want to sound like I’m teaching you to suck eggs, but if you’re about to get serious, then the one thing you must ask yourself is: ‘what do I want?’. That question must resonate to the core of your being. Once you have the answer, let it drive everything you say and do.

    Achieving that want is your objective, the single point of focus that matters. In that quest you will be tested, not just by external forces but also by yourself. I think it fair to say you have a broad range of support both here and on Twitter. I know you have trust issues, it’s hardly surprising. Nonetheless, once the beacon is lit, others will gather. Let them. You can’t do this entirely on your own. When the going gets tough, lean. That’s what support is for.

    A man on his true path has the weight of the Universe behind him. A man on the wrong path must push against the weight of the Universe with every step. Answer your want and the Universe will assist.

    1. Good advice. I have realised that I cannot shoulder the weight alone and taking on the system is a sometimes thankless and possibly suicidal task..

      I embrace any advice I am given, as after all, I am a very small part in the grand scheme of things, and am learning more and more with each step I take along this road.

      I have spent my entire life being lied to, and ridiculed and even punished as a child for daring to ask questions.

      I want a better and fairer world for all of us, not the nightmarish hell-hole that I have watched being constructed all around us while the population has been blissfully sleeping.

      I know what we are up against, and the dangers involved, probably more so than I would like to admit to myself if I’m honest..

      I do thank you for your observations, and I will of course reveal my ‘objectives’ as soon as I work out if it is even possible to make the kind of changes that will make a difference..

      Jimmy x

  3. Light your beacon Jimmy, I for one am ready… 🙂 but please take care as well.

  4. Jimmy, I have been reading your blog for a while and have found your writing thought provoking, interesting and compelling I just wanted to say thank you and to wish you well.

  5. wish i had your nous,knowledge,drive,intel,forsight and guts,to name but a few. one thing tho, keep lots of witnesses close to hand.just saying.
    i recognise the ‘lied to, ridiculed and punished’ and also yearn for the ‘ better and fairer’.
    what would it be like if tptb, the elected, decided to play fair,lost their uncontrolled greed,share and shared alike instead of treading on their own. to use spiveys vernacular: no fucking chance!

  6. You know what i think of your blogs and tweets Jimmy, you see the world in a way many others should, your opening a lot of peoples eyes to what is happening, mine included.And yes,nature and the universe is the truth and they are very powerful allies. Lies,fabrications, distractions are all manmade and in comparison seem pretty pathetic and impotent. You have so much to say so say it!power to you mate.

    1. Cheers Gerry, good to have you on board.

      It’s been a long time coming, but there is a great change on the horizon..

      Our children’s freedom depend on what we as the adults do now.

  7. Bring It On Outlaw!!!!!!!!!!! The People should not be afraid of the Government…The Government should be afraid of the People!!!!!!!!!! About time the TRUTH was Revealed!!!!!!!! Remember Remember the Fifth of November Gunpowder Treason and Plot, For I know of no reason, Why the Gunpowder Treason, Should Never be Forgot ‘V’ For Vendetta…In Solidarity.

  8. Jimmy ‘Outlaw’ We have been reading your blogs over the few weeks and we finding your writings inspiring, thought provoking, interesting and compelling as always. Thank you. Take Care of You along the Way. Keeping you in our Prayers Too. Am gonna reblog this for sure. Now is the time to join in Solidarity!

  9. Jimmy please be quiet, I’m busy watching “Strictly celebrity brother in the jungle on ice”!!!!

    In other words, keep going pal. Happy St Davids. No daffs down here yet in Bavaria due to snow….

  10. Woah this is so true I’ve discovered recently that a lot of my past is BS. The lies I was told were propagated by those within the child care society. These lies have come out recently and are tearing my mind apart. Why do these folk in authority use their power to corrupt and twist the lives of children they care for? Thank you for talking out so much against all institutional abuse

  11. You have a backbone, a strength, you are stronger than you think ,despite all your doubts at times and having to wade through all the shit that people cause you to go through, you are still here running a successful blog and have no intention of giving it up,says it all 🙂 You will be the one riding off into the sunset with your posse Outlaw.

  12. Things will continue the way they are unless we are all like jimmy . Let’s go to war people before its too late for us all . If we continue to do nothing then the children of ours now will be slaves to the system , if you think its bad now wait a few months when there will be no turning back.for any of I’d . Keep it up jimmy with our help spreading the truth we will sort these tossers out once and for all . People if you don’t do it for yourselves do it for the children of the future OURS.

    1. Hi, Jimmy, I have been reading your columns for a while now, very interesting, I all so got in trouble asking questions growing up , I’ve have all way knew the stuff they tried to poke in my head in school & church, well it was wrong, didn’t know why I just did, I argued with the teachers, & preachers, stayed in trouble all the time but never believed their BS. Thanks for showing Me I have been awake, & the truth. Could you help me on the way, send me something to stir me in the direction. Thank you , becareful out there, be safe, you can email

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