Something came to the attention of the author of this site yesterday, which, although in the grand scheme of things may seem insignificant to many of you, I feel needs highlighting here.

Someone who is well known to both myself and the regular readers of this site, was asked to attend their local police station yesterday, in regard to a complaint that had been made against them by two characters who are not only familiar names to me, but have a long and prolific history of online trolling and making both malicious and false complaints.

Happily, the complaint was tossed out by the investigating force and NO FURTHER ACTION is going to be taken.

This should also clarify to the people who made the complaint, that they have been publicaly and falsely identifying someone who has never interacted with them at any time.

Regardless of whether or not the complaint was actioned, the problem exists that there are a number of characters who continue to bring spurious and wholly malicious complaints to the attention of the police, wasting thousands of pounds of public (yours and mine) money and wasting countless hours of police time in the process, time and money which is better served elsewhere.

These serial complainants, are of course known to each other, and operate as a ‘team’ and I know this because the complaints they have made against different people I know have all been corroborated by each other, and which almost always impels the police to take action, irrespective of the seriousness (or lack of) of said complaints.

The reason(s) why I am highlighting this particular instance, is that this group of characters have, since 2013, made a number of similar complaints against myself, as well as a number of other people that I am aware of, and all of which have resulted in NO FURTHER ACTION.

One of the first false allegations against me happened during October/November 2013, which meant that I was arrested and placed in a cell before being being questioned at length, and then spent more than seven months on bail while the complaint was being investigated, I had my iPad seized and forensically examined, before I was informed during the following May that no further action would be taken against me.

I wrote about my experiences HERE.

There have been a number of allegations made against me since then, all but one of which have been No Further Actioned by the police, the most recent being in February this year, when the same two characters who maliciously reported the person I referred to at the beginning of this post – made a similar complaint to the North Wales Police that a number of posts (and the associated comments) on the Outlaw, had caused them ‘Stress’ and were therefore ‘Harassment’.

The image above is part of a letter my solicitor sent, which outlines the allegations, which are I’m sure, self-explanatory.

The result of this latest allegation, after being investigated by the police and then sent to the Crown Prosecution Service, after I had presented ample evidence to prove beyond any doubt that it was in fact myself who was being stalked, harassed and regularly trolled online… was, once again;

The other reason I am highlighting the ongoing actions of these characters, is that it is difficult to not have noticed that one of them, who has been making what must be by now, dozens of what have turned out to be both false and malicious complaints – appears to spend almost every waking hour online, stalking and trolling the social media accounts of people he claims have made false allegations!

This Character, whose real name I have redacted from one of the documents above, is currently very active on Twitter and his WordPress blog, often addressing himself in the third person, seemingly in total denial of the obvious fact that everything he publicly claims to ‘Hate’, are the very things that he is guilty of doing himself.

To my knowledge this particular character has had, including the allegations against myself, the one against the person who was questioned yesterday, and three others beside the one where he made a complaint to the police that someone he did not like was following someone else he did not like on Twitter (Yes, I’m Serious) …. every allegation he has reported to the police has resulted in No Further Action.

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    1. Nothing new there then 😉

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      It’s just a Cess Pit these days though, filled with the worst of the worst dregs of humanity

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    1. Unless they are Child Abuse Survivors or supporters of said survivors, I do not think they will be of any interest to that lot.

  2. Thanks for the link of that past post. Dogman & Wiggins expressing their support! – before they got Spivinaturd.

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